Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season Four, Episode Nineteen: Pictures of You

Bonnie is in the cemetery with flowers and she goes to visit Jeremy's grave. At the grave site, Bonnie says that Jeremy was supposed to come back with them.  Suddenly, Jeremy appears and tells Bonnie that she has to wake up.  In actuality, Bonnie is at home sleeping on the couch, which is on fire. 

Damon and Stefan are tossing the football around saying that they have lost count of how many days its been since Elena has killed someone.  Who tosses a football around inside their house? Could they have come up with something less ridiculous for Damon and Stefan to do to set up a bonding moment? Damon reminds Stefan that Elena does not want the cure and adds that if she thinks that they are looking for it that she will kill someone.  Stefan suggests pulling a Lexy and bombarding Elena with emotions until one of them sticks.  Stefan adds that if this doesn't work they should keep Elena locked up until they come up with a plan C.  Can we please, please stop the trend of imprisoning YA protagonists for their own damn good? Would it really be so damn hard? It's particularly horrific given the fact that both Damon and Stefan are mass murderers themselves. Damon asks what happens to Elena when she gets slammed with every emotion since Jeremy died and Stefan replies that Damon will be there to help Elena get through it. Damon says that when this is all over Stefan is going to get out of Elena's life because Stefan doesn't want to keep reliving history.

Cheerleader vampire (read: Rebekah) is talking to Elijah about how being human means a fresh start and that she can grow old, and have children. Klaus says that Silas can appear as anyone and convinced him that he was dying. Klaus believes that Klaus will torment until he hands over the cure. Rebekah reminds Klaus that if this happens, Silas will breakdown the wall to the other side. Klaus counters that this will mean the return of Kol and Flynn, thus giving them their family back. Rebekah is not pleased and reminds Klaus that he hated Kol and kept him in a box for most of his life. Elijah interjects and says that Klaus's personal discomfort might not be a sufficient reason to put the entire world in jeopardy and that Rebekah deserves a shot at happiness. Klaus asks if Elijah is joking and Elijah says that he has made his decision. Klaus leans in and tells Rebekah that when she is sick and dieing and begs for his blood that he will laugh in her face and compel her to forget him before walking away. Rebekah asks Elijah where the cure is and he tells her that she is impulsive and emotional and that she has prove it's not another one of her whims. Elijah says that he wants Rebekah to live a day as a human with no vampire privileges like strength or compulsion and that if she succeeds and still believes that this is what she wants that he will give her the cure.

On the street, Elena tells Rebekah that she is going to fail and that she should be locking herself inside not out shopping for prom. Rebekah replies that there isn't a more human experience than prom. Really?  What it means to be human can be reduced to getting dressed up and going to prom? Why oh why is a thousand years old woman interested in prom? Elena points out that Rebekah will not be able to compel herself a date. Rebekah asks why she should listen to Elena because her humanity has been turned off and adds that Elena is living with her now because no one else can tolerate her. Elena says that she is going to stay with her to make sure that Rebekah passes Elijah's test because as soon as she takes the cure, no on will be able to use it on Elena.

Caroline is also dress shopping and Bonnie tells her about the dream she had about Jeremy.  Caroline believes its because Bonnie never got to say goodbye and that she is grieving.  Bonnie points out that the couch was on fire and wonders if it is because she was emotional in her dream or because she cannot control her power without Shane's help.  Caroline asserts its because Bonnie needs a night off from mourning. Elena and Rebekah walk into the store, so Caroline and Bonnie make a hasty exit.

Later that night, Elena is wearing the same dress that Caroline chose, when Stefan arrives in a limo with flowers to pick her up.  Elena is not happy to see him and says that she does not need a babysitter but Stefan points out that the last time he saw her, she snapped the spine of a waitress.  When she turns, Damon is there and adds that they are there to make sure she keeps up her end of the bargain and forces a corsage on her arm.

Klaus is staring at the fireplace when Caroline walks in calling his name.  Klaus says that he is in no mood for company. Caroline tells him that Elena stole her prom dress and adds that the vervain is out of the town's water supply, which means that the store keeper was compelled.  Klaus starts to laugh and Caroline tells him that it's not funny.  She adds that though prom isn't important to him, it is important to her.  Klaus suggests that finding another dress should be easy for her and Caroline whines, yes whines that she doesn't want another dress. Caroline adds that she wants to look Princess Grace of Monaco hot and asks if Klaus will dig her up a dress of royal caliber. Am I the only one who thinks its weird for a thousand year old vampire to cart around gowns just cause?

Stefan and Damon escort Elena to the prom and Elena pauses at a picture of her and Matt on the first day of freshman year. Matt is walking in with Bonnie and asks why he feels like they are at a practice run of Caroline's wedding.  Damon is taking a drink and Elena points out that it is creepy for him to be at the prom because he's over age.  Now it occurs to her that there is something icky about a vampire who is over 100 years old involving himself with teenagers - talk about late to the party. Damon replies that no bad ass senior is complete without a date who is slightly to old for high school. Elena starts to drink and says that Damon is not her date but Damon counters and says that he is her boyfriend.  Elena asks if Damon is trying to stir feelings in her and reminds him that he is the one who had her turn them off. Elena tells Damon that he is nothing to her and so Damon asks why she told him that she is in love with him and the most real thing in her life. Elena answers that she only said those things because she was sired to him and that now that she isn't, she knows that none of it was real before walking away.

Elena runs into Bonnie and Matt and they both say that they miss her and want to help her.  Elena asks Matt if he is going to get her a job at the grille.  Matt replies that he doesn't want Elena to look back and realise that she missed out on the best part of senior year. Elena tells Matt that if he had the choice he would have turned off his emotions the second that Vicki died.  Bonnie points out that Elena turned off her emotions because of all the terrible things which were happening to her.  Elena replies that that Bonnie was going to bring Jeremy back but as it turns out, Bonnie is just a brainwashed crazy person and that she is a walking reminder of all of the horrible things which have happened to her.  Elena walks away leaving Bonnie and Matt speechless for a moment. Bonnie turns to Matt and says that Caroline is right and that Elena is gone.

Bonnie makes her way outside and turns to look at a picture of her dancing with Jeremy, when he suddenly appears in a tuxedo.  She asks him if this is real and he asks if it matters.  Bonnie walks over to Jeremy when he asks her to dance.

In the gym, Stefan and Elena are dancing and they look over to see Rebekah talking with Matt.  Rebekah says that she is there alone and adds that Matt is probably wondering why she didn't just compel herself a date.  Matt is not interested and goes to leave but Rebekah asks if he thinks she will make a good human. Matt answers that good is a hard thing to live up to and that he has never seen Rebekah do anything remotely good and then walks away. What is with the association of humanity with goodness? Has no one ever read a history textbook and seen the horrors humanity is capable of?

Elena and Stefan are still dancing and he asks if Elena is just there to help Rebekah get the cure on what just happens to be the most sentimental night of high school. Elena says that if he keeps pushing, she will show him what a real cry for help sounds like.  Stefan asks if Elena really feels nothing and if she remembers when his fingers would touch her. Stefan gets his man on the make moves but Elena simply walks away, as Damon watches from a distance.

Caroline enters the prom and smiles as she watches everyone  dance.  Elena walks up to her and asks how she looks.  Caroline starts to call Elena a backstabbing bitch, when Stefan walks over and she pauses and tells Elena that the dress is beautiful and brings out her eyes. Elena says thanks and that she thought she would do the dress a favor.  Stefan asks Caroline to dance and as they hit the floor Caroline asks if she can just kill Elena. Caroline admits that she got the dress from Klaus. Stefan points out that Caroline has Klaus wrapped around her little finger but Caroline says that if she had Klaus wrapped around her little finger, she would be there with Tyler right now. Caroline then asks if the are making any progress with Elena and Stefan replies that every time he tells himself that he is moving on that there is this part of him that can't seem to shake Elena. Caroline tells him that this is normal and that feelings don't just disappear when you declare that you are moving on. Caroline adds that someday Stefan will one day meet someone new and fall madly in love. Let's hope that this day is soon because I am sick of the love triangle.

Rebekah asks about being made prom queen and learns that she has no votes so far.  Elena breaks in and April that she cannot be compelled but she can be killed and says that Rebekah wants prom queen.  Rebekah asks what Elena is doing and Elena replies that she is doing what Rebekah was about to do.  Rebekah asserts that she was not going to threaten April and Elena reminds Rebekah about the time she trapped them all in the library and adds that Rebekah is not a good person and therefore will not win prom queen. Elena adds that Rebekah is not going to win the cure by being herself and says that she should stand there and refrain from talking.

Jeremy and Bonnie are dancing and he asks her if she misses him and wants this to be real. Jeremy tells Bonnie that her magic can bring him back for good and that she has the power to do the spell now. Bonnie steps back and realises that Jeremy is Silas.  Silas says that he is just asking for her help in return for his and that she will die because she cannot control her magic.  When Bonnie moves to leave, Silas asks Bonnie if she woke up on fire recently. Bonnie turns and asks if he did this to her and Silas asks to be allowed to help her before she hurts somebody or herself. Bonnie turns and says that he does not care about her or anyone else and walks away.

Elijah is holding a stake saying that he got it from Rebekah.  Klaus asks why Elijah would give him this and Elijah replies that they are immortal, apart from that stake. Klaus reminds Elijah that Silas will continue to torment him but Elijah is not sympathetic and says that Klaus has survived plenty of torment throughout the centuries and that he will survive this and that if he can't, he will outrun Silas. Klaus asks why Elijah thinks that he will spare Katherine and Elijah replies that Klaus will spare her because he is asking him to spare her. Elijah says that as Klaus's only living brother that he asks for the opportunity to feel, to care and to love. Klaus tells Elijah that he gave him that opportunity and he sided against him and adds that if he runs, it will be to chase Katherine. Elijah tells him that he leads a hollow little life and walks away.

Rebekah is sitting by herself and Matt approaches to ask if she has seen Bonnie.  Rebekah replies that Bonnie is probably sitting in the bathroom because that is where every other girl is and then asks Matt to ask her to dance. Matt says no and starts to walk away and Rebekah stands and says please because this is a girls worst nightmare.  Matt relents and Rebekah tells him that she thought about what he said about being good and that though it won't be easy, she wants to try.  Matt says that he does not understand why his opinion is so important to her and Rebekah replies that he is everything she wants to be  - good, loyal, honest and kind.  Matt points out that he is a busboy and Rebekah tells him that she is so beautifully human.

Caroline asks Damon why he isn't on Elena duty and Damon says that he is taking a break.  Caroline says that this dance is horrible and that is not how she wanted to remember this night.  Damon hands her his flask and Caroline takes a swig and says that she leaving for the after party.  Bonnie approaches Damon and says that they have a problem.  Matt and Stefan join them and Bonnie tells them about her recent experiences with Silas. Damon tells Bonnie that she cannot let Silas get to her and that this is exactly what he does.

Elena is standing on her own and Rebekah approaches to ask what she is missing. Elena tells Rebekah that Silas has appeared to Bonnie as Jeremy and that he still wants her to do the spell.  Rebekah points out that the nice thing about having no feelings is that she shouldn't fear her enemies on the other side.  Elena says that she is not afraid of her enemies and that it's people like Alaric and Jeremy because they would spend every waking minute trying to get Elena's emotions back.

Stefan and Damon talk about taking Bonnie home but decide that she is safer around a lot of people because Silas cannot make so many people see the same thing at the same time.  It is then announced that Matt and Bonnie are prom King and Queen and of course, this does not impress Rebekah. Elena says that everyone is so worried about Silas but they have forgotten that he needs Bonnie and suggests that if they cannot kill Silas, that they should kill his witch. Rebekah turns and says that she cannot kill anyone because she is supposed to be human.  Elena says that Rebekah can't but she can and walks off.  Am I the only one who thinks that the emotionless Elena comes off as petulant?

Caroline returns home to find Tyler holding a bouquet of flowers. They embrace and Caroline worries about Klaus.  Tyler reminds Caroline that Matt owns the house now and that Matt had to invite him inside therefore Klaus cannot get in.  Tyler says that he wasn't going to miss prom, then hands her the flowers and asks Caroline to dance.

Damon is standing outside looking at pictures of Elena and Stefan. Stefan joins Damon and Damon asks what happened to Stefan moving on because he seemed very convincing out on the dance floor.  Stefan says that this was the plan, so Damon asks if it involved reminding Elena of her feelings for him. Stefan says that he does not mean to be a dick but he and Elena have history, memories, ups and downs, and laughs because they had a real relationship and that what Damon and Elena share is the memory of a one night stand.  Damon moves to attack Stefan and gets stabbed with a stake.  Damon then realizes that he has been talking to Silas and asks where his brother is. Silas says that Stefan is in the woods and that Bonnie is his and they need to stay away from her. Quick question, if Silas has been trapped for all of these centuries how is his speech so modern?  Are they going to bother to explain that?

Inside, Matt and Bonnie are posing for pictures as king and queen. Rebekah approaches Matt and tells him that he needs to get Bonnie off the stage because Elena is up to something. Bonnie moves to an isolated area and Elena approaches her and says that she wants Bonnie to stop being a problem.  Elena attacks Bonnie and she fights back. Matt rushes over and Bonnie tells him that something is happening to her before rushing away.  Before Matt can follow, April walks in and Elena promptly kills her for not making Rebekah prom queen and walks out. Rebekah walks in and asks what is going on and she sees April on the ground.  Matt begs Rebekah to heal April but Rebekah says that she cannot because if she heals April with her vampire blood that Elijah won't give her the cure. Matt tells her that if she wants to be human that Rebekah needs to do the right thing and save April's life.

Damon finds Stefan in the woods and they talk about being tricked by Silas.  Bonnie is trying to leave and Silas approaches her and says that if she does not let him help her that her expression magic will consume her. Bonnie tells him to get away from her and then sets off all the car alarms in the parking lot.  Silas says that she didn't mean for that to happen and adds that it's yet another sign that Bonnie's magic is out of control. Bonnie tells Silas that she will die before she lets him take control of her and screams get out of my head, as the wind starts to pick up.  Silas disappears and Elena attacks Bonnie from behind and immediately starts to choke on the blood.  Bonnie uses her powers on Elena and Damon and Stefan rush over to try to stop her.  When Elena begs Bonnie, Bonnie stops and says that she is not okay and that the shell of her best friend almost killed her.  When Elena collapses, Stefan says that it's time for plan B.

Inside the prom, Matt covers April with his jacket and walks over to Rebekah. Matt thanks Rebekah for saving April but Rebekah says that Elena was right and that she should have just stayed home. Matt answers that no one has to know what she did and that he won't tell anyone. Rebekah asks if he would really do that for her and Matt says that he would and that maybe he was a little harsh because she wouldn't make the worst human. Matt then says that he should get April home and leaves with her.  Klaus walks in and Rebekah defends herself saying that April was dying and that she acted with human decency.  Klaus says that she could have stood idly by while poor April took her last breath and that she could have asked why this always happens to innocent people, where their spirits go and if there was anything she could have done. Finally, someone is acknowledging that being human is about being powerless sometimes and that humans are not all sugar and spice and all that's right.  Rebekah asks if he is going to tell Elijah and Klaus tells her that she failed and does not deserve the cure. Rebekah asks why it's so hard for Klaus to allow her to be happy and he replies that Rebekah's happiness comes at the expense of his sanity and that he is tried of indulging her whims because she is bored and looking for a reason to matter.  Klaus walks out.

In the parking lot, Elijah sees Rebekah and hands her the cure.  When he looks down at his phone it's Rebekah who says that Klaus is up to something.  Elijah asks where she went and Rebekah says that she is still at the prom.  Rebekah tells him not to do anything with cure until she sees him and Elijah replies that it might be a little late for that. Clearly, Elijah gave the cure to Silas.

Caroline and Tyler are dancing and he says that he has to go soon because people will be there for the party. Caroline thanks him for the best prom ever and the two kiss before Tyler leaves. As Tyler is leaving the house, he sees Klaus who asks if it was worth it to see Caroline smile and see her dream night come true. Klaus says that in the shared interest of letting Caroline have the night of her dreams that he will allow Tyler five seconds before he rips his heart out of his chest.  Klaus starts to count and by the time he reaches three, Tyler has disappeared.

Stefan lays Elena in the Salvatore cellar and asks Damon what the plan is.  Damon says that when Bonnie was attacking Elena that he could see in Elena's eyes that she thought she was going to die and that she was scared.  Damon points out that fear is one of those pesky human emotions. They start to talk about Bonnie and  Stefan says that Bonnie is not going to allow Silas to manipulate her. Damon suggests that they don't underestimate Silas because he has already fooled the both of them, as Stefan closes the cellar door.  Outside, Damon asks what Silas said to him and Stefan replies that Silas led hi, out into the woods claiming to have seen Silas and then staked him.  Stefan asks how he got to him and Damon lies and says that he talked about his hair and figured that it had to be Stefan.  Stefan pauses and looks at Elena one last time.

Klaus comes home to find a letter addressed to him and its from Katherine. Katherine tells him that she has heard about a witch in New Orleans who wants to kill him and that what this witch has to say will rattle him to his core and then she will be the least of her concerns.  Katherine says that she has run for five centuries.

Bonnie has tracked down Silas using a locator spell. Silas tells her in his own voice that she is finally acknowledging how powerful she is.  Bonnie realizes that Silas is not Jeremy anymore and asks if this is the real him and asks why he is hiding.  Silas says that the witch used her magic to ensure that no woman would ever love him again and that it should come as no surprise that he simply wants to die.  Bonnie replies that she wants Silas to die as well and so he asks, "even if this means bringing back every dead supernatural being?" Bonnie asks to see Silas's face.

I thought this episode would never ever come to and end. ANGST and more ANGST.  I know that The Vampire Diaries is meant for a younger audience but not even all the teenagers in the world combined possess a grain of the angst that The Vampire Diaries is capable of producing in one episode.

Fine, Rebekah wants to be human and have babies but why does any of that entail going to the prom  Why would a thousand year old being want to spend an evening with teenagers and why would she give a damn about being the prom queen?  Also, this story is being written like Rebekah is some sort of ugly duckling and cannot get a man. Puuulease.  She is beautiful and most certainly would not have to be single for long in any context. The constant desperation that they write for her character is beyond tired and ridiculous.

So, now Elena has been locked up.  Was I the only one screaming just stake her already?  I am not in the least bit pleased by the plan of locking Elena up and then scaring the shit out of her until she capitulates.  This is typical YA bunk because of course, Damon and Stefan are willing to perform this noble sacrifice because they totes love her so damn much.

Bonnie has been watching too many horror movies.  Everyone knows what happens when a girl walks off alone to see the bad guy and so what made her think it was a good idea to chase Silas down on her own? Yes, Bonnie is a super bad ass witch, which means that she should have the good sense not to go after the big bad, who has made it more than clear that he is willing to do anything to get his way.

I have to laugh about all the characters waxing nostalgic about high school. This is season four and beyond them going to Founders events and getting ready for dances, I barely remember them ever being in school, having homework or doing anything that ordinary students do.  It's ridiculous. I actually really want them to graduate, so we can end this farce about the characters being teenagers already. They all drink, live on their own and essentially live adult lives but we're supposed to believe they're high school students?  Enough already.

With Katherine's letter to Klaus, clearly The Vampire Diaries is setting up the shift to the Originals.  Considering that only a stake from the white ash can kill any original, it does not make sense to me that Klaus would feel the need to rush to New Orleans, to deal with a witch who wishes him dead.  He's supposed to be immortal.  It did however make me sad because it reminded me that Klaus will be leaving the show.  For the last two years, his character has been the best thing about The Vampire Diaries.