Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Resurrection, Season One, Episode Five: Insomnia

Resurrection opens with Bellamy's dream sequence.  Lucille is playing the piano and Bellamy sits on the floor playing soldiers with Jacob.  We learn that Bellamy was an only child and that his parents died ten years ago. Bellamy never bothered to look for his biological parents.  Suddenly, armed men break in and take Jacob away while Martin is being restrained.  Suddenly the scene changes to a child being put into a car by authorities.  Bellamy awakes to find himself alone in bed.

The real Jacob asks Henry to check on his windows.  Henry assures Jacob that his uncle scared the kids away.  Jacob asks if Caleb was found in the factory and Henry replies that Caleb is in jail and that Jacob does't have to be afraid of him.  Jacob wonders if someone is going to take him away because he is different and Henry tries to assure him but Jacob is not convinced.

It seems that insomnia is contagious in this town.  Tom gets out of bed and Janine apologizes for "acting like one of the women." Tom assures Janine that she is not controlling or manipulative. Janine is worried that asking Rachel to leave will become between them.  Tom promises that it won't and starts to head downstairs, when Janine asks where Rachel went.  Tom replies that Rachel is in Tennessee.

Caleb is in jail and is being visited by Bellamy.  Bellamy points out that Caleb had a second chance at life and used it to put a man in the hospital, murder another and rob a bank. Bellamy asks why and Caleb claims to have a different perspective on life and death.  Bellamy wants to know why Caleb is lying about what he went through.  Caleb waxes philosophical about how people go through life scared of death and that he now believes that there is no life or death, just the present.  Caleb wonders why the question is so important to Bellamy.  We get a flash to a crime scene where a woman wails.  Bellamy leaves.

Bellamy heads to  see Fred.  Fred reveals he got a message from the FBI and that they will be there in 48 hours.  Fred asks Bellamy to call in favors because he does't want the FBI in town. Bellamy suggests that they find the money, so that the FBI will have nothing to investigate.  Fred is afraid that if they start looking into Caleb, the FBI will look into Jacob.  Bellamy says that they have to make sure that this doesn't happen.

The police are searching Elaine's house while she sits on the couch spaced out.  Maggie pops in and starts to pick up the books on the floor but Elaine says that there is no point in cleaning until the police are gone. Elaine plays a recording of her boss calling to fire her and says that she is fantastic.  They discuss the fact that Maggie did't reveal that Caleb was being investigated.  Elaine believes that she was kept in the dark because Maggie sees herself as put together and Elaine as a child.  Maggie brings up the different circumstances that they had to face and says that Elaine had to grow up fast and that she admires her.  Elaine cries that she cannot do this alone and Maggie tells her that she is stronger than she realizes and is not alone.

Tom pulls up to a hotel and grabs things from the back of the car.  He knocks on Rachel's door.  They hug awkwardly and Rachel thanks him for putting her up.  Tom gives Rachel some clean clothing and food and Rachel sits experiencing a dizzy spell.  Tom realises that Rachel has a fever and Rachel says that she hasn't felt well since coming back.  Tom wants to take Rachel to see Maggie and Rachel brings up Janine but Tom relays that Janine believes he is helping someone in need.

Fred and Bellamy head to see Caleb and Fred informs Caleb that the FBI is coming to town, which means that Caleb will spend what's left of his days in a secret lab.  Caleb says that he is not afraid and Fred tells Caleb that he can help himself by pleading guilty and telling them where the money is.  Caleb snarks about a lawyer and Bellamy replies that dead men don't get lawyers.  Caleb asks about Elaine and Fred informs him that she hasn't visited but the police have already searched the house looking for the money. Bellamy tells Caleb that he has put Elaine through enough. Caleb asks to talk to Elaine and points out that the FBI will be interested in Jacob as well. When Fred tries to claim not to care about Jacob, Caleb points out that Bellamy does. We get a flash to the little boy from earlier and Bellamy dropping him off.  Caleb asks Fred if his wife really loved him, as Fred heads out of the cell. Fred attacks Caleb and tells him that he bleeds like everyone else. As Bellamy and Fred walk away, Caleb calls out more are coming, indeed, more than they can imagine.

Lucille works on her garden and Henry heads out to chat. Henry says that the bedroom is to quiet without Lucille in bed next to him. Henry says that he has been thinking about the Aldon's, former neighbors who also lost a child. Henry adds that they never talked to the Aldon's about the loss of their child though they had so much in common. Lucille replies that Henry was scared. Henry says that he knows he is hurting Jacob and that he wants to let the Jacob they lost go.  Lucille instructs Henry that he has to let himself feel, before returning to the house.

Elaine and Maggie have cleaned up the house from the police search when Bellamy arrives.  Bellamy apologises for what Elaine is going through and asks her for help.  Elaine is not interested and points out that she lost her job because of Bellamy.  Martin says that Caleb is asking for her and that they know that Caleb stole the money from the bank and asks Elaine to persuade Caleb to tell them where it is.  Elaine asks for a lawyer and points out that they have rights.  Bellamy brings up the FBI and the risk they pose.  Elaine orders Bellamy out of the house, so Bellamy brings up that Jacob is at risk.  Elaine is not appeased and suggests that protecting Jacob is Bellamy's job.  Elaine leaves the room and Maggie gets a call from Tom, saying that Rachel has returned.  Tom and Maggie agree to meet at her office.  Maggie relates the conversation to Bellamy, who reveals Caleb's warning about more people returning.

Henry unlocks the basement door and heads downstairs.  The basement looks like no one has bee in it for years.  Henry opens up an album containing photos and memorabilia of the other Jacob and starts to cry. He holds the album close to his chest absolutely overcome.

Maggie walks into her office, where Tom and Rachel are waiting for her.  Tom introduces Rachel to Maggie and they chat about a person they had in common.  It seems that Rachel and Tom snuck in the back door because members of the community have not been kind to the Returned.  Tom leaves for the church. Rachel talks about having dizzy spells and Maggie asks about Rachel's memories.  Rachel says that she has not processed everything, so Maggie hands Rachel a gown and leaves the room.

Bellamy leads Elaine in to see her father.  Caleb thanks Elaine for visiting and says that she is proof that there is good in his life.  Caleb adds that Elaine is the only thing that matters.  What neither of them know is that Fred and Bellamy are watching the entire exchange.  Elaine says that her boss realised that Caleb used her computer and fired her as a result.  Caleb says that everything he did was for her and Ray.  Elaine is not happy and she talks about all of her struggles, so Caleb suggests that he raised her to be strong. Elaine screams that she does't see the good in anybody and that when Caleb came back, she tried to see the good in him.  Caleb brings up Elaine's birthdays when she was a child and Elaine asks what he is talking about. Bellamy and Caleb wonder if this is Caleb's way of giving Elaine a message as to where the money is and order officers to check it out.  Caleb admits that he knew he had died and Elaine tells Caleb that he lied to her from the moment he came back into her life, meaning that he hasn't changed.  Elaine walks away with Caleb calling out for her.

At the park, the police are tearing it up.  Martin doesn't believe that this is the right location because there is no privacy there.  Bellamy leaves to talk to Elaine again.

Maggie returns with Rachel's test results ad says that everything looks good.  Rachel asks about the other Returned and Maggie admits that there have been two others - Caleb and Jacob.  Rachel says that she and Jacob were friends in school.  Maggie has another look at the results and tells Rachel that she is pregnant. Oh oh. Rachel realises that this happened before she died and asks Maggie not to tell Tom. Maggie promises not to tell Tom

Elaine is back home and picks up a picture of herself on what would have been her birthday. Inside the broken frame, Elaine finds the letter she put into the coffin with Caleb. Elaine heads outside with a bat and starts to destroy the new porch.  On  the back of the letter are the words, "under the porch."

Bellamy calls Maggie to find out about Rachel and if she learned anything new.  Maggie says that Rachel is still disoriented.  After announcing his desire to meet with Rachel, Bellamy hangs up.  Martin pulls up to Elaine's house to find her sitting on the porch having a beer.  Elaine hands over two bags of money and tells Martin that he is tell Caleb that she doesn't want it.

Bellamy drops the bags in front of Caleb and calls him a con man who has lost the one person who loves him. Caleb starts coughing, so Martin starts to leave.  Caleb calls out that he will tell Martin about the boy. Martin replies that he knows all he needs to about Jacob.  Caleb calls out that he means the other boy.

We get another flash to a medical examiner van in Cook County. Martin flashes his badge ad body is being take out.  Martin focuses in on a ball lying on the ground. Martin heads back to the cell, as Caleb continues to cough. Bellamy goes to get water for Caleb and when he turns around, Caleb is gone.

Maggie calls Dr. Ward for a consult but gets his machine.  She says that she has three patients with the same affliction and that it is very important this this information stays private.

Bellamy reports to Fred that Caleb has disappeared and Fred finds this implausible.  Bellamy remembers Jacob's dream about disappearing and leaves. Bellamy tries to call Henry and Lucille but gets their answering machine.  Bellamy rushes to the front door of Fred and Lucille's and rings the bell frantically.  Fred answers the door and Bellamy asks about Jacob.  The two men run out back, where Jacob is catching fire flies.  A relieved Martin hugs Jacob when he appears.  Jacob asks if Caleb is gone and Martin doesn't answer.

Okay so not only do we have Returned appearing they are also capable of disappearing. How Fred found this implausible considering what he has already seen is beyond me.  Okay, so here's my theory.  They Returned come back with a mission to accomplish and when they do, they disappear.  Caleb wanted his daughter to have the money from the bank robbery and as soon as he managed to place it in her hands he disappeared.  What's your theory on the Returned?

I continue to find Henry and Lucille's story line compelling.  Losing a child is just something you don't recover from.  Even after all of these years, Henry is still haunted by the son he lost.  He wants to be a better father to the Jacob who is with him, but it feels like a betrayal of the memory of the son he lost.  Lucille is wrong about Henry starting to feel.  I think the issue is that Henry feels too much.

Finally we got a little back story on Martin.  It's obvious that he convinced a kid to testify and then the kid was murdered in revenge.  This clearly still haunts Martin.  He doesn't want to lose another child under his protection hence his hyper vigilance when it comes to Jacob.

Tom is clearly quite conflicted.  He knows that the treatment of the Returned by the public is wrong even though it is causing him to have a crises of fate. Now it is forcing him to place his marriage in jeopardy.  With Rachel being pregnant with what is likely to be Tom's child, complicates the situation even more. I am really looking forward to seeing where this story line goes.