Thursday, November 20, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 10th November - 14th November

West of Sunset by Dennis R Upkins

There’s not much to say here - it’s a very plain functional cover that could be on any book up to and including a text book (which is what it resembles to me more than anything).

Black Widow (Elemental Assassin #12) by Jennifer Estep

This is a lot better than previous books in the series. That isn’t saying much, the bar is quite low. But she’s actually stood in a position she could actually manage comfortable (albeit one designed to show breasts and butt - but without that much in the way of spine bending). The knives are also appropriate as are the clothes

My one issue - is Gin 16? This model looks… young, very very young.

Archangels Kiss (Guildhunter #2) by Nalini Singh

Like previous books in this series, I find Elena to be a little pale. And those leather trousers seem far more for revealing than for any kind of practicality. But other than that this looks both very true to the books - and looks nicely intriguing. It would draw me in without any eye rolling.

Rain of Ash (Project Fifteen #1) by Rachel Elisabeth Judd

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the cartoony style. I always expect the book to be a comic or graphic novel. Or, failing that, a light, humorous book (which is common for the more animated style cover - a lot of paranormal chick lit for example albeit with brighter more primary colours) which is really really really not representative of this book. I think the style is growing, however as we see more self-pubs using it

Other than that, I don’t actually have any problems with this cover - it isn’t sexualised, it has a good sense of what the book’s about and it’s also a fairly accurate depiction of the protagonist.