Monday, December 10, 2012

Misfits: Season 3, Episode 3

Simon is embracing his future potential and starting to leap across roof tops in an impressive display of athletic ability – until he hears the sound of someone being mugged. Taking his superhero-ness a little far, he runs to the rescue. He sends the mugger running – and the guy he rescued instantly assumes he’s a superhero and has a fanboy moment while Simon does the disappearing and hiding thing (super heroes have to do that, it’s a rule). Simon’s pretty gleeful about saving someone.

Arriving in his nifty lair, Alisha sees a trail of blood, worried she goes to check on Simon and he shows her his wounded hand, smiling in more glee. Alisha is less gleeful – he could have been hurt, badly. He says if he doesn’t take risks he won’t become him – who he’s meant to be. Alisha doesn’t see why he wants to become his future self – because when he does he leaves her and dies. He counters that if he doesn’t she will die in the past and she argues she can’t die in the past if she’s alive in the present.

I’m trying to wrap my head around that logic since while it’s technically true… ugh, temporal logic is bad for the brain.

She points out that he can’t travel back in time because if he does he’ll dump her – and she doesn’t get dumped. Poor Simon apologises for upsetting her. These 2 are actually a brilliant couple with a lot of chemistry – a little oasis in Misfits.

At the community centre there’s a preventative intervention scheme where, to use the words of the completely indifferent probation officer,” they’re going to tell you how they fucked up and you’re going to tell them not to fuck up again so they don’t become as big a fuck up as you.” And one of the people there is the guy Simon saved. He’s there because he stole a girl’s handbag to give it back pretending to catch the thief – none of the Misfits are impressed.

Simon, alas, feels the need to reassure the guy when they’re alone in the bathroom – and he realises that Simon is the guy in the mask. Simon asks him to keep quiet and Rudy comes in to treat us to some gay jokes. Remember, whenever Rudy opens his mouth, that’s when you stop listening.

The fanboy, Peter goes home and sketches superhero comics – with Simon as a character. When he speaks to Simon the next day he tells Simon about his obsession with superheroes, at the end of which Simon invites him to be his best friend. We look back at the comics Peter was drawing and we see that the entire conversation id depicted in the panels. Yes, he has a power.

At work Rudy 1 and Rudy 2 are messing around being Rudy when the probation worker sees them. Rudy instantly claims identical twins, the probation worker starts to challenge him (what with them both wearing jump suits and apparently job sharing the community service) but Rudy talks and keeps talking and it’d take a more patient man than the arsehole probation worker to listen.

Alisha goes to see Simon and is confused to find him so friendly with Peter so suddenly. Simon takes that further and takes Peter to see his lair and tells him about his future self – and how he has to save Alisha and die in the process – if he doesn’t die, Alisha won’t fall in love with present him and then he won’t become his future self and if he doesn’t become his future self he won’t be able to save Alisha.

Alisha arrives and turfs Peter out, as Peter leaves he can hear Alisha arguing with Simon about how he’s just met Peter, how he doesn’t know Peter and about revealing all the secrets to him.

The next day, Simon tells Alisha that he needs to be a super hero alone – and leaves. The whole conversation is written in Peter’s comic panels, he’s made Simon break up with Alisha.

At the community centre Kelly comforts Alisha and they tell the news to Curtis and Rudy; Curtis is shocked. Rudy, of course, raises that he thinks Simon and Peter are gay (of course he does, because it wouldn’t be Misfits without some extra homophobia). Alisha protests that Simon’s not gay, he’s the best sex she’s ever had (slight objections from Curtis and Rudy since they’re both Alisha’s ex-lovers). She smacks Rudy, not nearly hard enough.

She confronts Peter and he tells her that superheroes never have successful relationships. She angrily tells him that Simon’s not a superhero, he’s her boyfriend and he says “was”. She pushes him, dropping his sketch pad, showing her the comic sketches he’s made of Simon. On one sheet of paper she sees the conversation she and Simon had when they broke up. She tells the others that Peter has done something to Simon while he goes back to his flat and starts drawing.

To the pub and Kelley has a drink with Seth (and mocks him for his gin and tonic, since it’s a drink her nan drinks) some more flirting and establishing each is single before Kelly joins the gang, downing her pint in one before she does.

They go to confront Peter and he admits that he made Simon break up with Alisha. He runs, but they catch up with him – which is when Simon, fully masked and in disguise (so only Alisha knows who he is) appears and defends Peter from them, easily knocking them all down, we see the entire fight depicted in Peter’s comics (which means we don’t get to see Simon punch Rudy. This saddens me). Simon and Peter escape and the gang pulls themselves to their feet, confused since the masked guy is normally on their side – and Alisha is quiet and visibly upset (excellent acting).

Nest day Kelly meets Seth again, makes him pick up his litter and tries to arrange to go out some time but he says he’s busy. Not one to stew over the unknowns, Kelly confronts him (I love this – none of the “oh he likes me no he doesn’t yes he does. Kelly doesn’t play those games) and asks if it’s because of the dead girl in the cemetery. (She knew because she followed him because she fancies him – again openly said no ums and ahs and accusations). The dead girl was Seth’s ex-girlfriend who died from a drug’s overdose – drugs he sold to her.

To the community centre to comfort Alisha – Rudy has his own anecdote which amazingly doesn’t help. Alisha uses her remote viewing power to see what Simon is seeing and Rudy finally drops the homophobic commentary and asks what the plan is. The plan is to break into Peter’s flat, setting off the burglar alarm – Rudy makes the situation much much worse, thankfully Kelly is a rocket scientist. They go in and find a wall covered in comics of Simon. Alisha tells them that whatever Peter draws actually happens and they tear up his comics.

In his lair, Simon stops, distracted. As more and more drawings are destroyed he staggers around as if under attack. He collapses to his knees and says “Alisha”.

She goes to the lair and finds Simon. He’s confused and near tears – he can’t understand why he split up with her. He wants to get back together and begs her not to say no. Alisha tells her about Peter. He remembers hurting her and apologises profusely

Peter meets Simon and Simon decides he was wrong, declares he isn’t a superheroes – they’re a fantasy and not his fantasy. He resolves never to leave Alisha.

Rudy talks to the probation worker and suggests he was sexually abused as a small child. Because he’s Rudy, that’s why. It doesn’t go down well. Rudy continues to say awful things and the gang is watched by a figure in a suit just like Simon’s but in a different colour.

When Alisha is alone, the suited guy (oh let’s just call him Peter, it’s blatantly obvious who he is) stalks her and kidnaps her. Simon returns home to find a note telling him tom come to a warehouse on Tipton street, he suits up and heads out. He arrives dramatically and Peter attacks him with a knife – they fight and Peter gets stabbed by accident during the battle. Simon hurries to Alisha, frees her and checks if she’s ok.

Peter gasps on the floor – Simon saved her showing his superheroness – and then Peter dies. All things considered, Misfits has a huge body count.

Alisha begs Simon not to go back, to stay there with her. He promises her. She asks Simon to burn the suit with Peter’s body. It dramatically starts raining and Simon pours the petrol and sets the fire – burning Peter. But he takes his suit back with him and hides it in their lair in a secret compartment

We end looking at comics in Peter’s flat – he drew the kidnapping and confrontation, including his own death and Simon keeping the suit

See, barring Rudy, this is what Misfits could be. Simon and Alisha are by far and away the most compelling characters on this show, even Kelly and Seth and fun to watch (I love how, with so many romance tropes in fiction, Kelly cuts through them all like a chainsaw, honest, loud, brassy and as subtle as a sledgehammer but she gets to the heart of the matter)