Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Revolution, Season, Episode Sixteen: The Love Boat

The rebels are breaking into some sort of facility and Nora uses explosives for them to get in.  Miles kidnaps a doctor and then calmly walk away.  The scene shifts to two days earlier and Miles is interrogating Pete who has been captured by Jason.  When Miles asks what he should do with him, Pete suggests that he be released.  Miles asks if  Monroe is showing him mercy and then shakes his head no. He adds that Monroe is a rabid dog who is only getting worse, so he is going to put him down.  Miles asks Pete if he is going to tell him what he knows, or if he is going to stand in his way.  Pete says that he is not a traitor and reminds Miles that he trained him better than that. Pete chooses to be shot to death without a bag on his head, as Charlie watches.

Later, Miles replays the incident of Emma being shot in his head he is interrupted to be told that Georgian reinforcements are there.  When he sees Neville, Miles reaches for a gun but Tom tells him to relax and that he has a letter for him from President Foster.  Neville tells him that he is now a commissioned officer of the Georgia Federation making them partners.  Miles threatens to kill Neville but Tom tells him that Foster won't like that.  When Miles points out that he doesn't take orders from Foster, Neville says that Foster has provided him with men and guns and that if he doesn't agree to work with him, that he will take it all back.  Tom tells him that they have an important job because Monroe is weaponizing anthrax.  Neville adds that the Monroe Federation cannot make it without Ethan Campbell and asks Miles if he wants to go and get the doctor.

Charlie, Jason, Nora and Miles are walking and Charlie suggests that they shoot Neville.  Nora is quick to agree with her, but Miles says that they have to get Campbell to Georgia. Nora points out that this only means that Foster will get her hands on the doctor and start making her own anthrax.  Miles asks when their group became a democracy and informs Nora that she can get inline or stay there. When Jason and Neville make eye contact, Neville tells him that he couldn't just keep away.  They then board a steamboat run by captain Richard Lucas of the Georgian navy. He says that it's his job to get them in and out of Parkersburg alive and that as far as anyone knows, they are on a fishing vessel.

In the Thompson Tribal lands of the Plains nation, Rachel and Aaron are trying to negotiate for food.  They haven't eaten in four days but are told that food is scarce. 

Neville asks Jason for a truce and Jason tells him to forget that they know each other.  Jason adds that he gets why he is with Georgia now and that Neville doesn't care what side he is on, as long as his ass gets kissed.  Neville replies that he is with Georgia now because Jason is a traitor and due to that, he had to escape like a criminal with Julia for the Georgia Federation.  Neville adds that Julia almost died of hypothermia and calls Jason a selfish little prick and says that this is what they had to do to survive.  Jason walks away without saying a word.

Back at the Monroe Federation, Flynn asks Monroe to consider the bigger picture and reminds him that the goal is to stop the insurgents not radicalize more of them. Monroe says that they have to do what it takes because the rebels aren't holding their punches.  Monroe reminds Flynn that he is only an IT guy and adds that if he says something like that again, he will have his throat ripped out.

Back on the boat, Tom informs them that he is not going with them on the mission.  Miles says that they are better off without him.  Neville watches as they get off the boat.  Miles and Jason slit the throats of two guards and we see them leaving the facility with the doctor.

Rachel and Aaron are walking when they are stopped and accused of stealing.  Aaron hands over the food as Rachel apologises.  A man pulls out a gun and tells them to get on their knees.  Aaron is shocked but he told that there is only one punishment for all crimes in high country.  Before the man can shoot, Rachel pulls out a gun and shoots him.  Aaron is shocked that Rachel has a gun but apparently she got it from Miles.  The two take off running but they are being pursued.  Rachel stumbles and falls down a hill, leaving her with what looks like a compound fracture.

On the boat, Neville pulls out a drink and says that in the last few years Bass has been recruiting people younger and younger and that it is a pleasure to work with a true professional again. Miles accepts the drink and Neville is called away because the Ethan Campbell has woken up.  Neville tells Ethan that he has been liberated by the Georgia federation.  Ethan asks to be let go but Neville tells him no because he has been making a nasty weapon for Monroe.  Ethan says that Monroe has his family under guard and that they will be killed when Bass notices he is gone. Miles intervenes and says that they took Ethan's family and that after he cooperates, he will be able to see his family. The doctor begs for his family's release and promises to disappear but Neville tells him that he is going to do what they say, or he will never see his family again.  Charlie who has been listening in, accuses Miles of knowing the plan to blackmail the doctor using his family the whole time.

Nora asks Miles if they kidnap people now.  Miles says that they didn't have a choice. Nora tells him that as soon as they get to shore that she is transferring to another unit. Nora adds that she only joined him because she thought he had changed and clearly she was wrong.

Aaron is trying to treat Rachel's broken bone.  Rachel tells him that she is already dead and that he needs to leave her there.  Rachel hands him the book but Aaron says that he is not leaving her and that she wouldn't leave him.  Rachel replies that she would leave him because this is more important.  Aaron again says that he is not leaving, so Rachel asks why it is so hard to leave her, when he walked out on his wife. Aaron again asserts that he is not going anywhere, as Rachel begs him.

Charlie brings Ethan some water and he asks why she is doing this. Charlie answers that this is not her. Ethan says that his daughter's name is Bonnie and that she is only 11 and must be so scared.  A siren goes off, so Charlie gags him. On the deck of the ship, Miles says that they are going to go through a routine inspection. When Nora suggests they get below deck, Miles says no sudden moves. Below deck, Charlie hides with Neville and Ethan.  Neville points a gun at Ethan and says that if Georgia cannot have the doctor, then no one can.  Charlie counters by pointing her gun at Tom. When Monroe's man comes on board, he finds a gun shell and so the captain buys him off with some diamonds.

When they get the all clear sign, Neville exists with Charlie and slaps her, calling her a bitch for putting a gun to his head.  Miles intervenes and chokes Neville saying that if he ever touches Charlie again that he will snap his pencil neck.

Rachel is hiding in the truck, when men from the plains nation approach it.  She fires off two warning shots but they enter.  When they see her alone, they ask about Aaron, who quickly attacks from behind.  Rachel manages to grab one of the soldiers guns and shoots him.

Alone with Miles, Charlie tells him that this has gone too far and that Neville almost killed a guy. She suggests that they cut Neville loose but Miles is worried that he will return to Monroe.  Charlie points out that they held a gun against a guy's head to blakmail him into making a disease. Charlie then compares this to what Bass did to her mother. Miles says that it's no different and that he doesn't want to be doing this and that he ran as far away as he could and tried to drink himself to death.  Miles says that this is war and Charlie replies that she understands what war is and though there are a lot of things she is willing to do to win, this isn't one of them.  Miles point out that there isn't anything Bass isn't willing to do to win and that he is coming for him and their family.  Miles reminds Charlie about what Bass did to his town and Emma and asks what choice he has.  Charlie tells him to let the people go and Miles says no. Charlie walks out of the cabin and locks him in.

Jason asks Charlie if Miles is going to help them and she says no..  They both grab guns and go up on deck.  Charlie demands to know where the doctor's family is. The ship carrying the Ethan's family spies Neville's boat and assume it's dead in the water, so they decide to board it and check it out.  When they board they are greeted by Nora, Jason and Charlie with guns.  They board the other ship and Charlie says that they have got to hurry.  Neville escapes from below and demands that Charlie, Nora and Jason drop their weapons.  Neville tells Jason that he will never understand how he could turn against him the way he has.  Jason tells Tom that he hates him and Tom sucker punches him.  Tom then points his gun at Charlie but before he can shoot, Miles intervenes.   Neville gives the order for them all to be shot, but Monroe militia starts to shoot from the shore. Charlie unmoors the boat and she, Jason, Nora and Miles make their escape.

Ethan enjoys a reunion with his family, as Charlie watches. She then thanks Miles and he says, "no, thank you."

Two days later at the Georgia Federation, Neville walks in and points a gun at Miles.  Miles asks how Tom got away and Miles says that it cost him all his men to get away.  Neville promises to find the doctor and Miles says that Ethan is not going to work for Monroe or Foster.  Neville says that he is going to take all of the troops back to Georgia but Miles tells him that he is winning more battles all of the time and that Foster cares more about a win than Tom's pride.

Miles moves into a separate room where Nora is. Nora is half dressed and she tells him that he is not such a bad guy  and that she won''t tell anyone.  Nora takes off her shirt, straddles Miles and the two kiss.

Back at the plains nation, Aaron tells Rachel she didn't mean what she said.  Rachel tells him that she meant some of it.  Aaron says that there is no one who wanted to turn the power back on more than him but lately he is beginning to think that there are some things more important than that.  Rachel tells him that he doesn't understand and says that what is important is that Aaron goes to the tower. She pulls out Warren's journal and tells him to go to page 74.  When Aaron opens it up, he sees a picture of himself and asks what he has to do with any of this.

Grace is handcuffed to her chair in front of a computer and she tells her captor that Randall wouldn't want him down there.  He waves goodbye and gets on the elevator.  Grace works to free herself, as she watches on the monitor.  The elevator stops on the 7th floor where her captor is attacked.  The elevator continues down and when it opens, Grace has a look of fear on her face.

Alright, it looks like Charlie has pulled away from her recent jaded nature in order to be Miles' moral compass again.  The thing is, I cannot argue because though war is horrible there has to be limits.  A win at no cost attitude will not lead to a win.  The very fact that Bass was considering setting off a nuclear bomb within the continental states proves just out of touch he is.  He would have won the battle with that approach but not the war because the effects of a nuclear bomb would not have been limited to Georgia.  I think that what Charlie said and did was actually quite in line with Randall's approach with you cannot win this war by going to the lowest denominator. The only thing that would have made it better is a reminder that after this war is won, they will still have to govern these people.

I'm not sure how I feel about Nora being a love interest for Miles again. It feels like she is only in the picture because Rachel is missing.  It bothers me that he never consults her or listens to how she feels.  The only person he is motivated to change for is Charlie.  If they want me to believe in this romance they need to make it appear as though Miles is actually interested in having more than a warm body in his bed.

Finally we get back to the mystery of Grace.  They keep circling and I want to know exactly what is going on with her.