Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Misfits Season 2, Episode 6

 The new season of Misfits has begun but our recaps are not yet up to date. Because of that, we will continue to run our recaps of the old series on Mondays until we catch up and we will be covering the new season on Wednesdays

One thing Misfits has established for a while is that the mysterious storm of super powers has not just affected the gang – but has actually affected dozens, if not hundreds, of people across London. And that includes Brian who has the awesome power of lactokinesis. He can move milk products around. As far as powers go, it’s not as bad as being, say, irresistibly attractive to bullets but it still lacks some oomph.

While it may be, as Kelly puts it, “the shittest power ever” he doesn’t keep his power quiet and comes to the attention of Laura, a PR specialist who quickly starts making money hand over fist, going on TV showing off his super power.

Nathan, of course, thinks this is a marvellous idea (in between saying his usual crap) and thinks they should be cashing in on their powers especially since they have no job prospects with only 2 days left on their community service – as he tells Simon and Curtis in the bathroom, overheard by their probation worker. And he goes and tells the press – which means when Simon’s trying to storm off from an awkward conversation with Alisha about his relationship falling apart due to murderous parent, he nearly runs into a pack of reporters.

After cursing their probation worker, they start panicking worrying about going underground – and PR woman Laura arrives to suggest making lots of money instead. Simon, still very attached to the whole super hero idea, is very against it. Kelly has a more practical objection – what about all the people they murdered? They moot with this PR Laura who nicely spins it into them being Superheroes doing what they have to. Or just paying off the relatives and burying the evidence. All settled they sign up. Simon disagrees and walks out.

The other Misfits are enjoying a life of considerable wealth, fame and Nathan picking up many girls and being even more obnoxious than usual. Brian, the milk guy, is becoming less important to Laura and getting less attention (his power is not nearly as impressive) Simon watches, largely invisible and Laura repeatedly makes it clear she has the morals of a rattlesnake, determined to cover up any unseemly incidents they have been part of. Poor Brian also runs into Nathan who says things (nothing good comes from listening to anything Nathan says) – he does agree to blow his brains out on live TV though – which is a treat to watch.

And they meet Daisy – a woman who has the power to heal any ailment with her touch. She wants to heal the world, Laura thinks she’ll make a fortune

Brian’s star is now crashing, with his girlfriend leaving him since he’s no longer special. In a rage he jokes her with the Greek yoghurt she ate earlier. I admit, that was a use for his power I never predicted. His anger and jealousy fixates on Daisy – the most impressive power.

Meanwhile Nathan has and STD. (The details no-one wants to know). Simon suggests he goes to see Daisy and use her healing hands (oh gods).  He goes to see her and she says she doesn’t do STDs since her power requires touch and rubbing (oh dear gods). He whines, she is insistent. In a low moment even for Nathan, he rubs against her while she’s talking about her pointy award statue. Brian watches through a crack in the door – and Daisy begins choking on milk, falls forwards and impales herself on the statue. Laura comes in and finds Nathan, spouting excuses and trying to get Daisy’s body to rub her own wound better. Laura plays it down as a good PR person – and gives him a warning to stop fucking up.

Alisha isn’t sold on the value of fame and goes to confide in Nathan of all people, saying Simon was right and asking where Simon is (hiding, invisible, in the room, known only to Nathan). She says Simon said that picking up litter with them was the best time of his life. Simon is confused and follows her – because he never said that (future him did).

He follows the crying Alisha to the super-hero lair his future self built; seeing the clocks and the pictures – and Alisha holding a picture of him and her in Las Vegas, one he was never in (yet). He asks Alisha what the place is, where the photo came from and she admits the guy in the mask lived there – and who he was. Time passes in which she tells him everything – including them being together. It’s a lot to explain.

Back in the hotel, Laura tells Brian that she’ll no longer represent him – he’s too minor. And he kills her with cheese she ate earlier.

In the studio everyone gathers, eating pizza (except Curtis who is lactose intolerant – pay attention! Plot point!) for Nathan’s scheduled on TV shooting himself (I wouldn’t want to miss that either) when Kelly and Alisha run into warpath Brian in the toilet. Nathan then shoots himself. Rewind and watch it again, it’s always fun.

Simon, Cutis and Nikki find Alisha and Kelly missing – but find milk on the floor. Simon says they need to go to the hotel – and Nikki accidentally teleports there, to a room where Brian is tying up Alisha in cling film.

Alas, Nathan comes back to life to be told by Kelly’s ghost that she’s dead and Brian killed her – Nathan sees ghosts (I can’t even remember at this point if this is an established power or a new twist).

Curtis, Simon and Nathan descend on the hotel in a fury. Nathan finds Brian first – he can’t kill Nathan since he’s immortal but he uses mozzarella to wrap itself in his brain and reduce him to catatonia.  Simon finds Nathan – and Alisha and Nikki’s bodies. He’s holding Alisha when Curtis comes in. Invisible, Simon goes out on the warpath

Curtis confronts Brian, demands to know why he did it. Brian says that people like him are only noticed when they kill a lot of people. Curtis points out he’s lactose intolerant so can’t be attacked by his powers – and Brian tries to stab him. Rather than hit Curtis, he his Simon instead – standing invisible between them. Brian runs and Simon tells Curtis to turn back time – to before they were famous, it’s the only way to save them all.

The clock scrolls back and Curtis leads the Misfits to Brian’s house – where he punches Brian (I suspect another body has been added to their massive kill list).

That taken care of, they all realise they’ve finished their Community service. Nathan is depressed because he’s one of the long term unemployable but Simon says it was the best time of his life.

This episode was probably necessary to explain why the group doesn’t reveal themselves – and we got some major development in the Alisha/Simon story

We also got to see Nathan die. Again and again. This is always a good thing.