Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lost Girl Season Three, Episode Five: Faes Wide Shut

Lauren and Bo are sitting in a bar and they are scoping out people for Bo to feed on.  Lauren says that Bo is an irresistible sex machine and that she wishes she could keep up with her. When Trick asks what they are up to Lauren explains that the shots she developed to deal with Bo's hunger are no longer working, so they are searching for a booty call. This makes Trick very uncomfortable and he quickly excuses himself.  Lauren then assures Bo that this is what she wants and that though dating a succubus is not without it's challenges, the secret to any relationship is trust, understanding and compromise. Bo tells Lauren that she is being so mature about this and asks again if she is sure.  Lauren says that that is fine as long as Bo follows the one rule - no wolf. A woman enters the bar who catches both Lauren and Bo's attention and Bo announces "game on," before kissing Lauren and walking away.

Graham is having a drink and picks up a key but then quickly drops it.  A woman enters the room and comments that he is back early.  He tells her that she looks nice and she says that she is trying something different. Suddenly Graham grabs his chest and says that there is something he has tell her. Graham then dissolves into a puddle of goo, splattering her as he disappears.

Bo is having sex with the woman that she picked up at the bar and takes the time to feed, as downstairs, Lauren is working on a new shot for her and Kenzi is on her laptop. Kenzi asks if this is going to take long  (read: the sex upstairs) and Lauren replies that science takes time and that once Bo reaches fulfillment that she will compare her blood sample to a baseline. Kenzi bursts upstairs and says that she found a case for them. Kenzi tells Bo that humans are liquifying in front of their loved ones. When Bo says that she is in the middle of something, Kenzi replies, "you're right, knocking bits is way more important than saving lives," and leaves the room.

Bo comes downstairs and Kenzi says that she has been online looking for people who need their help.  Kenzi tells Bo about a woman whose husband turned into green goo and didn't call the police, because before she could call for help, people showed up, scooped up the goo, took his suitcase and his phone. They told her that they would be in touch after their investigation. Bo says she doesn't think she would be much good right now, so Kenzi asks if she no longer cares about their time together.  Kenzi adds that she thought this was something they could do together. Bo promises that they will look into this and collect some evidence.  Bo rushes upstairs to finish off, as Lauren calls out that she left a cup in the bathroom for a sample when she is done.

Kenzi and Lauren sit down with the wife, who says that the spark wasn't there in the bedroom.  She adds that she was trying to spice things up, but Graham kept pulling away and now he's a puddle.  Kenzi says they're from paranormal hot investigators.  A woman named Dehlia shows up looking for Graham and it turns out that she is Graham's lover.  The woman says that he wasn't cheating and accuses his wife of killing him.  The two women start to fight and Bo enters the room and uses her powers to calm them down.

The mistress says that she and Graham had been together for six months. Bo asks if they got into anything unusual and the mistress replies that there was a cool club that they liked to go to before Graham ran off last night.

Kenzi and Bo head to the club.  As they walk through, Bo comments on the hot people. When she gets a phone call, it turns out that it's Lauren, who says that there were secretions inside Graham which rapidly broke down his body.  Lauren says that she is going to work on an antidote because Graham might have infected his wife and his lover.  Bo continues to be distracted and tells Lauren that the sexual energy in the club goes to eleven.  Lauren tells her to have fun and hangs up the phone.

Bo is approached by a man who tells her that Roman requests her presence, so Bo and Kenzi agree to separate.

Dyson and Tamsin are checking out a crime scene and discover a dead woman.  Dyson sniffs and says that she is fae and had been dumped in the last couple of hours.  They decide to take her to Lauren. When Dyson moves her hair, it seems that this is the woman Bo was with a few hours ago.  Dyson sniffs again and says that he smells Bo on the woman.

Bo is taken to see the Roman God Bacchus. He tells her to enjoy his hospitality and then uses his powers on her.  Bo sits on the bed next to Roman and says that she heard he is the guy to see about sex. Bo leans in and asks for privacy.   Bo then asks what the craziest thing he has ever done in bed and Roman replies, "sleep."

Dyson brings the body to Lauren and asks what killed her. Lauren asks where she was found and if there was any struggle on the scene.  Tamsin asks if the cause of death is an allergic reaction to a succubus.  Lauren says blunt force trauma and adds that she will do a full autopsy. Tamsin asks if the victim's face rings any bells and Lauren lies and says no and that she does not appreciate being treated like a criminal.  When they leave, Lauren picks up her phone and texts Bo.  Since Kenzi has Bo's phone she sees the message but decides to delete it.

Upstairs, Bo is still in bed with Roman and she asks which fae are getting intimate with humans. Roman replies that he doesn't keep track of this sort of thing and that people expect anonymity in a place like this.  Bo accuses Roman of lying and says that a bad bad boy sent someone to clean up a bad bad mess. Bo adds that something is causing humans to go all gooey. Roman hops out of bed and tells Bo that her cheap succubus tricks aren't doing anything for him. Bo grabs her things and tells Roman that he knows how to show a girl a good time before leaving.  Roman instructs his helper to pay a visit to the home of the dead human and to cut Bo's throat if she returns to the club.

Bo shows up at the police station but Dyson tells her that she cannot be there right now. Bo tells Dyson about her little trip to the club and she says that it was all business. Bo confides that Roman might be connected to a guy who got slimed and wants to know if she is on the right track.  Dyson tells her that she might be and that Roman is light is fae, so this would be against the law. Tamsin enters the conversation and hands Bo a file containing pictures of the woman she slept with last night.

At the Dahl, Kenzi and Lauren are sitting together.  Lauren checks her phone again and says that she has something to tell Bo, but Bo isn't answering her texts.  Kenzi tells Lauren that Bo is at the cop shop and that she wanted to talk to Dyson alone.  Lauren tells Kenzi that the woman Bo was sleeping with the other night turned up dead. When Kenzi replies so, Lauren admits that she didn't tell Dyson that Bo was sleeping with her, or even that she knew her. Kenzi says it's no biggie because Lauren has a secret about Bo, Dyson has a secret about Bo and that everyone has got secrets.  Kenzi adds that clearly something has been up with Dyson and asks Lauren if she has seen how he looks at Bo. Lauren says that Bo wouldn't keep something like that from her, but Kenzi reminds Laruen that Bo did sleep with Dyson behind her back. Kenzi adds that Lauren is the best thing that ever happened to Bo and that she is only saying this because she doesn't want Lauren to be side swiped.

Trick interrupts to ask what they are talking about and Lauren answers the case. Kenzi tells him about the initiate door and how you need a special key to get in. Trick admits that he might have one of the keys from the 1870's but says that back then, it was more of a social club. Trick says that there is no Bash like a Bacchus bash.  Trick offers to go with them, so Kenzi asks if he wants to get kinky at a club with his granddaughter.  Kenzi then adds that she is sure that Bo is happy to have him in her life, but that he knew about her for 30 years and did nothing to find her and that she needed her family and he wasn't there. Trick asks if Bo told her this and Kenzi looks away.  Trick hands over the key and says that they should go without him.

At the police station, Dyson is questioning Bo about the dead woman. Bo replies that she left in one piece and that one body with her scent on it, does not make her a murderer. Tamsin interjects, "two bodies, if you count the dark fae in a comma." Bo suggests that there is another succubus who is trying to frame her.  Kenzi enters the room and tells Bo not to say nothing without her lawyer and Kenzi lies and says that she watched the woman walk out with her own eyes.  Dyson tells Bo that they cannot hold her but that Lauren is examining the body.  Tamsin says that she is coming along until they crack this case.

At Bo's, Bo asks Kenzi if she watched the woman leave and Kenzi says that she watched her leave.  Kenzi says that after the sex club that they should hit the casino at Niagara. Bo is surprised and points out that Kenzi always said that casinos were for suckers.  Kenzi shifts the subject and says that she is loyal and that "Lauren totally told the cops about Bo and the dead woman." Kenzi adds that "Lauren is all duty before duty."  Bo's phone starts to ring and it's Lauren, so Bo takes the call. Lauren asks if Bo is alright and if she talked to Dyson. Lauren says that she is sorry and that she texted her. Lauren goes on to say that she thinks she found a remedy for the fae secretion. Lauren tells her to be careful but Bo says that she is fine because Dyson is coming with her now that she is a suspect.

Dyson and Tamsin arrive at the club and Tamsin comments that Bo didn't tell her to dress for a sex ball.  Dyson asks what her angle is for coming there and Tamsin comments that maybe she wants to see Bo in her natural habitat. Dyson says that Bo didn't do it, as Bo and Kenzi arrive.

Lauren walks down the stairs and Bo is clearly happy to see her. Tamsin tells Dyson that they should go. Lauren says that she bought the antidote and that she has to treat the effected humans right away. Bo walks up to the door and displays tricks key.

Tamsin and Dyson go to see Roman and announce that they are there in the name of the light and the dark.  Roman asks if this is a raid and says that the high officials of both the light and the dark who frequent the club will have something to say about it. Dyson assures Roman that he has the wrong idea and that they're just there to look around.  Roman says, "by all means, I think you'll find that there's lots to see."

In a private room, Bo, Lauren and Kenzi see a creature and Lauren says that they are listening to the mating sounds of a manta. Kenzi asks what happens next and Bo says nothing we can't stop.  Bo steps forward and tells everyone that if they keep at this, they are going to die.  Lauren adds that anyone who has had relations with the thing in the room needs a shot.  The humans leave and Lauren is grabbed from behind, so Bo pulls out a knife and demands Lauren be released.

Dyson turns the handle of a device and sees a woman screaming for help. Upstairs, Lauren is still being held captive when Kenzi asks, "what about me?"  Kenzi swoons and is caught by one of Roman's men. Kenzi screams, "Kenzi hold still, Kenzi hold still"  Bo is asked if she wants to save Lauren or Kenzi and she replies, "who says a girls gotta choose."

Dyson orders Roman to let the woman out of the contraption but Roman says that he is just cleaning up his mess.  When Dyson brings up Graham, Roman replies that Graham escaped before he could be put in the holding tank. Roman then uses his power on Tamsin, knocking her off her feet. Roman says that this was just a warning. Dyson asks what happened to him and Roman answers that he can't feel pleasure anymore, so he made a manta, who transfers the sex straight to his every neuron.  Dyson points out that this is illegal but Roman says that this is all he has and no one is taking it from him.  When Roman moves to strike again, Dyson grabs a gold plate, causing the blast to reflect back and hit Roman in the chest.  Tamsin leans in and tells Dyson, "now that gets me hot."

Bo is still brandishing a knife and tells the man holding Lauren that this is his last chance. Bo starts to fight Roman's servants as her eyes turn an electric blue. Lauren breaks in and tells Bo to stop and says that this isn't her.  Bo turns back into herself and asks what is happening to her. Lauren says that Bo should come back but Bo leans in and tells her to get out of her way. Lauren starts to tell Bo about the first time they met and Bo comes back to herself and asks what she has done, before she collapses.  Kenzi says that she is just fine and then walks away.

At her place, Lauren tells Bo that Roman is dead and that she treated all of the humans.  Without it's hot humid environment, the manits shriveled up and died. Bo tells her that she is good at cleaning up messes.  Lauren assures Bo that she had nothing to do with that girls death and though she has been really hungry, with a regiment of small meals she should be fine.  Bo says, "you saw what happened to me," and asks Lauren, "what was that?" Lauren admits that she doesn't know and that Bo is a complicated person. Lauren assures Bo that they will take it one day at a time together. Lauren adds that she doesn't want to know about Bo's extra-curricular activities and asks Bo for a real dinner.  Bo agrees to pick Lauren up in an hour.

When Bo leaves, Lauren calls someone and says that they need to talk because she believes something is very wrong with Bo.

At the police station, Dyson tells Tamsin that it was pretty conclusive and admitst hat Bo was out of control at the club.  Dyson says that Lauren will do anything to protet Bo, maybe even falsify an autopsy. Dyson hen decides that he is going to follow this through to the end.

When Bo returns home, Kenzi wants them to hang out but Bo says she has plans with Lauren.  Then Bo asks Kenzi to tell her if she killed that girl and Kenzi says maybe. Kenzi has a bowl of pasta and offers Bo a bite but Bo tells her to take a bite first.  Kenzi does and says it's good. Bo grabs her around the throat and says that the food is covered in peanuts, which Kenzi is deathly allergic to. "So tell me bitch, where the hell is Kenzi," Bo asks?

This week, we finally had a return to some meta.  This is not the first time we have seen something flash in Bo's eyes and no there is no doubt that something serious is going on with her.  Even though I know this is something that the writers want to fix, I think bright eyed is a much more interesting fighter to watch.

Okay I don't know if everyone caught it, but we had our first kiss between two men this week.  The problem of course is that it happened in a sex club, which implies a perversion to what was occurring. Also, these men were clearly performing for an audience rather than having an intimate moment. Still, I was pleased to see this and hope for a less problematic setting the next time.

I was worried about the relationship between Bo and Lauren when this season first started but I am pleased that the writers are treating it so respectfully.  I am however worried that Dyson will be the one to save her from what ever is wrong, thus continuing the love triangle.  I think the tension between Tamsin and Dyson is nothing more than bait and switch.

I am glad they didn't drag the thing on to long with the fake Kenzi because that could have been really tiresome.  I am looking forward to seeing how they resolve this storyline though.

This was an episode without Hale and this means that once again we had an all White episode.  Do the writer or producers ever walk around in Toronto?  You cannot set a show in a multicultural city and then erase all of the people of colour; it's offensive and it's ridiculous.  If Hale is not going to be heavily involved this season, they need to add more characters of colour, but yeah, I'm not holding my breath. Lost Girl could be so much more than it is, but it's not even remotely trying.