Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Season 1, Episode 16: Insatiable

It’s the morning after, and, despite a bit of a wrecked room, Vincent and Catherine are in full afterglow mode, and fall back into bed mode, and more afterglow and cutsey talking – and then realising Catherine has a gazillion missed calls

Why has she been called? 2 people dead in the back of a horse drawn carriage in the park, which Joe puts down to the work of the Vigilante. When Catherine arrives she instantly spreads doubt on the case being connected – no innocent victim being protected like in previous cases, out in the open not inside; but Joe won’t hear it

Why, in the name of all that is holy and all pretences of justice, is Joe allowed near this case?

ADA Gabe also shows up to add his own pressure and announce they’ve had a massive increase in funding. And even he objects when Joe talks about killing the Vigilante rather than prosecuting him. Despite that, when he talks to Catherine alone he also pushes back against any indication that the Vigilante didn’t commit this crime.

At the station, Evan examines the body and finds no cross-species DNA – or any DNA at all, while Catherine considers this exoneration he points out that the absence of evidence means nothing. And the victim does have claw marks – Evan will help her if the evidence points her way but not otherwise.

With Vincent she looks at the carriage and they discuss someone trying to frame Vincent – and decide it can’t be Muirfield because Muirfield would never want this kind of attention. After a mutual commitment not to get careless and keep going she warns him about Joe’s wish to kill him and they resolve to clear Vincent. With Vincent’s super senses they find something sharp caught in the horse’s shoe.

Evan, getting in a taxi, finds there’s already an occupant – Kyle from Muirfield who has an assignment for Evan. Stop the task force catching the Vigilante – they want him caught but not by the police.

With JT Catherine and Vincent study the spiky thing they find and discover it’s a spike from a morning star (how did THAT get embedded in a horse’s hoof). Catherien declares that, based on the crime scene she saw it’s part of the murder weapon. What. Wait… this crime scene where the victims were slaughtered by CLAWS? Claws? The wounds looked like they’d been done by CLAWS? A morning star is:

A giant freaking mace with spikes on it. I haven’t seen many people bludgeoned to death by a morning star, but I can’t for the life of me imagine the injuries resemble Victor’s claw marks. Impaling wounds, certainly – but also nasty crushing wounds and more stabbing than slashing. I think you’d get better claw marks from a kitchen knife.

Anyway, everyone’s aghast at the lengths the killer will go to use a 14th century weapon to frame Vincent (with his big clubby, spikey fists) but, as luck would have it, the spike has an insignia on it (a very obliging murder weapon) which JT can go take to his friendly antiquities friend.

At the police station, Joe has a different assignment for Tess – following up on other leads and random kooky tip-offs, something Tess considers a punishment.

While JT and Vincent go to see his antiquities man who tells them that it’s a genuine, original 14th century morning star! And he has a list of dealers in such rare antiques.

Meanwhile Catherine returns to Evan with her proof – and he has his own bombshell. He tested her scarf and found cross-species DNA, he thinks she’s protecting the Vigilante. She protests that she’s been to plenty of crime scenes to be contaminated – he objects to her calling Vincent the Vigilante rather than the Creature, and she points out he knows her and knows she wouldn’t do anything to hurt herself or anyone else. He says he just wants the truth and the protect her – she’s not having it, going behind her back and stealing her stuff isn’t protecting her. She also tells him that the vigilante saved his life and he replies that he will do whatever he can to get the vigilante.

Back at Vincent and JT Catherine sums it up – Evan’s against them and knows she’s connected, Joe is out for blood as is the ADA and there are 2 loose cannons on the force who don’t care about laws. And JT and Vincent have found nothing. They launch a desperate plan:

Fake Vincent’s death. JT gets a body from the research lab (I can’t imagine this is remotely easy) with a plan for him to die in a fire in the Warehouse and for Catherine to mess with Evan’s samples in the lab.

Meanwhile Tess does her interviews of the leads she was given, including people Vincent had saved, and gets a pattern – Catherine’s right, the Vigilante isn’t a cold blooded killer (of course, Joe brings up his brother), she adds that the witnesses described him as not being human. Joe brushes her off again and she confronts him – he’s protecting her. She tells him she’s spent her whole career fighting against being protected by the boys, but he refuses to lose her as well as his brother, he couldn’t take it

Catherine begins their plan by sending ADA Gabe the address of the warehouse – he passes it on, all excited while Evan expresses surprise, but backs down when Gabe asks him about it. The police load up and head out.

Tess continues asking questions, hearing of another person saved by the Vigilante – and she describes him as moving like a big cat, growling – and having glowing, yellow cat-like eyes. Tess notices that it happened near an underground access.

And JT goes to meet Evan to offer him his research and to see if he’s shared it with anyone – only to find that Evan not only has given up the research but has passed on the address from Catherine to Muirfield so they can get there before the police move in. Nice going Evan, and I wanted to like you. JT leaves in a hurry but at the warehouse, Muirfield troops are already arriving by helicopter – and Catherine and Vincent are still there

WHY did they wait to set up their explosion until AFTER the tip off so they could spend so long hanging around setting it up and being there for Muirfield?!

Muirfield attacks and Catherine and Vincent run for the emergency exit as one of the troops shoots the barrels they set up – starting the explosion and fire, the blast wave knocking over the newly arrived police. The emergency services gather as Catherine and Vincent run through the tunnels under the building. They think they’re in the clear – but in future they need to be careful and not forget the outside world (just stop Vincent dropping his DNA at crime scenes would help).

Catherine goes to see Joe to tell him everyone is celebrating at the precinct but he remains outside the burned warehouse, he wants to make sure the evidence is collected properly. She says he can relax, they got him and Joe agrees. ADA Gabe rings Joe and Joe tells him there’s nothing they could do, he killed himself – and assures Gabe that he’s dead.

Gabe hangs up and turns to his 2 goons – Not Happy. He tells them he needed Vincent brought to him before the rest of the team got to him. They say it won’t happen again but Gabe points out he’s dead so it can’t. He kicks them out – and we focus on the morning star he has one the wall. The morning star with the missing spike (and, presumably, the magical ability to produce claw wounds. And damn, what do they pay ADAs that they can afford medieval bling like that to display in their house?)

And Tess? She’s wandering the tunnels under the city until she runs into… Vincent. She calls on him to stop and he runs – not fast enough and she holds him at gun point and demands he turns round, showing a veined face and golden eyes as a disguise. He tells her she needs to go in his echoey beast voice. He roars at her to go – and she shoots him in the stomach, just as Catherine arrives to run to him screaming.

The opening lines probably sums up the whole show for me “we’re risking everything to be together.” Yeaaah, they are and I can’t help but think that they could adjust “risking it all” to “risking a little less by moving to a different place”. I can understand – and even applaud - Catherine not wanting to throw away her life to run away with Vincent, but she’s doing just that now, alienated friends and family, risking her career – when a transfer to a different city may actually preserve some of it.

Evan and Muirfield doesn’t work for me. I cannot see why the man would work with them or want to work with them or not be looking for a way out after they congratulated him for murdering someone. Yes, he’s concerned for Catherine – but this is a man who has such a strong conscience he left his career as a top-notch surgeon and left Britain and paid large sums of money to the family of a woman who died on his operating table even after he had been cleared of responsibility. A man with that kind of conscience and sense of responsibility is willing to work with Muirfield?

As for the case – I cannot imagine a morning star would even remotely produce injuries akin to Vincent’s claws. If it did, I can’t imagine how a spike would have broken off and lodged into the horse’s hoof (or how the crime scene wouldn’t be positively SPLATTERED with blood) – and an insignia on the spike as well?

I am glad Catherine overtly challenged Evan’s ridiculous “I’m protecting you” nonsense and Tess – in both cases we had their protectiveness being presented as unacceptable, but I don’t think we had either stop.

I am hoping this is Tess being brought into the big secret so we can have some redemption of her relationship with Catherine.