Saturday, January 19, 2013

Haven: Season 3, Episode 12: Reunion

Haven’s back for its finale – time to settle these cliffhangers.

Not!Claire reveals she killed the real Claire a few days ago and she can pass as her because Claire, as a psychiatrist, taped every session and kept excellent notes, making it easy to step into her shoes – and her skin. Unsurprisingly, the Big Bad Guy thinks she is the victim not the monster-  because of what Lucy did; though she’s only just realised that Audrey’s telling the truth and really doesn’t remember her past incarnations. Apparently James Cogan, the Colorado Kid, Audrey’s son knows how to stop the Troubles – or so Not!Claire says before bashing Audrey over the head with her gun.

This is when Nathan comes in and finds Audrey alone. He’s, rightfully suspicious, why didn’t the Skinwalker kill her when she had the chance? But Audrey easily proves her authenticity by touching Nathan – a touch he can feel. Of course, now the Skinwalker will have to change to stay hidden – so they need to figure out who is next.

Cut to a man running through a high school gym, chased by another who crushes him to death behind the bleachers.  Except, after death, the body is suddenly awfully young.

Time for Nathan and Audrey to check the body, from the wallet they find it’s Paul Sullivan who went to school with Nathan – and is ages with Nathan, despite the body looking no older than a current student, but Nathan recognises him and it’s definitely the same man. Audrey has more important things on her mind – she sees a banner, it’s Nathan’s high school reunion.

In runs several of Nathan’s former class mates – the Mean Girl (Denise), the Class Dork (Robert) and the Prom Queen (Jeanine) who are involved in the reunion. We learn that Robert is a millionaire motivational speaker (kill him with fire) and they all want to set up for the dance

Time for a meeting of the Scooby club: Nathan, Audrey, the Teagues, Duke and Dwight (who I’d lay odds on being the next Skinwalker) with the news of Claire’s death and a computer programme to put together a composite of all of the Skinwalker’s victims and the pieces they’ve been taking to make a new woman. The person the Skinwalker’s build? Looks exactly like Arla Cogan, James Cogan’s wife. We cut to the Skinwalker putting on their flesh mask – and becoming Arla Cogan.

Duke raises the possibility that the Skinwalker always was Arla – after all, Arla disappeared when James Cogan died. Everyone starts gathering information. They need answers before Audrey disappears for 27 years.

At his bar Duke briefly sees Jeanine until Arla shows up, with a gun, for a little chat. She wants Audrey to find the barn, so they can all go back to being normal; just like Lucy and Sarah did before her. She tries to use Claire’s notes to snipe at Duke – Audrey loving Nathan – and prey on his dislike of his own Trouble, and Duke asks what Arla wants (are we supposed to believe that Duke is betraying Audrey, really?)

The Teagues are doing their research and find that a woman did go missing after James Cogan died – and a body was found near the fishing shack afterwards, badly scalded or burned. Dwight drops in with his own information: the Guard are following Duke and Nathan around ready to intervene if Audrey doesn’t go into the barn.

And there’s another murder  – Denise (the popular girl) and, again, her body has reverted to High School age. Nathan and Audrey attend (and Nathan makes a slightly thoughtless comment about Audrey remembering high school which, of course, she doesn’t; her memories are fake). Audrey wants to keep investigating the case – if she only has a day left she wants to spend it with Nathan.

Time to talk to Jeanine and Robert. They discuss who would want Denis and Paul dead and it seems they were rather unpleasant bullies, but it was a long time ago. Still Nathan wants the dance to go ahead since it’s perfect bait if someone is hunting his class mates (wow, that’s not ethically dubious at all).

Duke is at his bar when he sees an odd box on the dock. He checks it and there’s a snake inside – and someone hits him on the back of the head. He falls in the water and when he surfaces, he’s a teenager.

He runs to see Audrey and Nathan at the police station where they’re going through all the info they have on Nathan’s classmates. The snake may have been a reference to a high school prank when Duke put a snake in someone’s locker.

Dwight has some more info from the Guard – 27 years ago Arla approached them because she wanted them to bring the barn back. And she wasn’t amused when the Guard refused to help. We also get Dwight’s history with the guard, after they helped him he helped them relocate people, until he found out they were relocating people whether they wanted to or not – and because of them he lost his daughter.

Nathan follows up on Jeanine, as someone who had been taunted by all the victims. She tells him she does know about the Troubles and does have a Trouble – but not to make people young. After feeling envy at her best friend’s wedding and wishing she could be the one cutting the cake, all food she touches turns to cake and that’s why she’s gained so much weight, she hasn’t eaten anything but cake for 3 years (put on weight? Weight would be the least of these woman’s problems with the vitamin deficiency she’d have going on. And can you imagine a diet that lacking in fibre?)

Arla watches Duke and Nathan leave Jeanine and the Teagues appear behind her – and hold a gun on her. Now it’s their turn to tie her to a chair. They duel back and forth and Arla says that they all know there’s another way to stop the Troubles. Vince is confused – and then Dave hits him in the head with a jug, knocking him out. He tells Arla that if she tells him about this other way, he’ll let her go.

Sadly, we can’t stay with them because we have to go to Nathan’s reunion dance and, in between dancing, they review the case  and again come back to the victim being someone who was bullied in high school, turning his bullies back into teenagers to attack them. Nathan points out that Robert – the dork – would be a prime candidate and even though he’s all friendly with everyone now, it definitely affected him back then. Cut to Robert dealing with some hard memories – and morphing back into his teenaged self.

He traps 2 of his former schoolmates in the boiler room with the boiler rigged to explode and runs – Audrey chasing him while Nathan sorts out the boiler. When Audrey catches him (evacuating out the dancers) he tries to hit her with a wrench – and Arla shoots him. Yes, Arla rescues Audrey.

They lay Robbie down with his injury and he morphs back to Robert, with no memory of what just happened. He starts to blame himself for the deaths but Jeanine intervenes and says everyone was so mean back then and she only realised since gaining weight and being on the receiving end of that treatment – he counters she was never mean but he thought it was because she never noticed him. She talks about what he did in school proving she paid close attention; and Duke becomes an adult again.

At home Duke and Nathan reiterate their determination to save Audrey from the barn. Audrey goes back to her apartment – and inside is Arla, with a gun. Time for a conversation where Audrey makes a snide remark about Arla’s face and she confirms that when James comes out of the barn, she wants to look like the woman he loves. Apparently after James was killed Lucy said she would take Arla and James into the barn and the barn woo-woo that kept Sarah/Lucy/Audrey alive would heal James.

Except on the day Lucy was due to go into the barn, Arla’s trouble kicked in and her skin fell off, leaving her raw and oozing. So she killed someone for their skin (the body the Teagues learned about, we assume) and this made Lucy Most Displeased and wouldn’t take Arla with her.Audrey agrees with Lucy and says she won’t help Arla left.

But Arla has an Ace. Before he went into the barn, James said he and Lucy had figured out a way to save Lucy from the barn; get James back and he can help Audrey remain and end the Troubles for good. And if she doesn’t help, Arla will have a little killing spree.

Outside, the meteor storm arrives and the barn appears. Out of it steps James and Fake!Agent!Howard (WHO IS HE?)

Jeanine – a fat woman with the Trouble of turning all food to cake. Really? She’s fat because all she eats is cake. Add in the comments on how she “peaked in high school” and her flirting with Paul and Duke being presented as faintly mockable – not one of Haven’s better moments. Her and Robert getting together at the end is much better and more heartening but it’s a rocky road to there.

One more episode this season, Haven. Answers need to be forthcoming!