Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Vampire Diaries, Season Four, Episode 22: The Walking Dead

Stefan and Elena are training in order to have a way to deal with her rage.  Elena is not content however and wants to know where Katherine is.  When Stefan says that even if he knew, he wouldn't tell her, Elena reminds him that he is the one who told her to channel all of her emotions into one single feeling.  Stefan says that he had hoped it would be love, hope or compassion and not hate.  Elena then reminds him that he wanted to kill Klaus when he got his humanity back but Stefan counters and suggests that she doesn't really want to kill Katherine. 

Vampire Cheerleader is at the bar with Matt the useless and they are talking about sending out cards to people to declare their upcoming graduation in order to receive a check.  They both commiserate on not having anyone interested in their graduation.  This of course leaves me asking for the millionth time, why the hell does a thousand year old vampire care about high school again? Caroline is doing the same thing with Elena and it seems that Elena does not care that she is graduating either.  Elena starts to pump Caroline for information about Katherine but Caroline is not forthcoming.

Bonnie is meditating in the woods with Katherine standing behind her wanting to know what Bonnie is doing.  Bonnie is trying to lower the veil to speak to her relative Kitsea about making Katherine truly immortal. Katherine however is not happy to be in the woods in her expensive boots. Bonnie's plan is to drop the veil to ask Kitsea how to get rid of Silas and when Katherine hears thi,s she tries to leave but Bonnie has linked the two of them together, so that she cannot leave, to avoid Silas getting into Bonnie's head.

Stefan and Damon have a tête-à-tête about Elena's desire to end Katherine's life at the hospital.  Liz breaks up their conversation to say that they didn't refill the blood banks at the hospital to control the vampire population but it seems that it didn't work.  Liz shows them to a dead patient who is covered in blood and says that there are four other victims in the wing drained of blood.  They speculate that it might be Silas and that this has to do with dropping the veil from the other side.

Bonnie and Katherine are still in the woods and when Katherine starts to resist entering the cellar, she is forced to follow Bonnie due to magic.  When Katherine threatens to kill Bonnie, Bonnie informs her that whatever happens to her, happens to Katherine as well.  Bonnie continues to work on the spell and Katherine is forced to stand back and watch.

Caroline, and Rebekah are at the Mystic Grill watching Elena play darts.  Caroline suggests that someone needs to do something before Elena explodes and Rebekah agrees to handle it.  Rebekah grabs a bottle of booze and orders Elena to drink saying that she is putting everyone on edge.  Elena tells her that though they had a "Thelma and Louise thing" when her humanity was turned off, they are not friends. Caroline asks if they are still friends and asks if Elena meant everything she said when her humanity was turned off.  Elena answers that she does not feel like going down memory lane. Elena tells Caroline that she is not going to get an apology because then she will feel bad and she can't handle that. As Elena continues to throw darts, the power goes out.

When they head outside, they see that the power is out all over town and that there is a windstorm going on.  Bonnie says that she has lit the final hotspot and that it's time to life the veil.

Liz, Stefan and Damon are looking at a map and they realise that the power outage originated in the Silas power triangles.  Liz then informs them that Bonnie was seen leaving the Young place an hour ago with Elena. Damon realises then that Bonnie and Katherine are working together because Caroline is with Elena.  Liz asks how they find Bonnie and Katherine and Stefan say that they must be somewhere in the middle of the triangle. The Salvatore brothers break up and Elena opts to go with Damon.  Elena immediately asks where Katherine is and Damon asks her if she is somehow missing the end of the world crap which is occurring. Elena asks Damon if he wants Katherine dead and reminds him of all of the things that Katherine has done to him over the years.  Damon again says that they need to find Bonnie, but Elena says that she doesn't care about Bonnie and only cares about finding Katherine.  Damon finally tells Elena that they are together and suggests that Elena does less threatening and more looking.

Stefan finds Caroline, who says that she searched the whole school and could not find anything.  They hear a noise and decide to investigate and it leads them to the cafeteria.  Stefan notices ice dripping down a drain and suggests that Bonnie and Katherine are underground.

Bonnie demands that Katherine hand over the tombstone because it has the calcified blood of Kelsea. Stefan then informs Damon about where Bonnie and Caroline might be and in return, he tells Elena that she is going to have to wait where she is. Damon adds that they cannot afford for Elena to get all murderous and screw things up for them. Elena asks what if killing Katherine lets her feel all of the good things that she has lost and asks for Damon's help promising that she will be herself again once she gets over this hurdle.  Damon reminds Elena that Katherine is strong and crafty.  When he tells Elena that she will die, Elena stabs him in the stomach saying, that she will at least die trying before taking off.

Bonnie holds the tombstone as it begins to bleed. Bonnie lowers the veil as upstairs, Damon sits up and Alaric Saltzman appears to ask him if he needs a hand. Alaric pulls out the stake and Damon says that this is either really good or really bad. Alaric asks if he thinks he's Silas and to prove he is who he says he is, Alaric opens up a locker and pulls out a bottle of booze.  How exactly is this proof that Alaric is who he says he is, when Silas can get into the head of anyone?  Anyway, Alaric says that Bonnie only dropped the veil around the expression triangle. Damon asks where everyone is and Alaric says that not every ghost has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls, just beings like him, looking after their "idiot best friends."

Rebekah has candles lit all over the bar and Matt tells her that she doesn't have to be there.  Rebekah says that it's cozy because of the storm and the firelight. Kol suddenly walks into the bar and Rebekah is shocked. Rebekah tells him that she thought she would never see him again but Kol tells her to drop it because she only mourned for him for twenty-four hours. Matt suggests that Kol's presence means that Bonnie has dropped the veil and he tells her not for long and that he is looking for revenge.  Matt steps forward threateningly when he realises that Kol intends to hurt Elena and Rebekah demands that Kol leaves. Kol then throws a broken bottle into Matt's shoulder.

Bonnie is continuing to try and contact her ancestor, when Katherine hears something.  Bonnie tells her to be quiet but Katherine insists that she has vampire hearing and asks for Bonnie to loosen the tether between them.  When Bonnie agrees, Katherine moves away and calls out for Silas.  It's not Silas who appears but Elena and immediately, she stabs Katherine and begins to attack. What Elena does not know is Bonnie and Katherine are still linked. Stefan and Caroline get to Bonnie and she quickly explains that they need to save Katherine.  Stefan makes his way to Katherine and Elena, and quickly tackles Elena.

At the bar, Rebekah pulls the glass out of Matt's shoulder and offers to help him but he says that he will be fine.  Rebekah asks why Matt won't allow her to help him and he says that people in this town have a habit of turning into vampires and that he wants to graduate high school as human.  Rebekah leaves to check for a first aid kit in the back and while searching she hears a sound.  Rebekah sees  Caroline who is continually slitting her wrist.

Bonnie turns to Caroline for support and she shifts into Silas.  This surprises Bonnie because she thought that Silas could not get into her head.  Silas tells her that Ketsea is not coming and that he can make her see whatever he wants her to see.  He adds that the beauty of this is that she has no idea who he is, as he shifts between being a monster, Caroline and then Stefan. Silas makes it clear that he is stronger than Bonnie could imagine and says that he will be one step ahead of her.

Elena pulls away from Stefan and demands to know how he could save Katherine.  Stefan then tells Elena that Bonnie and Katherine are linked and that if she had killed Katherine, Bonnie would have died as well.  Elena asks how he knows that and Stefan tells her that he saw Bonnie and that she almost killed her.  Elena responds that she doesn't believe Stefan and says that he never wanted her to kill Katherine. Stefan tells Elena that her rage is not making her think carefully and adds that this isn't about Katerine but Jeremy and her belief that the pain will go away.  Stefan says that killing Katherine is a distraction and that there are no short cuts and that she must face her grief.  Elena tells him that she can hate two people just fine and slaps Stefan across the face.

Back at the bar, Caroline tells Rebekah that she needs to bleed and that Silas need her to bleed.  Rebekah tells her to stop it and that she is hallucinating.  As Rebekah struggles with Caroline, Matt gets on the phone with Damon and tells them what is going on and says that the veil is down and Kol just paid them a visit. Matt tells him that he needs to watch his back and that he and Rebekah will take care of Caroline. Damon then turns to Alaric and tells him to keep an eye on Elena and Alaric asks if Elena is Damon's girlfriend. Damon says that he doesn't know and all he knows is that she is sired to him and so full of rage that she wants to kill Katherine.  Alaric suggests that Damon is freaking out because he has no idea how Elena feels about him and encourages Damon to call Stefan himself.

At the bar, Rebekah is still struggling to control Caroline.  Matt asks about compelling Caroline but Rebekah says that she can't because Caroline is on vervain.  Rebekah holds up Caroline's graduation cards but she says that she needs to keep cutting.  In frustration, Rebekah slaps Caroline across the face and Caroline calls her a bitch.  Rebekah then says, "that is the Caroline I know and love."

Bonnie tells Silas to stay away from her and he promises to do so once she finishes the spell and he takes the cure.  Silas says that he just wants to pass on and that he will even allow Bonnie to kill him.  Bonnie points out that this means every dead supernatural creature will be free to roam the earth. Silas says that if he doesn't help her that he will be roaming the earth.  Silas asks about Bonnie's plan and says that her ancestor is not coming because Ketsia wants Silas on the other side with her. Damon starts to call out for Bonnie and Silas cuts off her air supply making it difficult for her to breathe.

Elena is at Jeremy's grave and says that she wanted to kill Katherine for him but there's no point.  Elena starts to cry and says that she can't do this and that she can't move on and doesn't want to. Kol appears and says that it's a pity about her brother.

Back in the cave, Bonnie continues to struggle for breathe when her grandmother shows up and says that it's not real and encourages her to breathe. Bonnie hugs Shelia and tells her that she was worried about her.  Shelia says that she has been watching over her and Bonnie admits that she messed up and that she was sorry. Shelia tells her that expression is the manifestation of her will and that she is strong enough to put Silas down.

Alaric and Damon are running through the under ground area and Alaric asks if he has called Stefan or found Silas. Damon says that he found Silas and then attacks Alaric with a metal chain. It seems that Silas was pretending to be Alaric all of this time.  Bonnie steps forward and tells Silas that she may not be able to kill him, but she can stop him. Bonnie begins to do magic and turn Silas into his true self.  Damon asks who exactly who is true self is and Bonnie says that they will never know because now he looks more like a lump of stone.

Kol is beating up Elena and he tells her that it's lonely on the other side.  Apparently, from beyond the grave, he watched her and thought about all of the ways in which he wanted her to suffer.  Elena tells him to go ahead and kill her because he is doing her a favor but before he can act, Jeremy shoots him from behind with an arrow. Before Kol can attack again, Stefan snaps his neck from behind.  Jeremy runs towards Elena and the two embrace.

Bonnie tells Stefan and Damon that they need to get rid of Silas' body.  Damon points out that if Silas gets one more drop of blood that he will return to his wicked ways and so Stefan suggests that they drop him at the bottom of the ocean. Elena appears behind Bonnie and says that she doesn't know what to say. Bonnie is quick to excuse her and says that Elena was not herself and she knows what that's like. Bonnie tells her that they can talk about it later and that she has catching up to do, when she sees Jeremy. Bonnie promises to give Elena and Jeremy as much time as she can before she puts the veil back up.  Stefan says that he is going to make sure that Kol's body is safe until the veil goes back up.  Elena says that there isn't enough time and Damon tells her that there is never enough time and that the most important thing right now is Jeremy and saying good bye. Jeremy and Elena hug.

Stefan returns to the bar and Caroline puts a bottle on the table and says that they need to celebrate. Stefan replies that he is not in the mood to celebrate, so Caroline reminds him that Silas is dead. Stefan says that there was someone he thought he would see today and he didn't.  Lexi then makes her appearance and Stefan stands and hugs her. Lexi thanks Caroline for keeping an eye on Stefan. 

Damon puts calcified Silas in the trunk of his car, and Alaric tells him that he cannot think of a better way to spend his last minutes as a semi-living person. Damon jokes and asks if he has someplace better to be and they share a drink.  Alaric hands Damon the cure saying he found it in Silas' pocket.  Damon asks what he is supposed to do with it and Alaric responds, "get the girl." 

Lexi and Stefan are walking through the streets of Mystic Falls and she jokes that she has been replaced by another blonde.  Stefan tells her not to start.

In the cave, Shelia tells Bonnie that she has to put up the veil but Bonnie says that she can bring Jeremy back. Shelia tells her that she can't but Bonnie insists that Elena needs Jeremy and that he wasn't supposed to die. Shelia says that this is the will of nature and that there is no magic in this world strong enough to challenge it. Bonnie says that she has every magic and that she has expression.  Bonnie begins the spell and Shelia tells her to stop it.  Black veins appear all over Bonnies face and hands and she falls to the ground.

Matt and Rebekah are walking together and he thanks her on behalf of Caroline for pulling her out of the hallucination.  Rebekah says that she's just glad that she got the chance to knock her upside the face. Rebekah stop walking when they see Caroline's ex boyfriend Alexander.  Rebekah tells Matt that he's a vampire hunter but that he should disappear once the veil is back up.  Rebekah says that they should leave but when they turn around, they are surrounded by vampire hunters.

In the cave, Bonnie becomes conscious and sees her grandmother who says that she is sorry and that spell was too much.  When Bonnie turns around, she sees her dead body. 

I know we have said this before but Elena is the worst friend anyone could ever hope to have.  She said horrible things to Caroline but couldn't bring herself to say that she was sorry.  I don't know how it is that Caroline didn't smack her because she had it coming.  It's always all about Elena.  She didn't even care that she almost killed Bonnie, because her grief and her rage are more important than anything else.

I don't know about you but if this is the end of Bonnie, I am done with The Vampire Diaries.  I am sick of Bonnie sacrificing herself for Elena.  How many times has she risked her life for Elena's happiness and safety?  To have her die this way would simply be unforgivable. So yeah, fix it and fit it now.

What they left us with is Elena getting her gruby little whining self entitled hands on the cure so that she can be human again.  I don't care.  The fact that they thought that the writers thought this was the cliff hanger to leave us on rather than the death of Bonnie speaks volumes.  It's all angst and ridiculousness.