Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season One, Episode Ten: The Golem

Ichabod is chopping wood when Abbie pulls up. They bicker a bit about Xmas and Abbie consoles Crane about the loss of his son.  Crane wonders what his son was like, how he lived and why Katrina didn't mention she was pregnant.  Abbie suggests that it was to protect the baby and Crane wonders if their fates will come to bare in their war against Malok. Crane decides that he wants to get in touch with Katrina.  Parish the sin eater pulls in the driveway and Crane asks Abbie how far she would go for answers.  When Crane offers his hand, Parish makes it clear that it is not a good idea to touch him.

In the cabin, Parish makes it clear that he is only a sin eater and Crane reminds him that he summoned a man who died a very long time ago and suggests this means Parish can reach Katrina.  Parish says that he has never tried before but promises to make an attempt.  Parish warns that he will have to put Crane's life in danger.  Parish says that Crane is tempting fate and adds that it will frighten Abbie.  Parish instructs Crane to think of his wife and summon her with all of his heart. Parish grabs Crane suddenly and begins choking him.

Crane is now in a church and behind him stands Katrina, lighting some candles.  Katrina asks how he got there and warns that Malok is always near.  Crane asks if it is true that they have a son and reminds Katrina that she owes him he truth.  Katrina reveals that the boy's name is Jeremy after his grandfather. Katrina adds that she didn't know that she was pregnant when she buried him. The coven threatened Katrina with a fate worse than death if she didn't reveal where she buried Ichabod and so she fled to the only sanctuary she knew.  Katrina realised that she could not keep the boy to protect him from the coven. Katrina gave the child to Grace and Joseph and then never saw him again.  It seems that her own coven banished her.  Ichabod promises to find out what happened to Jeremy and promises that they will be together again.  A demon crashes through the door and Katrina tells Crane that he must leave now.

Crane returns to the present and tells Abbie that her ancestor Grace took custody of his child.  Abbie promises to do whatever they can to find out what happened to Jeremy.

In the woods the same demon we saw in the alternative world climbs out of the mud. Abbie reminds Crane that they don't know if any of his descendants are alive.  Crane suggests that he could have as many as 6000 offspring.  Abbie brings up the Historical Records Library which has rare records leading back to the revolution.  Parish calls out that it is time for him to leave and Crane suggests that Parish has a purpose with them.  Parish replies that his contribution is over now that Crane has been separated from the horseman. Parish concedes as long as he is on the train which leaves at 12:44AM, he will help. The three then get into the car and leave but what they do not know is that they were being watched by the demon.

Frank has gone to see a Priest about the two witnesses of the apocalypse. Frank wonders what happens to the witnesses and the priest reveals that they are destined to die for their testimony.  Frank then asks what happens to the people who follow them and the priest reveals that they will die as well. Frank talks about being alone and that the grand prize for a life of public service is death. The priest suggests that Frank should have faith in the Lord's plan.  Frank stands and says that he has remembered why he stopped coming there.

At the library, Crane is told that they may have no reference to the church he is looking for. After he snarks about the importance of books, the librarian points him to an area in the back.  Parish finds a book with a reference to Grace Dickson and that she died in a fire.  Apparently, people were afraid of Jeremy and the local people claimed they had seen Jeremy start fires just by crying.  Ichabod realises that Jeremy inherited Katrina's power. After the house burned down, they found the boy the next morning and Jeremy was sent to a home for orphan children of the war. Crane then realises that Jeremy was responsible for the death of Abbie's ancestors and Abbie quickly absolves him of guilt. Crane argues that he could have been there and Parish pipes up and reminds Crane that he wasn't given a choice.  Crane then asks about the home where Jeremy was sent and Parish says that Ms. Hudson knows more than she is telling.  Crane goes looking for Ms. Hudson but she is gone.  Crane, Parish and Abbie find the librarian dead in her crushed car.

The next day, Frank goes to pick up Lacy. Frank apologizes to Cynthia for always being gone and adds that she deserves better, as Lacy listens in.  Cynthia says that if Frank had said that a year ago he would still be living in the family home.  Frank leaves with Lacy.

Abbie, brings in the librarians personal effects to show Parish and Crane.  Parish rambles on about puzzles. When Abbie puts a box on the table, Parish jumps and says that it is full with pain. Crane examines the box and realises that it has the crest of Katrina's coven on it. Abbie surmises that the librarian was a witch and Parish suggests that the witch knew who Ichabod is. Ichabod opens the box and sees a drawing of the doll that Katrina made for the child.  Parish waves his hand over the book and says that the pain inside the box belongs to Jeremy.

We get a flash to Jeremy as a child at the orphanage with the priest beating him.  One day he summoned the promise of his mother's wish and a demon appeared and killed the priest.  The demon then kneels in front of Jeremy and strokes his face.  Ichabod says that Jeremy manifested his grief and rage. Ichabod takes a huge leap and says that the violence they've seen is the work of Jeremy's champion.  Ichabod then says that the champion must have followed him back. Abbie asks why the protector would have killed the librarian and Ichabod reminds Abbie that the coven banished Katrina.  Ichabod adds that there may be more members of the coven still alive. 

Frank is in the park with Lacy and they chat about online videos.  Lacy watches people play frisbee and Frank brings up a wheelchair sports camp.  Lacy says that she will not be not beaten no matter what.  They stop to get a hot chocolate and Lacy leaves to pet a puppy.  The man selling hot chocolate asks Frank if his daughter is strong enough to fight for her soul.  Frank attacks the man and they are interrupted by cops, causing Frank to show his badge.  The demon transfers to another body, as Frank and Abbie walk away.

In the tunnels, Parish and Crane talk about Jeremy not having the benefit of  his father's advice or counsel. Crane comments on Jeremy's rage being brought into the world and Parish says that it is a father's task to impart wisdom.  Parish says that whatever happened to Jeremy, he speaks for him now.  Crane then thinks of Washington's bible and goes to Psalms 1 3:9 and realises that they are dealing with a golem.  Abbie notices a flyer of four veiled women and remembers that she has seen it before.  Parish says that if the Golem seeks revenge then they will be next.  Crane wants to find the women before the golem does to force them to bring Katrina back.

They head to a carnival and Ichabod asks for a private word with them first.  Abbie and Parish agree to wait behind and Crane makes his way into the carnival.  Crane approaches a tent and demands the women show themselves.  Candles light up illuminating the room. They ask for his palm and we get a flash of everything that Crane has been through. The women inform Crane that they are going to die tonight and Crane offers to take them to safety if they release Katrina.  They say that if their destiny is to die, nothing that Crane can do will change that. Ichabod brings up the golem and they say that he has altered the path.  The witches say that Jeremy was hunted because of the golem and the creature continued to kill in his defense.  They add that Jeremy chose to be alone and so they imprisoned the creature.  They then offered Jeremy a place in their coven and he said no, so they invoked a hex to stop his heart and buried him. Ichabod asks how to stop the golem and he is told that the only one who can stop him is Jeremy.

Ichabod runs out of the tent as the golem attacks and ills the witches. Ichabod and Parish go running but Crane is injured by a piece of broken glass.  Parish tells Ichabod that Jeremy's blood is his blood and says that Ichabod's blood can destroy the golem.  Ichabod steps in front of the golem and announces that he is Jeremy's father and asks the golem to stop because Jeremy is gone.  Ichabod says that they both have to let Jeremy go because there is nothing left to protect.  The golem swings at Crane and Crane stabs him with the bloody piece of mirror.  The golem falls to the ground and Crane holds his hand saying, you have endured enough pain, be in peace.   The golem dies, as Parish and Abbie look on.  The golem is now just a little doll.

Later, Parish is getting his things together to leave and Parish admits that he has been called to help Abbie and Crane.  Crane thanks Parish for his help and adds that one cannot turn from fate.  Parish turns to leave and adds that the price of living is taking the dead with us.  Abbie then hands over a present and Crane opens it and he discovers a stocking.  Crane finds it odd and Abbie explains that it is a Christmas tradition.  Abbie leaves to get some food, leaving Crane alone.  When Crane looks into the mirror, it cracks and then puts itself back together showing a forest.

Crane ends up in the forest and when he hears Katrina scream, Crane challenges Maloc to make himself visible. Maloc warns that the saints name is the sign and when Crane understands this, the end of days will begin.  Maloc claims that Crane and Abbie's deaths are only a matter of time.  Maloc then makes an appearance, shoving Crane to the ground in the process. Maloc reminds Crane that he touched Abbie's soul once and that Crane will give him Abbie's soul to hold forever.

Abbie returns just as Crane comes back to consciousness.  Crane reports to Abbie what Maloc told him.

I do believe that was the mid season finale of Sleepy Hollow.  Thus far I must admit that I am not impressed with this show.  I find the attempts of humor ridiculous.  I must however then in recent episodes it has gotten somewhat better with things like adding a backstory and a family for Frank.

I was really glad to see John Noble back has Parish and can only hope that he will be reoccurring guest on the show.  I think I like the character of Parish so much because it is very similar to Walter from Fringe.  I keep expecting to get high and go on a candy hunt.

Frank wasn't in the main action this week but he had a few important moments.  I think it is really important to show someone having doubts about how this is all going to end because Abbie and Crane have both sipped the kool aid and leaped into the deep end.  With everything Frank has seen, it is more than reasonable for Frank to have questions and doubts.  I also liked the return of Frank's family and hope to see more of Lacy because disabled people don't get much representation on television.

So, it looks like we are getting to head with Maloc now that the horseman has been dealt with.  To keep the story going I know that the writers will continue to have twists and turns but by so doing, Sleepy Hollow has to be careful not to write itself into a maze.