Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Revolution Season One, Episode Six: Sex and Drugs

In the last episode, Nora had been stabbed, so this episode begins with them putting her in a wagon and racing away with her to get help because the wound has become infected. Aaron tells Charlie that it's going to be okay, but Charlie says that's just an insane lie that people say to comfort each other.  Miles has to tell her that this is enough. Charlie has clearly become incredibly jaded by everything that she has been through.

For the first time, we get a flashback for Aaron.  He is in a limo drinking champagne with his wife. She tells him he does not have to be so extravagant but he replies that this is just a perk of being married to him.  Suddenly, the power goes out and their limo stops and a truck crashes into their car.

Danny has arrived at the Monroe settlement and Monroe says that he knew Ben and that Neville will be dealt with.  He tells Danny that he is his guest and that he can have anything he wants - food, women all for the asking.  If I didn't already know that Monroe is an asshole, this would settle it for me. You don't offer people as a perk. Danny is escorted out, leaving Neville and Monroe alone.  Neville apologies for the death of Ben and Monroe tells him to drop the formalities and promotes him to major. He is now heading up intelligence and interrogation. Monroe says that this will make his wife happy because she wants to have him home more.

Miles arrives at a compound and Aaron notices a poppy field. It seems that this compound supplies the heroin for the Monroe area. Drexil comes out and says that Miles has a lot of nerve showing up there. Miles tries to explain that he has a sick friend but Drexil is not interested. He demands that Miles get on his knees, puts a gun to his head and starts to countdown.  Drexil was only playing a game and orders everyone to put their hands down, though he does demand their weapons.  Everyone is escorted inside and Drexel clearly has an eye for Charlie.  When Aaron suggests that they should all stay together, Drexel asks if they are turning down his hospitality.

Aaron is alone in his room and he pulls out a flask and takes a deep drink.  We get a flashback to him walking with his wife Priscilla.  He is telling Priscilla not to worry, though she is clearly not feeling well and that they need to get out of the city. They have to stop because Priscilla is in pain and a man named Shaun approaches asking what is wrong with Priscilla.  Aaron says that it's her stomach and so Shaun asks if Priscilla drank from the lake.  When Aaron answers yes, Shaun says that sewage pumps stopped working and it all flowed into the lake, which means Priscilla probably has dysentery.

Nora needs blood and because Miles is o negative he prepares to do a transfusion. This is necessary because Nora is in septic shock.  As the blood transfusion begins, Miles takes her hand.  Upstairs, Charlie gets into a tub and she flashes back to the day that their mother left them and her promise to protect Danny.  Charlie gets out of the tub and in a rage, rips up all of the postcards she has collected.

Back at the Monroe camp, Jason enters the room.  Monroe tells Jason that his report was great but Neville tells his son that it was light, especially the part where he was helped captive by the Matheson girl. Monroe has to tell him to go easy and asks about Nora and Miles.  Monroe shows him a picture of the pendant and Jason says that Aaron has it.  Monroe places an order for Strausser to track it down and this alarms Jason because Strausser is not known to leave people alive.  Monroe tells Jason that they don't need anyone else. Neville stares down his son and says, "dismissed." It's clear that things are going to come to a head between Neville and Jason.

Strausser is sharpening his knife and talking to a boy about how to butcher a person and praising his father. This is clearly to remind us how cruel Strausser is. He is approached by Neville, who tells him that he has a job for him. Nora is lying on a bed and Miles starts packing up to leave and get Danny. Miles believes that they shouldn't stay there too long. Drexler enters the room and is upset that they are leaving and Miles says, "we owe you one".  Drexler tells Charlie and Aaron that he met Miles when he was head of the Militia.  It seems that Miles helped him eliminate his competition and in return, Drexler filled his chest with gold.  When Miles defected, Drexler was treated poorly because of his association with Miles.  He tells Miles hat he owes him for so many things and orders him to come with him. Drexler takes Miles outside to talk about his burned poppies. It seems that Drexler wants Charlie to take out the  head of the O'Halloran family for burning his crops. Miles says that it's impossible but Drexler says that Miles won't be able to get in.  Drexler says that Charlie does it or he is going to start by strangling Latina barbie.  Charlie gives in and agrees to do it.

Charlie is an off the shoulder dress staring at herself in the mirror and Miles approaches her to say that it is his fault. Miles promises that she is not going to walk out the door but Charlie points out that if she doesn't do it, then they are all going to die.  Aaron asks if she is just going to kill some random guy but Charlie points out that she has done it before. Aaron is shocked and asks why she is talking about this and points out that this isn't some militia guy.  Aaron says that they are innocent and this murder but CHarlie yells back that she doesn't have a choice.  Charlie tells Miles that he was the one always telling her toughen up and that he is right, the world is not a bunch of pretty postcard.  Drexler enters and gives her a weapon to shove in Bill's eye and that she is to say that she is one of his regular girls and she is tried of being roughed up.  When Charlie asks what he means by roughing her up, Drexler punches her.  Miles grabs him by the throat but gets a gun pointed at him for his trouble. He pauses in front of Aaron to ask if he has something he wanted to say but Aaron is silent.

We get another flashback to Aaron and his wife Priscilla packing up their camp because the raiders are coming.  Priscilla is grabbed and Aaron tries to come to her rescue but is stopped. Shaun comes in and starts fighting and manages to take the men out as Aaron lies on the ground.  Clearly this is yet another attempt to show that hyper masculinity is all that is important and that a man must know how to protect his woman.  There seems to be no emphasis on a woman protecting herself.

Charlie leaves and Aaron says that he has known Charlie since she has been in pigtails.  Miles asks what he wants him to do because instead of Nora he has Aaron. Aaron says, "screw you Miles." Drexer enters and gives him money and says that it's bural expeses for the girl.  Drexler says that if Charlie kills like she is supposed to that she won't get out of their alive and points out that now they're square.  Aaron says if you can get out, then go after her but Miles says that if he goes, then Charlie is dead.  Aaron tells him to choose Charlie because she's Miles' famly.  Miles points out that it won't be easy for Aaron to get out alive but Aaron says he has an idea and asks him to just take care of the guy at the door.

Charlie shows up at the camp and asks to speak to Bill and says that she has something on Drexler. The guard says that no one sees him but family, so Charlie instructs him to tell his uncle that she was the one who let her walk away.

Miles takes the guard out and leaves and asks Aaron to take care of Nora no matter what. We get yet another awesome sword scene, which Miles easily wins.

Charlie is being escorted into the camp.  She stops when she sees Bill with a child.  Charlie pulls the weapon out of her hair and Bill makes pleasantries.  She discovers that most of the people at the camp were policeman before the attack.  When Bill notices the weapon in her hand, she puts it down on the desk and says that it's just for her hair. Bill says that their daughter when to Drexel's because she thought it was glamourous. It seems that Drexel put her in a dress and then put a needle in her arm, then sent her body home.  Bill says that by the tme he is done with Drexel, he won't be hurting anymore girls.

Aaron is brought outside and Drexel points out that Miles left him holding the bag. Aaron tells him to take it out on him and let Nora go becase she doesn't have anything to do with it.  Armed men drag Nora out, as Aaron begs for them to leave her alone.  The doctor injects Nora with pure adrenalin to wake her up and Nora comes to with a start. Aaron asks if they are going to be shot and Drexel says, "no chubs, you're gonna shoot each other," as he shows Aaron a case holding two guns.

Miles sneaks into the Ben's compound through a window, as Charlie continues to make small talk.  When Ben asks what information she would like to give about Drexel, Charlie asks for tea. When he turns his back, Charlie picks up a knife raises her hand but Ben grabs her.  Charlie reaches behind her, grabs a kettle and knocks him unconscious.  With tears rolling down her eyes, Charlie apologises and says that she doesn't have a choice.  Charlie raises her hand to kill him and Miles stops her before she can act.

Nora asks Aaron what Miles got them into.  Drexler says that whoever shoots and kills the other one gets to live.  He tells them that refusing to play means that he will shoot them both. We get another flashback to 8 months after the black out.  Aaron is trying to start a fire but is frustrated and tells his wife he can't do one thing by himself.  Aaron apologises to Priscilla and she says that it's alright. Aaron tells Priscilla that he used to spend a good part of his day trying to figure out how to give her everything but now he can't giver her anything because he can't keep her safe, hunt for food or build a damn fire. Priscilla tells Aaron that none of that matter to her and that he is the oly thing that matters to her. Aaron asks what they are going to do if what happened today, happens again? Yes, once again hyper masculinity a man must protect his woman. 

Aaron and Nora both have guns in their hands and Aaron says that he is not going to shoot Nora and asks her to shoot him. Nora tells him that he is crazy. Aaron says that Miles and Charlie need her and that nobody needs him and that she can help get Danny.  Aaron says, "please nora he'll kill us both." Aaron cocks his weapon points it at his chest and shoots, as Nora screams his name.

Drexler comes over to make sure that Aaron is dead and Aaron shoots him.  It seems that Aaron shot himself in the chest where he keeps his drinking flask.  Aaron tells the men that are left that he just wants to get Nora and his friends and leave. He is told to grab his crap and go. Miles and Charlie run into Nora and Aaron on the road and Nora tells Miles that Aaron shot Drexler.  Miles is shocked and a little impressed. Aaron says that he thinks he broke a rib.

In another flashback, Priscilla is sleeping and she wakes to find Aaron gone. He left his weddng ring and a note saying that she is better off without him and that he can't protect her. The group that they are travelling with leaves and Priscilla keeps looking for him, but Aaron watches her leave through the bushes.  Aaron had always said that Priscilla had died but the truth is, he left her because he is a coward and has low self esteem.  The message of this is that a man isn't manly enough then he doesn't get to "have" a woman.

Danny is escorted out to see his mother.  He is unsure who she is at first and she runs and gives him a hug and tells him that everything is okay.