Monday, January 14, 2013

Misfits Season Three, Episode Six

Rudy is at a house party getting drunk and trying to pick up women.  The lines he uses are absolutely pathetic. Finally, he gets together with a woman and she consents to sex, as long as he promises to call her tomorrow because she is sick of guys treating her like shit. As soon as he is done, Rudy tells her that he won't be calling her and so she grabs his crotch and we see a flash of blue light.  Rudy tells her that it was nice knowing her and leaves.

The next day on the roof, Rudy tells the misfits about it and admits that he cannot remember her.  Rudy pulls put the woman's phone number but says that he is not going to call her and even compares the woman to a dog. Rudy rips up the number up and says that it's the humane thing to do. The misfits then question whether or not they even need to be there because of course, Sean is dead.  The conversation is interrupted when Rudy hears the ice cream man and he runs off.

Kelly and Seth are busy making out in the backseat of his car, when Rudy interrupts them to ask what kind of ice cream they want. Kelly says that she has to go inside because they always send a new probation worker after they have killed one.

Curtis starts to buy ice cream, but he suddenly shifts into his female form. As they are walking away, Rudy asks about the change but by the time they enter the community center, Curtis has shifted back.  Rudy goes to the bathroom and drops his ice cream when he sees that something is wrong with his penis.  Simon gets a vision of the future with Rudy arguing with a woman about his missing penis and then rushes into the bathroom to see Rudy.  Rudy turns and shows Simon his penis and declares it's like no STD he has ever seen.  Simon tells Rudy about his vision of the future and assures him that this is just one version of the future.  Rudy goes into panic, as he realizes that he tore up the woman's phone number.

Seth and Kelly head to the equipment room and start making out.  Rudy finds the paper with the phone number but the last two digits are missing. Rudy decides to call every combination until he finds the woman he had sex with. Simon tells him that this is not going to work and that he needs to try and remember what happened last  night.  The problem is that Rudy cannot even remember the names of the women he interacted with but he does remember body parts. Simon suggests that he retrace his steps.

Rudy knocks on an apartment door and when they enter, they see a girl sprawled out on the couch.  They decide to go further into the apartment and see a girl passed out on a bed.  Rudy says that he is sure that this is the girl they are looking for.  Simon suggests that he talk to her and then try to have sex with her. Rudy suggests penetrating her while she is sleeping, but Simon tells him that this would be rape.  Their loud conversation wakes the girl up and so Rudy approaches her and says that he thinks he is falling for her.  Simon has a seat in the other room to wait for Rudy and sees Polaroids on the table.  The girl asks Rudy why she would want to be his girlfriend and then tells him that they never had sex.  Rudy shows the girl his penis, which has gone all Black and she screams, causing him to run out of the room.  Simon shows Rudy a picture of him and a girl and suggests that this might be the woman they are looking for.  When they show the picture to the girl who was passed out on the couch, they learn that the woman in the picture is Amy Goodwin.

Back at the community center, Alisha and Curtis are playing table soccer and she is kicking his ass. Suddenly, Curtis shifts into a girl and says that he keeps randomly shifting. Curtis says that his breasts are hurting and asks if this is normal.  In the equipment room, Seth and Kelly are cuddled together.  Seth suggests that they take a holiday together to Morocco. Kelly replies that she has her community service but promises to think about it and so they share a kiss. Kelly tells Seth to wait because she has to go to the bathroom.

Curtis takes a pregnancy test in the bathroom while Alisha waits outside.  When he leaves the stall as a man, he announces that he is pregnant. Rudy and Simon make it to Amy's flat and he pulls down his pants and knocks on the door. The door is answered by a little girl, who promptly shuts it in his face.  Simon says that they should leave, but Rudy yells that he is going anywhere and knocks again. Amy answers the door and asks Rudy what he is doing there and he holds up some flowers.  Rudy apologises for last night and Amy says that it was lovely meeting him but that he should leave.  When Amy asks if they can just forget about it, Rudy tells her that he wants her to be his girlfriend.

Curtis is flipping out and wondering if he should take another test.  Alisha promises him not to tell anyone and asks who the father is.  When he doesn't answer, Alisha reminds him that Rudy tried to have sex with him. Still in the hallway, a desperate Rudy begins to wonder about paying Amy to have sex with me.  Rudy gets a phone call from Curtis who wants to know if they had sex.  Rudy says that he only went down on him.  Rudy knocks on the door again and forces his way into the apartment. He offers her sixteen pounds to have sex with him.  A woman enters the room and asks if Amy is okay.  Rudy announces that he had sex with Amy last night and Amy says that they didn't have sex and just kissed.  It seems that the woman in question is Amy's lover.  Rudy leaves asking Amy to apologise to her sister for him.   In the hallway they are stopped by a cop who is with a little girl.

Seth is in the bathroom when he finds Curtis' positive pregnancy test.  Alisha is talking with Curtis and he realises that by shifting back from male to female and masturbating that he may have impregnated himself. Seth steps into the room and asks to speak to Alisha. When she walks over, he asks if she is pregnant and Alisha says no and denies knowing anything about the test.  When she turns around, Curtis has shifted to a girl and when he tries, he discovers that he cannot shift back.

Rudy is in jail and his other half forces himself out.  They have an argument about what has happened. Rudy #2 tells Rudy#1 that the reason he treats women like that is because he is scared of rejection.  Rudy#1 starts to cry and admits that he is scared.

Seth and Kelly are walking and he asks if she is pregnant.  Seth tell her that he will be there for her if she is, even though this is not what they planned.  Kelly says that she is not pregnant.  Seth gets a phone call and says that he wants whatever it is the person is offering and promises to be right there.  Seth returns to Kelly and says that something has come up and that he has to go.

Rudy goes into the bathroom and he is escorted by an officer.  Inside the stall, the two Rudy's separate and one leaves with the cop, while the other stays in the bathroom. Rudy leaves the bathroom and meets Simon outside.  Simon says he might have an idea of where their mystery woman might be.

Back at the community center, Curtis, Alisha and Kelly are sitting together.  They ask what they should call him and he says that he is still there.  Kelly says you can't have a baby where the mom is a man who turns into a woman.  Alisha tries to reassure Curtis by pointing out that there are options but Curtis is to upset to listen and walks away.

Seth meets a man and hands over money in a brown pack. Seth opens the trunk of the mans car where he finds someone tied up.  Seth assures him that he won't hurt him and takes the captives power away from him.

The night club is in full swing, when Simon and Rudy show up.  Rudy tells Simon to look for a girl with beautiful collarbones.  Rudy is suddenly slapped across the face by a girl. He tells her to shag him and make him whole.  She tells him that he makes her sick and that now his dick is going to fall off, before walking away.  Rudy gets up on stage and turns off the music. He grabs the mic and says that to all of the girls he might have had sex with and treated like shit that he is sorry.  Rudy even admits that he is scared that women will think that he is just a twat with a big mouth.  When he sits down, the woman joins him and he promises to never do this to anyone else, if she makes him better.  She touches him penis and makes him better.  The woman introduces herself as Leah and Rudy asks if she wants to go for a drink but she simply says, "see you later," before walking away.

Seth is sitting by himself looking at a picture of him and his dead girlfriend.  When Kelly calls, he ignores the call and so Kelly leaves a message saying that she misses him and will go away on holiday with him. Curtis is looking at a profile of himself in the mirror and rubbing his stomach.

The next day, Alisha, Simon, and Kelly, are getting ready for the day but Curtis is nowhere to be found. Rudy rushes in and shows Simon his penis, happy that everything is better.  His second half walks in and is not impressed because Rudy forgot all about him. Curtis has gone to see Seth and says that he is stuck and needs to have his power removed.  Seth agrees to help Curtis but only if he accepts the power to bring people back from the dead and use it.  Seth wants his dead girlfriend brought back and Curtis says no because Kelly is his friend. Seth assures him that it is not like that and says that they need to help each other out.  Curtis agrees and so Seth transfers the power and Curtis becomes his old self again.

Okay this episode was really about shaming Rudy for being willing to say anything to sleep with women. It's a problem that he only expressed remorse because his penis was in danger.  The fact that he was more than willing to commit rape to achieve his goal speaks volumes about the type of person that he is.  I am however thankful that Simon at least pointed out that penetrating an unconscious woman  constitutes rape.

There is also the issue of Curtis and his constant gender shifting.  A pregnant Curtis could have been an interesting storyline to follow but like much of television when an unwanted pregnancy occurs, a quick out is created rather than deal with abortion.