Saturday, October 12, 2013

Revolution, Season 3, Episode Three: Love Story

The scene opens with Miles being drained of his blood.  It seems that Titus's wife is an O negative diabetic and she has only survived by getting transfusions.  Rachel slips in and knocks the man out who is draining Miles.  Miles tells Rachel that she shouldn't have come and he replies that he has done stupider things for her.  With Gene's help, Rachel manages to get Miles to a standing position and he immediately asks them to grab Jessica, who is also strapped down. Miles and Rachel head out while Gene checks in on Jessica.  Rachel and Miles use the keys to release the other prisoners and when a man walks in he is shot.  This alerts Titus, and fight breaks out.  Rachel and Miles manage to escape through a tunnel and ride off on horses and Titus arrives to find everyone gone.

Neville enters Jason's tents and drops to patches that look like American flags on the table and announces that they are in and are now working for the patriots. Jason asks what now and Neville says that they have to separate themselves from the past and lights a picture of Julia on fire.  Neville plans to climb to the top to kill them all for Julia. Jason asks where they start.  Neville and Jason find themselves working on the chow line handing out food.  Jason is not pleased by this turn of events but Neville advises that the patriots are smart and cautious. When Neville and Jason return to their tent they are attacked and knocked unconscious.

Aaron is sitting on a beach when Cynthia approaches and brings up the billions of tiny robots floating in the air. Aaron agrees that it's a lot to take in and adds that what happened to him was not a miracle, and most certainly not God giving him a poke. Cynthia questions if Aaron knows why it happened and adds that if the word God makes him nervous that he can call it whatever he likes. Cynthia believes that something told these machines to save him.  Aaron is not impressed and says that he is not Harry Potter and is in fact an agnostic Jew from Minnesota. Cynthia is still not convinced and tells Aaron that he has been chosen.  A call goes out to open the gates and it's Miles, Rachel and Gene returning with Jessica.  Miles pauses in shock when he sees Aaron.  Riley rushes over upset that they went out there.  Miles rushes off, though Gene warns him that if his hand isn't treated that he is going to lose it.

Forces are marching toward the town and Riley blames Miles for bringing them there.  Miles points out that sooner or later they were going to come for them. Miles says that they have a chance to stay alive and orders Riley to follow his lead.  Titus is at the front of the pack with a look of rage on his face.  When he gets to the get he announces that they have Jessica and Miles says that if Titus sends anyone in, he will kill Jessica with his one good hand.  Titus responds that if Mile hurts Jessica that he will hurt her.  Miles again shouts that if Titus comes in that he will hurt Jessica and calls it a stalemate.  Miles suggest that he and Titus have a chat. Titus demands to see that Jessica is okay and Miles informs him that she is no shape to move. Titus again says that he needs to know that Jessica is okay and Miles agrees to show Jessica to Titus.

One of Titus's men demands to talk to him and they walk over to an empty bus.  Titus is informed that he is being paid to scare the town and not to gut them. That's an interesting turn of events. Titus says that the deal is off and that all he cares about is Jessica.  The man acknowledges that Titus is emotional but warns him against breaking the deal. Titus asks him who the hell he is and argues that the man is not from the U.S. government is in fact a member of a group of plague rats off a boat from Cuba. Titus says that he doesn't care about the man's plans for the town is and threatens that he will bleed the townsfolk alive if he doesn't get  Jessica.

Somewhere in the Plains Nation Charlie is walking with Adam who says that he cannot allow Charlie to Monroe.  Charlie reminds Adam that Monroe murdered his partner.  Adam says that Charlie is working with some real anger issues and asks her if the thing between her and Monroe is personal.  Charlie says that Monroe murdered half of her family and Adam gives his regrets but adds that he cannot allow Charlie to kill him.  Charlie assumes that this is about a bounty but Adam tells her that this is about saving his father. Charlie stops walking and Adam adds that the people who want Monroe have his father and are willing to trade Monroe for him.  Adam adds that if Charlie kills Monroe is the same as killing his father and he will take that seriously.

Gene is working on Miles' hand and he warns that everyone is to get ready.  Riley suggests that Miles is the town drunk and questions why everyone should listen to him.  Miles asks who else they are supposed to be listening to. Miles asks if anyone else is "feeling the bold leadership of Barney Fife." Riley is not impressed and remind everyone that he has worked for the town for a lot of years and says that Miles has brought hell down on them. 

Rachel checks in on Jessica and informs her that Titus wants to see her.  Jessica says that she doesn't want to go back to him and adds that when she got sick, she thought that she was finally free.  Jessica adds that Titus chained her to the bed and killed people for her and he will never let her go.  Rachel takes her hand in sympathy and Jessica pulls it back, apologizing saying that she is not used to people being nice.

Rachel leave the room and tells Miles that Jessica is terrified of Titus and does not believe that they should send her back.  Miles tells Rachel that he does not have a choice. He looks down at his hand and adds that he cannot fight like this and cannot use a sword. Miles asks how he is going to protect Rachel.

Aaron and Rachel help Jessica stand up and they open the gate.  Titus calls out to Jessica and asks if she is okay.  Miles steps forward and Titus that he has his proof of life and now they are going to have a chat.

Jason comes to on he floor as the men are searching their things.  He notices a gun in the pants of one man and quickly grabs it.  Jason points the gun and Neville sits up and demands that Jason hand over the gun. When Jason questions this directive, Neville informs him that they are not being robbed, they are being vetted.  Nevile explains that they are going to be taken to a different location and informs then men that their nails are too clean.  Jason drops the gun and Neville asks to speak to the CO.  The man announces that they didn't find anything and says that they want to know everything they can about him.  They ask about who Jason and Neville are and Neville lies and says that he is Edgar Crane and introduces Jason as Nate.  The man informs Neville that he knows exactly who they are.

Titus asks if he is supposed to allow the townspeople to leave. Miles replies that they didn't do anything to Jessica and that he was the one who took her. Titus tells Miles that Jessica is fragile and precious and that it is his job to protect her.  Titus asks why he should let Miles go and Miles reiterates that everyone in the town gets out and when they are safe, he can have Jessica back and him.  Miles promises to stay behind and offers every ounce of his blood.

Jessica has broken a glass and slit her wrist.  Rachel finds her and Jessica says that she had to get away.  Rachel calls out for Gene but when he arrives, it's already too late.  Are you thinking what I am? Come on florescent green nanos.

Charlie is walking in front of Adam who has an eye on her ass.  She tells him to keep his eyes at sea level and they are ambushed by Monroe who has a gun.  Monroe tells Charlie that he does not want to harm her and walks her over to an abandoned armored truck. Monroe shows Charlie a wanted poster for him, as well as one for Rachel.  Charlie is shocked by this and reads it over.

Titus consults with his men as the towns people rush out of their homes. Rachel catches up with Miles and tells him that Jessica is dead.  Miles instructs her not to tell anyone and fake bringing food to Jessica every once and awhile.  Miles tells Rachel to smile and she asks what he is going to do. Miles replies that he is going to get as many people out as he can before Titus finds out. One of Titus's men has hopped the fence and Aaron loads up the wagons with people. Ken Dawson tells Rachel that the town has survived so much since the black out.  Rachel tells Ken that hey don't have a choice.  Titus's man is climbing along the rooftops when Aaron approaches Miles to ask if something is wrong. Miles tells Aaron to grab Cynthia and to get out of there as fast as he can.  Aaron walks over to Cynthia and tells her to get on the wagon. She is resistant but sits down after he assures her that he is trying to protect her.

Neville is now tied up and he says that he was forcibly discharged from the Monroe militia.  He claims that all he wanted to do what was to help.  The man tells tom that he is disloyal and conniving. Neville admits that he doesn't care about the United States.  Neville says that he knows who dropped the bombs and who killed his wife.  Neville claims to want revenge against Monroe, adding that every night he pictures hi wife dying and wonders if she was in any pain.  Neville adds that it was his job to protect Julia an that he needs Monroe to pay.  Neville questions whether or not the man believes him and is told that he is still lying.  The man puts a gun to Neville's head but Allenford walks in  and says that she doesn't know if he is lying but adds that a man with his skills might come in handy.  Allenford say that they will keep Neville close but if  threatens him if he tries to hurt them. Allenford demands that Neville be released and he asks about Jason. Allenford says that they have a very special plan for Jason. Neville agrees to this and says, "whatever it takes."

Titus's man has made it into Jessica's room and discovers that she is dead.

Adam is on the ground and Monroe is now holding a gun on him.  Charlie throw water on him to wake him.  Charlie asks what Adam is doing with the bounties and Adam says that they are bounties and he hunts them.  Charlies specifically asks about Rachel and he says that the guys who came up from Cuba pay well and have put those out. Adam suggests that fifty other bounty hunters have the same warrant.  Charlies asks if Adam was lying about his father and Adam admits that he was lying.  Monroe prepares to shoot Adam but Charlie stops him saying that he doesn't like killing. Monroe knocks Adam unconscious and says that he is guessing that Miles is with Rachel and suggests that he and Charlie need to go warn him. Charlie questions this and Monroe grabs the fliers then points out that Randall had a ring with the exact same symbol that is printed on it. Monroe suggests that if they're half as bad as Randall that they are all in trouble.  Charlie asks Monroe if he thinks that he wants his help and Monroe says that they are going to need it.  Charlie tells Monroe that she is walking away and that when she is gone he won't be able to track her.

The town is still evacuating and Riley is standing guard. Miles is assembling some metal drums as Rachel tells Aaron that she will see him on the other side.  Miles asks Rachel to get on the last wagon.  Rachel asks Miles to come with her, but Miles says that if Titus sees him on a wagon he will attack. Rachel reminds Miles that if Titus finds his dead wife, that he will come for him as well.  Miles tells her to make sure she is long gone by then and Rachel says that she isn't leaving and that they need to stay and find a way out.  Miles reminds Rachel that he is not going to be able to protect her and Rachel suggests that they protect each other.  Gene tells Rachel that he is touched but threatens to throw her on the wagon.

The last wagon prepares to leave and Titus's men attack with arrows.  Aaron uses a gun and fires into the crowd.  Miles goes running and screams out barrels.  Wagon manages to get the wagon on the other side of the wall.   Miles and Rachel get to the barrels and he lights the fuse as Titus's men come running they explode.

Titus is crying over Jessica's body as his men run amok in the town.  The government grabs Titus from behind and puts a bag over his head.  In the streets, Miles and Rachel are fighting hand to hand.  Rachel is shot in the shoulder and collapses as Miles looks on. Aaron is hiding with some townspeople and one of Titus's men is taking an axe to the door.  Miles continues to fight but he is outnumbered. Suddenly gun shots go off and ill Titus's men.  A man wearing a U.S. badge approaches Miles and says he is from the government.  They head over to Rachel and discover that she still has a pulse as more American soldiers march into the town.  The soldiers begin dragging away Titus's men and hoisting a U.S. flag.

Well Titus didn't last long.  The battle scene was epic and I really liked Rachel finally coming back to herself and declaring that she didn't need to be saved.  It almost makes up for her taking to her damn bed for the first few episodes.  We also had a little less spunky Charlie though it's clear there is some chemistry between her and Adam.  Titus described Jessica as fragile but he proved to be anything but by taking her own life.  There was also Allenford, who is clearing calling the shots and one step ahead of Neville all the way.  I have to say that as far as female characters, this was a pretty good episode.

With Monroe talking about heading to see Miles it's clear that we are going to play to some of the slashers. I think that when these two actors are on the same screen it makes for some interesting television but the writers either need to claim these two had a previous romantic history are stop with the homoerotic subtext.  Miloe is not going to cut it.

Giancarlo Esposito once again stole every scene that he was in.  A large part of me watches Revolution just for him.  Even when he is down, he is never quite out.  I do however wonder if Neville has considered how many times Jason is going to forgive him for throwing him under the bus when it suits his ambitions.  True, there wasn't much that Neville could do in his position to stop Allenford but he too readily agreed to give up Jason.  I suspect that they are going to use Jason to lure in Charlie, to get closer to Rachel.