Monday, October 29, 2012

Misfits Season Two, Episode Four

Future Simon is busy looking at his countdown clocks planning what to do next and Alisha gets up to tell him to come back to bed, if he is done playing superhero. The next day at the community center, there is a new arrival to serve out the terms of their ASBO. Shaun introduces him to The Misfits as Tommy. The Misfits gather in concern and Curtis says whatever happens, they cannot let the new guy find out about their powers.  Simon jokes that if he does find out that they should kill Tommy. Yeah present Simon is still really creepy.  Nathan is not impressed and tells Simon that he is the funny guy here.

When Tommy approaches the group, Kelly asks why he got community service and Tommy says that he was arrested for protesting against CO2 emissions. Tommy then asks if they have any powers, which throws them for a loop and then Tommy admits that he can teleport. Alisha asks to see Tommy in action and Tommy teleports directly behind them. Kelly is not impressed and points out that he could have walked that distance quicker, and Nathan says that he thought something more exciting was going to happen.  Tommy protests that sometimes he goes further.

The Misfits all head outside to clean up the garbage and Nathan asks Kelly if they're okay because he slipped her the finger.  Kelly says that she doesn't want to think about it and I don't blame her.  A man comes running towards The Misfits screaming, "he's fucking crazy," as a red car chases him. A man gets out of  a car and through his vision, we can see that he is trapped in some sort of video game. He asks where's Conti and Nathan points at Simon and says, "oh it's him, he's a right Conti."  We get another flash to the a video game and learn that Conti is a crime boss who stole money. The man says, "did you think I was going to let it go? I want my money." Nathan tells Simon to give the man his money, but Simon says that he hasn't got any.  When the man then fixates on Kelly, he thinks that she is Roxy - a woman who betrayed him on his wedding day. The man believes that Roxy is with Conti now and says that he was still waiting for her at the church, when the cops picked him up. Tommy believes that this man has some sort of mental illness and decides to talk with him because he has training in conflict resolution. Tommy steps forward asking what the man's name is and promising not to hurt him, but the man responds by shooting him in the forehead. Lost in his video game world, the man looks at Tommy's body and sees that he has gained 15 points. After being spattered in Tommy's blood and brain matter, The Misfits take off running.

The Misfits manage to hide and are suitably freaked out.  Kelly suggests that they go back for Tommy, but Curtis points out that he was shot in the head. From the roof, Nathan sees Tommy walking and declares that he is okay.  When Curtis looks where Nathan is pointing, he cannot see Tommy. Nathan says, "oh then that must be his ghost, which means he is not at all okay on account of him being dead." Nathan then calls down to Tommy and says, "hey new guy, I'm sorry you got shot." Tommy's response is to flip Nathan the finger. Nathan being Nathan, gives him the finger right back and says, "fuck you." Nathan justifies his actions saying, "he made an obscene gesture. I don't care if he is dead, there's no excuse for rudeness."  Alisha is not impressed and reminds Nathan that Tommy just got shot in the face. Simon suggests that Curtis rewind time, and Kelly adds that he can save Tommy. They all look at him expectantly, but when Curtis tries, he cannot do it. Curtis says that because he didn't know him, he's not feeling anything. Nathan says that Tommy was a bit of a twat and Kelly tells Nathan that there is something wrong with him. Nathan replies, "he was never going to fit in what with all of the caring about the environment and crap. Better him than me." Simon reminds Nathan that he is immortal and Nathan replies, "better him than one of you."

Tommy's body has been taken to the hospital and they are harvesting his organs. The heart is taken to an operating room where Nikki is lying on a table unconscious.  They saw through her ribcage and it's clear that Nikki is going to get Tommy's heart.

At future Simon's flat, Alisha is looking at the pictures on the wall. She realises that he knew that Tommy was going to die and asks him why he didn't stop it. Simon says that he cannot save everyone and Alisha calls bullshit.  Simon tries again and says, "If I had stopped it from happening, someone else would have died." In the hospital Nikki is coming back to consciousness.

The next day, Shaun has all of the misfits in his office and tells them, "the police want witness statements off of all of you. Try not to screw it up, cause I don't want them on my back. Do you think you can manage that?" Kelly is not impressed and asks Shaun if he's not even a little bit upset but Shaun is only concerned with the amount of paperwork he now has to do because Tommy was shot while doing community service. As Shaun turns away, Nathan says, "it's a cruel senseless waste. A young man taken from us in his prime, leaving us to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives, knowing that he is gone for ever. So maybe, we should have the rest of the week off. You know, to cry and grieve and remember our dear friend." Nathan pauses because he cannot remember Tommy's name and so he points to Simon who says, "Ollie" and Nathan goes on about "dear beautiful Ollie."

When we next see The Misfits, they are busy painting over graffiti and Nathan calls Shaun a heartless bastard.  Simon suggests that they should do something about the guy who shot Ollie.  Waving the paint brush in Simon's face, Nathan asks, "so you're talking about stepping up to the plate and taking him down?" Alisha agrees with Simon and when Curtis asks why she is supporting this, she says that it's because of having someone's brains blown up across her face. Kelly points out that if they go up against the man that one of them could end up dead. Simon asserts, "we can't just pretend that it didn't happen." Alisha asks, "how are you going to feel when you read in the paper that he shot someone else?"  Curtis turns and asks, "alright, what are you two going to do when you find this guy and he sticks a gun to your head?" When no one answers, Curtis continues, "I'm glad you got it all figured out. Curtis then points to Alisha and adds, "there's no way you're getting involved in this." This pisses Alisha right off and she asks, "Since when do you tell me what I can and cannot do?" Nathan responds, "since I care about whether you die or not. Have you forgotten about that?" Nathan interrupts the argument to add, "I think that I speak for all of us. We're lazy and incompetent. We're practically handicapped okay. Leave it to the police, they get paid to get shot." Well it actually took 13 minutes this time before Nathan used an ism to say something problematic. That has got to be a new record for his character. Curtis adds, "I never thought I would say this but he's talking sense."

Nikki is in the hospital and the doctor is checking out her wounds. She says, "it feels weird, like someone else's heart." The doctor tells her that it will feel strange for a little while but points out that she is making the most remarkable recovery. Nikki asks, "how does it work? Am I supposed to send a card to his parents - thanks or the heart?" When the doctor asks Nikki if he should ask the next of kin if he can share their details with her, Nikki says yes. When the doctor leaves the room, Nikki's heart rate goes up and she is transported to the morgue, where she lands on Tommy.

Curtis and Alisha are walking together and he says, "I cannot even go back and save someone who has just been shot. What's that all about?"  When he notices that Alisha is more focused on her phone than him, he asks if he is boring her. Alisha says that she is just checking the time and the two start to bicker. Suddenly, the man who believes that he is living in a video game pulls up in his car, and Curtis and Alisha are forced to hide. The man gets out of his car and screams, "Conti."  In hiding, Alisha tells Curtis, "I knew we should have done something about him." The two start to bicker once again and Curtis says that he is done with her.  When Curtis peeks out of their hiding space, the man sees them and changes direction to walk towards them. Curtis and Alisha going running and when they pause to hide again, Alisha asks him, "are you finishing with me?" Curtis asks if they have to do this right now and Alisha says yes. Curtis replies, "things with us haven't been right for awhile now. You're different, you've changed." He stops talking when he sees the man and they have to run again. When they stop again, Alisha says, "so I guess that's it." They then go through the whole, it's not you it's me ritual.

At the hospital, Nikki tells the doctor that there is something wrong with the heart they put in her body. The doctor assures Nikki that there is nothing wrong with it, but Nikki tells them to take it out because she wants a different one. The doctor says that they just don't have spares lying around but Nikki points out that people die all of the time and points to the man in the next bed saying, "look at him, he doesn't look like he has long to go. I'll have his heart." This causes the doctor to pull the screen closed and say, "when a patient makes a miraculous recovery, we don't hold a big inquest. We treat sick people and you're not sick anymore.

Alisha returns to future Simon's flat and says that she did what he said and let it all play out. Alisha tells him that her relationship with Curtis is over. They share a kiss.

The next day, Nikki looks at a memorial that has been put up for Tommy. Curtis approaches and asks her if she knew him and Nikki says that they transplanted Tommy's heart in her. Curtis calls bullshit, until she pulls up her jumper and shows him her scar. When he asks Nikki if she is okay, she admits that something weird is happening to her. They have a seat and Curtis explains to Nikki that she can now teleport. Nikki quips that it will be faster than taking the bus and then thanks Curtis for the pajamas. Curtis smiles and says, "I hope they fit, I had to guess your size." Curtis stands and says that he has to go and do his community service, but Nikki is not impressed and says, "you just told me that I have inherited the ability to teleport from the guy whose heart was transplanted into me and now you have to go. Well fuck you very much." Curtis gets his back up and asks her how she wants to leave it and Nikki responds, "The very least you could do is ask me out for a drink." Nathan sits back on the bench next to her.

Future Simon is watching Alisha put on her makeup and she stops and says that they should go away somewhere. He asks where she would like to go and Alisha replies that she always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Simon promises that he will take her there. Simon says that he has something for her and he takes the keychain off and hands it to her saying, "now you can let yourself in." They kiss and there is something bittersweet about it.  Alisha asks him what's wrong and Simon says nothing.  Alisha says that she has got to go and is going to be late.  Simon then turns and looks at his clocks.

The man is back driving around in his car and he runs over an older pedestrian to gain 25 points. Kelly and Alisha meet up and Alisha tells Kelly that she broke up with Curtis last night.  Kelly asks if Alisha is okay and says that if this was her, she would be home crying.  Suddenly, the man turns the corner and Alisha and Kelly are forced to run. The man gets out of his car, catches Kelly, punches her with brass knuckles, and puts her in his car.  Alisha comes running and asks him to let Kelly go but the man pulls out his gun and says, "you tell Conti I want my money." Alisha insists that there's no Conti and no money but the man is insistent and demands Alisha tell Conti to bring is 100K to the warehouse on Kipton street. The man then gets in his car and drives off with Kelly.

At the community center, Curtis tells Simon and Nathan that the guy who shot Tommy was on the estate last night and that he is still looking for Conti.  Nathan says, "he thinks I'm Conti." Nathan asks why the guy thinks that and Simon replies, "because you told him I was." Nathan answers, "did I? Sorry man." Nathan goes back to trying to break into the vending machine but when he can't, he asks Simon for money. Simon is shocked and asks, "you want me to buy you a drink?" Nathan answers, "I've never paid for a drink from this vending machine and I don't intend to start now." Alisha rushes in and tells them that the guy with the red car and the gun has Kelly. Nathan starts to freak out and says that he told everyone that the guy is dangerous and then orders everyone to calm down and think. Nathan grabs Simon and says, "do something you little freak." They hear  the man yell out, "Conti," and realise he is there. Future Simon who is in his mask, has started a video game playing before walking away. The Misfits hear a scream, and go running because they think that Kelly is being beaten. When they enter the room, they see the video game playing. Present Simon realises that the man who has Kelly is living in the game. 

In the warehouse, the man is marching Alisha forward and when she demands to be let go, he slaps her across the face.  He then tosses her a bag with a wedding dress in it and demands that she put it on. When Kelly tosses the bag at his feet and says, "you can shove that up your ass," he pulls out his gun, aims it at her and again demands that Kelly put on the dress.

At the community center, Nathan is playing the game, as present Simon reads information on the game. As they watch Nathan play the game, Simon says, "we need to play the game for real. If we give him his money, I think he'll let Kelly go." Alisha says, "so all we need now is a hundred grand," and present Simon suggests that they could rob a bank. Shaun sneaks up on The Misfits and tells them that to him it sounded like they were talking about robbing a bank. Nathan says, "no no, I said let's have a big wank, communal masturbation. The old circle jerk." Shaun waves his keys and tells them to clean his car. Nathan is not impressed and points out, "I don't think cleaning your car is what they meant when they gave us community service."  Shaun replies, "well I'm a member of society and my car needs cleaning and I don't give a shit." They take the car keys and leave the room.The Misfits hop in Shaun's car and from the roof, future Simon watches them drive away.

They pull up to a security van filled with money and when Curtis asks what the plan is, Simon says, "I turn invisible, walk up to the security van and take the money." Simon gets out of the car and turns invisible.  While they are waiting for him to return, Alisha and Curtis have to keep Nathan from playing the radio and drawing attention to them. When Simon gets back into the car, he says that it was very easy and Nathan adds, "a bunch of young offenders get superpowers and not one of them think to use them to perform a crime? Shame on us."

Kelly is now sitting in what has got to be the ugliest wedding dress in history.  The man who believes he is Jimmy from the video game, offers her pretend wine and tells her that while he was in prison he thought about her, lying to him, stealing his money and screwing other men.  Kelly tells him that he should try some positive thinking. The Misfits arrive at the factory and Simon says again that when the guy gets the money, the game should be over. Nathan then suggests that they beat him up and take the money back because one hundred grand is a lot of money and they need to think about their future. Simon asks Nathan if he thinks they should become criminals and Nathan says, "we're already criminals, I'm talking about becoming successful criminals. You know the ones who make money and don't get caught and have girlfriends with enormous breast implants."  Simon is not on the same page because he believed that they would use their powers to help people. Alisha interjects and tells them that they can talk about what they are going to do about the money after they get Kelly back.

They enter the factory to find Kelly hanging from the ceiling by her arms and the man pointing a gun at them. Simon is ordered to slide the money over, but Simon actually has to take it to him, after shoving the container twice and it not reaching the man.  The man orders Simon to show him the money. When Simon does, the man gets a flash saying that level 8 of the game is done but now, apparently he believes that one of them is an undercover cop. When Simon says that no one is a cop, the man pistol whips him with the gun and Simon falls to the ground. He strings all of the misfits to the ceiling and announces that he is going to the car to get his chainsaw and when he gets back, they're going to tell him which one of them is the undercover cop. Nathan starts to swing back and forth in attempt to get himself off the hook that he is hung to.

While this drama has been playing out, Nikki has been waiting for Curtis. When he doesn't show, she texts him and stands to leave the restaurant. Nikki stops suddenly, and is transported to the warehouse. She attempts to release them but the man returns and points his gun at her. Simon tells Nathan that he needs to confess to being the undercover cop because if he gets killed, it doesn't matter. The man stops in front of Alisha and says that she is first. When he lowers Alisha down, Nathan calls out for him to wait and claims to be the undercover cop.  When the man steps closer to Alisha, Curtis kicks him in the face and tells Alisha to run.  Alisha takes off but the man is following steadily behind her.

Outside, future Simon is leaping across the rooftops.  When Alisha is finally cornered by the man, future Simon jumps down from the ceiling and takes a bullet that was meant for Alisha. When Alisha  removes future Simon's mask, the man recognises him as Conti.  Future Simon says that he is the undercover cop and the man moves onto the next level, where he has to break Fat Tony out of jail. Future Simon tells Alisha that it has to be this way so that they can be together but Aisha says that she won't let him die. Simon points to the can petrol and hands her some matches, then begs her not to tell anyone.  He says that things are going to be okay because he is still here.  Alisha says that she doesn't love present Simon but future Simon.  Future Simon reminds Alisha that her falling in love with present Simon, helps him become who is is now. Simon dies and Alisha does as he asks.

The next day, present Simon is reading the newspaper and sees that the computer game man has been arrested.  When he shows the story to Kelly, she says, "that's what happens when blokes spend all of their time playing computer games and wanking over the internet."  Kelly walks off and Alisha approaches Simon and just sort of stares sadly.  When Simon asks Alisha if she is okay, she just nods her head.  Outside, Nikki and Curtis hook up.  Alisha then returns to future Simon's flat and finds a picture of the two of them in Las Vegas.

I think that this was the best episode of Misfits to date. There were times when it was funny and times when it was sad.  They managed to pull it off without the usual problematic elements, which it proves that it can absolutely be done, if they really wanted to do this on a regular basis.  I was shocked to see future Simon die and he had somewhat redeemed the character of Simon for me.