Friday, November 21, 2014

The 100: Season 2, Episode 5: Human Trials

Clarke is dragged into the camp by the soldiers who shot her and Anya; the soldiers don’t realise Clarke isn’t a grounder until Abbie spots her. Reunion time!

They take her to get medical care and we get to see Major Byrne apologise – totally understandable mistake but everyone hates her so enjoy it anyway.

Anyway after a long rest Clarke wakes up and learns that her mother is now the boss of the area (because politics is so random among these guys). Abbie wants her to rest, Clarke wants to rally everyone against Mount Whether. After a reunion with Raven, they’re interrupted by the arrival of others to the camp – Bellamy, Octavia and Mel who they rescued last week. Greeting Bellamy with a big hug before noticing Finn is missing – looking for her.

At Arc base the council discusses Mount Whether and they make the decision to abandon Finn and Murphy to their own devices because they don’t have the people to go looking for them. They do agree to send someone to find Marcus. Clarke isn’t happy at abandoning them, nor is Bellamy since Abbie was quite happy to send them off looking for Clarke but now she has Clarke suddenly they don’t have the resources to look for people? Yeah smell that bullshit.

Abbie won’t let them go either and orders Byrne to make sure they don’t leave. Of course they ignore her and with Raven’s help, Octavia, Clarke and Bellamy leave.

While they camp for the night, Bellamy angsts about many things including Finn going to the dark side, the whole ending of the last season and how long the 47 former 100 have to live in Mount Whether before they get freaky things done to them like the Grounders.

And what have Finn and Murphy been doing? They’ve found a Grounder village full of civilians while Finn continues to bay for blood in his eternal quest for Clarke. During the night they sneak in and Finn decides to burn the Grounder’s food supplies. With that terrible distraction they sneak further into the village looking for Clarke. When they’re spotted, Finn takes a hostage at gun point

After rounding up everyone at gunpoint, Finn searches the village. Of course, Clarke etc aren’t there. Finn does find some Arc clothing though so Finn snaps and starts pointing guns at people, including pushing a woman into the dirt and points a gun at her head. Murphy tries to talk him down as the stand-in leader of the village explains they just took resources. Murphy finally convinces Finn to let her up.

They learn from the village man that they guy Finn killed was actually cast out and he had lied to them. Shock! Pointing a gun to someone’s head doesn’t guarantee truth! As Finn turns his back, a man tries to run and Finn shoots him. Other people, including a very young man, maybe a boy, charge after that and Finn starts funning them down.

Clarke & co hear the gunfire and arrive to see Finn massacring captured innocents. Clarke is not impressed.

At the Arc camp, Abbie realises Clarke & co have gone and questions Raven – when Raven pretends ignorance Abbie slaps her and tells her Clarke is a kid. Raven hits back that Clarke stopped being a child when Abbie sent her to Earth to die.

Marcus is leading a search party to find the kids/Grounders and has had one of his little mercurial character shifts, as he does. This week he wants peace and love and happiness and tries to convince his Grounder prisoner of that.

As they reach his village, Marcus disarms himself and sends his guards back to the camp so he can go forwards alone with the freed prisoner to talk peace treaties. The prisoner knocks Marcus unconscious. He’s taken to a pit and thrown in – alongside a chained up Jaha.

At Mount Whether, President Dante (and could there be a more obviously evil name) tells Jasper that Clarke ran away (since Jasper won’t stop asking after her) and Dante can’t really send someone out looking for her (lack of people, lack of care and, honestly she doesn’t want to be there). Jasper doesn’t really believe that and Dante offers him the chance to go look for Clarke himself.

Jasper tells Monty and adds that Clarke abandoned them which Monty doesn’t believe and he shames Jasper into going with him even when Maya tries to talk him out of it. Then alarms sound and the doors seal – Maya tells them there’s a radiation breach and she starts developing blisters and nastiness. Maya ends up in a hospital bed, not responding to treatment so Dr. Tsing suggests using Jasper (with his special space-based radiation filter body) to filter Maya’s blood. This is apparently dangerous, of course Jasper says yes. They go ahead but Monty is very suspicious, especially with some slips-of-the-tongue from the doctor.

Elsewhere in Mount Whether, Lincoln is being experimented on as part of this Cereberus project thing, at the direction of an evil Dr. Dapper (I don’t know his name, but he’s well dressed so he’ll be Dr. Dapper). This involves some guy repeatedly injecting Lincoln with stuff then repeatedly electrocuting him.

The stuff they’re injecting him with is also addictive so when they bring in another prisoner, they make them fight over a dose. Lincoln beating, maybe killing, the other man for the injection.

Maya makes a full recovery thanks to Jasper, but just in case we had any doubts, Dr. Tsing has a meeting with Evil Dr. Dapper and president Dante (who doesn’t need to be called evil because DANTE!) discuss their experiment on Jasper. Dante’s not pleased because he’d told them not to experiment on the 47 (Dapper and Tsing snipe). Dr. Dapper is apparently Dante’s son (so I guess that makes him Dr. Wallace. Or Mr. Wallace since there’s no real indication he’s a doctor beyond the injections) and hand waves away the whole malfunction-radiation-leak-thing which makes me think he was involved. And despite his sniping with Tsing, Dapper also wants to experiment on the 47

The whole Mount Whether experimentation thing was always going to be difficult – but I think referring to Lincoln, a Black man, as a “thoroughbred” is unnecessarily problematic. They could experiment on him without using terms used for livestock given obvious historical context.

I do like how Mount Whether has manipulated Jasper into, basically, volunteering into being experimented on. Crafty, I appreciate that

I quite like Clare’s refusal to rest or listen to her mother – partially because last season ended with a  whole ant’s nest of unresolved issues between them (including the death of her father) but also because of the elephant in the room no-one’s talking about – the Arc people send the 100 down as guinea pigs – or canaries. They sent them down to see if they would die. They then pretty much abandoned them to live or die as they could so the rest of the Arc people could be sure it was safe to follow. Then the Arc people come down and take over, take charge and dismiss the kids they used as guinea pigs? I would be… edgy about them taking over as well – and far more than edgy at any “concern” being shown by them.

Which is also why I absolutely loved Raven’s rejoinder to Abbie. The Arc people need to remember what they did to these kids

I’d like to think Finn’s devolution is supposed to be some commentary about loss and trauma but I think it’s more to destabilise the love triangle and make Clarke and Bellamy seem more likely. Next season Finn will pass the evil stick to Bellamy and we’ll reset. Yes I’m cynical.

A major problem at the moment is sheer number of storylines still – all the characters are split up and wandering everywhere.