Thursday, July 18, 2013

Under the Dome, Season 1, Episode 4: Outbreak

Julia has Barbie’s map and is definitely suspicious about it – given how she hides it from him.

Outside the Dome the military is packing up and leaving – and those trapped inside gather in a crowd to protest them leaving; writing messages on the dome to ask them to stay, to help get them out. Linda arrives and tries to get everyone to back off since people have died being too close to the dome. She draws her gun which doesn’t really help - and Rev. Coggins starts preaching which isn’t very helpful either. It’s Jim speaking up that manages to disperse the crowd and he disagrees with Linda drawing her gun (damn it, you made me agree with Jim Linda). Jim starts to talk to Linda but she’s woozy and doesn’t look well – she collapses and Jim and Barbie catch her.

Kidnapper James Junior still has Angie imprisoned – bringing her clothes, reminiscences and more creepiness.  When he’s not there she saws at her bonds with the scissors she took, when he is, she carefully plays to his fantasies. When he turns his back to let her change, Angie tries to stab him with the scissors – he grabs the blade, cutting his hand but overpowering her. Ha chains her up and leaves, refusing to let her out “until she’s ready.”

Julia follows the map Barbie left and finds her husband’s car outside of a trailer. It’s were Phil the DJ lives; Phil tells Julia that her husband sold him the car – then he faints, ill like Linda.

At the clinic, Carolyn and Alice bring in Norrie and Joe, worried about their mutual seizures and the possibility of it being contagious. Problem? They have no doctors, the dome killed or cut off all the doctors. They do have Alice – she’s a psychiatrist but she interned in medicine. Joe notices Junior getting his hand patched up and asks if he’s seen Angie – Junior claims he has but doesn’t know where. And Jim and Barbie bring in the unconscious Linda. More and more people come in needing help (Jim sends Junior to help Barbie set up cots in the basement). And everyone misses Peter Shumway – Julia’s husband – since he was a doctor.

Alice performs tests on Norrie and Joe (who are definitely getting on very well – and both know the X-Men) – but finds nothing unusual, when Jim asks for her help. There’s a huge number of patients now, and Alice is the closest thing they have to a doctor.

Julia confronts Barbie on his map – but then she falls ill as well. People ask Alice what’s happening and she thinks it’s a meningitis outbreak by the symptoms but she can’t test because the clinic doesn’t have the equipment. Alice’s family were vaccinated, Barbie was in the military and Junior in college but anyone else is highly likely to catch the disease. Worse, Alice doesn’t have enough antibiotics in the clinic (or enough gloves and masks for that matter). If any of the infected leave the clinic, it spreads.

Jim goes to get supplies form the local chemist and leaves Junior on guard with a gun (oh that is such a bad idea) to stop anyone leaving and spreading the infection. Junior doesn’t handle it well, causing consternation and minor panic in the clinic.

In the clinic, Julia talks to Phil about her husband, Peter’s car but he rambles – telling Peter that he can’t come to the cabin and “Dodee don’t go”. Alice tells Julia to go back to bed and that Phil is hallucinating. But there’s another problem – Carolyn notices that Alice isn’t feeling so great herself; Alice assures her she’s been vaccinated and she just took her insulin without eating which is why she’s shaky. Which leads to Carolyn’s question – how much insulin does Alice have left? Alice tries to dodge but Carolyn insists – and insists on getting Alice something to eat.

At the chemist Jim and Barbie find the place has been ransacked, everything taken. Which is a major problem because the clinic is running out of antibiotics; they have 1 dose left and both Linda and her room-mate (Linda’s old primary school teacher) are showing symptoms in desperate need of a dose. The teacher, still conscious, tells them to give it to Linda.

Julia tries to leave to find Peter (she’s showing clear symptoms) and is stopped by Junior. She uses their bonding moment – and using his real name – to talk to him about needing to find the cabin. Junior mentions the cabin where he found Barbie. But Junior won’t let her out, not with the quarantine.

And who took the medicine from the clinic? That would be Rev. Coggins who is having a full blown religious mania moment and burning the medicine in the name of god’s wrath, which is when Jim and Barbie catch up with him and intervene most unsympathetically.

In the clinic, Linda has another bonding moment with Ms. Moore, her old teacher… and then she flatlines. Alice and the nurses struggle to resuscitate

At the front door, a crowd tries to rush Junior to get out and he shoots his gun into the ceiling. People cower and Linda staggers out and says Junior’s name. He lowers the gun and talks to the people instead and convinces them to stay put without using the gun.

Julia uses her husband’s keycard to sneak out the back door and go to the cabin. She searches it, finding some papers – before passing out on the floor.

Norrie and Joe continue to bounce off each other well, in their side room – and they attempt to test their seizures, since last time they were triggered by them touching. They touch hands, there’s a pause – then mutual seizures happen. After its over they playback the recording they had of them both seizing and talking about pink stars falling. But mid seizure Joe sits up, faces the camera and puts a finger to his lips, shushing them.

Barbie and Jim return with the drugs and Barbie asks Phil what he told Julia. Phil hesitates and Barbie gets aggressive; Phil says it doesn’t matter because Peter won’t be able to tell her anything. Barbie asks what Phil means by that and Phil says that Peter came to him looking for a hitman, Phil said it was ridiculous, of course he didn’t know anything. Peter sold him his car and Phil told him to get out of town if things were that bad. He assumes Peter has done a runner and that he owed Barbie money.

Julia hallucinates away in the cabin while Barbie looks for her. He talks to Junior who is snotty but eventually gives Barbie the keys to his truck and tells him about telling her about the cabin so Barbie can ride off to the rescue. Things start to calm down in the clinic and Linda praises Junior’s calming of the riot to Jim – and Jim seems actually proud of him and asks Junior if he’d like to be a policeman. OH HELLL NO. Doubly so with that creepy smile.

In the bunker, Angie struggles to find a way out – but in doing so she falls, breaks a water pipe and hits her head, knocking herself unconscious among rising water. As the water rises almost to her face she wakes up and struggles desperately to plug the leak, screaming for help.

Julia wakes in the hospital with Barbie by her bedside. Julia tells Barbie what she learned – Peter emptied their accounts, they’re broke and the house is in foreclosure. On the plus side the dome should keep out the repo men! She asks Barbie what they were all into – she assumes drugs. Barbie confesses what he does – after leaving the military he started worked for a Bookie, making sure people paid what they owed; a thug enforcerer. Julia didn’t think Peter gambled and Barbie plays his voicemail, Peter telling him he has the cash and to meet him. Julia asks where Peter is – begs, says she has to know. And Barbie says he ran, skipped town. Julia’s still not thrilled about her husband’s loan shark’s enforcer being her houseguest and kicks him out.

The epidemic over, Alice asks Joe and Norrie if they’re ok and, following the advice of Joe’s seizure self, they don’t tell her anything. As they head back to their room over the Diner, Joe offers to let them stay at his house since his parents are outside the Dome and the house is empty. They plan to go and Carolyn takes a moment to collect their things but Alice finds her raiding the insulin cabinet. Carolyn’s worried that Alice only has a week’s supply left; she’s afraid of the Dome lasting forever. Alice reassures her and puts the insulin back in the cupboard

Junior gives Linda a lift back to the police station – and reassures Linda about Ms. Moore, how it wasn’t her fault that she died to save Linda and how important Linda was for the town. Linda turns that back praising the creepy Junior and seconding Jim’s suggestion Junior becomes a police officer (can we get another HELL NO on that one)  and gives him a badge (NO NO NO).

Jim goes home to find the Rev. Coggins on his porch swing - he gives Jim all of his share of the profits and tells Jim to keep all the propane. Jim isn’t impressed but the Rev says they damned the town, not saved them. Jim goes inside and gets a drink – and hears screaming carried by the water pipes. He follows it outside, to the bunker – and finds Angie locked inside.

Next week is going to be the test whether Jim is an unpleasant power hungry person but not completely evil – or whether he is well and truly evil beyond redemption.

The amount that’s happening in the dome after so short a period of time makes me ask whether the Dome is causing so many of these things? Obviously things like the shortages and various secrets coming to light are part and parcel of being cut off from the outside world – but the disease outbreak? Sure it could happen – but I wonder

I really liked Carolyn and Alice’s relationship this episode – even though it wasn’t dominant the scope and power of it was evident, including an equality of respect between them (previously the more forceful Carolyn had dominated scenes) and both drawing strength and comfort and support from each other.

The plot’s advancing, we’re getting answers from some mysteries – but why the propane?