Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Misfits Season Four, Episode Three

Rudy it seems, is being let out of jail.  All of his possessions are a banjo and three packages of candy. He ends up outside of the community center.  On the roof of the community center the two Rudy's are having tea in bathrobes.  It seems that there is now a third Rudy because one of them is watching the two on the roof.  Really, do we need more Rudy's? Aren't the two we have punishment enough?

Finn is talking to his step-mother, who says that though she is no longer with his step-father that she is stilll there for him.  The realtionship looks rather incestuous.  Jess points out that Finn's step-mother was coming on to him and Finn goes into complete denial about what occurred.  The two of them cart out a television that she gave to Finn in  a car.  Finn decides to ask Jess to come by and watch a DVD and says, "just as long you are not one of those manchild wankers who is obsessed with Star Wars." On behalf of George Lucas and Star Wars fans everywhere, to this I say boo and in fact more boo!

Rudy is trying to convince the other Rudy to sign up for benefits.  It seems that they are worried about surviving because there are two of them to feed. One Rudy even suggests taking a few bucks from their parents.  They bicker back and forth in the standard fashion.  Rudy #3 shows up and says that he was locked in a prison cell there and there was nothing to do but masturbate.  It seems that Rudy is well aware that there is a third version of him out there.  Rudy#3 wants justice, because he believes that Rudy 1&2 set him up with the police. Rudy #1 calls, Rudy#3 a psychopath and says that he almost killed a man. Rudy #3 climbs inside Rudy #1 and quickly takes control of the body.

Rudy#3 starts making the rounds inside of the community center and stops to stare at Jess, who is getting ready. Outside, Curtis is busy scrubbing the walls, when he is approached by Lola, the new trainee probation work.  There is something not right about this woman and I don't trust her at all. Lola tells Curtis that she likes watching people work and says, "now scurb the fucking wall."  Lola then suggests that she graffitied the wall, to watch Curtis scrub it all off.  Clearly there is some sexual tension between these two.

In the probation center, Rudy#3 is going through Jess' things and finds a picture of her with a guy.  Outside, Rudy#3 says to Jess that she intrigues him.  Jess reminds him that they are not going to be a couple.  Rudy#3 then tells Jess that it's not going to happen for her with anyone. When Jess gets up to leave, Rudy#3 grabs her and says that she acts all tough and sassy but it's an act.  Jess tells him to stay away from her but Rudy #3 says that he cannot because he is drawn to her.  Jess goes back to her locker and Finn is in a panic because he forgot the remote control at his step mothers house. Jess says that losing the remote is like losing a testicle for a guy.  Jess agrees to drive him there. When Jess looks up, she sees that Rudy #3 is staring.

In the car, Jess asks Finn if he invited her over to get into her pants.  Finn says that this is not a dealbreaker and that if they're going there, he'll settle for a kiss.  Jess sends him off to get the remote control.  Lisa invites Finn in and when she stands up, Lisa asks Finn if he was checking her out.  Finn is in rush to get out but Lisa wants to know if Finn was into her when she was with his dad.  Lisa says that she found topless photos of her under his mattress and admits that she liked it and thought of him touching himself looking at her.  Lisa then grabs Finn's crotch saying that she thinks about the two of them and then gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob.  When Lisa stands up, Finn pulls up his pants and says that he needs to use the bathroom.  Finn used this as an excuse to sneak out of the flat. After Finn gets into the car, Lisa bangs on the door and says, "you come in my mouth and then go running back to your girlfriend."  Finn tries to deny it but Jess throws him out of the car.  Lisa leans against a wall crying and Finn walks over to her to say it would be best not to tell his father about any of this.  Finn accueses him of being like his father and so he turns and leaves.

Rudy#2 has returned from his errands and his brushing his teeth when Rudy #3 walks in.  Rudy#2 tells Rudy#3 about their parents bickering. When Rudy#2 sees the banjo on the bed, he realises that something is very wrong.  Rudy #3 admits that Rudy#1 is inside him. Rudy#2 says that they will leave town and do whatever Rudy#3 wants.  Rudy#3 is not listening and tells Rudy#2 that Rudy#1 is not his friend.   Rudy#2  goes running, clearly trying to escape but Rudy#3 follows playing his bango. Every door that Rudy#2 tries is locked.  Eventually Rudy #3 catches up with Rudy#1 and forces him inside the body.

The next day, Jess is still pissed off at Finn for getting a blowjob from Lisa.  Finn tries to say that it was an accident and that it happened before he could stop her.  Rudy says, "if you really wanted to stop her you could have grabbed a fork and stabbed it in her eye."  Finn finds this to be a little extreme. Rudy#3 tells Finn that he couldn't help himself because he is pathetic and looks at Jess and says, "you deserve better." They all leave, with Curtis calling Finn a step-mother fucker.

Finn is confronted by Greg, the new probation worker, who asks him what he is doing and says "if there is one thing I hate more than pedophiles, is liars." Finn tries to move around him but Greg blocks him. Greg makes Finn say please but is not impressed, until Finn says potato.  There is clearly something off with the probation worker.

Curtis is working at the bar when Lola walks in.  He pours her a triple of vodka and then takes across seat from her in the booth.  He asks if she is sure she is a probation worker.

Lisa has shown up at the community center and says that she didn't mean to freak him out and doesn't want Finn to think of her as his step mom. Finn says he doesn't because Lisa never married his father.  Lisa believes that there is no reason they cannot be together. Lisa says that they should take things slowly and she knows that Finn has feelings for her. Lisa asks Finn to come around and if he likes her.  Finn admits that he likes Lisa's hair and she promises to cook his favorite, if he comes around.

That night, Jess walks into the bar and sees Curtis talking with Lola.  Jess ends up having a drink with the bartender.  Curtis and Lola are still flirting heavily.  Jess tells Mike the bartender that she has heard he is not interested in girls. Mike asks if that makes him gay and adds having sex with men makes you gay. Mike says if I were really smooth, he'd say because I like you.  Jess invites Mike back to her place for a drink and after a hesitation he says yes.   Jess goes into the bathroom to straighten up and when she comes back, Mike says that his neighbour just called and someone broke into his flat.  Jess is not buying this for one second. Mike tells her that it's not her but she walks off in frustration.

On the street udy#3 is waiting for Jess and says that he is following her.  Jess tells Rudy#3 that she is not in the mood for his creepy shit and asks what he wants with her. When Jess tells Rudy#3 to get it out of his system and fuck her, Rudy#3 replies that he wants to give her something pure and honest and that the men who lie to her, don't know how special she is. Rudy#3 promises never to lie to her and Jess tells him that she will see him tomorrow.

The next morning, Finn gets a phone call from Lisa. Finn says that he is sorry he didn't come around last night.  Suddenly, Finn gets into a panic and begs Lisa not to tell his father.  On the wall of the community center, someone has graffitied, "I love bad boys."  Rudy goes running to see Lisa and finds his father in a car. Finn tells his father that he loves him and his father admits that Lisa told him what happened.  Finn says that he tried to stop Lisa and "she's on her knees bamming my cock in her mouth like a starving African at a food camp; it sounds worse than it is." With the fuck is that? Talk about an offensive analogy. Finn's father shoves him and asks Finn how he could do it and says its sick because Lisa is his step-mom. Finn says that he is sorry and his father says, "look I'm not your dad. I took you on and raised you, even though I knew you weren't mine." Finn is shocked but his dad says, "you're not mine Finn, you never wore," and drives off in his car.

At the community center, Greg is in a piss because someone stole the wedding cake.  Finn says that the bride ate it and she is no stranger to the desert trolly." Isn't that the way to go, if you can't explain missing food, a fat person probably ate it.  Why not throw a little fat hatred into this already fucked up episode. The probation worker demands that the Misfits go to his office one at a time and says that he is going to start to Jess.  When Greg leaves, Curtis asks who took the cake and Finn#3 says "odds are it was a fat person."

In the commuity center a DJ is play True by Spandu Ballet and Jess is sitting in Greg's office waiting for him.  Rudy#3 enters and says that the probation worker won't be joining them because someone has locked him in the toilet.  Jess asks what's happened to him and points out that he's changed.  Rudy#3 asks for an exchange of secrets and admits that that there are three of him - the two she has met already and then there's him. In return, Rudy asks what the guy who hurt Jess did.  Jess says that she used to have an eating disorder and that Donny was there for her and the only person she could talk to.  They started sleeping together and then Donny moved onto another messed up girl.  This led to a suicide attempt for Jess because everything Donny had ever said to her was a lie. Rudy#3 admits that he was in prison and that the two Rudy's betrayed him and set him up.  Jess admits that she has not kissed a guy in over three years.  Rudy says that he was in prison because he enjoys hurting people.   Rudy leaves the room and beats up the DJ, which Jess sees with her x-ray vision.  Jess tries to leave the  but discovers that she has been locked in.   Rudy puts on Lady in Red and takes Jess' hand and the two start to dance with Jess' head on his shoulder.  Jess asks again what Rudy#3 wants from her and Rudy#3 replies that all his life he's wanted to know what it's like to kill someone and the moment he saw her, he knew that she was the one.  Rudy#3 starts to strangle Jess and he tells her not to struggle and that she is so beautiful.  Jess stabs Rudy#3 in the abdomen with a knife and he says that she lied to him.  Jess says that it's over and tells him to let them go of the other Rudys.  Rudy#3 demands a kiss, which Jess gives him. Rudy tells her that when she gets out of here to get herself some cock.  Suddenly the two Rudy's leave his body and Rudy #3 asks Jess what it's like to kill someone and Jess says, "it's awful," as tears roll down her face.

Later, on the roof, Jess is eating a chocolate bar.  In the community center, Finn tells the misfits that his dad isn't his dad and that his mother is a bit of a slut. Right, his mother is a slut, while the men on Misfits try to sleep with as many women as possible, yet no negative is ascribed to their sexual behaviour. Finn apologises to Jess and says that he's an idiot and asks if they are okay.  Jess tells him that he is an idiot and a prick but they're fine.  Finn then asks Jess to watch a DVD and she says that she doesn't have the time and leaves.

Curtis and Lola finally get it on.  It turns out that Curtis is the one who stole the cake and he gives it to Lola.

I am not at all pleased with the slut and fat shaming that occurred in this episode.  The only saving grace as far as I am concerned is that Jess killed Rudy#3 and they didn't try to make his stalking behaviour acceptable.  On far to many occasions, Misfits has allowed the sort of behaviour (Simon anyone?) It's also disturbing that Jess was more upset that Finn got a blow job from his step-mother than the fact that just last week, he had his girlfriend tied to a bed and was forcing her to use the bathroom in a bucket for weeks. I am further disappointed that Misfits has decided not to follow through and have an actual gay character on the show.  Misfits continually engages in homophobia but for some reason having someone gay as even a side character is unacceptable.