Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lost Girl Season Four, Episode Four: Turn to Stone

Bo and Dyson are working out and she complains about needing answers.  Bo sees it as no big deal that someone wants her dead. Dyson tries to tell her to take Unisom plot seriously but Bo replies that it is the last thing on her mind.  Bo asks about Lauren and Dyson replies that it is better that Lauren stay away.  Bo and Dyson start making out and Dyson notes that there is something different about her.  They end up having sex in the middle of the ring.  So much for Bos's promise that she wouldn't feed off of Dyson.

Kenzi is brushing Tamsin's hair and notices that despite the heavy brushing, Tamsin didn't lose a single hair.  Tamsin entertained herself throughout this ordeal by practicing twerking. Bo tries to enter the apartment but is bared by a magical ring that Trick set on the apartment. Kenzi says that she probably set it up wrong because it is only supposed to block out malicious fae.  Bo questions Tamsin, who reveals that all she knows is that she dark but does not know who she was working for. Bo does not believe her.  Kenzi decides that she and Bo need a night out and convinces Tamsin to stay home by herself and watch the X Files.

At The Dahlm Bo is not impressed by how quiet it is.  Kenzi asks if they know anything about The Wanderer and Bo replies that she doesn't want to talk about it.  Bo gets up, changes the music, and uses her fae power to get people up drinking and dancing. Kenzi declares that Bo is back with bonus features.

Massimo makes his way over to Kenzi and she says that she wants permanent powers. Massimo says that Kenzi needs to stop thinking about permanent powers because she cannot even pay for the temporary powers he supplies her now. Kenzi tells Massimo that he will get paid as soon as her powers stop fading.  Massimo hands Kenzi another container of temporary powers and she leaves.

At the apartment, Tamsin hears a noise and calls out for Bo and Kenzi.  Two maksed men walk into the room and Tamsin shifts, scaring them away.  Tamsin doubles over in pain grabbing her back as the men appear to make their escape.

Bo and Kenzi are still dancing away at the bar.  Suddenly, the camera focuses on a gargoyle on the wall.  Kenzi does her fae power thing for Bo and asks if she is still mad. Bo calls it freaking incredible.  Bo and Kenzi make their way into their apartment and discover that they have been robbed.  They rush in and find Tamsin in the bathroom, larger than when they left her.

Bo is at the station with Tamsin freaking out about being robbed.  Dyson says that it might not be fae related because if the rim was indeed up, then humans could still enter.  Bo makes it clear that no one takes what's hers.  Bo and Dyson flirt ridiculously using shopping as a metaphor for sex. Bo says that she has a lead to track and dumps Tamsin on Dyson. Tamsin points to a picture of Lauren and Dyson says that she is someone who needs to be found.

Lauren and Crystal are in chains and Crystal complains that this is all her fault.  They are interrupted by a voice and Lauren is referred to as Karen.

Kenzi is walking down the street trying to get a hold of Massimo on the cell phone when she is grabbed by two men from behind.  They toss a black bag over her head and begin to led Kenzi away. Kenzi is told that they are for customers who don't pay and is tossed her into a van.  Before the men can get in, they are subdued by Bo, who says that they cannot take her Kenzi. Bo asks why Kenzi is flying solely now that she is back.  Kenzi replies that she knows these guys and that this is her problem but Bo declares that this is their problem. Kenzi reveals that Massimo is behind her attempted kidnapping.

Bo and Kenzi head to see the druid Massimo and Massimo reveals that the seal from Kenzi's kiss allowed Bo to be collected.  Bo asks who kidnapped her and Massimo declares that he was just hired to deliver the goods.  Bo makes it clear that she wants her stuff back and for Kenzi to be left alone because she won't need Massimo's services anymore.  Massimo declares that this won't settle Kenzi's debt.  Massimo suggests a herb he needs, which grows on Lauren's wall.  Massimo promises to return what he hasn't burned and Bo promises to kill him if he doesn't hold up his end of the bargain.

Lauren realises that she and Crystal are being filmed.  Lauren announces that she is done playing.  Crystal admits that she was forced to sleep with Lauren to keep her close but developed feelings. Lauren relates because this is what she did to Bo. Lauren reveals that she has a brother and that they were going to change the world.  Their version of changing the world turned into blowing up pipelines and 11 people died.  Crystal realises that Lauren is a terrorist. Lauren says that she hates herself for what happened and that no one was supposed to be there.  Lauren reveals she made the explosives then trusted her brother with them.  Lauren reveals that she has been running ever since and that she hasn't even told Bo.  Lauren is ordered to look under the tarp in her cell and discovers a fridge with a sample of blood.  Lauren is told that an elder needs her diagnosis within the hour, or Crystal will die.  Lauren realises that this isn't about eco terrorism and calls it light fae bullshit.

Kenzi and Bo are at Lauren's and Kenzi reveals that she dealt with Massimo because she was tired of being told to go.  Bo asks how much it cost and Kenzi avoids the question.  Bo begins to question if Lauren was tricked but Kenzi says that Lauren is one of the good ones. This surprises Bo who always believed that Kenzi was team Dyson.  Bo finds a wanted flyer for Lauren and realises that Lauren's real name is actually Karen Beattie.  Bo declares that she didn't know Lauren and says that Lauren has probably changed her name and started a new life.  Bo asks why everyone in her life lies to her except for Kenzi.  Kenzi finds the herb and they head for the door only to discover that they cannot leave. They realise that they have been set up by Massimo.  Kenzi tries to leave on her own because she is human but is blocked.

Dyson walks into his office and Tamsin says that she found Lauren's vocie mail eight times. Tamsin picks up a gun and asks if she was a good cop.  Dyson calls her a good cop and sometimes a monster. Tamsin is hurt and points out that even the robbers ran away when they saw her face. Tamsin then asks if Bo is Dyson's girlfriend and responds he no.  Tamsin asks what love feels like and Dyson explains that when she feels it she will know it.  Dyson asks Tamsin to talk to Bo and Kenzi about this stuff. Tamsin says that she cannot talk to Bo because she believes Bo hates her because she is dark. Dyson says that everyone gets to make a choice and Tamsin points out that was her in another life and adds that this is not his problem.

Kenzi and Bo talk about how to make her stop sparkling so Kenzi talks about taking a shower.  Kenzi complains about getting her hair wet and then we have a segway about Lauren's shampoo.  Bo dumps a bucket of water over Kenzi's head and Kenzi leaves the apartment to gather items to stop the spell.  Alone in the apartment, Bo discovers a card which reads, "for giving me the freedom to love and I do," next to a necklace.  The power suddenly goes out and a gargoyle briefly appears on the counter.  Bo stands and says, "Wanderer, if you think that I'm going to let you take me again, you are messing with the wrong succubus." The lights flash on and off and the gargoyle appears and reappears several times.  A wound appears on Bo's arm, just as Kenzi returns and breaks the spell which was locking them in the apartment.

Tamsin takes off her jacket and looks at the blood stains on her back.

Kenzi tells Bo that this is all her fault because she owes Massimo a lot. Kenzi admits that she has been stealing from Trick and Hale to pay him but it hasn't been enough for a permanent power. Kenzi justifies the theft by saying that claimed humans were being taken and Bo asserts that she would never let anything happen to Kenzi. Kenzi reminds Bo that she just got back and that she is tired of feeling helpless.  Kenzi adds that everyone reminds her that she is weak, vulnerable and a liability.  Kenzi then admits to kissing Dyson and says that she only really wants to kiss Hale.  Kenzi says that she is alone and Bo tells Kenzi that she has her.  Kenzi argues when it comes down to it that she doesn't really have anyone. Kenzi asks what happens if Bo goes away again and says that no matter how hard she tries, she is not one of them.  Bo tells Kenzi that she doesn't know what is happening anymore and never thought she would be in the dark about Kenzi. Bo gets a call from Dyson looking for Tamsin.  Dyson says that he is on his way over to Lauren's apartment. They discuss what was taken from their apartment and they realise that because the robbers saw a blonde girl, Massimo knows that Tamsin is still alive.  Bo tells Kenzi to wait their for Dyson and snarks about Kenzi and Dyson being close.

Massimo has Tamsin and lies saying that they were super close in another life.  Massimo shows a photo of him with Tamsin and says that Kenzi and Bo called asking him to pick her up.  Tamsin believes that Massimo is there to help her because she is hideous.  Massimo is now busy tying up Tamsin and tells her that she is real trouble.  Tamsin asks if she is dark and Massimo responds that it is only a matter of time until Tamsin becomes a killer, which is why she needs him.  Massimo reveals that they were a team and that Tamsin tried to kill Bo.  Massimo now has a straight razor in his hand and begins to play with Tamsin's hair.  Bo appears and Massimo says that she needs to go.  Massimo puts the straight razor to Bo's neck and Tamsin stands up revealing her wings.

In the cell, Lauren reveals her diagnosis that the elder is going mad fae.  Lauren says that she didn't need to be kidnapped and will treat the elder if they release Crystal.  Lauren then takes off the handcuffs saying that its childs play.  Lauren calls for Hale to come out.  Suddenly the door opens and Lauren realises that she is not being held captive by Hale.

Tamsin moves towards Bo and Massimo with her wings outstretched, calling herself  death. Massimo lets Bo go and begins to beg.  Bo argues that Tamsin should not kill Massimo because he is not worth it.  Tamsin argues that she is dark and Bo says that she can be whoever she wants to be.  Bo admits that Tamsin was not her favorite in her past life and says that she thought Tamsin was incredible.  Bo and Tamsin hug and Tamsin goes back to normal.  Tamsin says that this is what love feels like. Bo instructs Tamsin to go the elevator, close her eyes and turn the music up real loud.

Massimo stands and says that Tamsin is on her last life and that means Bo saved Massimo's life. Bo says that she doesn't let children do her dirty work especially after someone sends gargoyles after her. Massimo is confused because not only did he not send the gargoyles, gargoyles serve a higher authority - elder fae.  Bo charges Massimo and feeds and realises that Massimo is human.  Massimo pushes Bo aside and says that he is a Druid and Bo will respect him.  Bo dares Massimo to go near Kenzi again, warning that Kenzi is family. Bo grabs the lock of Tamsin's hair and Massimo has a temper tantrum like a two year old. Massimo says that his mommy needs the hair and he needs his mother to need him.  Bo calls Massimo a hot mess and tosses the hair into a hot pit. Massimo stands saying that he needs to get the hair and walks into the pit, much to Bo's surprise.

Bo is at the gym working out when Kenzi appears.  Bo says that she is not mad about Dyson and that the Druid potion that marked her was from a person who would never betray her.  Bo adds that there will be times when they fight because they are family. Kenzi points out that family sticks together and the two hug.  Kenzi says that she is glad Bo is back.  Bo declares that she is done being helpless and scared.

Dyson tells Tamsin a story until she falls asleep.  Kenzi comes in and Dyson tells her that she can do anything.  Dyson then adds that Kenzi can be more and doesn't have to be fae to have a place among them.  Dyson offers to teach her when the time is right.  Dyson admits to losing Lauren and his fear that she is in danger.

Bo enters a tunnel area and finds gargoyles.  Bo is informed that she has not been summoned to appear but Bo says that she goes where she wants and if something tries to hurt her she deals with it. Bo declares that she doesn't live by rules. Bo is told that their intention was to eliminate the unaligned succubus but now her blood had chosen a side. Bo is surprised to know that she is now dark fae.

More than anything, this season needs to pick a direction and stick with it.  It seems disorganized and all over the place.  Who is the big bad?  How does it relate to the characters?  These are all questions which need answering to focus this season.

I found myself very irritated by Bo this episode.  Kenzi was right about everything she said.  Kenzi is indeed vulnerable in a fae world and she was just trying to protect herself.  Bo hasn't bothered to find out what happened in her absence but is quick to get angry at Kenzi for trying to protect herself. Yes, it's team Bo and Kenzi again but Kenzi is the one owed an apology.

Okay, Lauren hasn't been gone a N.Y. minute and already Bo is feeding from Dyson.  Am I really suppose to believe that Bo is hurt or even cares about Lauren?  I don't know why they bother to keep up the supposed love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson when the writers so clearly favour a relationship between Dyson and Bo.