Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 1st September - 5th September

This week we have… rather a lot of blah, to be honest. There’s some pretty covers, but it’s vague and generic week

The Witch with No Name (Hollows #16) by Kim Harrison

Y’know, I can’t think of many times, except when in professional disguise, that Rachel has worn a skirt. And if she’s in professional guise, I can’t see why she’d wear that top. Or why she’d ever wear that top - is that a corset? Is she actually wearing a corset? Why are we looking at her back and arse anyway?

The conclusion of this series and… I don’t know. It’s nice but that’s what it feels, nice. It’s steampunky but it’s sooooo generic. A city, a balloon. Behold, Steampunk.

Immortal Light: Wide Awake by John D Sperry

It’s an arse… and a sword. Why is it an arse with a sword? Denim and a sword? It’s… just… limited. What can I say? Denim, sword. Done.

Heart to Heart (Angelica Brown #2) by Ifè Oshun

This is an excellent cover and I’m really glad that it hasn’t been whitewashed or abstracted which happens a lot with covers for POC protagonists. It’s wonderful in many ways - but I think it’s lacking in any real plot indications. I see a few musical notes but no indication of the supernatural here - it’s a pretty cover but has an edge of the generic.