Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Three, Episode 13: Those Who Wander

Dyson is still trapped and he is calling for Aife, saying that there must be a way out of there and Aife tells Dyson that death is coming for him.

Tamsin is passed out on Bo's couch after escaping the compound in the last episode. Bo has asked Amanda and Kasey the kitsune's to help her.  They pull out Tamsin's hair and tell Bo  that Tamsin is at the end of her life cycle.  This shocks Bo and she says that there must be something to can do about it. The Kitsunes tell Bo that death has got to be as sweet way out, considering who Tamsin has gotten involved with. Bo then gets on the phone and calls Kenzi, who says she is keeping it real in the sewers. Bo tells Kenzi that she found Dyson but has not saved him yet. 

When Tamsin wakes, she finds the Kitsune staring at her and says that she didn't know she was going to wake up in slut heaven.  When they tell Tamsin that she doesn't even look like she is dying, Tamsin asks what Bo was told. Bo chases the Kitsune out and asks Tamsin if she is still willing to get Dyson out of the compound. Tamsin says that there was a time when she could lay waste to an entire army but if she goes full Valkyrie she will pass out. Bo tells Tamsin that she is sorry but Tamsin says that she needs to power up with the druid Massimo.

Kenzi is still at the Dahl with the Morrigan and she tells The Morrigan that she is not that afraid of death but is open to other alternatives.  The Morrigan says that she is not interested in Kenzi but in Trick.

Back at the compound Aife asks if her daughter is okay and then starts singing nursery rhymes. Clearly, Aife's  mind is damaged from the confinement and whatever experiments that Issac decided to run on her.  Aife  admits that she never told Issac who was the strongest fae is and that she told him Dyson rather than Bo. Apparently, Aife  did this out of love for Bo.

Lauren is helping Sheneifa, the wife of the bartender who died.  When Lauren promises that she will survive, Issac interrupts and says it's not nice to make promises you can't keep. Issac then tells Lauren not to get attached to the lab rats.  Issac opens the door and says that he put her in there for her own good but now has so much to do. Laruen demands surgical tools and antiseptic to save Sheneifa before he will agree to help.

Tamsin goes to see Massimo and Bo grabs the potion saying that she will hold it until they need Tamsin at her strongest. When Bo walks off to call Trick, Massimo points out that Tamsin is trembling and asks if she has lost her touch.  Before he walks away, he hands Tamsin something and tells her to measure it three times and cut it once.

Lauren demands that Issac let everyone go and he tells her that the fae took his little brother.  Issac was blamed for the death of his brother and then shipped off to an asylum.  This made Issac determined to figure it out and he realised it was a Wendigo. Issac later found a Wendigo and killed it, though he was not sure if that was the one who killed William. This lead him to the discovery of the fae.  Lauren promises that the fae will find him and take more than his head.  Issac tells Lauren to go, but reminds her that she has gone AWOL and if she fleas, Lauren leaves her only protection. This surprises Lauren and she wants to know how long he knew that she worked for the fae. Issac says that he brought her there so she could implant the stem cells from strongest fae he could find.  Lauren then realises that Issac wants to become fae.

Tamsin and Bo head back to the compound and Tamsin complains that it's going to hurt.They are quickly surrounded and Bo tells Tamsin not to hold back.  The guards grab them and escort them inside saying that they are just like the others.

The Morrigan tells Kenzi that she is quite the comedian. Kenzi replies that the fae elders might have bought her routine but she does not. The Morrigan says that Trick is already dead, Dyson is probably a shag carpet and Bo is missing. Kenzi brings up Hale but The Morrigan says that Hale is gone and pissed his leather pants.  The Morrigan says she has specific questions about the sucusluts heritage and grabs a taser.  Kenzi tells her to torture away cause she is not telling her anything. Before The Morrigan can zap her, the taswer shorts out and Morrigan wonders if the sanctuary is warded.  The Morrigan then decides that she what she needs and orders Kenzi killed.

Bo and Tamsin are taken to see Issac and he calls them the latest edition to his collection.  Lauren enters the room and says that Bo came for Dyson and that she knew Bo would. Bo asks what this is and Lauren replies that the fae have ruined her life, cursed her girlfriend, and held her prisoner.  Lauren says that this is a chance for her to do something meaningful to save her kind.   Lauren then tells Bo that Lauren is not even her real name but Bo says that she loves her regardless. Lauren agrees to do the surgery, as long as Issac lets Bo go. Issac asks about Lauren's change of heart and she replies that at the compound she has a chance to transform humanity and to take out the one man who has stood in her way - Dyson. Lauren  adds that she cannot save them both, just like Bo couldn't love them both.  Bo is then escorted out of the rom.

Issac goes into a room where Dyson is strapped down.  Issac tells Dyson that he is the strongest, and fastest creature that he has ever found. Issac adds that the cannot wait to feel what Dyson feels and says that he will see him on the other side, before walking out of the room. Lauren is washing up and Issac goes to see her and says that he likes the wolf and it would be nice if he survived. Lauren replies, "I wouldn't bet on it."

Tamsin and Bo are in a cell together and Tamsin says that it feels bad in there. Aife calls to Bo and says that she gave Issac the wolf and not her. Bo intorduces Aife to Tamsin as her mother. Bo tries to assure Aife that it's okay but Aifa says that if Bo's father were there, he would kill them all and that he would never allow this to happen.  Bo asks what it has to do with her father but Aife does not answer. Tamsin says that she is sorry but Bo snaps and says she does not need her pity and and that if these assholes want to fight, they should give them one.  Bo kisses Tamsin, takes some chi, and then injects her at the same time.

Dyson is on the table and Lauren tells him not to struggle because she has injected him with six doses of anesthetic.  Issac asks the last time she operated on a human and Lauren tells him to relax because this is the last time he will be human. 

At the Dahl, Kenzi has talked the big man into quitting rather than killing her. Bruce tells her to thank her hips and to check her pocket.  Bruce recites Kenzi a poem about a twig that she is carrying. Apparently, the twig is keeping her safe and she realises that it was a gift from Hale.

In their cell, Tamsin and Bo are fighting so  a guard releases them to stop the fight and Tamsin uses her powers to confuse the guards, causing them to fall one by one. Tamsin then falls to the ground and passes out.  Bo pulls a lock of Tamsin's hair and then releases all of the prisoners.  Bo grabs Aife and heads into Issac's office. Issac has decided that Bo will be his first test. When he moves quickly, Bo realise that Lauren did something to him and Issac says that he is fae and has been reborn. Issac grabs a knife and rushes at Bo but Aife steps in front and gets stabbed instead. Dyson bursts into the room and sees Bo holding her mother. Bo says whatever Issac is, he needs to die.

Bo still sits with Aife, who tells her to look out for Trick. Tamsin approaches and says that they have to get out of there but Bo says that she doesn't want to leave Aife there. Sheneifa ofers to stay with Aife and says that none of them will get out of there if she does not.  As soon as Tamsin and Bo leave Afie  grabs Sheneifa and sucks out her chi.  Tamsin and Bo find the operating room and Tamsin says again that its time to go. Bo asks where and Tamsin replies wherever he wants you.  Bo replies that she knew tamsin would betray her and has always known she could not trust her. Bo says that she won't go easy and Tamsin pulls out the samples that she gathered and throws it at Bo. The concoction does not work and Tamsin says that maybe Bo doesn't trust the way she claims. Tamsin adds that she will have to take Bo down old school because she is stronger and older.

Trick is still in the back of a the trunk and when its opened he sees Hale.

In the meantime, Bo and Tamsin are fighting (quite possibly the worst choreographed fight ever filmed). Bo gets the upperhand but stops short of killing Tamsin. Tamsin tells Bo to finish it and BO says that she is not doing that and that she doens't want to do this.  Tamsin holds a weapon to her neck and Bo says that she has a choice but Tamsin replies that she is already dead. Bo counters saying that she is more alive than anyone she has ever met and Tamsin cries, "I don't know what to do." Tamsin drops the weapon and says that she has cursed them and that he is going to come after them. Bo replies that they need to get the team back together and regroup somewhere safe.  Tamsin says that she is going to get Dyson and Bo says that she is going to get Kenzi.  Tamsin asks about Lauren and Bo replies that she does not know where they took her. Tamsin says that Bo is not like anyone she has ever met in any of her many lifetimes. (how could anyone ever forget that Bo is a special snowflake?)

Hale tells Trick that his last piece of work as the acting Ash was to protect the blood king. Stella shows up and suggests that Trick hideout with her till this battle is won. Trick tells Hale that he would have made a great Ash and Hale says that he has to go see about a girl and not to worry because he has a guy on the inside. Vex has The Morrigan gagged and tied up

Issacc is running and Dyson is chasing him. Issac stops and tells Dyson he cannot kill him because they are connected and are brothers now.  Issace says that Lauren is a genius becase she managed to mix fae DNA with his. Dyson says that it wasn't his but a cabot's. Dyson adds that fae don't usually eat fae but he is going to make an exception.  Issac says that he is a billionaire and offers to pay but Dyson says that the best he can offer is a head start and shifts into a wolf to chase Issac.

Kenzi is walking with Bruce and she tells him that he has to go but Bruce insists that he is not leaving. Kenzi says that she won't be human for long and plans to meet up with Massimo. Bruce says  that its a bad idea but Kenzi replies that her friends need her and that she can't help when she is like this. Bruce says that he is not going to let her meet Massimo alone.  Bruce takes Kenzi to The Morrigan's new car.

Dyson meets Tamsin, who was waiting in a truck and they head out.  Tamsin says that she should have expired years ago and now there's nowhere to run. Dyson promises that they will get through it together.  The Wanderer comes on the radio and Tamsin says that it's Bo's father and starts to increasse speed. Tamsin says that we all have to die someday, as she races towards a man in the middle of the road.  The man goes transparent and the truck goes over a cliff.

Bo has run back to the Dahl but finds it empty. She gets locked in and The Wanderer starts to play and skip on the lyric, "They don't even know my name."  Bo says that she doesn't and when she figures it out, that The Wanderer is in serious shit.  A Wanderer card floats from the ceiling and Bo asks if he has something other than parlour tricks.  Black smokes appears and works it's way up Bo's body capturing her and making it impossible for her to breathe. Bo suddenly disappears leaving the wanderer card on the floor but now she is featured on the card.

Well, that was the season finale of Lost Girl and I cannot say that it was a great season.  It seemed to completely lack direction and struggle to create a hook at the end to draw viewers in for season four. Having the humans rebel and then letting the storyline come to completion in two episodes was absolutely ridiculous. This would have been a better storyline for a season than Bo having to go through the dawning because she is just so damn special. At this point, I am sick to death of being told repeatedly that Bo is a special snowflake.  It makes me want to scream, I get it already.  The writers and producers have taken a dead horse and beaten it past the point of recognition.

There was a lot of misogyny this season and it largely came from the female characters.  The women called each other bitches and sluts repeatedly. In fact, I cannot think of an episode this season without some sort of gender based slur being employed. In this very episode, The Morrigan called Bo the slutcubus. The writers seems to act as though there is no other way to express disdain for a female character than to use a gender based slur. Somehow they can call men douches and assholes but women, women get gender based slurs.  This is always problematic but even more so on a show based around a strong female protagonist.

When the season started with Bo and Lauren as a couple, I was absolutely delighted; however, throughout the season we were repeatedly led to believe that Dyson was not necessarily out of the competition because Lauren being mortal means that her relationship with Bo could only ever be temporary. I am really disappointed that Bo and Lauren didn't even last for an entire season.  It was so nice to see a same sex couple headlining a mainstream television show even if we did have the whole love triangle nonsense continually hanging over their head.

Hale was largely missing from this season and though he has been little more than a sidekick to date, I missed his character.  Apparently, K.C. Collins asked for a reduced role which means that Lost Girl had even less racial balance that it has had for the last two years. Even though Hale was made The Ash, it was a position without authority because he continually followed Trick's directions.  If anything Trick was really The Ash and Hale was essentially following orders. 

In the fourth season, I hope that they can focus on having meta which steadily moves forward without relying on Bo's special snowflake factor.  It's also time that we see some growth in the side characters.  I suppose that is the purpose of potentially making Kenzi fae but I believe that's the wrong direction. Yes, Bo is the protagonist but given the attention she has gotten has been so repetitive, for Lost Girl to continue to engage, they need to move away from that and give the cast a chance to grow.