Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Resurrection Season Two, Episode Three: Multiple

This episode starts with Tom holding an old time baptismal in the water.  I don't know about you but the water didn't look appealing to stand in, let alone dunk half of one's body in. Of course, the first person baptized is Barbara (that must be about her elation to be away from Fred) but her elation is shot lived when she finds a skull in the water.  Told ya that water didn't look right.

Switch to Bellamy making eggs in his swanky new place until he suddenly grabs his heart and collapses to the ground, only to find himself staring at his bloody and injured body.  This of course is a dream and Bellamy awakes with a fright.

Fred stands on the shores of the lake in deep complication, as CSI examines the now several skulls which have been pulled out of the water. I suppose this is where Margaret dumped the remains we saw her dig up last week.  Fred heads to see Tom to question what Tom was doing at the river and Tom admits that he resigned from the church and has started his own church.  Fred questions Tom's priorities given that he has a baby on the way but Tom makes it clear that the people he baptized wouldn't normally have fit in because not everyone in Arcadia believes they should be living side by side. Tom excuses himself and Fred has a flashback to running shoes floating in the water.

Maggie and Bellamy sit to have breakfast where she complains that there was no food in the morning when Bellamy comments on how rapidly she is eating.  Bellamy cannot let go of Arthur's disappearance and wonders what really happened. Maggie theorizes that if you disappear that's the end but if you die and leave a body behind like Rachel, you come back.  They are interrupted when Maggie gets a call from the coroner reporting on multiple human remains at the river. Maggie leaves Bellamy to investigate.

It's morning at the Langston's and Lucille announces that the family is going apple picking. Margaret is making herself busy organizing the cupboards and Jacob makes it clear he doesn't want to go along. Margaret questions why Jacob isn't in school because all of the other kids his age are learning and making friends but Lucille believes that now isn't the time.  Jacob says that he is ready to go to school.

Bellamy has gone to see Tom who is putting in some work at what I can only assume is his new church. Tom admits that while there is a lot to be done, the rent is low.  When Bellamy brings up the skulls, Tom says that he told Fred everything and that this does not bode well because this is his first Returned baptism.  Tom then notices that Bellamy seems troubled and after swearing Tom's secrecy, Bellamy admits that he died.

Maggie is at the crime scene assembling the bodies and reports to Fred that all of the bodies are male and that there are at least six of them.  She adds that these bones were recently dug up and then thrown in the water but that they have no idea where they previously were.  Maggie is very matter of fact with her father throughout this entire conversation. Fred then brings up Barbara getting baptized but Maggie walks away clearly not interested in interacting with Fred and frankly, who can blame her.

Back at the church, Bellamy says that what happened does not make sense and he wonders if he was born in Arcadia because he always knew he was adopted.  He talks about how as a child, he would make up stories about his origin to hide the fact that his parents didn't want him.  Bellamy then moves on to the dream he had the night before of looking down at his dead body and questions what it means.  Bellamy realises that he must have a body somewhere.  Tom talks about Rachel's desire to see her own body so that she could grieve and  Bellamy wonders how one can grieve for themselves. Tom suggests that people do this all of the time by doing things like grieving for the child they once were for example. Bellamy is struck by this as Tom adds that in order to grow, one must put one's past self to rest.  When Bellamy says that he doesn't know who his old self is, Tom suggests that he find out.

Bellamy reports that another Returned has arrived without any family and no one to claim him.  Maggie then calls and says that she believes that the bones from the river are Returned. Maggie adds that what they have are two sets of identical skeletons. When Bellamy questions Maggie assertions, Maggie says that this is the only explanation and adds that the bones are so old that they could potentially be from the 1930's judging from the dental work. Maggie now believes that Jacob wasn't the first and that this has happened before.  They agree to meet at the clinic and for Maggie to bring the bones there.

Carl is making his way home and trips over his brother empty beer cans. For his troubles he is mocked by his brother.  Mikey is vulgar and course and tries to emasculate Carl.  Mikey then suggests they get beer and stakes for an impromptu party  but when Carl offers Mikey the keys to the truck so that he can shop for the requested items, Mikey questions if Carl wants him to get attacked and shot. Mikey comments that no matter how much he eats, he never gains weight.  Carl points out that it is getting expensive to feed Mikey. Mikey continues to belittle Carl and demands that Carl pick up frozen stake before belching and leaving the room.  At this point, one cannot help but feel sorry for Carl.

Maggie brings in the remains along with two other deputies only to find Margaret waiting for her. Margaret it seems is there for her follow up appointment. Maggie takes Margaret into her office and declares her to  be in great shape.  Margaret shifts the conversation to Fred and how much he is hurting.  We see a flashback of Fred, as Margaret talks about Fred pretending that nothing can hurt him and that he feels more deeply then any of them. Margaret declares that Fred is right not to trust any of the Returned because they shouldn't be here.  Margaret points out that they have not done anything to deserve this and that Fred is the only one who has the courage to stand up and say it.

The Langston's have escorted Jacob to school where he meets Principal Hayes.  It turns out that Jacob and Hayes were students together in the past.  The adults send Jacob off to play and Lucille admits her fears for Jacob and Hayes says that it won't be easy for Jacob.  Lucille questions if the school can guarantee Jacob's safety but Hayes says that he shares the Langston's concerns for Jacob's safety.  The Langston's get to meet Jacob's teacher, Miss. Cannon.  Finally, another character of colour has been added to this series. Lucille and Miss. Cannon don't exactly hit it off because Miss. Cannon initially mistakes the Langstons for Jacob's grandparents.

Fred and Maggie are at the office looking at the bones.  Fred is shocked to hear that the bones are from the Returned.  Fred moves to leave to check some drop points and Maggie stops hims to say that she knows it wasn't easy for Fred to be down by the river today.  Fred admits that it stirred up things he has been trying to forget before leaving.

Randy hops out of Black van and pauses when he sees a Black sedan parked beside the road.  Randy calls a number but the cellphone rings in the trunk of the sedan.  Randy is confronted by Bellamy holding a gun, who demands to be taken to see The elegant woman (from now on known as TEW. Also don't blame me, because that is the only name for this character on IMBD). Randy drives until they arrive at a blockade. Bellamy is told that whatever he wanted, he could have asked on the phone by TEW.  Bellamy questions what happened to his body and adds that he wants it.  He is told that this is not possible and that he was sent back to Arcadia to be helpful by TEW. TEW points out that Bellamy has not been very helpful and that when he has something real, he is to call.  Bellamy questions if his body will be returned then but TEW points out that the body is just a vessel and he will never be allowed to keep it.  TEW promises that for something solid,  Bellamy will be given access to his body. Bellamy is then informed that Randy will drive him back to Arcadia.

Fred peers over a bridge at the river and when he puts his hand through the railings, Fred discovers an aging piece of cloth.

Back in his kitchen, Carl is frying up two stakes.  He brings a stake to his brother Mikey, in front of the television, who complains that the stake is too well done and promptly throws it across the room.  Mike is bitter and talks about how he took care of their little problem  When Carl starts to walk away, Mikey suggests that maybe he should talk loudly about what happened to their parents.  Carl tells Mikey that he has had too much to drink. Mikey then suggests that Carl eat the food that he has thrown on the floor and Mike gets on his knees and starts to comply.  Mikey starts to laugh when Carl brings a bite to his mouth and tells Carl to clean up the mess and cook him another steak.  Finally, at the end of his rope, Carl grabs a gun and shoots Mikey in the back before heading back to the table and calmly eating his own steak dinner. Okay, I know technically it's murder but does anyone really blame Mikey at this point?

Maggie has all of the skeletons arranged now and is joined by Bellamy.  Maggie starts pointing out the different causes of death and says that all of the people might have been murdered before heading away to update Frank.  The moment she leaves, Bellamy calls the TEW to report on what he has learned.

Lucille stops to say goodnight to Henry and finds him looking over the blueprints for the factory and questions if this is Margaret's doing. Henry brings up going to the school today and how they used to have a routine but after he died he couldn't continue it.  Lucille suggests that Henry wanted to punish himself and that is why he quit.  Henry wonders if it is time he stop punishing himself and Lucille is supportive and tells him that he should do it.

Fred has made his way to an empty factory and is examining it by flashlight.  Fred pauses when he gets a message from Maggie saying that the skeletons are all from people who were murdered. 

Maggie is gluing skulls together when Fred show up saying that he got her message. Maggie says that she might be able to get DNA from the bones.  They hear a noise and when Maggie confirms that they should be alone, Fred draws his service weapon and heads off to see what made the sound.

Bellamy meets up with TEW and she again tells him that he cannot keep his body.  Bellamy moves forward toward the body bag and in a swift movement unzips it and looks down at his naked corpse.  Bellamy steps back horrified and the bag is closed back up.

Later, in the woods, Tom and Bellamy stand at an unmarked makeshift grave that they have declared a marker for Bellamy.  As Tom beings to pray, men obviously sent by TEW invade Maggie's office and take the bones.  Carl drags his brother's body into the basement where he has already dug a hole. Just as Carl finishes burying Mikey, he hears Mikey's voice upstairs calling for him saying that he is starving and once again complaining.  A resigned Carl climbs the stairs.

Once again, Resurrection focused on the human relationships and only tossed at tidbit of information about the returned.  I always suspected that Jacob was not the first given the hints they gave about Bellamy's past last season.  All the information we got in this episode was make it known to the key characters.  They fixated on the idea that if you disappear you don't return but if you are killed and leave a body behind like all of the people who have currently returned you get to stay.  The problem with all of this is that they have not moved forward on the central mystery.  Who are the Returned and why have they returned.  Instead we have been given a shady government agency to wonder about, hints to something traumatic in Fred's past and of course some tension between Margaret and Lucille.

Speaking of Margaret, I understand that Fred is her son and that it is understandable for her to want to see the good in Fred but a lot of what happened felt like retconning his character.  From what I have seen, Fred is cold, manipulative, controlling and even violent.  If he cannot get the women in his life to do what he wants he throws a fit and does not care who gets hurt in the process. This cannot be wiped away with the notion that he simply feels too much.

For most of Resurrection, anyone would be hard pressed to see Carl as more than a bit character.  Suddenly he has been elevated and we get to learn what his home life is like.  If they are actually going to grow Carl's character I am fine with this but if this was a brief aside to avoid delving into the heart of the issue, I am most certainly not fine.  We know now that Carl had a rough childhood and something clearly happened between Carl, Mikey and their parents.  It did make me wonder how many times Carl has murdered Mikey and I suppose it also reminded us as viewers that not all of the Returned bring joy to their families.  Caleb certainly wasn't an angel and now obviously we can see Mikey is not.  It did however make me wonder if a large appetite has anything to do with those who get to stay and those who disappear.  One of the first signs that something wasn't right with Caleb, was the amount of food he consumed. While Mikey eventually disappear as well, thus freeing Carl from his disgusting bully of a brother?

A lot of this episode was focused on Bellamy's existential crises.  The truth is, he has never known who he is.  I want to see the story delve deeper into his past because I believe that is where we will learn the real explanation for the Returned. I was however moved by his pain seeing his own dead corpse. 

And finally can we please give the TEW a bloody name.  The Elegant Lady will not suffice if she is to be a real character.