Monday, November 12, 2012

The Walking Dead Season Three, Episode Five: Say the Word

Andrea is enjoying a party in Woodbury.  Looking at this, one would believe that a zombie apocalypse never happened.  While his people party it up, the Governor is brushing the hair of a zombie girl.  It looks like they have decided to introduce Penny from the comics after all.  When she tries to bite him, The Governor puts a pillow case over her head and tightens a straight jacket around her. In the comics, Penny is his niece but on the show it seems that she was his daughter. What he does not know, is that Michonne is looking at him through a window from the ground.

At the prison, Rick is very clearly out of it and Hershel is handed the baby.  Darryl says that they aren't loosing anyone else and decides to make a run for formula.  Rick is looking at an axe on the ground and he then picks it up and walks back into the prison.  Maggie, Darryl and Glenn talk about where they can find supplies.  Maggie volunteers to go "for Laurie."  She then hops on the back of Darryl's bike and the two take off. In a rage, Rick goes on a zombie killing spree in the prison. 

The Governor gives a speech to the people about how far they have come and about remembering the people they have lost. While this is going on, Michonne takes the opportunity to search and finds her katana in his office. Michonne also finds a list of names, but every other page in the book just has slash mark after slash mark.  When Michonne hears The Governor coming, she hides. 

When next we see Michonne, she is in a factory like area that is covered with remains.  Walkers are kept in a cage of sorts.  Michonee breaks the lock and lets the walkers loose and then takes them out one by one.  This is some badass action.  A man enters the area and it seems he's got a bucket of blood body parts.

Michonne is now in the Governor's office and he asks if she gets off on poking around in other peoples things.  He says that they have nothing to hide and Michonne answers that people with nothing to hide, don't feel the need to say so. When Michonne brings up Penny, the Governor says that he loved her and that she has the wrong idea about him.  The Governor points out that Michonne wants to leave and Andrea wants to say, and he assumes that Michonne wants the Governor to kick her out.  The Governor says that he was about to give Michonne her sword back because she fits in and they have enjoyed having her.  The Governor adds that Michonne has broken the rules and suggests that she join the research team, in order for him to save face.  Suddenly, Michonne gets out of her chair, grabs her katana and puts it to The Governors throat and then backs slowly out of the room.

As Michonne leaves, Merle enters to find out how things went. The governor says that they don't have a problem and asks Andrea to be sent over to him.

Glenn is digging a grave when Oscar and Axel come to see him to ask if he needs help.  Axel says "you're friends, they're good folks." Oscar says sorry for their loss.  Glenn walks away saying that he needs two more graves and the convicts start digging.  When Glenn walks over to Hershel, he learns that Rick is still inside. Glenn says, "part of me wishes we had killed all of the prisoners on site."  We get to hear a little bit about all of the good that T-Dog did. They wouldn't have to fill in this backstory for T-Dog had they given him something to do other than stand around and be Black.

Andrea goes to see The Governor and he tells her about what happened with Michonne.  Andrea is shocked that they have captive biters and The governor says that the point is that Michonne held her sword to his throat.  The Governor says that Michonne makes people uncomfortable and some people want her to leave.

Andrea goes to her room to see Michonne packing.  Andrea tells Michonne that they can't do things like this.  When Andrea says that they aren't prisoners, Michonne replies that no one who comes here leaves.  Andrea says that they have a good thing going and she wants to give it a real shot. Andrea believes that Michonne has sabotaged this place and Michonne again asserts that this place is not what they say it is.

Glenn is following the zombie carnage in the prison on the hunt for Rick.  When he finally finds Rick, Rick is covered in blood. Glenn assures Rick that he doesn't have to do this by himself and asks him to come out with him.  When Glenn touches Rick, Rick slams Glenn up against a wall.  Rick who has clearly lost it, walks further into the prison.

Merle and a few of the men head out to a trap they have laid for the zombies.  The hold one down and take out its teeth.

Darryl watches outside as Maggie breaks into what looks to be a daycare.  She starts packing her bag with diapers.  The two make their way through the building until they come to the kitchen.  They find a possum, which Darryl kills and declares dinner, and a few cans of formula.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea and Michonne have their bags packed and are leaving. When Merle sees them, he says that they are breaking his heart running away like that.  Michonne replies that they are leaving and Merle tells them to wait there a second. Andrea reminds Merle that The Governor said they were free to go whenever they like and Merle tells her to step back. Merle opens the gate and suggests Andrea and Michonne find shelter before night fall.  Andrea turns to Michonne, who says that they knew they were coming and this is all for show.  Andrea responds that she begged The Governor to let them stay.  Michonne reminds Andrea that they held their own before coming here.  Andrea says she doesn't want to go back to living like that and that she is afraid that Michonne will disappear.  Andrea reminds Michonne that they always talked about a refuge exactly like this. Finally, Michonne says, "Are you coming or not," and Andrea begs Michonne not to give her an ultimatum.  Michonne says, "you'd  just slow me down anyway," and walks out.  Merle quickly closes the gate and Andrea looks through the gap as Michonne walks away.

Andrea sits by herself on a bench and she is approached by The Governor, who says that he is sorry things didn't work out with her friend. The Governor adds that he is sure Andrea could use a drink and some company to take her mind off things.  The two then walk away arm in arm.

At the prison, Glen is standing watch as Maggie and Darryl return.  Darryl takes the baby from Carl and then feeds her the bottle that Bess prepared. Darryl actually looks kind of like a proud papa.  Darryl asks about a name and Carl starts naming all of the women that the group has lost. Rick is still inside the prison by himself and he has come to the room where Laurie died. He finds the bullet that killed Laure and then he starts to hear voices and the sound of a zombie.  Rick puts his gun in the zombie mouth, turns his head and blows its brains out against a wall. Rick then takes the knife he picked up and stabs the zombie repeatedly in the stomach.

The party continues in Woodbury and The Governor takes Andrea into the stands.  They have rock music playing and when the lights come on there are zombies tied by their waist to concrete poles. In the middle of the zombies, Merle and another man square off to fight.  Andrea is watching and is clearly horrified by what is going on, even as people in the stands cheer.  When Andrea goes to leave, The Governor grabs her and says that they are blowing off steam, though Andrea finds it barbaric.  The  Governor says that it's for show because they have taken out the teeth of the walkers.  He says that this is fun and teaches the people not to be afraid.  Merle stands with his foot on his opponent's chest victorious.

At the prison, the sun is rising.  Darryl walks by himself out to a grave.  He places a flower in the middle of the stones and walks away. Rick is still inside of the prison and he hears a baby cry and then a phone ringing.  Rick picks up the phone and then we get fade to black.

Okay, they didn't actually show Carol die so I am wondering if that grave belongs to her or Laurie.  Once again we are seeing a softer side of Darryl but it seems that it only appears when a child is involved. Darryl's reaction makes me wonder if he is going to step into the leadership role for awhile now that Rick seems to clearly have had a break from reality?  I wish that they had given this position to Glenn because it would be nice to finally see a person of colour in a position of authority, instead of yet another reincarnation of White man saves the world. Carl giving out the list of women who died was a great account of exactly how much the group has lost.  I was really glad that Jackie was acknowledged but that does not make up for the way that she died.

I am glad that this week they finally gave some evidence as to exactly why Woodbury is not a good place. Prior to this it just seemed as though Michonne was simply walking around angry with no reason for her distrust.  Readers of the comics already know that Woodbury is horrible but that does not mean it does not need a sufficient context on the show.  I am glad as well that Andrea finally found a reason to be concerned but will that be enough to brush the hero worship out of her eyes when it comes to The Governor?