Friday, April 11, 2014

The 100: Season One, Episode Four: Murphy's Law

Clarke sits at the burial site and is approached by Finn, who is concerned that she is out there by herself.  Finn points out that Wells was killed just outside of the wall. Finn hands Clarke a pencil and she reminisces about when she and Wells were little and how he used to trade his own things to get her anything she could draw with. Clarke then brings up that Well allowed him to hate her so that she wouldn't hate her own mother. Clarke wishes she could make Abigail could feel what she is and heads off.

An alarm goes off on the arc.  Abigail stands and  screams as the words "transmission ended" flash across a picture of Clarke.  Abigail says that it's not conclusive and points out that this is the first terminated symbol in over a week.  Abigail asks Jackson for an analysis of Clarke's vital signs for the last two days. It seems that on earth, Monty managed to take off Clarke's wristband without breaking it.  Monty thinks that they will be able to talk to the arc by nightfall.

Clarke heads outside where the survivors are busy working. Bellamy checks on Charlotte and of course, John takes the time to bully a kid who has fallen to his knees dehydrated.

Octavia leads Jasper outside of the makeshift compound but before they can get far, Octavia is snatched. Jasper is quick to follow, only to learn that Octavia was snatched by a few kids as a prank.  Jasper turns to leave but trips and falls to the ground.  When he looks up, he sees a trail of fingers.  Is this perhaps a message from the grounders?

Back on the arc, Abigail is stopped by Director Cain, who wants to now why she has visited Mecca station 9 times in the past week.  Abigail asks if Cain is tracking him and Cain reveals that he is tracking everybody. Cain asks to come along and Abigail covers by saying that a mechanic came down with something so he would have to be vaccinated first.  Abigail claims that she is checking the bacteria levels on the station to avoid another outbreak.  Cain asks Abigail to keep him informed and she walks away.

Abigail heads to see Raven to find out if they can launch the ship earlier than planned but Raven makes it clear that this is not a possibility.  Abigail reveals that Clarke's signal has been terminated but Raven is not concerned and suggests that there are many reasons this could have happened. Raven tells Abigail that she will get a pressure regulator the today and the less she knows the better.

Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper examine the evidence. The metal they found was from the ship and Clarke realises that the grounders didn't kill Wells.  Bellamy wants to keep it quiet believing that it is good for the group. Bellamy says that fear of the grounders is keeping people building the wall. Clarke says that she knows who did it because the initials J.M are carved into.  Clarke heads to confront Murphy and asks if he dropped it after he killed Wells.  Clarke promises Murphy that he is going to pay for this but Murphy adds that Wells's father was the chancellor's son and plenty of people hated him.  When Murphy appeals to Bellamy, Bellmay points out that they found Wells's fingers with Murphy's knife.  Clarke asks the survivors if this is the kind of society they want - one where murder goes unpunished. The boy Murphy bullied calls for Murphy to be floated and Clarke says that revenge isn't justice.  Suddenly, a crowd grabs Murphy and a cord is placed around his neck.  A panicked Charlotte watches.  Murphy is hung from a tree, as Clarke entreats Bellamy to stop this.  Finn hears the noise and comes running. Bellamy tells Clarke that this is on her because she should have kept her mouth shut.  Finn rushes forward calling for Murphy to be cut down. Charlotte finally makes her way through the crowd and screams that Murphy didn't kill Wells and that she did.  Clarke uses the distraction to cut Murphy down.

On the arc, Raven starts to negotiate for the parts that she needs.  She is told that she must pay be having sex with the chief of electrical. Raven turns to walk away and Nigel calls out that Raven's mother would have taken that deal and in fact, did so in the past many times.  Raven attacks Nigel but is escorted out.

Bellamy, Finn, Charlotte and Clarke are inside a tent and Charlotte explains that she was trying to slay her demons like Bellamy told her.  Bellamy says that Charlotte misunderstood him, as outside Murphy calls for Charlotte to brought outside. Bellamy asks for ideas and Finn points out that the people screaming are Bellamy's boys.  Bellamy is quick to deny responsibility for this and adds that if Clarke had listened, the kids would still be building the wall.  Bellamy assures Charlotte that everything is going to be okay and heads out to talk to Murphy. Bellamy says that he was just giving the people what they wanted when he didn't act to stop Murphy's hanging.  Murphy asks about stringing Charlotte up but finds he has no real support.  Murphy calls them cowards.  As Bellamy turns away, Murphy knocks him down and heads into the tent to find that Clarke and Finn have spirited Charlotte away.

Raven heads to see Abigail at the clinic and they talk about the long list of people suffering from oxygen deprivation.  Raven tells Abigail that she went to see Nigel and cannot get the part. Abigail is shocked and says that Cain has been trying to get Nigel for years.  Abigail asks if anybody saw her and Raven says that she doesn't know.  Raven makes it clear that they cannot launch today and Abigail says that she will take care of it and leaves.

Abigail heads to see Nigel and slips her some morphine asking for a pressure regulator. Nigel says that she underestimated Raven and wonders how Raven got such a well connected benefactor. Abigail makes it clear that Raven has 30 seconds to decide. Nigel grabs the morphine and Abigail walks away but what Abigail doesn't know is that Cain was standing a few feet behind her.

Clarke, Finn and Charlotte make their way through the woods. Charlotte grabs Clarke's hand and Clarke pulls back and tells Charlotte that she is not forgiven.  Finn points out that Charlotte is just a kid but Clarke makes it clear that Charlotte is a murderer.  Clarke screams at Charlotte that she cannot just kill someone to make herself feel better and Charlotte weeps.  In the distance, Murphy can be heard screaming Charlotte's name. Clarke grabs Charlotte and says that they should run.  Finn however opens a hatch and  they climb down and close the lid. They use flashlights to make their way around.

Later, Finn tucks Charlotte in and Clarke is upset that Finn kept this location quiet. Quinn asks why and points out that all of the food expired 90 years ago.  Clarke brings up re purposing and sharing with the group.  Clarke shows Finn a picture of a family, which she assumes never made it to the bunker.  Clarke suggests that the family was lucky and could not have lived more than a few years in the bunker and would have eventually died.  Clarke asks what they are going to do about Charlotte and points out that if she hadn't confronted Murphy none of this would have happened.  Clarke believes that there has to be consequences and Finn replies says hopefully they will figure it out before Murphy kills them for protecting Charlotte because  Murphy is  not the forgive and forget type.

Abigail hands over the part to Raven and tells her that she only has a few hours. Cain walks into what looks like a church meeting and finds Nigel waiting for him.  Nigel tells Cain about the pressure regulator and implies that she didn't have a choice because a counselor asked her to break the law. Cain asks when Nigel started giving up her customers and Nigel smugly replies that no one should be above the law.  Cain calls Nigel a plague on the ship and adds that it is her word against Abigail.  Nigel hands over the morphine and says that with Abigail out of the way, Cain's agenda should sail right through.  Cain takes the morphine and leaves.

Finn is asleep on the couch and Clarke wakes him when she realizes that Charlotte is gone. Outside, Bellamy grabs Charlotte from behind.  She tells Bellamy that she is not Octavia and can do what she wants.  Charlotte calls out her location and Bellamy silences her saying that he won't leave her. Murphy continues to leave people through the woods looking for Charlotte.  Finn and Clarke find Charlotte's footprints along with another set and assume that Murphy has her.

Abigail is with Raven and they get a message from Jackson asking if Abigail took morphine from the clinic. Jackson adds that Cain is on his way there to arrest the both of them. Raven says that she needs another 20 minutes, so Abigail says that no matter what happens, Raven is to launch the pod. Abigail adds that 300 innocent people will die if Raven doesn't go and radio back about what is going on with the kids. Raven point out that Abigail will be floated.  Raven and Abigail hug and Abigail asks Raven to tell Clarke that she loves her.

Bellamy is still making his way through the forest with Charlotte. Murphy and his group catch up, and Murphy says that Bellamy cannot fight all of them but Bellamy replies that he will take a few of them with him.  Clarke approaches and asks for calm but Murphy grabs her and threatens to cut her throat. Charlotte begs Murphy not to hurt Clarke, so Murphy tells Charlotte that if she comes to him that he will let Clarke go. Charlotte goes to move forward but is stopped by Charlotte.  Charlotte says that she cannot let anyone else get hurt anymore because of what she did and dives off a cliff. Bellamy attacks Murphy and Clarke calls for him to stop, so he doesn't kill Murphy.  Clarke says that on the earth, they don't decide who lives and dies. Clarke admits that she was wrong before and that sometimes you cannot just tell people the truth.  Clarke adds that if they are gong to survive on earth they need rules.  Bellamy asks who makes the rules and Clarke replies that for now, they make the rules.  Clarke suggests banishing Murphy, so Bellamy grabs Murphy and threatens to drop him off a cliff if he returns to camp.  The others are told that they can either follow Bellamy or go off with Murphy to die.  Finn tosses Murphy his knife and heads out leaving Murphy alone.

At the arc, Cain charges in as Raven continues to work. Abigail meets Cain, who says that he is hoping there is a logical explanation.  Abigail says that she still believes, so Cain asks what the pressure regulator is for and adds that Raven, Abigail's infected mechanic must be up to something.  Raven has now put on a suit. Cain tells Abigail that her obsession is going to get Raven floated as well, if she doesn't tell him what she is up to.  Abigail replies that she is trying to save them all.  Cain orders Abigail arrested and a search started for Raven Reyes.  Raven is now outside of the space station and Cain asks what Abigail has done.  Abigail replies that she has to know the truth.

On earth, the kids gather to discuss the rules as Bellamy and Clarke lay them out.  The pod is falling rapidly to earth. Clarke heads to see  Monty who has now hooked up bracelet. Monty tries to contact the arc but instead of contacting the arc, it shorts out all of the bracelets. On the arc, communication  terminated appears across all of the pictures of the kids. Monty is left alone with Octavia and Jasper, who says that he might be cursed.  Octavia assures Jasper that he isn't cursed and is instead brave.  Octavia reminds Jasper that he tried to help everyone and stood up to a bully. Octavia kisses Jasper and walks away.

Finn is on a rampage and says that its over and that the people on the arc are going to die.  Clarke tells Finn that they still have hope and that he is not alone.  They start to strip and kiss.  The pod is now orbiting the earth.

Okay, so it's official.  Wells is dead and now. He only existed as a support character for Clarke.  Could he have been anymore of a stereotype.  I suppose at least we should be thankful that Clarke took the time to mourn him.

This week we saw a softer side of Bellamy with his concern for Charlotte's safety.  Charlotte's story line reveals how stark life on the arc was.  Charlotte was turned into a killer by her history. Killing Wells is what life on the arc taught her to do.  It took her death to stop the survivors from turning into wild and realising, "whatever the hell we want," doesn't work for living in a community.  This also establishes Clarke and Bellamy as co-leaders in the eyes of the group.

I am worried for Jasper now.  We have already seen that Bellamy has no patience for anyone going near his sister.  Jasper looks like dead man walking now.  This is going to be a test of the new rules that they have created. Well Bellamy give up control of sister in order to assure the success of the group? If he does it would be rather telling given that the sort of control he asserts over Octavia's romantic life is unacceptable to begin with.

So this week we were introduced to Nigel. I wonder if the writers realise that the name means little black boy.  I wonder if she will be a one off character? So far, we have a few characters of colour but they are limited and largely in servant roles.  All the positions of power are occupied by White people. Yes, we have Jaha but thus far he has been promoted to obscurity.  It feels like they are sprinkled in to avoid accusations of erasure and racism.