Sunday, November 11, 2012

Haven, Season Three, Episode Eight: Magic Hour: Part 2

When we last left Haven, Tommy had shot Nathan, after Nathan had discovered that Tommy is the bolt gun killer he has been looking for. Tommy lies and says that by the time he got outside it was too late.  Audrey asks where Noelle is because she brings people back from the dead. When Tommy doesn't answer, Audrey asks why Tommy was shooting at Noelle. Duke goes running into the woods, with Audrey quickly following after him, ordering Tommy to get an APB out on Noelle. In the woods, Duke find blood on a plant and he says that Noelle is still moving and maybe she is still alive.

On the road, Audrey asks Tommy where Noelle would go for help and points out that as a paramedic, Noelle would have a partner. When Tommy hesitates, Audrey reminds Tommy that he investigated her and should know this. Tommy says that it's Joseph Brennan and that he and Noelle live together. Audrey says that they are going to get Nathan to Noelle and in the meantime, she is going to get a cruiser to Noelle's apartment.  Tommy interjects that they should handle this themselves because if word gets out that Noelle brought Nathan back from the dead, it could be hard to explain.  Duke says that the sun sets at 7:47 and they realise that they have just over two hours to save Nathan.

Dave and Vince Teague are in their office talking about the fact that now that Audrey has been to Colorado she knows the truth about James. Dave tells Vince that he is not thinking this through because if he found out that Audrey went to Colorado, then anyone can. This causes Vince to pause because if the bolt gun killer thinks that Audrey has some new information about the Colorado Kid it could be a problem. Dave suggests that the bolt gun killer will go after Audrey again. Vince says that they have to get to the bolt gun killer before he get to Audrey. They wonder if the bolt gun killer used his unique weapon on the cabinet when he broke in because he wanted the Teagues to focus only on the cabinet instead of what he was really after.

Audrey, Tommy and Duke watch Joseph pack a full medical kit into the back of his car and Audrey suggests that Joseph is going to see Noelle. They decide to follow and Audrey asks Tommy to set up roadblocks but to allow Joseph to pass through. When Audrey leaves, Tommy calls and asks that at the roadblocks, they shoot to kill and he justifies this by lying and saying that Joseph killed a cop.

Joseph makes it to a house and calls out for Noelle, but he is intercepted by Audrey who demands he keep calling for Noelle.  Tommy sees blood and says that he is going to check upstairs.  Audrey leaves Joseph with Duke and leaves to check upstairs. Duke tells Joseph, we are going to find your girlfriend  and she is going to bring my friend back to life.  I actually think that Duke is kind of generous because I doubt that the overly emo Nathan would have had this reaction.  All Nathan has done is attack and mistrust Duke every damn step of the way.

Downstairs, Tommy finds Noelle asleep in a sleeping bag.  He tells her, "I knew I clipped you." When she starts to wake up, Tommy grabs a pillow and smothers her. Nathan and Noelle are in the trunk of a car.  Duke says to Audrey, "I know why we brought Nathan by why are we keeping her" Audrey says that they might need Nicole. Tommy says that Noelle is gone and that there is no way to bring back the chief.  When Audrey searches Noelle, she find a plastic bag containing books and papers on her person. Audrey turns and returns to the house.  Audrey finds a picture of Noelle's sister Moira and says that because Troubles run in families, they now have to find her. Tommy points out that Moira does not have a Trouble but Audrey says that they can try and bring it out. They decide to split up and search the houses of Moira's employers who are on vacation.

Boyd is burying Grady when Audrey calls to ask him to babysit someone for her.  It turns out that Boyd has the tattoo on his back.  Nathan's phone goes off and it's Jordan and she wants to know why Audrey is answering.  Jordan wants to know where Nathan is because she has been calling and of course, Nathan hasn't answered.  Audrey returns to the house and tells Joseph that she is sorry for his loss and asks about Noelle's Trouble.  Joseph immediately says that Moira was the one killing people but Audrey is not interested and only wants to hear about the Trouble. Joseph says that he and Noelle were on a call a few months ago and he got clipped by a drunk driver and died.  For Noelle, seeing someone she loved die triggered her Trouble and so she healed Joseph. Joseph then goes on to tell Audrey about the death of Moira and Noelle's father.

The Teagues are busy ripping apart their office. Vince finds out that one of their keys is a copy. It's the key to their fishing shack.

Audrey is searching a house by herself and calling out for Moira.  Moira tries to sneak out the door, Audrey shoots off a warning round. Moira says that the guy at the cabin was supposed to come back to life and that she didn't have anything to do with the cop who got shot, as Audrey puts handcuffs on her.  Audrey says that she knows Moira didn't and that it was Noelle. Moira is shocked and says that Noelle ran away and didn't shoot anybody.  Moira then suggests that if she is put on a bus with her sister that she will tell Audrey who did the shooting. Audrey handcuffs Moira to a chair and then Moira says that Tommy is the one who shot Nathan. Audrey accuses Moira of lying but Moira says that the weird thing is that Nathan didn't seem to feel any pain because he kept talking after he was shot.  Audrey gets on the phone and tells Duke not to react to what she is saying and that Tommy is the bolt gun killer. Duke tells Tommy that Audrey said she struck out but Tommy is suspicious because the call took so long. Duke asks for a back up piece in case Moira has a gun, but Tommy says that he can't because of regulations.

Jordan shows up at the house where Audrey is keeping Moira and says that she found her because Nathan's phone has a tracker on it. Jordan wants to know where Nathan is and says that she can tell something is wrong.  Audrey opens up the trunk of the car and shows Jordan Nathan's body.  Jordan asks who did this and Audrey replies, "he'll pay, but first I need to bring Nathan back." Jordan is shocked and wants to know how Audrey can do this.  Audrey says that there's a resurrection Trouble. Audrey says that her big plan is to trigger Moira's Trouble by traumatizing her.

At the other location, Duke has picked up an axe, when he is caught by Tommy.  Duke explains that Moira could be dangerous and since Tommy won't give him a gun, he has to have something.  Tommy pulls out his gun and hands it over to Tommy.  Duke asks about regulations and Tommy responds, "what regulations." I would bet money that there's no way that gun is loaded.

Jordan and Audrey drag in Noelle's body and Audrey apologises saying, "I'm sorry that it's got to be like this." They open up the sleeping blanket and reveal a dead Noelle.  Moria says, "perfect, she couldn't even save herself."  Audrey asks Moira if she felt anything when she saw her sister and Moira shakes her head no and asks if she was supposed to.  Jordan and Audrey leave the room and Jordan says that she cannot tell if Moira even felt anything. Audrey asks Jordan what it was like for her when her Trouble first started and Jordan says she had no idea until she touched someone and they screamed. Audrey looks at the clock and realises that they only have forty-seven minutes until sunset. Audrey realises that the only way to find out if Moira is now Troubled, is if Duke reacts when he touches Moira's blood. When Jordan suggests calling Duke, Audrey says that it's too dangerous because Duke is with Tommy.

Tommy and Duke are still searching the property and Tommy points out that there's a lot riding on finding Moira. Tommy asks about Colorado and if Duke and Audrey have been investigating The Colorado Kid case. Duke lies and says that they didn't find anything because twenty-seven years leaves a case pretty cold.  Tommy says that he had cold cases in his day and it's frustrating.  Duke says that Moira isn't there and they should look somewhere else.  As he turns to leave, Tommy says, "you're a bad liar." Duke turns and points his gun at Tommy saying, "you're the bolt gun killer. Nathan figured it out, that's why you killed him."  Tommy replies that he doesn't like the name and that it is his turn.  Tommy wants to know if Duke and Audrey found the Cogans.  Duke answers that the father is dead and wants to know why Tommy is so interested in a drifter that died almost thirty years ago. Tommy tells Duke to be quiet and that the gun is not loaded.  Duke tries to attack Tommy and the two begin to fight.  When he spills Tommy's blood, Duke reacts and realises that Tommy is Troubled.  Tommy grabs a gun but Jordan sneaks in from behind and touches him, forcing him to go down. Tommy manages to throw Jordan at Duke and Tommy escapes.  Because Audrey left her keys in her car, Tommy now has a vehicle. Duke wants to go after Tommy but Jordan says that Audrey needs him right now.

Audrey lays Nathan's body down in front of Moira and she realises that Audrey is trying to trigger her Trouble. Nathan is not a little man, how is it Audrey moved his body, which would have been dead weight all by herself? Audrey says that it should have worked because most people love their sister, but Moira tells Audrey that she doesn't know what her sister did. Audrey brings up the night of the accident and Moira says that Noelle didn't save their father.  Apparently, Noelle was triggered when their mother died and it became their family secret and she brought a hamster and bird back to life. Apparently, Noelle was too afraid to save her father and Audrey points out that Noelle was just a kid.

The Teagues are at the shack and realise that though they haven't been there in about a year, the door is open. Dave hands Vince a gun, then pulls one out for himself as the two approach the shack.

The sun is starting to set and Audrey says that Jordan might not get Duke back before sunset. Moira replies, "I'm guessing that's a problem."  Audrey says, "Noelle's trouble started when she saw someone that she loved die and it should be the same way with you." Moira asks Audrey if she is going to kill someone that she loves. Audrey pulls out her gun and says, "the only person you seem to care about right now is you." Moria says that this doesn't even make sense but Audrey points out that if she shoots her in the right place that she won't die right away and that there will be plenty of time to save Nathan once her Trouble is activated. Moira accuses Audrey of bluffing and Audrey reminds Moira that she only needs her alive until sundown, before firing her gun at the ground.

Duke and Jordan come running in and report that Tommy got away.  Audrey says that she is trying to activate Moira's Trouble.  Duke cuts Moira with a knife and realises that Moria is not Troubled.

At the shack, the Teagues discover a boat and wonder who it belongs to and who the captain is.  From behind them, Tommy says "the captain is right here." The Teagues put their weapons down and turn around slowly.  Tommy asks what they are doing there and the Teagues say they are going fishing. Dave tells Tommy that they thought the bolt gun killer was there and Tommy says, "good work fellows, damn good work."

Audrey says that Moira thought she was bluffing and that is why Moira wasn't triggered when she shot at the ground.  Audrey puts a gun to Moira's abdomen.  Moria says that this is how she felt when she woke up in a truck and found out that her father was dead.  Audrey replies that the police report says that they were found on a road. Moira says that she was hit in the back of the head by one of her father's tool boxes.  Audrey takes off the handcuffs and Moira shows her the scar.  Audrey then checks Noelle and discovers the same scar on Noelle.  Audrey tells Moira that she wasn't unconscious, she was dead and that Noelle brought her back because she has the same scar. Moira starts to shake her head no and realises that Noelle saved her instead of their father. Noelle didn't save her father because if she saved two lives in one day, it could have been fatal. Moira starts to cry and says, "all of these years I made her life hell, all because she saved my life.  Audrey asks if she loves her sister now and Moira replies that the wrong one of them is dead.   Moira gets on the ground and touches Nathan and Noelle crying saying that she is sorry.

Audrey cries over Nathan and says that she is the one who was supposed to go and that she has always loved him and will always love him, as Duke and Jordan look on.  When Moira's blood touches Duke, he realises that she is Troubled.  Nathan takes a breath, as blood stains appear on Moira's clothing. Noelle comes to consciousness, as Moira begins to die.  Duke tells Noelle that Moira saved two people and Noelle goes to her sister.  Noelle admits that she saved Moira instead of their father  and didn't tell Moira because she didn't want her to feel guilty. Moira says that things would have been so much better had she known.

Nathan looks over Tommy's GPS history and says that it's going to take all night to cover them all.  In the shack, Tommy has the Teagues tied up and they are bleeding. Vince tells Tommy that he is going to enjoy killing him, after Tommy hits him in the knees with a piece of wood, but Dave says that it's his turn. Tommy asks where the Colorado kid is and then beats Dave with a piece of wood, when he doesn't answer.  Tommy asks where the barn is and the Teagues say that only one person ever goes to the barn and it comes for her.

Audrey and Nathan show up outside of the shack with guns drawn.  When they enter, they find the Teagues tied up.  Tommy is making his escape in the boat and Audrey and Nathan fire on it, causing the boat to explode. When Audrey asks what they hit, Nathan says "fuel tanks maybe." Audrey is upset because she needed to talk to Tommy to find out what he knew.

At the Grey Gull, Tommy Noelle, Moira and Joseph are all packed up to leave town.  Audrey tells Noelle that they can come back when the Troubles are over. Audrey approaches Duke who says that Nathan's welcome back from the dead party is in full swing. Audrey brings up Colorado and Duke says that it all worked out for the best because they made it home in time to save Nathan. Claire arrives and notices the awkwardness between Audrey and Nathan and says that she should ask some questions.  Nathan leaves and tells Claire that Audrey can catch her up.  Audrey tells Claire that The Colorado Kid is her son.  When Claire offers to clear her schedule, Audrey says not to because she is going to focus on finding the Colorado Kid because she only has a few weeks left. Audrey says that she is going to be busy.  Nathan shows up with a drink and asks Claire and Audrey, if they are coming in because they are making tacos in his honor.  Claire leaves and Nathan asks Audrey how things went in Colorado and Audrey replies that it's a long story.  Audrey asks if Tommy's body has been recovered and Nathan says no and that because of the tides they may never.  Audrey says that they finally found The bolt gun killer but they are now left with more questions than answers.  Nathan says that Tommy had the tattoo and that the guy on the surveillance wasn't Tommy. Nathan wants to know about Tommy's Trouble and Audrey wants to know how Tommy knew about the Colorado kid and the Teagues.  Audrey says that she wants to tell him everything that happened, so  Nathan suggests skipping the party, but Audrey says it's not a good time, when she sees Jordan looking at Nathan and walks away.

Vince approaches Audrey says that ever since she returned to Haven, he tried to deceive her and had good intentions but that doesn't make it right.  Vince says that he wanted to say that before she leaves. Audrey asks about Sarah and Vince says that she was tough and independent. "You know, you always come back with a different name but inside you're always the same." Audrey says she knows that Sarah was the Colorado Kids mother and asks who the father was, but Vince says that Sarah never told anyone.

Behind Audrey in the distance a barn appears and Vince's eyes go wide.  Audrey asks if everything is okay and Vince says that everything is just as it's supposed to be. Vince offers Audrey his arm and the two head back to the party.

For the record, Tommy is only the second character of colour on Haven in three years and just like Duke's ex he was clearly not a good person.  It's bad enough that characters of colour are constructed as villains but to have them die by violence sends a very strong message about how much the writers, producers and directors respect people of colour.  Certainly there are not a lot of people of colour living and small town Maine, where Haven is set, but the complete erasure with the exception of the villans is absolutely racist. 

I also have to say that I was not happy with Audrey's declaration of love for Nathan. I am firmly team Audrey/Duke.  Nathan is far too emo for my taste and I don't really understand what motivates his character.

The barn was a new aspect of Audrey's disappearances and I am fascinated by what it means and why it causes her to leave.   One of the things never answered was if the Troubles go away when Audrey leaves.  We know that the Troubles and Audrey are very linked but so far in three seasons, Haven has not made it very clear how.