Sunday, July 6, 2014

Links of Interest

Since we’re quite capable of losing hours to the internet if we’re not careful, we do come across some thoughtful discussion that are both relevant to Fangs and fire up the brain cells; here are some links of the past two weeks that have caught our interest

Please feel free to share your own links in the comments

Includes a lot of what we complain about representation in the genres we follow

Some analysis of trends of debut authors examining Jane Friedman’s statistics

I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Nina Dobrev and laughing uproariously at Paul Wesley and Danielle Campbell

A comment on the recent Eric/Jason scene in the latest episode of True Blood that had me saying “what they said.”

Some major issue with The Mary Sue’s new direction and some good general points on any marginalised media outlet that decides to go more “mainstream”.

This shows us the importance of looking at trends and connections in media. Because if the same content creators keep doing the same thing? That’s indicative

An excellent article on how racial dynamics can change the nature of a portrayal (which has also a great example of how simply putting a Black character in a role once held by a White one doesn’t mean racist tropes won’t apply

We do not know the various writer’s histories nor can we guarantee that other posts on these sites won’t be problematic - but these posts definitely whetted our interest.