Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 7: Currents

In the hospital there’s chaos with a major accident and no doctor (I thought it was a running joke that Melissa was the only medical professional in that hospital!); Scott uses his special werewolf powers to ease one woman’s pain and Ethan bursts in half carrying Danny, screaming for help. He starts vomiting up mistletoe.  With the doctor stuck in traffic and Melissa still being the only medical professional in this hospital ever, Melissa gets to work on some emergency lung draining treatment and being all awesome.

The hospital has called a second doctor in after the first one disappeared. This doctor also doesn’t make it to the hospital - she gets overwhelmed when her car fills with butterflies. 2 doctors, 2 sacrifices.

Outside the hospital Ethan tells Scott that he’s not going to hurt Danny – because the twins knew Lydia or Danny were going to be important to Scott (hence why Aidan and Ethan targeted them) but now they know it’s Lydia. They’re interrupted by a car crashing – no-one’s inside, only butterflies.

Stiles and Scott connect the two deaths as sacrifices – but Danny was clearly targeted and he isn’t a healer of any kind. And the first body is found. While Derek and Cora are disturbed by an alarm in the Werewolf Loft (doesn’t have the same ring as the Batcave, does it?) and the triskele-style graffiti on their windows – the Alphas are coming tonight.

Of course, the Darach is targeting healers and, as is often jokes, Melissa is the only medical professional in this town. Which is why she wakes up to find Scott and Isaac camped in her room. Both asleep – which means they fail at watching and standing guard. Melissa points out she’s a nurse not a doctor – but they don’t know how narrow the sacrifice definition is (besides, 3 seasons she is the only medical professional in this town. It is known)

At school (with Ms. Jennifer Blake substituting for the sacrificed Harris) Stiles and Scott talk about the gazillion invisible doctors just waiting to be sacrificed at the hospital. And Dr. Deaton calls Scott – asking for help. He has a butterfly on his hand, and he knows what it means. He warns Scott he’s going to be taken and needs Scott to find him. The windows of his surgery are covered in butterflies. Scott rushes to Deaton’s office – running into Sherriff Stilinski and a random deputy (Stiles phones ahead) Dr. Deaton is missing – and the Sherriff wants to know everything.

Quick consult with Stiles to figure out exactly what to tell him – Stiles is in favour of not dropping all the info on his dad while Scott thinks his mother absorbed the news well… eventually. But Stiles is worried about the knowledge getting him killed – and him losing both parents. Scott agrees with him – but Stiles realises Scott is right and they go out to tell the big truth…. And run into Ms. Morrel who tells them to find her brother (Dr. Deaton) they’re going to need to use the one person who can seek out the supernatural. Lydia

Damn so close to the big reveal! So close!

Lydia is in school making out with Adian when the fire alarm goes off – he decides it’s worth ignoring, Lydia is much smarter and much snarkier. But, as Cora says when she leaves, she doesn’t have great taste in guys. Derek wants her to stop seeing Aidan so Cora has interpreted that to mean threaten Lydia to make her split up with him. Lydia, having dated a Kanima, isn’t all that worried about dating a werewolf. Cora tries to up the physical intimidation but Lydia isn’t easily scared – and Stiles interrupts with… a Ouija board.

That’s probably not the best solution and doesn’t exactly work as planned. And many desperate attempts to test Lydia’s psychic abilities follow. It’s pretty disastrous

Meanwhile, Scott runs into Deucalion who offers to help him find Deaton. He’ll even tell Scott exactly where he is – if Scott can take his cane away. Scott tries – it goes exactly as you’d expect and Scott gets a minor stabbing in the shoulder; Deucalion also adds that Scott knows he isn’t the Darach (with wonderful dismissive sarcasm).  But he does want Derek dead – and Scott has a choice, go find Deaton or be there when Kali attacks Derek and help him. And he has a cryptic clue “follow the current”

Lydia’s psychic trials don’t get any better, but Scott joins them with the same conclusion Lydia has just reached – to find Deaton they need to go to Danny, not Lydia; after all, it was Danny the Darach targeted and not as a sacrifice. They head off to the hospital to see Danny – but on the way Scott gets a text from Allison and detours

Allison has found something in her dad’s drawers – but him returning early means she and Scott have to cram into a cupboard together with a bund of sexual tension and Scott’s inability to control his erection (the idea “Allison turn around and jam her ass into his crotch” is also deemed an insufficient solution.) Once that’s out the way they check Chris’s map – he has UV markings that have been tracking everything – the Alphas, the sacrifices, where they were taken, where their bodies were found. Only there have been 6 sacrifices – but Chris has tracked 12. Scott wonders if he’s found bodies and not told anyone  - but Allison, who may finally have realised the morality of her family, believes her dad knows where the bodies are going to be found. So one of the sights could be where Deacon will show up – dead.

At the hospital, Sherriff Stillinski hasn’t  had the big reveal, but Melissa, knowing about the ligatures and how the people died, is starting to fill in some gaps for him. She takes him to the morgue and looks at the ligature marks on the doctors – they didn’t die from strangulation, they died from asphyxiation. Particularly being suspended by their wrists and unable to get a full breath – which is currently happening to Dr. Deaton.

Stiles sneaks into Danny’s room and searches his stuff – finding a research paper on Telluric currents. Which keys in to Deucalion’s clue on currents. Especially since Harris – who was involved with the Darach, left a note on the project encouraging him to drop it, trying to hide the research. Comparing the currents to Chris’s map shows a location – the vault where Boyd and Cora were captured.

At the wolf Loft, Isaac and Boyd arrive to help Derek – though Derek tries to drive them away for their own good. Boyd has a plan. Using his knowledge of the zappiness of electricity, he has a plan to set up a trap for the Alphas; especially for bare foot alphas stepping into a pool of electrified water

An awesome trap – if Kali didn’t cut the power to the building, making their trap a giant paddling pool. Kali and the twins arrive – the twins holding Jennifer and threatening to kill her if he doesn’t agree to fight Kali in single combat (in revenge for Ennis – who she thinks Derek killed). Werewolf battle begins – and Kali seems to be the better fighter

As Scott and co set off to rescue Deaton, Cora gets a message from Boyd that his trap failed. Scott goes to save Deaton while the others go to help Derek (how are Lydia and Stiles supposed to help in an Alpha werewolf fight?)

Scott finds Deaton – but he’s in a circle of black powder (probably black Ash) that repels him. Scott pushes against it with lots of shiny blue light trying to push him back. His eyes turn golden and then to Alpha red – and he’s pushed back. And then Sherriff Stilinksi joins him – shooting the rope that Deaton’s hanging from instead.

At the werewolf loft, Cora, Stiles and Lydia hurriedly put the power back on, sending a warning to Isaac. Isaac gets Jennifer to safety as the water becomes live. Boyd, Kali and Derek are all caught by the trap and stunned. The twins run down and, at Kali’s instruction, grab Derek’s arms and she drops Boyd on Derek’s claws, impaling him. Kali and the Twins leave, telling Derek to choose to join the Alpha pack by the next full moon. Derek desperately tries to hold Boyd’s wounds, crying. Boyd gasps that it was ok – it was worth it for the feeling of the full moon. He also reveals that the next full moon is the lunar eclipse (this is dying word conversation fodder?) something he once talked about with Erica. It seems kali killed Erica as well.

Derek falls to his knees by Boyd’s body, and Cora holds him, crying.

Cut to Chris questioning evil Grandaddy Gerard demanding information about “him”. (Deucalion probably). Chris leaves – and is replaced by Allison.

Deaton is ok. Sherriff Stilinski knew where they were because one of the vials in Deaton’s clinic has the same symbol as on the floor of the bank’s vault (now there’s a stretch for you – but I’ll go with it because it meant that Sherriff saw the blue swirly light). While Sherriff Stilinski steps out, Deacon tells Scott his eyes glowed red – it’s very very super rare chosen one stuff – a True Alpha, one who rises without stealing Alpha power but becomes one by virtue and force of will. And Deaton always believed it would happen for Scott. And Deucalion also believes – which is why he’s after Scott, not Derek

I said I expected Boyd to be dead this season. I said he was an undeveloped token, perfect fodder for a throwaway death. I said I was surprised when he actually survived since he was such an undeveloped token. I began to think I was becoming far too much of a cynic.

Hah. I should have guessed as much when Boyd had an idea. At least they mourned him and it was treated as a powerful loss.

I quite like Lydia’s reaction when Cora threatened her. Even though Cora is obviously stronger than her, Lydia was calm, collected and totally in charge. It’s almost a shame that Stiles was there to back her up because I think Lydia had it handled (not that Stiles as backup was more physically intimidating to Cora).

The “True Alpha” bit does answer the question of where the first Alpha comes from – how Alphas are supposed to arise. And this show keeps the epic coming

And I still want to know what Deaton and Morrell are actually up to.