Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Four: Dyin' on a Prayer

"Oh, remember that you fashioned
me from clay! Will you then
bring me down to dust?"

Two men in masks exit a pick up truck, in front of Rosalie's spice shop.  Inside the shop, Elizabeth questions how Adalind lost her powers, then regained them in a ritual she underwent while she was pregnant.  Elizabeth says that the child (read: her grandchild) is more valuable than she imagined.  The group is shocked when a rock is thrown to the window, bearing a symbol which means wolf trap.  Rosalie questions if this is about a Grimm at their wedding and Monroe replies that it is because they got married.  Elizabeth points out that some Wessen are against mixed marriages.  Monroe reaches for his phone to call Nick and Rosalie points out that Nick cannot help because he is no longer a Grimm.  Elizabeth, ever practical, suggests boarding up the window and getting back to work.

Juliet arrives home to find that Nick has just made dinner.  Juliet heads upstairs to tell Truble that supper is ready, only to find the room and empty and the bed neatly made.   Juliet calls for Nick and Juliet points out that all of Truble's possessions are gone.  Nick says that Truble wouldn't have just left without saying anything but Juliet suggests that this is just what happened, as she holds up what looks to be a chess piece key chain.

Rosalie and Elizabeth are stirring up a spell and Elizabeth comments that she needs some time.  Monore takes a moment with Rosalie to promise that when this is all over, they are going to have their honeymoon. I certainly hope so because these two have given up so much for Nick and though we are told they are friends, the relationship doesn't feel very reciprocal to me.

Sarah sends David off to bed and then heads to answer the door after her a knock.  It turns out that it is her ex Keith, who is demanding to see his family.  Sarah tells Keith that he cannot be there and that she is not his wife anymore.  Keith kicks in the door and Sarah tries to call the cops.  Keith knocks Sarah to the floor and David tries to intervene, causing Keith to vogue and order his stepson to go to his room.  David refuses, so Keith tosses him into a wall.  Keith turns and tells Sarah that she makes him hurt her but Sarah manages to grab a metal pole and slashes Keith around the knees, causing him to fall to the ground.  Sarah and David rush outside and Sarah manages to hop in the car and drive away, as a frantic Keith screams that he is coming for them.  

Frank shows up at the hospital looking for Sarah and is easily given her room number.  Sarah is lying in bed, while David sits and colors.  Frank demands to know if Sarah called the police and questions how long Sarah will be in the hospital.  Frank then heads to see David and notices that his arm is bandaged. Sarah says that David sprained it when he fell but Frank does not believe it and questions if Keith did that to David.  A nurse enters and tells Frank that visiting hours are over and Frank leaves, telling Sarah never again.

Nick is in the Grimm trailer, when Truble enters, startling him.  Truble explains that she was just making sure that Nick wasn't followed and Nick snarks about Truble not believing that he knows what he is doing.  Truble says that she left the knight as a signal to Nick, so that he would know to join her at the trailer and then adds that Chavez is Wessen.  Truble then tells Nick about the kidnapping, which she perceived as a threat against herself and Nick.  Truble questions if Chavez came to see him and Nick remembers his conversation with Chavez and Chavez's interest in Truble. Truble then tells Nick about Chavez's comments about the value of being able to identify Wessen and destroy them.   Truble then adds that Chavez invited her to join a group and Truble questions if Nick knows what Chavez was talking about. Nick admits to knowing nothing and asks Truble to come back home, arguing that if the group finds out that Truble suddenly left, they might find out that she revealed their secret to him. Nick suggests that they remain close, until they find out who Chavez is and what they are dealing with.  Truble promises to tell Nick about any further contact.

Rosalie and Monroe talk about the brick which was thrown through the window.  Elizabeth interrupts to say that the potion is done and needs to ferment for the night.  Elizabeth suggests that Monroe and Rosalie head home and sleep and when Monroe questions her doing the same, Elizabeth vogues saying that she won't be done for awhile.  When Rosalie and Monroe leave, Elizabeth stirs the potion with her fingers.

Ben is wearing a yarmulke, as he opens what appears to be a very old religious text.  Ben reaches into a jar and pulls out some clay.  Ben says a prayer in Hebrew, asking for the protection of the blood of his blood, holding the clay in his hands.

Keith is back and is screaming for Sarah.  The dirt around Keith's feet starts to bubble and a creature made out of clay rises and envelops Keith in clay.  You guessed it, a golem.

Woo is leading Hank and Nick to the very dead Keith, who lies on the ground covered in a redish tinged clay.  Woo reports that Sarah had a restraining order out against Keith.  They all note that Keith is covered in clay.  Keith's brother Nate, jumps the police tape and is shocked to find his brother dead.  Nate declares that Keith was murdered and is quick to accuse Sarah, saying that she either murdered Keith, or hired someone to do it.  Nate is led away and Hank points out that Sarah is not strong enough to have done this unless she is Wessen.  Nick however questions why a Wessen would use clay.   Hank suggests that they talk to Sarah and bring along Truble just in case.  

Ben visits his sister in the hospital, asking her to come and stay with him because of the danger which Keith poses.  Sarah admits that something changes about Keith when he gets violent.  They are interrupted when Nick and Hank arrive.  Truble is standing in the doorway and Nick asks if it would be okay for David to hang with Truble while they talk.  Truble sits outside with David and Nick explains to Ben and Sarah, that an officer found Keith's body when he reported to her house on a domestic violence call.  Ben asks how Keith died and Hank explains that they are waiting on the coroner to reveal the cause of death but are expecting it to come back as a possible homicide. 

Outside, Truble talks with David about his wrist and David finally admits that his step-father did it and that a monster comes out when Keith gets mad.  Truble tells David that when she was a kid, she saw some really bad monsters as well.  David cheers up, as Truble explains that she always fought back against the monsters and even killed a few by believing in the good.  They are interrupted by Nick and Hank, so David returns to his mother.  Truble says that no one vogued but David reported that when his step-dad gets mad, he turns into a monster.  Hank is quick to assume this means that Keith was a Wessen.  Truble questions what killed Keith, if he was Wessen.

Ben is back at the crime scene and he dips his hand into clay before walking away.

Hank, Truble and Nick are back at the trailer and after studying for awhile, Nick reports that he can find nothing associating a Wessen with clay in the Grimopedia.  Hank begins to question if Keith was even killed by Wessen at all.  This is the first time that Truble learns that there is more than just Wessen in the world.  Hank gets a call from Ben, who says that he is interested in confessing to the murder of Keith.

Ben is praying at a synagogue, when Nick and Hank arrive. Ben tells them that there is something he needs to show them in his study.  Ben admits that he is a rabbi, who specialized in translating ancient texts.  In his office, Ben pulls out his scroll, explaining about the golem.  Ben shows Hank and Nick the container of clay, saying that though he had his doubts, he prayed because he was so angry. Hank tells Ben they cannot arrest him for praying for someone to die.  Ben suggests that they don't believe him but Nick responds that it doesn't matter what they believe, praying isn't a crime.  Hank agrees to run tests on the clay, promising that if it matches the clay which killed Keith, they will start believing.

At the station, Hank reports that the clay is the same as that which killed Keith, thus wrapping up the case for them.  Nick rightfully asks how they arrest a golem and how they explain it to the D.A.? Renard returns to the station with a standing ovation from the officers.  Renard thanks everyone for their support and says that it's great to be back, before heading off to his office.

Ben drives Sarah and David back  to the house and admits that he prayed for a golem. Sarah tells Ben that he didn't kill Keith and neither did a golem.  Sarah is adamant that whatever happened to Keith, he deserved and then heads inside the house with David.  Inside the house, they find Nate waiting on them, determined to find out what happened to Keith. Ben enters and demands that Nate leave, but Nate simply knocks Ben to the ground.  Nate advances, tossing David to ground, demanding to know what happened to his brother.  Nate vogues and yells that David is tell them.  Sarah gets on the phone, calling for the police and Nate promises that when he finds out how they killed his brother, he is going to rip them apart, before leaving.

At the station, Nick and Hank are informed of Sarah's police call and rush off.  Woo knocks on Renard's door, asking if Renard has a moment.  Woo questions if Renard read the report of when he got shot.  Renard admits that he did, so Woo hands over a photo of Truble, explaining his suspicions.  Woo is concerned that Nick is protecting Truble and admits that he cannot figure out what is going on.  Renard promises to look into it and Woo leaves the office.

Hank and Nick arrive at Sarah's and learn that Nate left before the cops arrived.  In the house, Ben tells the cops that Nate threatened both Sarah and David. Sarah, tell Nick and Hank where Nate lives and Nick promise to leave officers there, until Nate is apprehended.  Nick sits down with David and explains that he shouldn't be subject to violence.  David asks for Truble, pointing out that Truble sees the monsters as well.  Nick stands and promises to give Truble a call.

In Austria, Adalind continues to follow Hoffman up a winding staircase.  When Adalind points out that they must be at the top of the castle by now, Hoffman whispers that Adalind is to be quiet in order not to wake him.  A face appears in the castle wall, telling Adalind that he knows where her baby is.   Adalind starts to turn around and Hoffman  begs her not to listen to the face.  More faces start to pop up, all saying the same thing, "I know where your baby is," in English and French. Adalind screams, begging to know where her baby is but the voice keep repeating the same thing.  The noise becomes overwhelming, Adalind is forced to sit down holding her ears.  Suddenly, water begins to pour from the eyes of the faces.  Adalind begs the faces to stop, as they continue to leak water.  More faces appear and so Adaline makes her way up the stairs.  Adalind tries to back when yet more faces appear, only to find that the way is now impassable due to water.

Rosalie and Monroe return to the spice shop looking for Elizabeth, only to be confronted by Elizabeth in the guise of Adalind.  Elizabeth explains that she changed into Monroe's shirt because she felt slutty in the guise of Adalind, adding that this is a terrible thing to say about the mother of her grandchild.  Monroe stares at Elizabeth, saying no wonder Nick fell for it.  Rosalie question if Elizabeth has to sleep with Nick now and Elizabeth explains that it is not that easy.  Elizabeth changes back to herself, saying that they are missing the most important ingredient. Monroe suggests going to get it and Elizabeth explains that it is not up to her or them.

The stairwell is filling in with water  and Adalind is struggling to stay above it to avoid drowning.

Nate gets out of his truck because the wheels are stuck in clay.  The golem slowly begins to form out of the clay.  Hank, Nick and Ben arrive in time to see Nate enveloped in clay.  The golem releases a clearly dead Nate and Hank questions Ben, as to why he called the golem back.  Ben says that he didn't and Hank calls out the odd timing of the arrival of the golem.  Ben points out that the golem is guarding his family and is not acting as a mercenary, pleading that that called the golem to protect David.  Hank questions how long this will go on and David admits that he wasn't specific in his orders to the golem.  Nick points out that the golem is going to continue to kill anyone who threatens David for any reason. Hank says that he would hate to be the one who scared David next.  Ben admits that if the golem does show up again, he can use the scroll to get rid of it.

David is playing with his dolls when Truble shows up.

Ben is leading Hank and Nick through the synagogue, saying that they have to put the word of God inside the Golem's mouth.  The downside is that there is nothing in the text which will bring the golem to him.  Nick suggests threatening David in order to bring about the Golem and Ben grabs his scroll.

Truble and David continue to play and Truble gets a call from Nick.  When Sarah enters, Truble explains that the cops are on their way back and want her to stay until they get back.  Ben, Hank and Nick knock on the door and Sarah lets them in. Nick says that they don't have to worry about Nate and Hanks asks to talk to Sarah about what happened.  Truble leads David outside and sits him next to Ben, as Nick watches.  Ben tells David that he would never do anything to hurt him and that this has to happen before walking away.  Nick approaches David, asking him why he would lie to them. Nick gets down to eye level, telling David that he is going to have to arrest him.  Nick starts to drag David away, as David begs Nick to stop.  Inside the house, Sarah hears the screaming and rushes outside.  The golem appears and David fails to put the word of God inside its mouth.  Truble manages to push Nick out of the way but the golem grabs her instead.  David attacks the golem, screaming for it to leave Truble alone.  The golem then dissipates and David rushes into his mother's arms, saying that he got him (read: the golem).

Later, Trubel explains the case to Juliet.  They get a knock on the door and it's Elizabeth, Monroe and Rosalie, who have figured out a way for Nick to get his Grimminess back.  Elizabeth tells Nick that the missing ingredient is Juliet.

We really didn't get much meta development this episode.  If anything, Dyin' on a Prayer was another monster of the week type episode.  It did however serve to enlarge the world for Truble, who until this moment believed that Wessen were the only supernatural occurrence in this world.

Is it me, or does it seem far too easy for Hank to just pull Truble into anything there are investigating without thinking about the repercussions she might face?  In many ways, he sees Truble as a servant and this is starting to bother me.  Further, I get that there are Wessen in this world, but are there ever crimes in Portland which don't involve the supernatural?  How did Nick and Hank work before they understood that the world was far more complicated than they originally thought?

Tired of waiting, this episode saw Woo approach Renard about Truble.  Unfortunately for Woo, I don't think that this is going to lead to anymore clarity for him.  It's past time that Nick sit Woo down and explain what is going on.  He should have done it while Woo was hospitalized, in pain and taking drugs he didn't need.  I hope that when the secret does finally come out, Woo gives Nick the cuss out he so dearly has coming.

We also returned to Nick's rape by Adalind with Monroe commenting that now that he has seen Elizabeth in the guise of Adalind, he is not surprised that Nick fell for it.  This makes me feel as though Monroe was doubting Nick's version of events from the very beginning.  Grimm's handling of Nick's rape thus far has been absolutely atrocious.  This of course was joined to Elizabeth's slut shaming of Adalind.  Yes, call Adalind a horrible rapist because what she did was an absolute violation but don't slut shame her.  Further, let's all remember for a moment that Nick directly acted in the separation of Adalind from her child.

Finally, we got a hint as to them finally getting around to returning Nick's Grimminess.  As it involves Juliet, who wants Nick to remain a regular human, I doubt that this will take a straight path.