Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Resurrection, Season Two, Episode Seven: Miracles

In what appears to be a dream sequence, Rachel watches a little girl in pig tails in the factory.  Suddenly, Rachel sees smoke coming out from under a door.  The men inside are banging on the door asking for help.  In desperation, one breaks the windows.  Margaret appears and introduces herself to Rachel.  Margaret tells Rachel that some of the men are going to die.  Rachel turns back to the men who are now on fire and then wakes up in the hospital to learn that she is still running a temperature.

Margaret lies in her bed and turns to find Jacob staring at her.  Jacob crawls into bed next to his grandmother and Margaret asks about Rachel because she had a vivid dream.

At the bar, Ray goes to see Elaine to complain that Elaine is not allowing him to have his meetings in the bar any further.  Ray end sits up next to a man and they begin discussing the Returned and the possibility of another surge of Returns.  Ray is worried that there will be more Returned than inhabitants of Arcadia.  Ray offers to let the man know when the next meeting is going to happen before taking his leave.

Bellamy is in his office when Maggie drops by.  Maggie says that Rachel has been running a temperature  for  two days of over 102 degrees.  Maggie is concerned about giving Rachel the drugs Bellamy procured, given that Rachel is pregnant and she has no idea what the medicine is.  Maggie questions what Bellamy knows about the drugs and he tells her to trust him.

Tom and Janine are lying in bed together and he is clearly deep in thoughts.  Tom gets a call from Maggie.

At the hospital, Bellamy, Tom, Janine and Maggie explain to Rachel about the medication.  Maggie explains that she does not know if the medicine is safe for the baby and Bellamy adds that without the medication, her illness is terminal.  Rachel asks to be alone and Tom starts to argue but Janine cuts him short. They all follow Rachel's wishes and leave her alone in her room.

Tom sits outside in the garden deep in thought and Janine brings him a coffee.  Tom questions why Rachel is taking so long to make a decision.  Janine says that this is about faith and that he cannot make Janine to take the medication.  Janine questions what will happen if something happens to the baby, if Tom convinces her.  Janine tells Tom that God wants them to have this baby.  Clearly, Janine sees herself as replacing Rachel.  I knew all of that goodness couldn't have been all that pure.

Henry is meeting with Brian about the factory. Brian suggests raising it to the ground and starting over but Hank is determined that the brick and mortar are important. Brian says that it could be close to a million and change and that his end would be just over five hundred thousand. Margaret enters and Henry is quick to introduce her as his cousin but Brian picks up on the deception. Brian says that he knows what has been going on in Arcadia and that he knows Margaret is Henry's mother.  Brian again says that he has family in the area.  Margaret questions how much Brian knows about running a factory and Brian makes it clear that he is just an investor and that the business end is going to be up to the Langstons.

Lucille brings in the groceries with Jacob by her side.  Jacob questions what happened to Lucille's station wagon and she explains that  cars like that aren't made anymore.  Jacob leaves to watch television and Henry joins Lucille, who comments that Margaret and Brian are getting along quite well.  Lucille questions if Brian is married.  Margaret then joins them and announces that she and Brian are going out to dinner that night and it's strictly business.

Carl stands in front of a meeting of the concerned Arcadia residents.  Carl explains that Mikey Returned and that he hated Mikey when he was alive and then hated Mikey more when he Returned. Carl explains that Mikey was a big cruel man and that he couldn't take it anymore.  Carl makes it clear that it was right the way that Mikey treated him all of his life.  Carl hesitates when he begins to talk about what he did to Mikey; however, he finally admits that he killed Mikey. Carl is told by Ray that he cannot kill someone who is already dead and that Mikey wasn't human.  Carl asserts that the Returned are not a blessing and that the Returned are not needed in Arcadia.  Carl gets a round of applause from the men.

Tom heads to see Rachel and she asks him to have a seat.  Rachel says that she is feeling a little better and that she has decided not to take the medication.  Tom is adamant that he will not accept this. Rachel argues that this is her decision.  Tom says that she is killing herself all over again and points out that the drugs will keep her here.  Rachel says that if the drugs keep her here at the cost of her child, then there is nothing there for her.  Rachel begins to talk about the dream she had the night before and how it made her feel like she was a part of something.  Rachel adds that the dream was scary but reassuring. Tom begs Rachel to consider because he does not want to lose her again.  Rachel cries, saying that she is at peace because if she goes away, this was what was always meant to happen.  Rachel passes out and when Tom touches her, he finds that Rachel is bleeding from the ears.

The meeting has broken up and it's just Carl and Ray but when Carl checks on Ray, he discovers that Ray is in some sort of seizure or fugue state.

Tom heads to see Maggie and learns that Rachel is still unconscious but stable.  Tom says that he would stay with Rachel but he cannot sit around and do nothing.  When Maggie says that she wishes there were something she could do as well, Tom suggests giving Rachel the medicine despite her wishes.  Tom tells Maggie to take off her doctor hat for one minute but Maggie is adamant that she cannot medicate Rachel without her permission.  Tom points out that the baby is his and that he should have a say in this.  Maggie makes it clear that Tom has no say.

They are interrupted when Bellamy and Fred barge in to say that Ray Richards is showing symptoms of the virus.  Maggie is stunned because Ray is not a Returned.  Maggie heads to see Ray and Elaine rushes in, so Fred comforts her.

Later, Maggie tells Bellamy and Fred that Ray's symptoms are identical to the virus.  Fred questions how this can be happening and Bellamy simply replies that he was told that the non Returned were immune to the virus. Fred demands to know what else Bellamy was told and Bellamy asserts that he is just as surprised.  Maggie questions if she can give a shot to Ray and Bellamy leaves to call the Mystery Woman.  Fred questions how worried they should be and Rachel explains that if they can all get sick, they should be very worried.

On the phone, Bellamy explains to the Mystery Woman (can we just give this character a name already) that Ray is sick and she simply replies that it is not possible.  Bellamy points out that their (read: the government)  own doctor said that the virus keeps muting and questions the possibility of it muting into something which can infect the living.  The Mystery Woman makes it clear that the drugs cannot be given to a living person because their immune systems are different than that of the Returned.  The Mystery Woman advises Bellamy to sit tight until she can get back to him.

Tom storms out of Maggie's office and Bellamy manages to catch up to him.  Tom rants about Janine, telling him to have faith and how he believes that someone has to do something.  Bellamy admits that he has his own supply of the drugs because he has the virus.  Bellamy adds that he is completely symptom free and Tom tells Bellamy that they have to give those drugs to Rachel.

Margaret and Brian are sitting having dinner and she talks about how her father, the foreman at the Langston factory, died on a pile of sawdust.  Brian says that he understand why Margaret cares about the family business so much and that family businesses are a thing of the past.  Brian questions Margaret's decision to marry a Langston and Margaret explains that she married Warren when he was 38 and she was 17.  Margaret adds that she married the man she was told to marry, even though it meant scrubbing floors and watering down Warren's whiskey so he wouldn't get sad. Margaret explains that though Warren wasn't a bad man, she never learned to love him.  Marget talks about giving Warren an heir and spare. It seems that it was  Margaret who ran the business because Warren's drinking got so out of control and bless his heart, Warren didn't mine as long as people didn't know or openly acknowledge it. Brian asks for more information on Margaret and she says that she is not that interesting.

Bellamy and Tom arrive at the hospital, where Maggie reports that there has been no change in Rachel's condition.  Bellamy explains his presence as giving Tom company.  Bellamy and Tom head into Rachel's room and Bellamy pulls out a syringe, and prepares a dose.  Maggie turns around when she realises that she left her keys in Rachel's room.  Bellamy warns Tom that even if this works, he is going to have to talk Rachel into continuing to take it.  Tom takes the syringe saying that whatever happens is his responsibility.  Tom prepares to inject Rachel, just as Maggie walks in.  Maggie orders Tom to hand over the syringe and Bellamy argues that they cannot stand by and do nothing.  Maggie questions if the drug would even work at this stage, saying that this could end up hurting Rachel more.  Tom says that Bellamy does know that the drug is safe and demands that Bellamy tell Rachel.  Bellamy again asserts that the drug works and Maggie asks again how Bellamy is so sure.  Finally, Tom says that Maggie is right and that this is not what Rachel wanted before leaving the room.

Maggie is leaving the hospital again when Bellamy catches up with her.  Rachel questions where Bellamy got the drugs and he finally admits that he has his own supply because he is a Returned. Maggie learns about Bellamy's family from the thirties and Bellamy admits to be wrong for trying to medicate Rachel.  Maggie confronts Bellamy about how long he has knows and Bellamy says it is personal and that didn't know how Maggie would react.  Maggie says that Bellamy does not trust her because he keeps lying to her.  Maggie leaves to head back to the clinic as Bellamy calls after her.

Janine sits by Rachel's bedside with her hand on Rachel's stomach, talking to the baby saying that they are waiting for him and that God is taking care of him. Okay, this has gone from weird to outright creepy.

At yet another meeting, Carl takes the floor. Carl says that the Returned are getting sick and though they have been told that the living were safe, Ray is now sick with the same virus.  Carl says that this isn't right and that the Returned are going to get people sick if action is not taken tonight.  The crowd gets riled up in agreement.

Tom sits in the garden area and Janine joins him to say that he needs to come back upstairs.  Rachel is sitting up in bed with a smile on her face.  Maggie says that all of Rachel's vitals are normal, though she cannot explain it.  Rachel says that she wants to go home but Maggie asks her to stay for observation.  Tom calls Rachel's recovery incredible and Janine calls it a miracle, with a smile on her face.

Margaret is at Brian's home and she waits as Brian pours drinks.  Margaret declines the drink and asks for coffee instead.  Margaret looks around the room at the old pictures.  Margaret spies a photo of Brian's grandfather and remembers her dream of him dying in the fire.  Margaret quickly grabs her bag and explains to Brian that it is getting late and that she promised to tuck Jacob in. The moment Margaret leaves, the Sr. Addison barges into the room, absolutely irate that Brian brought Margaret to their home, adding that if Margaret realises who  he is, the whole deal is off.  Brian points out that Margaret was a little girl at the time and that she doesn't remember his grandfather.

Elaine sits in an observation area watching Ray sleep and she is joined by Fred, who offers her a chocolate bar.  Elaine explains that Ray is in isolation and will be terrified when he wakes up.  Elaine questions how Ray got sick, given that he avoided the Returned. Fred says that doctors don't even know how influenza is spread.  Fred promises that if one more person gets sick, he is going to shut down the entire town.

Bellamy is at the bar and he is joined by Maggie.  Bellamy tells Maggie that he still has not heard from his government contact. Maggie in turn gives Bellamy the news about Rachel being over the virus.  Bellamy is stunned. Maggie tells Bellamy that he could have told her but Bellamy claims that he didn't want to be a burden and he didn't want to be defined by being a Returned.  Maggie jokes about everyone having issues and tells Bellamy that they are not going to talk anymore about death.

Rachel is lying in bed reading, when she is joined by Margaret.  Margaret says that she wanted to meet Rachel to make sure that she was real.  Margaret explains that they didn't share a dream but one of Margaret's memories.  Rachel asks who the man in the fire was because she can still feel him.  Margaret admits that she can feel him as well and that she believes he has Returned.  Rachel calls the man angry and Margaret agrees.

Janine is writing in her journal for bed, as Tom gets ready for bed.  Janine explains that she is documenting this special time in their lives and how lucky they are.  Janine again asserts that all they needed was faith.  Janine turns and kisses Tom but before Tom can respond, Janine turns out the light.

Bellamy is driving through Arcadia when he stumbles across a gathering of citizens.

Margaret returns to her home to see a big red cross painted on it.

Finally Bellamy has revealed that he is a Returned.  I think that Maggie was right to feel betrayed because every step of the way he lied to her.  I do however also see Bellamy's point.  What he has learned is overwhelming and he doesn't even know how he feels about it yet.  What more,  Bellamy barely knows Maggie.

Something is going on with Rachel. Thus far, she has been the only one to heal herself and she is not connected with Margaret.  I want to know what this is all about.  I just hope that it has nothing to do with a magical womb.  So far, all that has defined Rachel is her pregnancy and I would like to see her grow as a person.  Speaking of pregnancy, Janine is outright creeping me out.  I knew all of that goodness simply could not last.  She has talked herself into believing that God sent Rachel's child for her and this means as soon as Rachel delivers, she better watch out because Janine does not have good intentions.  It's also time for Tom to call her on it. He knows something is not right.  I find it interesting that only time Tom stopped being passive when he was trying to over rule Rachel's choice not to take medication.  I am glad Maggie came in and stopped it. 

Okay, with the red marks on the door, a cleansing of the Returned is clearly going to happen; however, we know from what Margaret has said and watching Janine die and return that this is not going to effect the Returned in the long run.  I really do understand the fear of the citizens, even if I reject their planned violence.  I also think that Resurrection is going to use the planned reaping of the Returned as a way to retcon Fred and make him a good guy. 

Speaking of retcon.  Could that be the path for Margaret?  We know a little bit about her past now and I cannot help but be sympathetic.  She was forced into a loveless marriage with an alcoholic who was twice her age.  For Margaret, that factory and her children became the reason to wake up each day.  I still think that there is a deeper mystery involving the factory and the Returned.

What the hell is Addison up to and why? We know that Margaret watched as he got burned alive but I sense that there is so much more to the story.  He seems to have so much resentment towards the Langstons.

Finally why did Ray suddenly get sick?  It makes me wonder if the whole town is actually filled with the Returned, only the citizens don't realise it?