Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season Four, Episode 14: Down the Rabbit Hole

Damon is tied to a tree by Vaughn, (one of the hunters) who admits that he has been spying on the residents of Mystic Falls.  It seems that when Jeremy completed his tattoo, the tattoo's of all of the hunters were completed and now Vaughn is looking for some answers.

Rebekah and Stefan are on the beach with Elena, who is on the phone with Caroline.  Elena tells Caroline that Shane has managed to sneak Jeremy and Bonnie away and that Damon is missing.  Judging from the tracks on the beach, which indicate a struggle, Elena assumes that Damon has been abducted. Elena wants Caroline to get the hunters sword from Klaus but Rebekah believes that Klaus will not hand it over because he is terrified at the prospect of being human and does not want others to have a moment's worth of happiness. Stefan suggests that Caroline hunt down the sword on her own, because Klaus is still trapped in Elena's house.

Jeremy, Shane and Bonnie are making their way to the well that Shane mentioned last week. Their guide says that he is done and demands to be paid, so Shane hands over the tombstone.  Bonnie is surprised that this was the only purpose for the tombstone but Shane says that it is more valuable than the hope diamond in witch circles.

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler return with the hunters sword. Tyler points out the handle and Caroline says that it's a cryptex.  When both men look surprised, Caroline says, "I've seen the Da Vinci code."  Caroline believes that with the images Elena sent, they can figure out the code.  Klaus suggests that they use the internet to find an Aramaic to English dictionary to decipher the code.  This of course is a problem because Aramaic is a dead language. Klaus informs them that even with the best dictionary in the world that it could take days or even weeks to do the translation. Then, crafty crafty Klaus speaks in Aramaic.

Back on the beach, Elena is whining to Stefan, about how everyone is putting their life at risk because she cannot handle being a vampire.  Stefan corrects her and says that everyone is there because they want to be. Elena asks why Stefan didn't tell her that he wanted the cure for himself.  Stefan replies that he has seen every side of vampirism there is: the power, misery, the guilt and that in the long run, the good parts kind of suck too. Elena understands why he wants to take the cure but she still doesn't understand why he didn't share his desire to be human with her.  Stefan tells her that it has nothing to do with her.  Even though he wanted a human life with her, being human himself is something he wanted long before he met her.  They agree that they are now friends, as Rebekah looks on.

Vaughn is marching Damon through the forest to the well.  Vaughn's plan is to kill Silas and end the mission of the brotherhood of the five. It seems that Vaughn plans to leverage Damon to get Bonnie to open the tomb. Damon informs Vaughn that he has picked the wrong person for this plan but that Bonnie will open the crypt for him, because they don't care what happens to Silas. Damon asks to be cut in on the action.

Using the internet, Caroline has translated all of the symbols on the tattoo but it does not make sense. Back in the forest, Vaughn tells Damon that because Silas is immortal that they have to cram the cure down his throat. Klaus once again starts speaking Aramaic and then calls Caroline over, so that he can decipher the tattoo. Damon asks about sharing the cure, but Vaughn reveals that there is only one dose.

At the well, Bonnie has fallen and sliced open her hand.  Jeremy helps her back up and puts on a makeshift bandage.  Shane has already lowered himself into the well, so Jeremy takes the opportunity to question what's going to happen when Bonnie casts the spell.  Bonnie tells Jeremy to trust her and that she won't let Shane raise Silas. Jeremy tells her not to do anything stupid and reminds Bonnie that if her expression gets out of control, Shane is the only one who can help her.  Bonnie assures Jeremy that she is fine and that she can take care of herself.  The camera focuses on Bonnie's blood dripping into the well and landing on Silas's tomb.

Caroline calls and says that they have deciphered the map and are emailing directions to them now.  Klaus takes the phone and tells them that it was him. Rebekah asks why Klaus is helping but Klaus suggests that he wants her to finally know happiness but says no more fooling and no more games. Klaus adds, "I hope you get to live and die as you wish. There is one more thing Rebekah. There is only one dose of the cure, you need to find it and take it first." As soon as Klaus says this, Caroline and Tyler quickly end the phone call.

Damon is still being led through the forest and Damon says that he doesn't care about the cure and points out that if he wasn't a vampire, he wouldn't be able to do nine of things he is going to do to Vaughn when he gets free.  They walk for a moment and then Damon admits that his friends want the cure and that he gets upset when he cannot provide for his loved ones. Damon then asks how it is that Jeremy got saved the other day but Vaughn claims to know nothing about it.  They then come across the body of the man who Shane gave the tombstone to.

Jeremy, Bonnie and Shane are now all at the bottom of the well. Shane quickly locates the spot they are looking for.  Stefan, Rebekah and Elena are walking through the woods and Elena asks what Caroline had to say.  Rebekah quickly answers nothing. When they come across a huge gorge, Rebekah suggests that they jump across it since they are all vampires.  Elena does not believe it's a good idea and suggests that the map be left behind in case they don't make it. Stefan instructs Elena to go first and promises to be right behind her.  Elena jumps and as Stefan is about to jump, Rebekah stops him and says, "there's something you need to know about the cure."

In the well, Bonnie places her hand on Jeremy's chest and Shane encourages her to focus and breathe. Bonnie closes her eyes and Jeremy's tattoos start to disappear. In the forest, Vaughn notes that his tattoos are disappearing as well, which signals that Bonnie has begun the spell.

Stefan asks if Rebekah is sure that Klaus is telling the truth about there being only one dose of the cure.  Rebekah tells him that there is still hope for one of them but she wants to know if Stefan would give the cure to Elena.  When Stefan shakes his head yes, Rebekah says, "I'm sorry that it couldn't work out the way we all wanted it to," before breaking Stefan's neck.

In the well, Jeremy's tattoos are gone and the crypt is open.  Shane asks for help because his leg is broken but Bonnie tells him that he "had best stay off it," before continuing on with Jeremy. Damon and Vaughn arrive at the well and he releases Damon from the vervain ropes. Damon says that he is going to kill Vaughn and give the cure to the girl he loves, as Vaughn points a weapon on him. Rebekah appears in the middle of their standoff.

Stefan is conscious again and has told Elena that there is only one dose of the cure. Elena says that she cannot take it and that everyone deserves it as much as she does. Stefan tells her that he is sorry but Elena says that maybe it was a blessing in disguise and that even if she could be human again, that she couldn't be the person that she was.  Elena believes it's time for her to accept who she is now and figure out a way to start living the rest of her life.  Stefan reminds Elena that she is sired to Damon, but Elena says that she will have to deal with that when she gets home.  Saying the word home, makes Elena remember Klaus, who is temporarily trapped in her kitchen.  Elena believes that if they don't ram the cure down Klaus's throat that he will kill them all and so thankfully declares the pity party over and adds that they have to go.

Tyler and Caroline are on the porch and Tyler is upset that once again, Klaus has the upper hand.  Caroline assures him that Stefan and Elena will bring back the cure but Tyler is convinced that he needs to get out of town. Caroline tells him not to run, but Tyler points out that Klaus has nothing to lose because both his brother and his hybrids are dead.  Caroline says that she is not going to allow Tyler to run again and adds that she will talk to Klaus.

There is a stand off between Damon, Rebekah and Vaughn. Rebekah believes that Vaughn cannot hurt her because he does not have the White oak stake. Damon points out that Vaughn has other toys, just before Vaughn incapacitates them both.  Stefan and Elena come rushing in and find Damon once again bound by a vervain rope.  Elena tries to loosen the rope but Damon tells her to leave him behind.  Elena declares that she is not leaving Damon but Stefan says that she has to and that they will be right behind her.

Bonnie and Jeremy are walking through the cave and he says that he is glad that they made it there together. Bonnie sees a vision of her grandmother who tells her that this place allows the living to talk to the dead.  Bonnie apologizes but Shelia says that's it's okay because Bonnie is very close to bringing her back to life.   Shelia says that all she has to do is reach Silas and feed him and then everything will go back to the way it was.  Jeremy grabs Bonnie and tells her that she is hallucinating Shelia because if Shelia were real, he would be able to see her.  Bonnie comes back and asks what happened and Jeremy replies that Silas was in her head and was trying to control her.  Bonnie realizes that this is what happened to Shane when he saw his wife. Jeremy tells Bonnie that she needs to block Silas out of her mind and instructs Bonnie to close her eyes and only listen to his voice.

Caroline enters the house and tells Klaus that he can't kill Tyler.  Klaus responds, "not only can I, but I have to and I want to. I have a reputation to uphold." Caroline says that she is not asking Klaus to forgive him but that he allow Tyler to live somewhere far from here. Klaus stands and answers, "So he gets to live a happy life, after he turned all of my hybrids against me.  After he tried to kill me. After he made it his life's mission so that he could find the cure to kill me."  Caroline shouts, "we all want the cure." Klaus asks Caroline if she wants the cure but Caroline replies, "it doesn't matter, there's only one, so it's not like I'm going to get it anyway." Klaus is not prepared to let this rest, "if you could, you wouldn't anyway," he says. "You prefer who you are now to the girl you once were. You like being strong, ageless, fearless. We're the same Caroline."  Caroline tells him to show her his compassion, if they are so alike and show Tyler the mercy she would show Klaus.  Klaus instructs Caroline to tell Tyler to leave town immediately and to run and hide in place where he can never find him. Klaus adds, "tell him that this is the mercy that I extend for your sake - that I will give him a head start before I kill him." Caroline turns to face Klaus.

Stefan frees Damon and Damon asks for a moment and says that he is only going to slow them down and that Elena only needs one of them. Stefan asks if Damon has decided that it is easier to just walk away.  Damon replies that there is only one dose of the cure and that not only does Elena want to take it, but that Stefan wants her to. Damon tells Stefan to do what makes Elena happy.  Stefan stands and jumps into the well. Elena is making her way through the well when she hears a noise.  When calls out she is confronted by someone and a fight starts.

Back on the porch Caroline asks, "how many times are we going to have to say goodbye?" Tyler replies, "this isn't goodbye, it's until we find a way. We are immortal remember." Caroline asks him to forget about her and live a full and happy life without her and Tyler replies, "I will live a happy life without you and I will never ever think about you again," as Caroline cries.  The two share a kiss and Caroline says, "until we find a way,"  and Tyler gets up and walks away slowly.

In the well, Stefan comes across Shane, who asks if he is interested in sharing a little bit of vampire blood.  Stefan asks where Bonnie and Jeremy are and Shane replies that he has no idea.  Stefan does not believe Shane, so he grabs him and demands that Shane stop lying.  Shane promises to take Stefan the rest of the way if he helps him.  Stefan asks if Shane knew that there was only one cure and Shane answers, "no, how could I man? Everything I ever said was just to bring back my family."  Stefan gets up and says, "well now you know what it's like to have hope, and now you know what it's like to lose it."

Katlin appears to Shane again and she tells him that he didn't fail her, when Shane apologizes.  Kaitlin tells Shane that everything is going to be just fine.  Shane does not realize that he is hallucinating again.

Bonnie and Jeremy have finally made their way to Silas.  Jeremy asks how it's supposed to cure every vampire in the word and Bonnie says, "I don't think it is"  Jeremy tries to grab the cure but it has been turned to stone.  Bonnie pauses when she realises that there is only way to get the statue to unfreeze - feed Silas their blood.

Damon begins to pick the bullets out of Rebekah, who finally comes back to consciousness. Rebekah asks if Damon gave up. Damon says that he has realized that he cannot control everything and has made peace with that fact.  Rebekhah is not buying this and says that Damon loves Elena and if she became human, her feelings for him might change. Rebekah points out that Damon did something selfless.

Jeremy is battering a way at Silas and Vaughn sneaks up behind them and takes Bonnie out. Vaughn declares that they have to wake Silas and wake him now, as Jeremy rushes over to check on Bonnie. Vaughn grabs a knife cuts himself and starts to bleed on Silas. Jeremy and Vaughn start to fight and Jeremy tells him that he cannot raise Silas. Vaughn counters by saying that they are on the same side. Vaughn knocks Jeremy to the ground and tells him thaat it was not meant to be, but before he can stab Jeremy, Elena grabs him from behind.

Klaus exists the house and tells Caroline that he fears something awful has happened to Bonnie. When Caroline steps back, Klaus says, "don't worry love, you know I'd never hurt you."  Klaus adds that he has shown kindness, forgiveness and pity for her. When Caroline does not answer, he walks away.

Stefan is making his way through the tunnels, when he finds a blood stain on the wall.  He turns then and finds Elena, who says, "she's here."

Jeremy bends over Bonnie and tells her that everything is going to be okay because Elena is here now.  Elena pulls Jeremy up and he asks her to help Bonnie but Elena is only interested in the cure. Jeremy insists that the cure will be there after they help Bonnie.  Elena says, "I forgot what a brat you are" and then grabs Jeremy and starts to drain him over Silas' body. Clearly, this is not Elena but Catherine. She releases the cure and Silas awakens and snaps Jeremy's neck, as Bonnie watches, powerlessly from the ground.

Was anyone surprised that the fake indigenous person was quickly dispatched this episode?  Once again, The Vampire Diaries has introduced a character of colour only to quickly kill them off. Even more disturbing, that unlike Vaughn he didn't even get a name.

Once again, Elena tried to make everything all about her.  Of course it would never occur to her that people might have their own reasons for wanting the cure, when she so obviously doesn't want to be a vampire again.  Has there ever been a week in which Elena has not been a self involved twit? 

We again had a good dose of relationship angst.  What would an episode of The Vampire Diaries be without it. I really did like the scenes between Klaus and Caroline though.  The best acting on the show is routinely done by Joseph Morgan and in part it's because the writers give him interesting things to say. Of course Klaus feels superior to Tyler. Why wouldn't he?  I am glad that they haven't tried to adjust his character to create a love triangle between Tyler, Caroline and Klaus even though Klaus does have feelings for Caroline.  I also think it's time they give Caroline something concrete to do. She has changed significantly from the first season but at times her character feels more like some sort of place holder.

I guess the big question of the week is, is Jeremy actually dead? Was he wearing his ring?  I didn't actually see it so I guess we will have to wait and see.  I actually don't care one way or another beyond the fact that his death will cause more angst from Elena.

I am happy to see the return of Catherine.  I never felt that her role in the story ended sufficiently. After all, the last time we saw her, she was being fed on by Michael.  I find Catherine to be a fascinating character and actually a much better match for Damon than Elena could ever be.  I hope that she will be around for awhile this time.