Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 13: Trust No One

Alex is having trouble sleeping through nightmares and it’s not helped when Catherine calls her with cryptic instructions. She comes downstairs to Catherine in her car who shows she knows what Alex has used her credit card for. Alex gasps that Catherine is following her but Catherine says that if she can find Alex, so can Muirfield. She tells Alex to move to a different hotel and gives her a chunk of cash – no more cards. She gives Alex a burner phone, good for 3 days then she needs to replace it. Alex can’t understand why Catherine is championing Vincent knowing what he is.

Time for normal life with Heather talking about Valentine’s day and finding love. Which segues not at all neatly to Catherine going to the roof and talking to Vincent, who wants to do something with Catherine that night. On Valentine’s Day. After he promised to give her space. This is pretty much the very opposite of giving someone space. Catherine is adamant – she fell for him and he dropped her for Alex. He pulls out his excuse of “it wasn’t Alex, it was the fantasy she represented” like that’s better.

Speaking of Alex, she’s meeting with a journalist friend of hers! Because undercover is a concept that escapes her. She wants to tell him everything but he can’t publish a word or people will die (then why tell him?!) She tells him about Vincent and Muirfield. Please join me in a collective face palming.

Back to the warehouse where Vincent laments with JT who is, to everyone’s surprise, on Team Catherine and thinks it’s understandable she doesn’t trust him. He also points out that knowing Vincent will always help save her life isn’t the same as knowing he isn’t going to go off with another girl. His solution? Valentine’s day wooing.

Move to Joe and Tess in bed together. Wait, what? This is actually happening? And these 2 bit characters are getting screen time? SHOCK! And the mood is ruined by Joe’s wife, Marie, flying back early from her business trip. Oh… Tess has a guilt moment, she’s not this person, she keeps thinking of Joe’s family. Joe counters that he and Marie haven’t had a real marriage in years and while he’ll look after his son he’s not giving up his life for appearance’s sake. (Divorce court – it’s that way.)

At work, it seems Heather, as event co-ordinator for a company, is planning an event for Joe. This means she briefly talks about work with Catherine (very briefly) before we meet Darius, Joe’s brother and sparks fly and he invites her to dinner. Catherine has received some red roses from a “secret” admirer and Tess commences to grill her about him. Catherine gives the roses to Tess, much to the dismay of Vincent who is romantically stalking Catherine

And they have a new case – an apparent suicide with possible signs of a struggle. They go, find the man dead in the bathtub with a bullet wound in the head – but there is damage in his flat. And it’s the journalist Alex was talking to. Realising he’s a journalist known for his exposes, Tess and Catherine figure he may have been killed to silence him – which is further backed up by his lap top being missing. But they do find his phone – complete with Alex’s name in it and a voicemail which Catherine quickly deletes.

Meanwhile Evan is with his date/Muirfield spy Claire who is distracted by the sudden clean up – and her cover story is starting to fray in places. Which Evan is noticing. She goes off alone to her contact, telling him that Evan notices when she’s so distracted and he tells her that Keller took out an entire team hunting him (the ones with guns who attacked him in a forest during the night with no night vision, you’ll recall. Whatever else Muirfield is good at, tactics isn’t their strong point). He tells Claire that she needs to use Alex to get to Keller then get rid of her – and they’ve already taken out her journalist contact.

Catherine goes to Vincent (during the day, yes she’s skipping work again) and JT chants “Muirfield” to their obvious involvement (JT may be my favourite character on this show). JT has to go to his date and he orders Vincent to listen to Catherine. Time for another awkward relationship conversation where Vicnent finally says “you’re not making it easy” and Catherine responds “I’m not trying to make it hard.” She’s not supposed to making it ANYTHING, she called off the relationship – she has no duty to provide a road map for him to call it back on again. But she does use the “if you ever want me to trust you again” to make him sit down and not leave the warehouse. Murifield is too close.

Alex notices that her journalist contact is listed as having committed suicide and is duly afraid –and she’s approached by Claire who is really really good at this spy stuff, reveals she knows someone is after Vincent, says it’s not her and ends with a well put “do you really care about Vincent?” and that she wants to make Vincent normal again. She claims to be from the group that created Vincent and that they feel responsible and want to cure him before the black ops find him – and before his mutations get worse.

Joe puts heat on Catherine and Tess (which seems to irritate Tess, especially since Catherine is getting extravagant Valentine’s gifts and she isn’t) to decide whether it’s a murder or suicide. And Catherine has a tense moment where a possible Muirfield gang turns out to be a Valentines flash mob paid for by Vincent.

The romance is ruined by Alex calling Vincent calling for help and giving him her hotel room. And when she rings off, filling a hypodermic from a vial.

While that’s going on, Tess and Catherine go to the bar where Tess is moping about Joe – when he comes in with Evan. Catherine ducks out so Joe can explain “it’s complicated” to her again and she talks to Evan who has been stood up by Claire. And he tells her about her cover story not making sense. Any further questions are interrupted by JT telling her about Vincent riding to Alex’s rescue.

Speaking of, Vincent arrives, hugs her and she injects him. Seriously – this is her being motivated to help? Alex has decided the only reason Vincent lives like this is because of the evil conniving Catherine who wishes to keep him to herself. He goes to get him water at his request as he hears Catherine outside with a gun, she comes in while Alex is out of the room. But Alex comes out with a gun and points it at Vincent – saying “she told me you’d come”.  Alex, like a good little parrot, repeats what Claire told her – and Catherine says “actually my mother made him. Oh and they killed her for it.” Which takes Alex off the script somewhat.

When Claire comes up in the life, Alex intercepts her and says Vincent escaped. Claire doesn’t believe her and barges into the empty hotel room. She thinks Alex may have been motivated by old feelings and screws a silencer on her gun. But when she goes to pull the trigger Vincent beasts out and leaps thought he window, knocking her other. Rather than killing her (whyyyy didn’t he kill her) he grabs Alex and leaves with her (she wouldn’t have to leave if you killed Claire. Crack snap, broken neck, job’s a good ‘un. It’s not like he doesn’t kill Muirfield types all the time).

Back to the Warehouse (in case there’s some information Alex hasn’t got yet to pass on) and it’s all lovey dovey and no-one mentions the completely wrong drugging of Vincent against his will. Alex is going to start a new life somewhere without her old ghosts. And Catherine’s arranged it all and Alex is amazed how much she’ll do for Alex after what she’s done (I’m torn between saying “so am I” and “honey, if it’d get you on that bus one second faster she’d carry your suitcase.”)

At work, Catherine goes and destroys all the evidence about Alex – and Tess catches her and refuses to be lied to. Catherine tells her she’s trying to protect someone and Tess points out not her since it could be linked to her. Catherine tells her she can’t tell her for her own safety. Tess says she’ll put in for a new partner in the morning.

And Evan catches Claire in his lab and despite some good moves he manages to grab hold of her. She reveals she was sent by the company that made the “genetically altered creature” he says amazing, she says terrifying. She gives him a whole ra-ra-ra we need to hunt it, it’s vicious. He notes that he has a choice between being with them or dead.

Alex gets on her bus – and the Muirfield guy gets on behind her

And Catherine and Vincent have another relationship conversation which ends up with them together again. Wow, she held him off for, what, 3 days? That’ll learn him! But their kiss is interrupted by Heather.

No. Absolutely not. I refuse to believe Alex is this ridiculously foolish. She’s a damn nurse for crying out loud, if she had this little intelligence (and thought it was ok to randomly inject people with knock out drugs) she would be sacked or she’d be piling up bodies. It’s ridiculous. Was this a desperate attempt to prolong the love triangle? Or make it clearer that Alex wasn’t the one? Or just have 2 women in competition over a man well and truly hate each other?

Now, will Tess be let in on the big secret – giving her something to talk about other than work and guys? Or is this her being phased even further out or moved to enemy? And now heather knows Vincent as well. Things could be getting complicated