Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Two: Alive and Kicking

This episode begins with a flashback to Cadiz, Spain in 1702, with Elijah and Klaus riding away on horseback, as the city burns. Elijah and Klaus walk into a room filled with dead bodies looking for Kol.  Elijah's first complaint is of course not about the waste of human life but about his efforts to keep his family concealed. Kol enters the room feeding on a servant, announcing that there is always time for games.  Elijah is quick to announce that they must leave because Michael is nearly here.  Kol snarks about Klaus still being alive and Klaus explains that he barely escaped and that Michael left the head of his horse on a pike.  How very gangsta of Michael. Kol suggests that since Michael hates Klaus, it's Klaus who should leave.  Elijah says that Rebekah and Finn have already boarded the ship and that it is time for them to leave.  Kol points out that Rebekah does what she is told because she is afraid of Klaus and Finn cannot protest because he has a dagger in his heart. Kol says that he will take his chances here but Klaus daggers him for his independence.  Kol swears that the day will come when he is not so easily subdued and will have his vengeance then.

In the present, Kol walks the streets of New Orleans, randomly using his powers like a kid with a new toy. He watches as Davina gets into a taxi.

In the courtyard, Elijah finds the body of a dead woman.  When he heads to see Haley, he finds her in a tub with a dead woman on the ground.  Hayley explains that Klaus took her to the cauldron where they ran into some witches.  When Elijah asks if Hayley would like him to remove her leftovers, a naked Hayley stands and Elijah quickly hands her a towel.  Hayley tells Elijah not to judge because she hasn't done anything worse than what Klaus has done in the past. Elijah suggests that Hayley hold herself to a higher standard than that of Klaus but Hayley points out that now that she is a hybrid, she has a werewolf's temper to go along with her new appetite. Hayley adds that the witches who tried to kill her baby aren't worth more than food.

Elijah takes his disapproval to Klaus, who explains that he simply wanted the witches to hand over the white oak stake and when they refused to so, he let Hayley have her fun.  Elijah adds that Hayley is growing more savage and falling apart.  Klaus points out Elijah's high standards and says that being a vampire only exaggerates who you truly are. Klaus adds that wolves are wild things and that Elijah's judgment is only hurting Hayley. Elijah replies that he asked Klaus to help Hayley but Klaus argues that he is and that Haley was smiling when she was covered in witches blood. Elijah is determined that Hayley get a connection to her humanity and suggests that her people in the bayou might be able to reach her.

Marcel is lecturing his new potential vampires about the changes they will experience when they turn, when Elijah arrives. We get a flashback to 1821, with Elijah watching as Marcel tries to learn how to play the piano. When Marcel declares that he cannot do this, Elijah points out that Marcel once thought that about learning to read and now he is more than proficient.  Elijah suggests that with more dedication, Marcel will play like Bach and Marcel replies that he wants to play like Elijah. A drunken Klaus enters and is quick to snark about how well Marcel and Elijah are getting along.  Elijah sends Marcel off to study Hamlet (a fitting choice all things considered), as Klaus whines about the monotony he is living in. Klaus complains that Rebekah is still moping over the governor's son and that now, all of Marcel's time is taken up with education. Elijah reveals that he has pulled the dagger out of Kol to have a little playmate. When Elijah and Klaus catch up with Kol, he has already killed a few of the servants. Kol makes it clear that he is still upset that he was daggered. Klaus points out that now that Elijah and Marcel have grown to be so close, he doesn't see any reason why he should be alone.

In the present, Marcel makes his way over to see Elijah, who quips that he didn't expect to see Marcel creating a new vampire community.  Marcel points out that his community was fine until Klaus had the brilliant idea to make moonlight rings.  It seems one of the harvest girls is continuing to make them, offering them to the wolves in exchange for allegiance.  Marcel calls Elijah the last true vampire left and given that the Quarter had become so dangerous, offers Elijah the chance to join his community. Elijah it seems has other plans and promises to allow Marcel to continue to build his community, if he finds the white oak stake.  Marcel says that even if he wanted to help, he has no idea where the stake is. Elijah points out that Marcel has an ally in Davina and that he would approach her himself but believes the conversation would be unpleasant.  Marcel is quick to warn Elijah away from Davina, so Elijah calls the matter settled and instructs Marcel to deal with Davina personally.

Micheal is getting frustrated watching Davina work with Esther's grimoire's to delink the stake from all of the vampires Klaus has sired. Michael offers to help Davina with her work but Davina says no, in fear that he will trick her into a spell which will free him.  Michael points out that Davina is just as paranoid as Klaus. Davina leaves without answering, after getting a text from Kol about meeting for coffee.  What Davina does not know is that Kol is inside the church.

Later, Kol reports to Esther that Davina is hiding something in the attic because the door was locked with a complex spell.  Esther speculates that it could be a weapon or a source of power. Esther, not wanting to leave anything to chance suggests that Kol take Davina out for dinner and find out where Davina stands.  As Vincent, Esther and Kol enter the graveyard, they find wolves waiting for them. Kol calls the wolves a pack of freeloaders but Esther says that the wolves are their friends.  It seems that Esther has the witches working on moonlight rings around the clock and promises that when all of the wolves have rings, they will pay Elijah and Klaus a visit to teach them the unfortunate error of their vampire ways.

Klaus and Hayley are in the bayou and the camp appears deserted.  Klaus says that they are hiding and Hayley points out that the only thing the pack hates more than vampires are hybrids. Klaus suggests that what they hate is their lack of power and points out that many wolves are making deals with the witches in exchange for moonlight rings. Klaus adds that the witches have not gotten to Hayley's pack yet and that they need them for an alliance. When Hayley snarks, Klaus informs her that this is her task to deal with. When Hayley calls the task stupid, Klaus points out that her people need a leader and that Hayley is their queen.  Hayley calls herself a mess and points out that she cries all day and feeds all night. Hayley says that all she can think about is how much she misses her daughter and accuses Klaus of not caring.  Klaus says that all he can do is think about her and when the pain is the worst, he seeks comfort in hurting those who would harm their child.

Marcel approaches Elijah on the street and reports that Davina is on her way there and suggests that Elijah make himself scarce.  Elijah of course does not agree and says that he is not leaving until he learns the location of the stake.  Marcel points out that wherever the Originals go, threats and bloodshed are soon to follow, making it unlikely that Davina will comply with Elijah being present. Marcel instructs Elijah to at least stay out of sight and to try not to kill anyone.

Yep, flashback time.  This time, Klaus and Kol are playing chess and Elijah enters the room to complain that Kol and Klaus killed drained an entire tenement building killing 46 people. Kol snarks that it was at least 60 and that they forgot to check the attic. An enraged Elijah says that it's hard enough to hide their presence without the two of them going out of their way to draw attention to the family. Klaus snarks about Elijah finding the time to concern himself with their activities given the amount of time he has devoted to doting on Marcel. Elijah questions if Klaus is jealous of his closeness with Marcel and points out that though Klaus brought Marcel into their home, it's no longer safe for Marcel to remain.  Klaus stands in a rage protesting the removal of Marcel because of Kol's antics and declares her rather see Kol in a box. An enraged Kol questions if Elijah would choose Marcel over his own family but Klaus points out that Marcel is their family.

Marcel and Davina meet and she gives him a huge hug. They make small talk and Davina reports that a guy asked her out but then stood her up. Marcel then asks Davina for a locater spell to find a white oak stake and the smile drops from Davina's face. Davina questions if one of the Originals put her up to this but Marcel points out that if the stake is used on Klaus that he will die as well.  Davina says that she knows but because Elijah and Klaus are both brutal sadistic monsters, she is not just going to hand over the stake. Elijah interrupts the conversation to tell Davina that she is quite right but points out that Davina wants to protect her friends and he wants to protect his family.  Elijah proposes a truce but Davina is not interested declaring that for the first time, The Originals can see what it is like to be afraid before storming out.  Marcel reminds Elijah that he asked him to stay away but Elijah points out that despite all of Davina's concern for Marcel, she was very cavalier about all of the danger Marcel faces from the stake. Elijah surmises that Davina is not worried because she has had the stake all along.

From the bushes, Hayley points out that with Jackson missing, Oliver seems to have taken over the wolves.  Klaus points out that Hayley's crescent mark didn't disappear when she became a hybrid and encourages Hayley to talk to the wolves. When they leave the bushes, Hayley says that their pack has been divided by people who want to make the wolves slaves and points out that what they need is a leader to reunite them. Hayley proposes herself but Oliver is quick to say that they cannot trust Hayley because she is not even a wolf and is instead, a blood sucking vampire. Hayley threatens Oliver but Oliver suggests that attacking him in front of the pack is only going to give the wolves incentive to follow Cassie and her moonlight rings.  Oliver suggests that the wolves would rather follow a witch than Hayley and that he personally would rather die than follow Hayley.  Having enough of Oliver's blather, Klaus knocks Oliver to the ground and puts his his foot to Oliver's throat.  When Hayley asks Klaus to let Oliver go, Klaus suggests that she needs to learn about the art of politics. Hayley points out that though the wolves don't like her very much, the wolves are her family, including Oliver. Hayley again tells Klaus to let Oliver go and this time he agrees, pointing out that Hayley is powerful and unlike him, forgiving.  Klaus tells Hayley that the wolves are now her responsibility and leaves to talk to the witch so that she may learn what she can and cannot do in New Orleans.

Elijah and Marcel walk through the quarter and Marcel declares that the stake is safe because Davina will not use the stake if it will harm him.  Elijah points out that this doesn't keep him safe and so Marcel teases him about being on his best behaviour.  Elijah wonders what happens if the stake falls into enemy hands and Marcel promises that with time, he will get Davina to hand over the stake.  Elijah is not comforted by Marcel's promises however and demands that Davina comply.  Marcel asks Elijah if he wonders how his family has survived given all of the enemies they have made making stupid mistakes.

It's flashback time and this time the young Marcel is alone with Kol. Kol has actors performing Hamlet and actually stabbing each other.  When one actor says harlot instead of hamlet, a frustrated Kol breaks his neck. Elijah rushes in and sees Marcel's blooded face and the dead bodies, so Kol explains that he was just introducing Marcel to the theater. When Elijah pronounces Kol depraved, Kol points out that now that he has fed Marcel his blood, all Elijah has to do is kill Marcel and Marcel will become one of them. Elijah moves to attack but Klaus orders Elijah to let Kol go.  Kol declares that someone knows the meaning of family and Klaus reminds Kol that he warned him previously that Marcel is family, before replacing the dagger in Kol's chest. Back in the present, Elijah reiterates his demand for the stake.

Back in the attic, Michael glares at the bracelet Davina wears which keeps him captive.  Michael calls Davina a foolish girl because she has refused his help while Klaus roams the city. Davina pays no attention and instead fixates on a text from Kol asking to meet for dinner.

Klaus has made his way to the cemetery and quickly finds himself surrounded by werewolves.  Klaus snarks about his brethren being neutered and asks about the witch who dares to make moonlight rings without his permission.  Cassie/Esther makes her way to the front of the wolves an announces that she has been expecting him.

Later, Cassie/Esther pours tea and offers her condolences on the loss of Klaus's child, so Klaus asks if this is her idea of a peace offering given that her witches are directly responsible. When Esthe/Cassie goes on about the healing elements of chamomile, Klaus cuts right to the chase and demands to know why she is creating moonlight rings. Esther/Cassie explains that the rings bring balance to their home and Klaus calls it a lofty goal for a teenage girl, completely unaware that he is talking to his mother.  Ether/Cassie points out that that the witches and the wolves were at peace until the vampires came along.  Esther/Cassie declares that Klaus has no humanity and so he seeks to punish those who do.  Esther/Cassie goes on to point out that witches have a coven and that werewolves have a pack, thus making them a constant reminder of all that Klaus has forsaken.  Esther/Cassie makes it clear that vampires will always eat the living, thus making it necessary for them to defend themselves. Esther/Cassie says that the rings level the playing field and that if the wolves and witches are united, nothing can stand against them. Klaus calls the strategy ambitious but suggests that because New Orleans is so violent, Cassie/Esther must remain vigilant against those who seeks to destroy and promises that some she will never see it coming. Esther/Cassie responds that she has already begun to take precautions and is in fact taking them as they speak.

Switch to date night between Davina and Kol, where he declares that his family are all "nuts". Kol explains that he has a controlling mother and adds that she is the reason he stopped practicing magic for so long.  Davina is delighted to learn that Kol is a witch and he declares that he didn't ask Davina out just for her good looks. Kol says that they are kindred spirits and that he knows Davina is the Harvest Girl who told them all to shove it. Kol adds that he is just like her because he doesn't believe in rules or authority.

Davina excuses herself when Marcel calls and the moment Kol is alone, Vincent whispers into Kol's ear that he is to stop complimenting Davina and find out where she stands. Kol snarks that Vincent knows nothing about wooing. Vincent reminds Kol that Esther/Cassie wants answers and threatens to do things his way, if they don't learn something soon. Vincent suggests that the best way to find out if someone has a weapon, is to provoke them into using it. Is anyone else thinking that Josh is dead man walking?

Outside, Davina chats with Marcel about the dagger.  Marcel informs Davina that Elijah is convinced that she is in possession of the dagger but Davina is unconcerned. Marcel wants to get together and chat so Davina gives him her location but says that she is leaving.  When Davina returns to the restaurant, people are starting to clear out.  Kol informs her that the place is closing for a private party. Davina tries to leave but she is confronted by a werewolf.  Davina uses her magic to make him drop to his knees but she and Kol find themselves surrounded. Kol allows himself to be tossed across the room and in desperation, Davina uses her bracelet to free Michael. A werewolf has Davina bent over the bar when Michael arrives.  Michael quickly goes into battle though he is greatly outnumbered, while in the struggle, one of the werewolves tears Davina's bracelet off her wrist. Michael tells Davina that he is going to enjoy this as he moves in to bite Davina but he is stopped by Elijah, who throws him across the room. A fight quickly breaks out between Michael and Elijah, with Michael trying to use the white oak stake on Elijah.  Marcel zooms in the bar to rescue Davina like a damsel in distress but she tells him that with the bracelet she can control Michael. Just as the dagger begins to pierce Elijah's chest, Marcel tosses Davina the bracelet and she orders Michael to return to the attic. Davina stalks out of the restaurant all wrong and strong and over his shoulder, Elijah sees Kol.

Klaus is still chatting with Esther/Cassie and he talks about how his mother was insane for thinking that vampires are an abomination. Klaus declares that it was Esther who was the monster because she changed her children and condemned them to an eternity of blood lust. Klaus goes on to add that there was a witch who revealed the coven was under his mother's influence and he asks if Esther speaks to Cassie/Esther now. Cassie/Esther then claims that Klaus's mother would send him to his room. This enrages Klaus and so he stands and grabs her hand, only to find himself quickly surrounded by werewolves.  Klaus threatens to kill the wolves but Cassie/Esther points out that by doing so, he would ruin his chances of potentially leading the pack one day. Cassie/Esther walks out of the room, promising that they can talk again another day.

Back at the compound, Klaus reports on his meeting with Cassie/Esther and his belief that Cassie isn't just being guided by Esther but is in fact Esther. Elijah looks absolutely bewildered at this news as Klaus promises to kill Cassie and boil her bones to feed to the dogs. When Elijah interrupts Klaus's rant, Klaus asks what could be more important than the return of their mother and so Elijah answers their father. Elijah tells Klaus about meeting Michael and the fact that he is enslaved by some spell cast by Davina. Elijah adds that it is Michael who holds the stake.  Klaus suggests that the only thing they need to decide is which of their parents they kill first.

Later, Haley returns with a group of wolves who wish to take up residence in the compound.  Klaus says that this is not the time for visitors, given that their family is under siege. Hayley wisely points out that if these wolves aren't with them, then they will be with the witches.  Klaus declares that he is a good influence on Hayley.

Yet another flashback and this one is of Elijah laying Kol to rest in his coffin.  He goes on about how Marcel has had a good effect on Klaus and finally, Klaus has someone to nurture. Elijah explains to Kol that his sacrifice is for the betterment of Klaus and that he will also make a sacrifice.  The next time we see Elijah, he decides to blow off Marcel.

In the present, Hayley reports that she made a deal with Oliver to report on all of Cassie's doings. We then see a new age version of Elijah pulling away from Hayley by making some comment about her being with her own kind.  I suppose this is once again for Klaus's good. Blah blah blah.

Back in the cauldron a steamed Kol attacks Vincent because the wolves attacked him as well.  Esther appears and makes it clear that it was she who gave the order to make it look convincing.  Kol is pissed about the scar and complains that it will take weeks to go away.  Esther points out that he will live and gain the favor of Davina for what happened. Kol says that he has had enough of this life and following her rules.  Esther uses her magic to force Kol to his knees and reminds him that he is there because of her. Blood begins to pour from Kol's nose, as Esther demands that Kol adhere to her rules.

Esther informs Kol that Vincent was in the attic during the attack and it was empty.  Esther demands to know what weapon Davina used to tear apart a pack of vicious wolves. Kol points to his wounds claiming that he was knocked out during the attack and never saw a thing.

Elijah meets up with Marcel on the street and informs him that Davina is nowhere to be found and that he believes that this is about protecting Micheal. Marcel defends Davina by saying that she is scared.  Elijah then moves into threatening mode over the possibility that Marcel knew that Davina had brought Michael back. \Marcel says that if Elijah wants his help, he will have to go team vampire. Marcel then kills Gia, who fed on his blood a few hours ago, in front of Elijah and says that he hopes Elijah will be a better mentor to Gia, than he was to him.

Okay a lot of angst this episode.  The flashback between Kol, Elijah, Marcel and Klaus were all used to justify Elijah getting on his high horse again.  It's always about saving Klaus's soul and no matter what he has to give up to accomplish this, Elijah is determined to see this done. My question is how many times does one have to make the same mistake before realising that it doesn't work.  Clearly, Marcel still has some bitterness where this is concerned and no doubt, Hayley will as well but all the better to bring out the angst.

Once again, Davina is being given a pivotal role in the plot.  Unfortunately, I find her to be the most petulant irritating character there is.  Her very presence on the screen annoys me. Yes, she has a good reason to hate Klaus and Elijah however she is playing a game in which she is sorely outmatched and as a viewer, we know this from the beginning, yet we are forced to watch it play out.  Any scene involving her is tedious.  I just want Michael to feed on her so that he can get to battling Klaus again because those have always been the best scenes.

The scenes involving Esther and Klaus were very well acted and completely drew me in.  I think that she at least will make a very interesting antagonist though I am surprised that Klaus understood so quickly who she was dealing with.  I hope that unlike last season, it will take all season for Klaus to be able to best Esther as she at least is worthy of that role.

Hayley has been mourning the loss of her daughter.  Finally we see her coming together this episode to make some positive decisions regarding her pack and her role in the upcoming war.  For much of last season, Hayley was reduced to the magical womb and so I would like it very much if she became and empowered character in her right.  When it comes to women, The Originals has spent much time depowering it's female characters (having Rebekah constantly lose fights for eg) and so it would be nice to see that change in the second season.