Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode Six: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Klaus and Elijah sit opposite each other both reading, with a dead girl splayed all over the coffee table.  Rebekah is irritated when she comes into the room and Elijah explains that the body was meant as a peace offering but adds that forgiveness cannot be bought. Rebekah leaves to grab the rubbish bin because the body's blood is ruining the carpet.

In the quarter Marcel heads to The Palace Royale hotel where Klaus is supposed to be staying.  Camille goes to her brother's tomb to find the word murderer sprayed in red across it. Father Kiernan is welcoming humans into St. Anne's.  

Finally Elijah gets tried of the stare down between him and Klaus and heads into the kitchen where Haleigh is.  Haleigh complains about the lack of milk and Elijah asks if his siblings were hospitable to her during his absence. Haleigh reels off a list as of complaints as Elijah pours her a bowl of cereal.  Elijah tells her that he has some concerns about the witches and Haleigh says that she is not happy that her life is linked to Sophie.

Sophie is in her kitchen talking with Sabine about how messed up things are.  Sophie says that she is the only one trying to help witch kind and adds that Agnes had her minions had a freakshow with Sabine's prophecy. Suddenly masked people enter,  knock out Sabine and take Sophie captive.

Rebekah is scrubbing the bloody carpet and comments that Klaus is reading poetry about poisoned apples because he is worried about his impending fatherhood. Klaus quips now that Elijah is back, all problems turn into pixie dust and float away. Elijah enters the room with their mother's grimoire and explains that he promised Devina a few pages in exchange for his freedom.  The page he ripped out is for an unlinking spell. Elijah says that Sophie brought The Originals to New Orleans under false pretenses and declares the deal he made with Sophie null and void.  Elijah then orders Klaus to come with him because he needs Klaus to keep an eye out while he visits Devina and orders Rebekah to stay home and watch over Haleigh.  Rebekah asks how she got elected super nanny and instead of dealing with Rebekah's concerns, Klaus asks who put Elijah in charge. 

Marcel is at the club drinking when Josh approaches and asks if he needs anything.  Marcel tells him that there are guys 80 years ahead of him waiting for a daylight ring.  Marcel brings up Klaus and he fact that Josh drove him to the Palace hotel and says that Klaus lied about living there.  Marcel adds that the only thing that matters is who you can trust.  Josh suggests that here is someone Marcel can trust.

Devina is in the attic drawing when Elijah appears with the page.  

Cami has gone to confession and accuses Kiernan of avoiding her. 

In the attic Elijah hands Devina a knotted rope and says that if she can undo the knot that she will have learned a measure of control and promises to return with a spell of his choosing if she can perform this.

Cami tells Kiernan to say that she slept like a baby every night this week though her twin brother hacked together a bunch men.  Cami adds that Marcel has been blowing her off and she is more upset about that than seeing murderer scrawled across her brother's grave.  For months after the massacre she couldn't think of anything else and without the pain, Cami now feels empty without the pain. Kiernan suggests that if Cami has found a way to turn of the pain is a good thing and adds that the only person responsible for Sean's behaviour is Sean.  Cami asks Kiernan if her really believes that and he says that he does. Cami leaves crying.  What neither of them know is that Klaus was listening to the entire exchange.

Sophie is being tied up and she says that killing her to get to Klaus will not work.  Agnes says that she is the last remaining elder of their coven and that she has no intention of killing Sophie. Agnes adds that it is her duty to protect their power and their power won't mean anything if the baby grows another day. Agnes then injects Sophie with a potion saying that Sabine's omen was clear - the baby will bring death to them all.

At the house Haleigh gasps in pain saying she felt like she was being stabbed.  Blood pours a little from a wound on Sophie's neck.

Elijah and Klaus find Sabine passed out and she tells them that Agnes and her minions kidnapped Sophie.  Never one to miss an opportunity, Klaus points out that this is Elijah's first day in charge and already the witch linked to Haleigh has been abducted by zealots. Elijah asks where Agnes is but Sabine will not say for fear that Klaus and Elijah will kill her.  Sabine adds that Agnes is their last living elder and the elders are the only ones who can do important spells.  Elijah brings up the harvest ritual which shocks Sabine. Elijah says that the harvest ritual, the last elder or the coven's connection to magic has any relevance to them whatsoever. Elijah then demands that Sabine talk.

Marcel has gone into the tombs to see Thierry. Marcel says that Theirry is the only person he has ever trusted.  Marcel grabs a pick axe and says that they are going to have a little chat about Klaus. 

At the house, Rebekah hands Haleigh an apple saying that the plantation is lousy with them.  Haleigh says that she feels fine but her neck is a little sore.  Haleigh tells Rebekah that she has grown to like the fact that Rebekah is a bitch.  Rebekah reveals that she is leaving because she only came to find Elijah but now that he is back and has not punished Klaus for daggering him, Rebekah is leaving because Klaus and Elijah will be thick as thieves and she will be stuck cleaning up the mess.  Haleigh suddenly starts not to feel well.

Klaus and Elijah have found Sophie and she says that Agnes used the needle of sorrows on her to kill a child in utero by raising the blood temperature. Elijah realises that Agnes has orchestrated a miscarriage for Haleigh and asks how much time they have.  Sophie tells them that the spell will do what it's meant to by tonight high tide and adds that she saw Agnes use a similar spell on a kid who went mad and killed a bunch of priests.  Klaus says that he wants to have a chat with Agnes and asks where she can be found.  Sophie replies that there are a thousand places where Agnes can be. Elijah points out that this is exactly why Sophie and Haleigh need to be unlinked.  Sophie points out that if the link is gone, she will lose her leverage but Elijah says that they are not on the same side anymore.

In the tombs Thierry asks Marcel if he is being pardoned and Marcel replies that he broke his number one rule he cannot because he will look weak.  Thierry points out that he warned Marcel about Klaus. Marcel reveals that Klaus has been lying about where he sleeps at night and though he didn't listen to Thierry before, he is going to listen to him now.  Marcel asks about the night that got Thierry put in there and suggests that he might release Thierry by Mardi Gras.  Thierry says that the night that he was sent to roust the witches Max went right for Katie's throat and didn't listen when Thierry told him to stop.  Thierry suggests that Max was compelled and points out that Max went missing for a few days before the rousting and could have been drained.  Marcel reminds Thierry that they found a spell, which Katie and Thierry stole from him in her shop. Thierry says that no one could find their hand in front of their face in the shop and it's shocking that someone supposedly found a stolen spell in there. Thierry suggests that Marcel check the shop for himself and suggests that someone else on the crew was compelled. 

The humans are talking about the current problems in New Orleans.  Kiernan promises to handle Marcel just as Klaus bursts in. Klaus says that the faction maintains the supernatural balance and that he knows because he created this group. Kiernan points out that the faction has changed now and that there are no longer any vampires allowed. Klaus says that he didn't come to join but to ask the group to find Agnes.  Kiernan questions why he should want to help Klaus and Klaus says that Agnes is the one responsible for Sean's actions.  Kiernan asks for time and Klaus screams that he doesn't have the time, nor does he like to wait.  Kiernan points out that Klaus may have all the vampires cowering in fear but Klaus is now dealing with the humans and adds that unless he plans on killing all of them, Klaus needs to give them time to discuss it.  Klaus says that he likes the fact that Kiernan stands up to him, and grants the priest one hour.  When Klaus leaves, Klaus demands that they find Agnes for him.

Devina is working on the spell but not having any luck. 

Haleigh is in bed with a roaring fever and Rebekah tells her that just because she is carrying a baby, doesn't mean that she gets to act like one.  Rebekah assures Haleigh that her little niece is probably curing her as they speak. Elijah and Sophie return and Sophie says that she is there to help.  Elijah suggests that they let Sophie do what she can.  Sophie tells Rebekah that she may be able to slow the fever and promises to text her a list of the herbs she will need. Rebekah is clearly not happy to be turned into the fetch girl.

In Katie's shop, Rebekah is looking for ingredients when Marcel walks in.  Marcel questions what Rebekah is doing there and Rebekah snarks about looking for a vampire repellent.  Marcel points out that every time he turns around he catches an original with their hands in the cookie jar.  Rebekah finds what she is looking for and leaves.

Kiernan gets a text with Agnes' location and starts to leave but is intercepted by Klaus. Klaus points out that Kiernan seems to hell bent to get his own vengeance and adds that he needs something from Agnes before she dies.  Klaus promises to keep Cami safe in exchange for the information.

Agnes is arrested and brought into St. Anne's.  Kiernan tells Agnes that Marcel may run the vampires but he runs everything else.  When Klaus appears Agnes is shocked that the humans made a deal with him. Kiernan says that he would make a deal with the devil to see him suffer and Agnes argues back that Kiernan cannot hurt her because the entire witch community would turn against him. Klaus interrupts to say that he doesn't care about witch politics and tells Agnes that if she does not undo the curse, he will show her things worse than death. Agnes tells him that the curse took root in Sophie who is linked to his devil child.

Sophie is burning up with fever and Elijah takes Sophie into the pool to cool her down. Sophie suggests that Elijah hold Sophie to slow her heart rate down. Rebekah stands by saying that this is not going to work, and Elijah replies that Devina will break the link.

Back in the attic, Devina is working on the spell again.  Haleigh is having trouble breathing and Elijah tells her to focus on the sound of his voice.  Devina manages to get the spell to work and Haleigh screams in pain. Sophie checks by sticking her palm with a needle and Haleigh has no reaction.  Elijah helps Haleigh out of the pool.  Sophie begs Elijah to stop Klaus from killing Agnes.  Sophie argues that Agnes is their only access to the power they need to survive and begs Elijah again not to let Klaus kill her. Elijah calls Klaus and instructs him not to hurt Agnes and then tells Sophie that this is his last promise to her before grabbing his things to leave.  Haleigh approaches Sophie and says that she knows Sophie was just using her to save her people and promises to kill her if she tries it again.

Rebekah catches up with a now dry Elijah to say that now that they unlinking has worked they can make plans.  Elijah quickly dismisses her and saying that they can talk when he returns.  Rebekah replies that she won't be there when Elijah returns. Elijah says that this sounds like a goodbye and Rebekah replies that she only came to New Orleans to make sure he was safe.  Though Rebekah wants Elijah to come with her, she finally understands that he is never going to leave this city or Klaus.  Elijah asks her to stay but Rebekah says that she wants no part of what is going on between him, Klaus and Marcel.  All Rebekah wants is her freedom. Elijah kisses Rebekah and tells her that she is free before turning and leaving.

Marcel is having a drink when he is joined by Rebekah.  Rebekah says that she is there to say goodbye.  Marcel asks that she is leaving because she has Elijah back.  Rebekah informs Marcel that she is leaving this sinking ship but Elijah is staying. Marcel replies that the city is not sinking and asks Rebekah to have a drink.  Rebekah wonders if Marcel wants to liquor her up and ask her to stay. Marcel suggests that this is why Rebekah came there.  They stare at each other for a few moments and Marcel kisses Rebekah. They end up making out.

At St. Anne's Klaus chokes Agnes and tells her not to touch her.  Elijah says that he gave his word and Klaus points out that he gives his word at the most inopportune moments. Elijah then promises to forgive Klaus if he agrees to this because Elijah does not want to break his word.  Klaus steps back calling Elijah noble and adds that Elijah is spoiling his fun.  Elijah quickly rips the heart out of Anges' minions and tells Agnes that he swore she would not die by Klaus' hand but he didn't promise anything about her own.  Elijah then snaps Agnes' neck and says that no one hurts his family and lives.

Rebekah and Marcel are out on the balcony and comments that he hasn't changes a thing in her bedroom in one hundred years. Marcel questions if the bed is as comfortable as the beds at the Palace Royale.  Rebekah quickly changes the subject and says that she is famished.  Rebekah grabs an apple from her bag and Marcel says that apples are not his thing because he used to get his ass beat working on the plantation if he ever ate one. Marcel adds that the remind him of a time when he couldn't have things. Rebekah asks Marcel to come away with her and build a home together. Marcel replies that the city is his home and Rebekah points out that this city was once her home as well. Marcel says that Rebekah ran and the empire thrives because of him.  Marcel says that a man does not run from his home but Rebekah argues that no matter an empire becomes, it's nothing if he doesn't have someone to share it with.  Rebekah slaps the apple into his chest, then leaves. Marcel looks down atthe apple.

Josh is at the house and he tells Haleigh that Marcel knows that Klaus lied about where he lives. Haleigh replies that she is not Klaus' damn keeper. Josh begs Haleigh to tell Klaus to call him but what he does not know is that Marcel is outside under an apple tree.  We get a flashback the child Marcel throwing apples at his former master.  There is a knock on the door and Haleigh opens it thinking that it is Josh but it's Marcel.

Cami is closing down the bar when Klaus arrives.  Klaus brings up his promise and says that he kept his word.  Klaus explains that Sean was hexed and Cami asks who the witch is.  Klaus says that the witch has killed for her actions in blood and Cami slaps him across the face, shocking him. Cami says that she is now culpable in a revenge murder she never asked for.  Klaus replies that he has been alive for one thousand years and that many people have died for far less. Klaus tells her to find comfort in the truth. Cami is not pleased that Klaus has made her at peace with something that should be tearing her up and adds that she will undo whatever Klaus has done to her.  Cami promises that one day Klaus is going to wish he never laid eyes on her.  Klaus storms off and is met by Marcel who wants to know where he has been.  Marcel tells Klaus that Cami is all hers and that life is about timing.  Marcel adds that he stopped by to share a drink and Klaus says that he moved on weeks ago from the Palace Royale. Marcel says that he went to Klaus' other place. Marcel points out that this is the same plantation where he was a slave and asks if this is why he was never invited over.  Klaus promises to ask Elijah about an invite for him and Devina especially because Marcel was so hospitable to Elijah.

Elijah has returned home to an empty house. He calls out for Haleigh and realises that she is gone.  Elijah calls Rebekah to ask if Haleigh is with her.  Klaus walks in and tells Elijah that Marcel was there.

One of biggest grievances with both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is the treatment of Rebekah.  When she is not angsting she is being controlled and dismissed by her brothers.  Rarely is Rebekah given a chance to truly shine.  I was pleased to see her plan to leave town and disappointed with the fact that with Haleigh missing, she will be drawn back in.  When is Rebekah going to be treated like the awesome resources that she is?  When are they going to give her a interesting storyline?  

This week we had the death of Agnes.  Though Agnes was powerful, obviously she had a lot to fear from the originals.  Unfortunately Agnes' death falls into a long stream of Black characters callously killed off by Julie Plec.  I am sick of seeing Black people die at the hands of White vampires.  It doesn't matter that Marcel is still alive because Plec has turned him into the uppity negro.  Plec has no respect for characters of colour. 

Elijah has gone all badass and I have to say that I like it.  Because of his quiet reserved nature, it's easy to forget what he is. I am lead to believe that now that he is out of he coffin he might prove to be even more dangerous than Klaus, if less psychotic.  I am even enjoying his growing romance with Haleigh.  

Speaking of Haleigh, I am glad that she threatened Sophie.