Sunday, December 9, 2012

Haven, Season 3, Episode 11: Last Goodbye

Having found the Bolt Gun Killer’s lair and realised that the Bolt Gun killer is wearing people’s skin, Audrey and Nathan have to be careful who they trust – so they bring in Claire, the Teagues and Duke to view the grisly remains – people they can trust when it comes to Troubles shenanigans (or an excuse to skimp on paying extras). In a leap of pure retcon, Audrey points out that Tommy made several rookie mistakes which makes it clear that he wasn’t a trained cop – so the Bolt Gun killer can look like the people he skins, but that doesn’t mean he knows what they know. So they can find out who the Bolt Gun killer is by questioning people on insider knowledge.

And, surprise, that begins now. The Bolt Gun killer picked Tommy to get into Audrey’s circle and because he wanted to know more about her. It makes sense that someone else in her circle – like the Teagues, Duke, Nathan or Claire – may be the next person he targeted.

Outside the pathologist and some more trusted folk are digging in the ground and finding many many bodies – his dumping ground for the victims he kills for parts.

Audrey continues to have angst about leaving and all the things left unsaid between her and Nathan. They resolve to talk at some point, but not over the phone (all the better to drag it out). Audrey’s worry about disappearing is definitely catching up on her.

The next day Audrey starts to drive to work and finds her way blocked by a man unconscious in his car. He doesn’t wake up but as she calls 911 she sees more people unconscious on the road, in the park – everywhere (that’s what comes of her arranging to have a talk with Nathan, a Trouble intervenes). Everyone’s unconscious – except Audrey.

At the police station everyone is unconscious again, including Nathan. All breathing – but all asleep.

Switching back to yesterday (I hate it when they do this cutting back and forth) Nathan and Audrey examine the body bit and find that all the women had a different body part removed – like the killer’s trying to create a new woman from the custom pieces. Audrey can’t imagine what that would look like. Audrey needs to watch more Frankenstein films. They think by IDing all the victims they can make a composite of the woman he’s making and then figure out who she is – and then who he is. There’s some decent portrayal of just how horrific the scale of deaths is, which also gives Audrey chance to draw attention to the totally-not-relevant-honest puffin earring one of the women was wearing.

Back to today, Audrey wanders the empty streets until she meets a man who is still conscious. With only one shoe and complete amnesia and no ID (and not very good acting – “come to think of it, I don’t know who I am.” Really, Haven?  Really?) He takes Audrey to the place where he woke up and find a crashed ambulance – with his second shoe in the back, chances are he was in it on the way to the hospital

Audrey then gets to explain the Troubles to Amnesia Guy and her theory that he was traumatised and then his Trouble kicked in, sending the town to sleep and healing him. Needless to say, he’s not receptive to this theory.

Back to Yesterday (did I mention how much I hate this TV gimmick? Because I do) Audrey tests Claire at the police station (and is tested back) and both have close knowledge of the other making it clear neither is the Skin Walker Bolt Gun Killer. More psychotherapy about Audrey having chance to say goodbye before she disappears.

Back to the present where, in the police station, Audrey checks the 911 log on the assumption that, if Amnesia Guy was in an ambulance, someone must have called 911. Nice idea – except the electricity surges and then the internet server goes down. She’s even more suspicious because this means she can’t check finger prints or do anything else to find out who the guy is. He quotes some medical babble about Amnesia which everyone pretends shows seriously medical knowledge. With his medical knowledge he touches Nathan, sees a rash on the back of his neck and diagnoses a degenerating coma. Everyone isn’t asleep – they’re comatose and are going to die in 12 hours – or less.

Back to Yesterday again (I really hate this format) and it’s Duke’s turn to be grilled. Claire think it’s a good idea just to put some Troubled blood on Duke – if it’s not really him he won’t go all silver eyed. Duke isn’t keen on the idea and replies by talking about Audrey and his time in Colorado and how they kissed; something only they knew (and now Claire, who wants all the details). Duke rejects the idea that Audrey’s going into the barn when Claire presents it as a done deal, but Audrey explains that if she does, the Troubles are gone.

Back to present and to Duke’s bar to follow up some vague memories Amnesia Guy has about sports – and see him in the team picture of the Haven basketball team, which gives them his name Will Brady.

Back to Yesterday again (still hate it), Nathan’s turn, cue the sad music. He talks about the first time he felt her touch when she kissed him and how much it meant to him. Claire teases Audrey about the guys she’s kissed.

Back to present and to Will Brady’s house where they find his PHD in archaeology which begs the question how he knows anything about comas. The place is dusty and doesn’t look like it’s been occupied for a while. And Audrey finds a puffin earing – just like the one she found on one of the victims. Audrey becomes a lot less friendly and tells him to keep his distance. She tells him he’s a monster who kills and skins people while looking really poignantly at the camera.

Confronted by Audrey, Brady has a flashback and remembers that the earring belonged to a friend of his called Erin. He argues that even if he is this Skin Walker, she thinks he caused the comas and they only have 6 hours to save everyone – she needs him to get his memory back. And he keeps calling it “Skin Guy” even though he should really have been able to remember “Skin Walker” by now

Back to yesterday, it’s the Teague’s turn. Vince argues (quite sensibly) that one of them would know if the other was different (apart from anything else, the sheer number of secrets the two keep should make it impossible for one not to notice an imposter). Audrey asks why the Skin Walker took them as prisoner but shot Nathan when he got in the way.  They claim that he asked where the Colorado Kid was – which they didn’t know – and that was it. Audrey knows they’re who they say they are – because they aren’t telling her everything again.

Back to today and Audrey takes Will Brady on a tour of the bodies the Skin Walker killed. He has a flashback to how Erin died – when they were walking home from a movie he was hit on the back of the head, couldn’t move. The killer said “Hush” to Eric and then killed her with a bolt gun. He protested he couldn’t have killed her because he loved her and he was just about to tell her. But the movie he was going to see was shown at the Arts Festival 2 months ago. Audrey realises that maybe the ambulance wasn’t taking him to the hospital, it was taking him from it after he spent the last 2 months.

To the hospital, and everyone is showing more symptoms from the coma. In the hospital Will recognises his brother and sister sat in waiting room chairs. They find his room and his chart – he was in a degenerative coma and without the machines, in 12 hours he would stop breathing. Everyone is in the same coma he was in. will realises that while he was in a coma he probably heard what his doctors were saying. He was being taken away from the hospital because, at 7:00am, they turned off his life support. Audrey realises that his fear of death may have kicked in his Trouble. And if they un-coma everyone else, maybe they have to re-coma Will.

They return to where the ambulance was, he lays back on the gurney and they make their awkward goodbyes. And Audrey draws her own parallels, he is leaving for the good of everyone else – just as she will have to go into the barn to save all the Troubled.  He lays back and says if he had a few days he would fight it tooth and nail – she urges him to keep fighting but he’s already unresponsive. He returns to his coma and everyone else starts to wake up.

Audrey grabs the ambulance driver and insists they go back to the hospital where she hooks him back up onto life support. She tells them she met him and uses the knowledge he gave her about his siblings to convince her that she met him and that he can hear them.

She goes to see Nathan and tells him she’s identified one of the Skin Walker’s victims, Erin. Then she apologises for pushing Nathan away but he says to keep on fighting.

One more meeting with Claire where she wants to talk about Audrey getting ready to leave and Audrey wants to talk about not going – about catching the Skin Walker and that he could tell them about the Colorado Kid, the barn, her and maybe she won’t have to go away.

So to put it together where to start? Vince and Dave since the Skin Walker tortured them for info on the Colorado Kid – and the barn, says Claire. Audrey frowns because she doesn’t remember the Teagues mentioning the barn, but Claire says they did... Ooooh Claire suspicious? Audrey starts fretting and Claire says “Audrey Hush”. Juuust like the Skin Walker did.

Claire pulls a gun and asks Audrey what gave her away

Normally I’m impressed by Haven’s acting, this week? Will Brady just didn’t carry the role and I don’t know if Audrey was trying to move to his level or what but her reactions verged on the melodramatic to say the least.

Maybe it’s because I’m SO DAMN FRUSTRATED!! Aie! After last week when we had the BIG DRAMATIC DISCOVERY  and finally maybe some answers, some precious precious answers and instead we get derailed onto the Audrey angst train powered by a Trouble of the week? And finally finish it off with a cliffhanger!!!

Aaargh and why why why why why why why why is NO-ONE questioning the Teagues?!