Friday, November 14, 2014

The 100, Season Two, Episode Four: Many Happy Returns

Jaha is passed out in the sand and it seems he has been discovered by some person looking straight out of Mad Max.  The person rifles through Jaha's pocket and discovers the chess piece, only to have Jaha wake up and snatch it back.

Anya continues to drag Clarke through the forest.  Clarke points out that they have been walking for hours and Anya tells Clarke that she can tell the commander what the mountain men are doing.  Clarke suggests that they should work together because they don't have to be enemies but Anya is not interested in uniting with someone she views as weak.  The women are forced to start running, when the Mountain people catch up to them and fire off a dart.

Bellamy et all run through Grounder territory and Murphy stops, saying that he cannot keep running citing that they don't even know if the information they have is correct. Finn roughly grabs Murphy and orders him to keep moving because the grounders said that the captured 100 are living on borrowed time.  Bellamy suggests giving Murphy a moment and brings up Finn's murderous ways, calling Finn a loose cannon.  They don't argue long because they come across a trail of dead from the Arc.  They reach a cliff and discover the remains of one of the ships. Bellamy says that they need to go because there is nothing they can do for these people; however, before they move away, they hear a voice calling out for help.  They find a woman named Mel clinging to the cliff face.  Finn of course advocates leaving (cause he is now angry murderous Finn) but Bellamy points out that Mel is not a grounder.  Finn suggests that they leave and return for Mel but Sterling has already begun to lower himself down using a rope.

Back at camp Jaha, Jackson announces to the group that the fence is now electrified, before heading off to see Raven, who is doing exercises to try and build strength in her leg.  After watching for awhile, Jackson assigns Raven the task of building a radio, so that they can find out if the other arc stations have survivors.  Raven grabs her crutches and thanks Jackson. It's clear that Raven just wants to feel useful.

Jaha is regaining consciousness to find himself face to face with a child named  Zoran.  Zoran and Jaha introduce themselves but the pleasantries don't last long because Zoran's parents burst in, informing Jaha that strangers are not welcome here, before throwing him off the bed.

Anya continues to drag Clarke, complaining that Clarke is a burden and so Clarke again suggests that she be cut loose.  The women stop at a pond, where Anya seems to take pleasure in telling Clarke that she reeks and to cover herself with mud.

Sterling makes his way to Mel but looses control of his rope when he tries to grab her.  Sterling reaches again but this time his rope snaps altogether and he falls to his death, leaving Mel still clinging for life to the cliff face.  Bellamy calls out for Mel to hold on and assures Mel that they are not going to let her die. Finn yells that they are out of rope and again brings up the 100, who have been captured by the Grounders. Bellamy yells that their friends may be dead already but they know that they can save Mel.  Bellamy suggests that they make new rope from the wreckage and this time, Finn grudgingly gives in.

When Jaha wakes again, he is back in bed because Zoran's father said that he was to be left alone. Sienna busies herself creating something with a pestle and mortar.  Jaha explains that he was aiming for the eastern United States and asks if he made it.  Sienna informs him that he is in the dead zone, on the way to the City of Lights.  Sienna offers Jaha food, ordering him to eat and rest.  Jaha pauses and looks at the insects he has been offered and struggles to get it down.  Zoran rushes in but Jaha pauses when he sees the boy's face has been disfigured.  Zoran rushes out, clearly hurt and Jaha apologises to Sienna, saying that Zoran surprised him.  Sienna simply says that they are used to the hatred before taking away Jaha's food.  Jaha explains that he has no room for hate and asks what happened to Zoran.  Sienna explains that Zoran was born that way and that this happens sometimes.  Jaha asks if it's radiation and Sienna replies fate, adding that when a child like Zoran is born, they normally leave it out to allow nature to reclaim it. A judging Jaha asks how they could that and Sienna says though this is the way of her people, she could not give up her child, so they left home, to allow Zoran to live.

Back at camp Jaha, Raven shows up to work to find that Wick has already started a design for the radios and has created a leg brace for her.  Raven is not pleased with the brace, calling it a piece of crap, adding that she can get around just fine.

Clarke and Anya pause again, shocked to see that the mountain people are still following them.  Anya blames Clarke for not being able to shake their pursuers and raises a rock, saying,"that it's time to end this." Clarke raises her hands in self defense, telling Anya that she is stepping where she is and is not leaving a trail. From their vantage point, the women see the Mountain people and Clark realises that they aren't being followed and instead are being tracked.  Clarke tells Anya to check herself, saying that it should feel like a small bump just under her skin.  Both women begin to search and Anya finds the device in her arm.  Clarke offers to remove it, if Anya unties her but Anya simply bites her arm and rips out the device with her teeth, saying that she will not go back there.

Bellamy is now easing his way down the cliff face, as the others hold onto the makeshift rope.  Bellamy makes his way over to Mel and she balks at letting go to the cliff face.  Bellamy promises to save Mel and the team struggles to her pull them up.

Wick and Raven continue to bicker about the signal they are sending.  Wick is convinced that the current is not strong enough, so the message is not getting through.  Raven says that she will fix it and heads outside with Wick following, arguing that elbow grease won't fix this.  Raven pulls on a mask and begins to struggle to pull herself up a ladder as Wick watches.  It's too much however, and Raven is forced lower herself down slowly.  Wick suggests that they go back to the workroom but Raven only wants to be left alone.

At the cliff face, the room holding Bellamy and Mel snaps, leaving only Murphy holding it.  The others manage to grab a hold of the rope but they start taking fire from Grounders.  Finn hands Laurel a gun and then he and Murphy struggle to hold onto the rope.  The firing stops when the weather signal goes off.  Fin and Murphy just manage to get Mel back on solid ground and Finn points out that they need to get going before the fog.  Octavia appears and they realise that it was Octavia who blew the horn.  Bellamy and Octavia embrace.

Back at camp Jaha, Raven is sulking and is told that the reason she is working on the radio is because Wick asked for her because she is the best mechanic they have.  Raven points out that there are only three mechanics, so Wick argues that Raven was top 3 on the Arc.  Raven starts to walk away and Wick stops her, saying that Raven has a first rate mind and that she needs to figure out a way to work around her disability.  Wick suggests allowing her friends to help and then leaves the matter up to her.  Raven sees the brace on the table and makes her way over to it as Wick watches. Raven is still not happy but she puts the brace on and manages to take a few halting steps without the  crutches.  Wick is ecstatic that his design works.

Jaha calls Zoran over and tells Zoran that he does not need the mask with him.  Zoran takes a seat in front of Jaha, who gives him the chess piece from the Arc.  After checking with his mother, an excited Zoran accepts it.  Jaha explains to Zoran that he is holding a black knight and that he taught his son chess when he was the same age as Zoran.  Jaha explains that his son is dead and that he put his people first, though his son was important.

Clarke notices that Anya is still bleeding and asks to be allowed to bandage it before Anya gets infected.  When Anya pauses, Clarke attacks her with a dart, saying that she can find her own way home and declaring Anya her prisoner now.

Jaha lies on the ground creating a chess board and Zoran rushes in telling him that he must go now.  Jaha struggles to get outside, where he sees two men riding horses on the ridge.  Zoran explains that the men are bad and because no one comes to the dead zone, they must be there for Jaha.  Zoran adds that they must have seen Jaha fall from the sky.   Jaha questions Zoran as to what will happen if the men don't find him there but Zoran explains that they can take of themselves and pleads with Jaha to leave.

Octavia busies herself with bandaging up Laurel, explaining that she was headed back to camp when she saw the group.  Finn picks up the horn and Octavia is quick to take it away, explaining that Lincoln is gone. Bellamy crouches down next to his sister to say that he is sorry.  Octavia stands and tells everyone that the Grounders will be back and they have to go now.  Bellamy heads to Finn to say that the arrow which hit Laurel might be poison and so he has to take her and Octavia home, adding that he will meet Finn as soon as he can.  Finn hands over a map and takes off running, with Murphy on his heels.  Bellamy stops Murphy to toss him a gun, much to the surprise of Octavia.  Bellamy tells Murphy to watch Finn's back.

Clarke is now dragging Anya through the forest and they reach the place of the arc encampment. Clarke sees the message Abby left but unfortunately, all that is legible is her name.  Anya wakes and makes her way to Clarke.  Clarke calls for Anya to stop but Anya throws a punch.  Clarke is forced to use a stump defend herself. Anya grabs a knife and starts slashing at Clarke.  Clarke manages to get the upper hand and she climbs on top of Anya and starts wailing away.  Clarke picks up a knife to kill Anya but when she looks up, she sees a hot air balloon in the sky.

Wick and Raven are now standing in front of the ladder together. Monroe rushes over when she sees the balloon, which Raven and Finn are using as a radio beacon in the sky and shoots it, saying that it makes them a target. Wick points out that since they fell from the sky, he is pretty sure that the others now they are there.  Monroe yells that Cain is negotiating with the Grounders and if Cain is not successful, all of the Grounders within fifty miles will know where they are.   Monroe tells Jackson that she expected better, before telling the soldiers to go on alert.

Jaha stands waiting for the men to approach, as Zoran pleads with him to run.  Sienna however tells Zoran that if Jaha runs, the men will hurt them.  Jaha tries to assure Zoran that he is going to be fine and he explains that running would hurt Zoran's family.  Sienna explains that there is a bounty on sky people, enough for them to reach the city of life.  Jaha tells Sienna, that to survive we do what we must, realising that she is the one who turned him in.  Jaha adds that he hopes Sienna and Zoran find their new home, before making his way over to the men with his arms raised. As soon as he reaches the man on the horse, Jaha is clubbed over the head, as Zoran watches and cries.

Clarke once again leads Anya through the forest and they stop in front of camp Jaha.  Clarke releases Anya, saying that she is not weak and not like her.  Clarke adds that their only chance against the Mount Weather  people, is if they fight together, combining technology and knowledge of this world. Clarke says that her people will help and asks if Anya's people will.  Anya explains that she can get an audience with the commander who was her second, before walking away into the woods.  Anya doesn't get far before she is struck and falls to the ground.  Rushing to her side, Clarke is also shot in the arm.  Anya tells Clarke that her fight is over, as armed men approach and knock Clarke unconscious.

Okay, this episode was a bit of relief after all that went on in last week's episode; however, it really didn't advance the plot much. Let's start with Jaha because at this point, he is nothing more than one big distraction.  Every time the story switches to Jaha I feel like we are being pulled away from the meta plot.  I simply cannot invest in him in the slightest and could care less what happens to him.  The only upside to this, is seeing what happened to the rest of the survivors.

It seems that they are determined to carry on with the whole, Finn is a bad guy now. This is why they had to have Bellamy be the one to save Mel because the two characters have apparently switched sides.  I suppose it makes sense that they all would be changed by their experiences.  The problem is Thomas McDonell's acting is so bad, I just don't believe it.  Either he needs to take some acting classes, or they need to change the direction his character is going in. 

This week so Raven dealing with her disability.  I liked her initial resistance to using a disability device.  I know personally what it's like to become disabled and resent the device and what it represents.  When you wear it, you can no longer pretend that you are able bodied.  I would however have preferred if this had gone on longer than it did.  Accepting one's body as disabled after being able bodied, or even hyper able in Raven's case is a long journey and it should not have been solved in just a few minutes.  I also like that Wick pointed out that Raven is extremely bright. Previously, Raven was simply treated as a tool and not respected for her intelligence.