Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haven Season 3, Episode 6: Real Estate

 It’s Hallowe’en! Which means Tina and Chad, teenagers in costume, have to go investigate the haunted house. In Haven. Because suicidal teenagers in costume are a staple of hallowe’en. As is predictable, once they get in the huge spooky, deserted house, lights start flicerking, music starts playing and doors start closing on their own. Tina, being marginally more sensible than Chad, runs for it,

Audrey is at a Hallowe’en party at the Haven herald – but not in costume. As she tells the vampire slaying cheerleader clad Claire, it’s redundant to dress as someone else when you don’t’ actually know who you are. She’s also managed to finish her photofit of the Colorado Kid from her memories – though running it through facial recognition databases hasn’t achieved anything. Claire is torn about this, while Audrey says she wants to remember, her subconscious is telling her no – or she wouldn’t have had a dream of her old boss telling her to stop

Before they can get into that, Tina comes storming into the party in a panic. She’s worried that her boyfriend Chad is actually Troubled with telekinesis and was going to hurt her and/or was out of control. I do like how overt the Troubled are and, even when presented with a  hunated house, the populace looks for a Troubled person. Audrey decides to go investigate and takes Duke along – she phones Nathan to let him know and he has his obligatory “rar hate Duke” moment and sends Tommy as backup. Along the way Duke gets to fill Audrey in on the history of the house – the massive Holloway house. He vanished without a trace and shortly afterwards his wife and 2 daughters also disappeared. No-one knows why but there are some bad stories. When she gets there, Audrey has no cell phone service

Jordan drops in on the police station to see Nathan, to say the Guard are impressed by him helping in the prison break – and to flirt with Nathan some more. They go out, there is touching she’s clearly angling for more, but Nathan spends the whole time checking his phone to see if Audrey has checked in. This is more than a little annoying for Jordan, even as he assures her that Audrey is just his parent. As she leans in for a kiss, he gets a call with a broken message from Audrey which he focuses on – Jordan leaves rather huffily.

In the house Audrey comments on the many many mirrors and has a memory faint. She sees herself as Lucy re-arranging the pictures. She wakes up, possibly miffed that all she remembers is that Lucy was one of Those People who rearrange your ornaments and check the shelves for dust when Duke points out Audrey has been leaving bloody foot prints behind her. They track the blood back and find a hand sticking out a bookshelf, dripping bloody.

Tommy joins Claire and Tina outside the house and through the intercom on the door they hear Audrey say that they’ve found Chad. All three rush in to find Audrey and Duke dismantle the book case to find Chad’s crushed body behind it. Messy. Tina has a mini freak moment, understandably, and the house starts shaking which leads her to run in panic (much less sensible). They follow her but she’s disappeared – and so has the front door. Tommy has a “you have ghosts in haven now?!” moment and Duke continues his poking of him. Audrey still thinks it’s a Trouble – but her money’s on it being Tina, time to pair off and find the Troubled Tina.

Audrey goes with Claire and tells her about her memories coming back which Claire puts down to buried memories being triggered by right stimuli – and they see a shadow. After a moment of panic they see it’s Nathan who came to check on Audrey after getting the call – the call that Audrey didn’t make. They go check to see if the front door has reappeared since Nathan got in – nope, it’s disappeared again.

Duke and Tommy wander around until they hear a scream – they rush to the source to find Tina impaled on the iron chandelier, with Jordan stood underneath, looking at the swinging body. Tommy grabs her – and collapses in pain from her Trouble. Audrey and the rest join them and they see the blood pattern – a big pool of blood and the words “This is your fault” written in blood. Nice. Claire provides the introductions for Jordan since she’s a patient of hers and Nathan tries to play the stranger card until Jordan is bombarded with questions about why she’s there and Tommy points out they’re looking for a serial killer with her tattoo. Jordan points out her Trouble doesn’t involve throwing people into chandeliers and Nathan finally admits to knowing her and that she’s with him. He holds her hand and Audrey has a totally not!jealous look on her face, honest.

This awkward scene is interrupted by a phone ringing. When the gang goes to check, Nathan and Jordan have a little conversation – she came to apologise, he has to tell her about the serial killer and she accuses him of just pretending to be interested in the guard to investigate (true). She also says Crockers hunt down Troubled and floats the idea of killing Duke before he kills them. Nathan protests that he put his job on the line for them by freeing the prisoner and yes his relationship started as a case but – the but is cut off by her smacking him. Which is kind of pointless since he doesn’t feel pain.

Unfortunately for Nathan, this entire conversation is being broadcast by an intercom by Duke and Tommy who are Not Pleased.

Claire and Audrey have a brief relationship conversation about Jordan and Nathan’s hand holding when Audrey decides to follow in the footsteps of her Lucy memory and mess with the painting on the wall – which opens up a secret passage. Inside which are three desiccated bodies – Mrs. Halloway and her two daughters. It looks like the mother killed the kids and then herself. There was a note with the words “I want you to watch. This is your fault”. Very creepy – and it makes Audrey faint. No, she doesn’t need the smelling salts, she’s having another Lucy memory. Lucy found the bodies when they were fresh when, accompanied by a man, she’s sad that she’s too late and that it was her fault. Audrey wakes up thinking it was her fault – but also realising that if Lucy were trapped in the house, she must have got out. Claire’s more worried about Audrey’s nose bleed and thinks the memories could cause brain damage.

Nathan drops in looking for Jordan who stormed off and Claire asks if she’s “loose”. Nathan takes umbrage – Jordan’s not a threat to which Clare, who has read Jordan’s file, points out she did torture a guy for 3 days and that man is now in a coma so she’s not ready to go with the “not a threat” judgement. Nathan huffs off again, because he’s Nathan and  Claire and Audrey get the full report on the overheard conversation between Nathan and Jordan from Tommy and Duke. Are we confused yet? Claire instantly hits on the bond of Nathan being the only person Jordan can touch but Audrey is still team Nathan, no matter how arsey he is. At this point Audrey gets shut out of the room – see, even the house thinks she’s being ridiculous!

Jordan gets knocked down the stairs by the house’s ghostly machinations, Duke finds a gun and Audrey gets to hear an intercom repeat Nathan’s conversation. She’s still not having it and demands whoever’s behind it shows themselves – she even offers to help. At which point a ghostly figure appears in the mirror – Roland Holloway. Seems he was a DIY fanatic who put so much of himself in the house that he ended up putting himself into the house entirely. To help him his wife filled the house with mirrors to be his eyes and intercoms to be his ears. When his family tried to leave he imprisoned them in the house –and he accuses Audrey/Lucy of not trying to help him, of leaving him stuck in the house. And since he had to watch his loved ones kill themselves, Audrey has to watch hers do the same.

Speaking of, we switch to Claire and Tommy finding Jordan and Nathan arriving, seeing her unconscious at the foot of some stairs and demanding to know who did it. When they both say they didn’t, he assumes it was Duke and carries Jordan off in another Nathan huff. If the house could kill Nathan, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Time for another meet up, Audrey again fills them all in on the situation and Audrey announces she’s going to go back to the corpse room to poke her memories even if it makes her head explode. Claire has to stop everyone killing each other (and by everyone, we mean Nathan of course) and Tommy needs to be ready to help Audrey – I dunno, by mopping up the brains if her head does explode, I guess. Claire apparently gave Tommy instruction on what to do if Audrey has a brain aneurism, which means either he got a crash course in brain surgery or he’s going to fall to his knees and pray.

Jordan wakes up and asks who pushed her (with an added side of “waaaah everyone hates me”) and the house gives Jordan a gun too. Claire shows up and Jordan points a gun at her because…. Actually she has no damn good reason for this. Probably spending too much time with Nathan. Jordan complains that Claire thinks she’s a killer (hey, want to challenge that? Don’t point guns at people!) Claire counters that she just thinks Jordan lets her anger hurt people – Jordan thinks they deserve it, especially sicne the man in a coma was her ex who violated her and triggered her curse.

Duke arrives with a gun which he points at Jordan – reasonable since she’s pointed at Claire. And Nathan arrives with a gun and points it at Duke. Unreasonable – but then he’s Nathan.

Time for Audrey memory moment - Tommy gives us a background hint since he “knows what it’s like to have a past your running from”. Then we get the Audrey fainting flashback – of the Colorado Kid saying they’re trapped unless Lucy helps Roland Holloway and Lucy saying if he’s let out he could possess anything – and kill again. She wants to trap him in the house, make it a prison – and we see the Colorado Kid’s face, and she calls him James. More information about this man! Waaait, why was this man so important again?

Audrey and Tommy join the tense huffy stand off (which is Nathan’s fault). Audrey tells them all everything – and that to get out they need to make Holloway deaf and blind by destroying the mirrors and intercoms – lots of gun destruction follows.

Holloway appears in the mirror a bit put out by this and Audrey makes it clear that Lucy didn’t “fail to save you” she chose not to – and so is Audrey. He responds by opening the gas pipes to poison them, but the doors are appearing again, breaking his eyes and ears is wounding him, costing him control. Time for a master plan: Nathan will go forward, wielding 2 guns, and bravely clear a path for the others to follow. He has to go ahead alone because he needs to be a Big Damn Hero because he’s been such an arse all episode he needs to do some redeeming (not the reason given, but they don’t actually give a reason why they can’t all leave together). He refuses Duke’s help because Duke has to be the one to get the others out, hereby showing some kind of healing of the rift because he trusts Duke! Yeah, except why do Audrey, Tommy, Jordan and Claire even need Duke to escort them out? Audrey and Tommy at least are as violently capable as Duke.

There follows a massive anti-climax accompanied by dramatic camera work – where Nathan charges through the house,2  guns blazing, shattering mirrors and intercoms and the house responds by occasionally closing doors. No, really. If it weren’t for the dramatic music and camera work it’d be laughable. In his wake Audrey and co cower outwards, moving as if they’re being bombed from a plane.

While all this has been going on, Dave and Vince Teague notice Audrey and co have left their party and Dave realises they didn’t tell them because the Teagues are no longer trusted – and for good reason. Still the question one of the policemen present and learn they went to the Holloway house. Recognising the name they rush out to try and help, calling Boyd to help. 27 years ago they remembered Lucy getting trapped as well – and that it’s a death-trap inside. To get in, you need to really hurt it – with a bomb

They hear the shooting inside and hurry with the bomb preparations just as Audrey and co burst out the front door. Nathan has been separated, since he went ahead, he arrives last *(yes, it makes no sense) and has to run to the door over a hole in the floor. Alas, he gets out and the Teagues blow up the house.

In the aftermath, Audrey with a first name and more complete picture of the Colorado Kid’s name can now do a proper search for him – he’s James Cogan. Audrey also asks Nathan about the prison escape; he says it was necessary and he defends the Guard as something that helps the Troubled. He says it’s not black and white and Audrey just agrees to trust him. Uh-huh

Nathan and Jordan make up, she hasn’t told the Guard about his ulterior motive and he wants her to help him catch a serial killer. We also see further proof of how sensitive to touch Jordan is. And they kiss again.

I’m rapidly becoming tired of Nathan. The lying and cross purposes and throwing in with the guard because… what? Because Jordan’s sexy and tragic? He has no reason to believe a word she says, she’s already lied to him and put him at risk – but her word is more important than Claire or Audrey?

And this whole “I hate Duke” thing has to end. He doesn’t even have jealousy over Audrey as an excuse now he’s kissing Jordan. In 3 seasons Duke has done nothing to earn this level of antipathy or to believe he’s a murderer – quite the opposite. His surliness needs to tone it down or get out

While it’s probably a symptom of extreme frustration after so much build up with no answers, getting the name and the face of the Colorado Kid feels like a massive breakthrough