Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Six: Wheel Inside the Wheel

The week, The Originals begins with a flashback to Norway, 972 A.D., where Esther struggles through a vicious storm to see Dahlia.  Dahlia is not the least bit impressed to see Esther, who has become concerned that after almost a full year, she is not yet pregnant.  Esther is so concerned that she begs Dahlia to use her magic to help her.  Dahlia points out that if Esther had not abandoned her witchcraft, she could help herself but Esther points out that she was never as strong as Dahlia.  Esther pleads on their familial relationship because being sisters, the two women are bound by blood.  Dahlia says that she could never refuse her sister, but points out that what Esther wants will require a huge sacrifice.

Oliver is bound in quite the Christ like fashion.  Vincent/Finn tells the wolves to spread the word that Oliver is to be put death at midnight tonight.  Oliver is dragged away, leaving Vincent/Finn with Esther, who praises his effort and leaves to check on Elijah.

Elijah is still chained up and sleeping.  Esther grabs Elijah's face, saying that he is still so strong.  She grabs a knife, telling Elijah that she remembers him as an innocent kind little boy.  It seems that Esther has convinced herself that the Elijah knew as a child what he would become, he would have leaped into Esther's arms and begged her to save him. Esther grabs a knife, saying that she would do anything for that little boy, before slicing Elijah's throat.  Esther says a spell into Elijah's ear.

At the Mikaelson compound, after hearing a scream, Hayley walks into a room to find Klaus washing off blood.  It seems that Klaus was interrogating (read: torturing), a witch to find out Elijah's location.  Hayley wants to leave right away, but Klaus says that Esther is too powerful and therefore; won't easily be found.  Klaus says that he is going to change his shirt and then find Elijah.  Hayley asks to come alone but Klaus believes that Esther will target Hayley in order to thwart him.  Klaus points out that he cannot save Elijah, if he is saving Hayley.

At Marcel's compound, Gia reports that after searching the city, she can find no sign of Elijah.  Marcel replies that he couldn't find anything either and that he hopes Klaus has had better luck.  Hayley walks in to report that Klaus hasn't found out anything either. Hayley asks Gia and Marcel to go on a rescue mission for Oliver, adding that saving Oliver might lead them to where Elijah is.  Hayley then asks Gia and Marcel to act as a distraction by keeping Finn busy. Hayley starts to leave but Marcel stops her saying that Hayley cannot do this by herself because she will killed, which will resort in his own death, for allowing it to happen.  Hayley asserts that she will not be going alone because while the werewolves are answering to the witches, they still have an alpha, whom Hayley is determined to find. 

At Rossau's, Vincent/Finn meets up with Cami.  Vincent/Finn brings up Cami's drama with Klaus and Cami admits that she has been sucked into Klaus's family drama.  Of course, Vincent/Finn is sympathetic, calling it unfair that Klaus would rely so heavily on Cami for support.  Cami explains that she feels that she has a professional obligation to help Klaus's family, so Vincent reminds Cami that she is talking about a family which she said was dangerous.  Cami then qualifies saying that Klaus's family is not dangerous to her.  Vincent/Finn suggests that Cami not put herself in a position where Klaus can harm her.  Cami cuts the conversation short, pointing out that it's happy hour.  Vincent/Finn order a whiskey for himself and a drink for Cami, which seems to make her suspicious.  Cami cancels her order, promising to meet Vincent/Finn on Monday.

Klaus has dug up Esther's grave, snarking that nothing says I loathe you like desecrating a corpse.  Before Klaus can set the coffin on fire, Elijah calls to him and walks slowly away. Klaus follows and Elijah tells Klaus that he seems troubled.  Klaus asks Elijah what Esther has done to him and Elijah brings up Esther's belief that she can save their souls.  Elijah then informs Klaus that Esther wants to talk and suggests that they listen.  Klaus screams no and throws a chair, screaming that he is done with Esther's petty illusions.  Klaus asks where Elijah is and Esther enters the room saying that Elijah is preoccupied at the moment and that she is helping him find his way.  Klaus makes it clear that he is not going to sit through a sermon of Esther's lies.  Esther explains that she is in the process of making Elijah into the man he was meant to be, promising to do the same with Klaus. 

Esther calls the ruined plantation where they are standing sad but symbolic because Klaus never intended to build a true home there.  Esther then brings up Hope, pointing out that while Rebekah and Elijah worked to defend the child, Klaus focused on his conquest of the Quarter. Klaus snarks, telling Esther to choke on her motherly critique.  Esther replies that she only mentions Klaus's failures in order to point that he has endured several centuries of misery and also caused suffering to his own blood. Esther again reiterates her offer to help Klaus escape his misery and Klaus responds by suggesting that Esther hand over Elijah.  Klaus accuses Esther of being no better than Michael and in the process revealing that Michael is alive again.  Klaus snarks about Kol not being the loyal boot licker that Esther believes him to be.  

Cami is going through a list of names and stops when she gets to Vincent.  When Marcel enters, she asks him who Vincent is, given that he has no credentials according to the school and in her Uncle's bloodlines book, Vincent comes from a family of witches. Marcel then reveals that Vincent has a thousand year old vampire inside of him named Finn Mikaelson.  Cami is shocked to learn that her adviser is Klaus's brother and reveals that Vincent/Finn has been asking questions about Klaus, and even ordered her favourite drink like he has been watching her.  Marcel suggests that Vincent/Finn was trying to find out what is going on with Klaus, or use Cami as bait. When Marcel declares that Cami should sever ties with Vincent/Finn, Cami makes it clear that she is not done with Vincent/Finn.

Back at the plantation, Esther tells Klaus that if Michael has returned that they need to deal with him.  Klaus laughs, asking if this is a joke.  Klaus is unwilling to join forces with Esther because she allowed him to be raised by Michael in the first place.  Esther declares that she is not evil and is in fact Klaus's salvation.  Esther declares that Michael was not always a demon. Esther adds that long ago, Michael loved his children with all of heart. Esther says that while Michael doted on Finn, Freya was the apple of his eye.

Flashback time. Esther is playing with the children.  

Klaus does not buy into Esther's accounting of history but Esther declares that Klaus has gone mad from centuries of hating his parents, suggesting again that if Klaus joins her, she can bring him peace.  Esther promises that if Michael tries to harm Klaus,  she will take him down herself.  Klaus tells Esther that he never needed any help when it comes to killing his parents.  Esther then offers Klaus the truth about his real father.

Hayley walks through the bayou and stops when she sees a trailer.  Someone shoots two arrows at Hayley but she catches them, saying that they are going to have to do better to kill a hybrid. A man starts to charge Hayley but Jackson walks out of the woods saying, "stop."  Jackson introduces the man who charged Hayley as Ansel, then tells Ansel that Hayley was supposed to be his wife.

Esther is now standing over her coffin and she brings up Klaus strangling her to death and asks Klaus if her remembers why he killed her.  Klaus responds, that Esther lied about who his father was, turned them all into monsters, cursed him, and denied him his hybrid nature. Klaus tells Esther that he hates that he is the product of whore's lechery, causing Esther to slap him across the face, reminding Klaus that he is still her son.  Klaus tells Esther that she has no business calling him evil, when he is the product of her lust.  Esther declares that she has never regretted loving Klaus's father and that Klaus has never known how that love came to be, or what happened after Freya died because of the plague.  

Jackson explains that after Francesca took over the wolves, he was offered a moonlight ring if he promised to her call her alpha, but he declined. Jackson was then dragged to the Bayou and left for dead and when he had recovered, he learned about what happened to Hayley and Hope, and assumed it was all over.  Jackson explains that Ansel has been teaching him what it means to be a wolf and when Hayley snarks at living out of a trailer, Jackson warns Hayley that her kind makes Ansel jittery. Hayley declares that her allegiance is to the wolves, even if they did pledge allegiance to a witch.  Hayley asserts that the wolves need an alpha, adding that Oliver needs one to. Jackson is not impressed, saying that Oliver betrayed him and plotted with others to spill his own people's blood. Hayley suggests that Oliver was trying to make up for that but Jackson is not convinced, adding that because the witches have Oliver, he is dead.  Hayley tells Jackson that if he does not want to be the alpha that she will save Oliver herself.  Ansel stands, telling Hayley that though he has no love of vampires, he will not allow a wolf to be killed by witches.  

In the graveyard, Esther explains that after Freya died, Michael was so upset that they were forced to move.  Esther adds that Michael's despair drove them apart and that is when Esther saw Klaus's father for the first time.  Esther explains that Michael had absolutely shut her out and so she found herself drawn to Klaus's father. Klaus then asks why his father abandoned him, instead of allowing Michael to raise him.  Esther explains to Klaus that his father wanted to claim him but she did not allow it, fearing that Michael would destroy them all in his rage. 

Marcel asks Cami if she plans to spy on Vincent/Finn, then declares that he will not allow Cami anywhere near Finn. Cami of course is certain that she can handle herself.  Marcel suggests that Cami wants to get even with Klaus but it seems the real reason is that Cami believes that it is her failure to embrace her family legacy that led to death of Hope. They are interrupted when Marcel gets a call from Hayley, saying that Jackson is out of the plan but she has Ansel.  Marcel tells Hayley that he has an idea of how to keep Finn occupied, as he looks at Cami.  

Back at the graveyard, Esther tells Klaus that when she learned she was pregnant, she told Mikael that she was having a baby and Klaus's birth renewed Mikael's spirits. Klaus says that Esther built a family on secrets and lies.  Esther asks Klaus what would happened if she could make up for denying him his true legacy, offering to put Klaus into the body of a werewolf, so that he can live out his days as it was always meant to be.  Esther tells Klaus that he can start over and have a family of his own but Klaus demands to know where his brother is, threatening to kill his mother as many times as it takes.  Esther uses her magic to throw Klaus away from her, ranting about his over indulgence in violence before snapping Klaus's neck.  

Hours later, Klaus sleeps where his mother left him.

Flashback time of Klaus looking at the body of a dead man.

In the present, Klaus regains consciousness and Esther apologises for knocking him out. Klaus says that he was remembering the day he found his father, just after Michael killed him.  Esther calls this her darkest hour, declaring that had Klaus not killed her shortly afterwards, she probably would not have recovered.  Esther looks at a clock, saying that though Klaus woke early, the time has arrived.  Esther gives Klaus Elijah's location, claiming to have lifted the spell which hid him because now Elijah is capable of making his own decision.  Esther promises that all she did was tell Klaus the truth tonight and it is up to him to believe it.  Klaus simply vanishes without answering.

Cami heads into the bar and Gia meets Marcel in the compound to report that there isn't a werewolf in sight.  Marcel orders Gia to keep an eye out for wolves. In the bar, Cami thanks Vincent/Finn for coming and apologises for getting into her personal information.

Hayley and Ansel find Oliver and Hayley asks where Elijah is.  Ansel reports that their presence is no longer secret.  Hayley quickly breaks Oliver's bonds.

Cami asks Vincent how he would diagnose Klaus and Vincent replies that Klaus is paranoid, with low self esteem, and no impulse control. Cami says that there is too much history that she doesn't know, like all of the history with his siblings.  Cami asks Vincent how he manages, clarifying by adding that in their first sessions, Vincent revealed that he didn't get along well with his brothers.  Cami asks Vincent if he stays in touch with his brother and Vincent replies that he is not in touch with his brother.  Vincent ends the conversation, saying that Cami is getting personal, after just scolding him for doing the same to her.  Cami responds that she is looking for coping methods, trying to learn from the master.  

Marcel and Gia are about to enter the bar, after listening to Cami's conversation with Vincent.  They are confronted by a wolf, who tells them that they must be lost because vampires caught in the Quarter are to be killed on sight.  Marcel instructs Gia to run.

Oliver is in a weakened state, so he tells Hayley and Ansel to leave him there.  Hayley declares that if they want a fight, she will give them a fight.  Ansel however tells Hayley that he came with her to save one of his own, not watch as Hayley killed scores of them.  Ansel orders Hayley to take Oliver out the back way while he stays and holds off the wolves. Ansel rushes outside and starts fighting the wolves. 

In the bar, Vincent tells Cami that she seems on edge, as outside, Marcel does battle with a werewolf.  Vincent asks Cami if there is something she hasn't shared with him about Klaus.  Cami reaches into her purse, claiming to be nervous around Vincent, explaining that this is why she keeps badgering him with her dumb questions.  Vincent says that Cami's interest is unexpected and Cami explains that this could be her passive aggressive way of trying to change the subject because she believes that Vincent is going to tell her to stop spending time with Klaus.  Outside, the fight continues to rage.  Inside, Vincent declares Cami and intelligent woman who can tell for herself what's best.  Cami says that she asks herself why she let's people like Klaus into her life, adding she has a destructive pattern which  draws her to the "bad boys."   Cami adds that deep down, she feels like that is what she deserves.  Vincent takes Cami's hand, calling himself an expert in unhealthy patterns, promising to help her if she lets him.  Marcel continues to fight and Gina comes back and intervenes but gets bitten in the process and thrown into a wall.  Marcel finally manages to rip the heart out of their assailant. 

Hayley and Oliver make their way through the graveyard, when the are confronted by a pack of wolves.  Hayley suggests letting them go so they can call it a day but Aidan makes it clear that the wolves are not leaving.  Oliver reveals himself, calling the wolves crazy for wanting to fight a hybrid. Oliver says that they are trying to kill him because a witch gave an order and adds that though he is not innocent, he never lost sight of what he was fighting for.  Oliver says that they were going to be a pack but now they are turning on each other by killing their own people, which will make them nothing.  Aidan steps aside and the other wolves follow suit, allowing Hayley to escort Oliver out.

Klaus makes his way through the graveyard and when he hears a fight, he turns to intervene.  Klaus snaps the neck of a werewolf and finds himself face to face with Ansel, who turns out to be his father. Klaus freaks out, calling Ansel a specter conjured by Esther. Klaus declares that Ansel is not real and Ansel asks Klaus to look at him.  Ansel declares that he is flesh and blood but Klaus points out that Ansel has been dead for years.  Ansel explains that he has been watching Klaus from the other side but Klaus still thinks that Ansel is an illusion created to cause him to accept his mother's bargains. Ansel declares that he knows nothing of Esther's bargains and calls Klaus his son.  Ansel reaches out and puts his hand on Klaus's face and Klaus examines the tattoo.  Klaus tells Ansel that even if what he says he real, Ansel is nothing to him and he can crawl back to hell before disappearing.  

Marcel feeds Gia a vial of Klaus's blood and explains that he is running low, which means that Gia is not to get bitten again.  Marcel tells Gia that when she took off, he thought she was gone but Gia explains that all her life, when things got tough, she would run because she never fit in but she fits here and that means no running no matter what.  Marcel thanks Gia for sticking it out.  Marcel gets a phone call from Cami, who reports that she is okay.  Cami adds that Vincent/Finn likes her but Marcel says that this may not be good news. Cami disagrees, arguing that she is Vincent/Finn's blind 
spot, which means she can help take him down. 

Hayley, Oliver and Jackson sit by the fire and Hayley explains that Ansel was busy being a man and should be right behind them.  Oliver starts to confess but Jackson already knows, so Oliver says that he cannot make up for what he has done and that Jackson is the alpha their people need.  Oliver asks Jackson to free their people, who aren't meant to be slaves.  Oliver starts to cough, grabbing his chest and Hayley explains that the witch said that Oliver only had until midnight.  Oliver dies in Jackson's arms, as Jackson begs him to stay.  

Klaus has finally found Elijah and makes short work of freeing his brother.  Klaus begs Elijah to wake but Elijah remains unconscious.  Esther appears, telling Klaus that Elijah will not wake yet, adding that it gives them one last chance to discuss her offer.  `Klaus asks if his mother lied when she promised Elijah's safe return, just like the lie of Ansel.  Esther tells Klaus that Ansel's return is real and that she pulled him from the other side before it collapsed, using the execution of one of his own to draw him to the graveyard.  Klaus asks Esther why and Esther explains that she brought Ansel there to be the father Klaus never had, to teach him to be the man he was meant to be.  Esther says that once Klaus is remade as a werewolf, he can join Ansel.  Klaus tells Esther that Ansel's return changes nothing. Esther tells Klaus that this is his last chance of salvation and if he says no, he will live out his days, lost and alone.  Esther begs Klaus not to refuse her out of an ancient spite but Klaus tells Esther that what he feels is hatred - a hatred stronger than the day he first took her life.  Esther asks Klaus why and Klaus grabs Esther by the neck screaming that she came for his child - his own blood.  Esther tries to tell Klaus that he doesn't understand that she had to. Esther uses her magic and Klaus starts to bleed from his nose.  Klaus tells Esther that she declared war when she came after his family and for that, he will make her suffer as only he can.  Klaus calls himself his mother's son and then throws Esther on the ground.  As Esther starts to gather herself, Klaus picks Elijah up and carries him out.

We get a flashback to Dahlia holding Freya by the arm saying that Esther wanted a family.  Dahlia reminds Esther that she warned her it would come at a price.  Esther threatens to tell Michael but Dahlia says that all Esther will tell Michael is that Freya died and that her body was burned to stop  the plague.  Esther pleads that she cannot give up her child but Dahlia points out that their bargain was for the first born and for the first born of each generation that would come, for as long as Esther's line lasts.  Esther promises that she will return to the black arts and make Dahlia pay if she takes Freya.  Dahlia is not at all troubled and tells Esther that her power is nothing against hers.  Dahlia warns Esther that if she defies her, she will take little Finn and unborn Elijah.  Dahlia grabs Freya and walks away as Freya screams.

In the present,  Esther is clearly haunted by this vision when Finn walks in.  Esther tells Finn that Klaus refused her offer because he is burdened with hatred for her, for what happened to Hope. Vincent/Finn calls Klaus a fool and he argues that their actions saved their family.  Esther says that if Hope had lived, Dahlia would have returned and come for them all. 

Klaus puts Elijah to bed as Hayley watches. 

Okay, we learned a lot this episode.  We were introduced to Ansel, Klaus's biological father as well as Dahlia, Klaus's aunt.  All this time Esther has talked about wanting to save her children from their misdeeds, but this seems really to be about stopping the terrible bargain she made with her sister.  I tell you, Mommy Dearest, has nothing on Esther.  Holy shit.  

There is however a little flaw in this storyline.  One of the things Esther has been pointing out to both Klaus and Elijah is that if they become human again, they can become fathers.  Won't Dahlia come for their firstborn then?  It seems to me, that cursing her children to become vampires has saved her family from suffering from this curse for 1000 years.  Clearly the writers didn't think this through when they had Esther talking to both Klaus and Elijah about fathering a child.

One of the things that irritated me this episode was the the treatment of women.  Big surprise right?  Since we just spoke with Esther, I will continue along that vein.  How long are we going to have to tolerate the slut shaming of Esther?  This is a woman who cursed her children, bargained away the first born of every generation, and tried to kill her children.  Why is slut shaming even happening considering all of the evil the writes have to work with.  Oh I know, women have to keep their knees together.  Snark.  Esther slapping Klaus across the face does not in anyway make up for the slut shaming which has been going on for a few episodes now

Onto Hayley, who has proven time and time again to be capable.  First, Klaus tells Hayley to stay home because she is a liability to him and he does not want to have to save her.  It seems to me a two against one approach would be better going up against a witch as powerful as Esther.  Hayley then comes up with a plan to save Oliver and Marcel's first inclination is to tell her know based in competency and the chance she might get killed.  Then we have Ansel, who decides to order (note not ask) Hayley to flee with Oliver. The point of that would be what exactly?  He ended up killing werewolves himself.   Every time Hayley came up with and idea or offered to help with a task, so male character was there to remind her how fragile she is and order her around.  Yes, it's good that Hayley went along anyway but again, that does not reduce the misogyny.

Finally, we come to Cami.  Cami is playing a dangerous game with Vincent/Finn.  Of course, Marcel was quick to warn her away and Cami had to be insistent that she had a role to play.  It was only when Marcel decided in what terms Cami could be useful, was she allowed to engage Vincent/Finn. Cami intends to use her intelligence to outwit Vincent/Finn and I think that it is a good thing but of course, Marcel does not.  It's all far too dangerous for the weak Cami.