Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lost Girl, Season 5, Episode 7: Here Comes the Night

Let more meta commence!

Well Bo, Dyson and Tamsin helping people stuck in cars after a tornado blew through. It’s super super devastating and Tamsin is being super-duper-creepily clingy to Bo. “You’re my girl” really? Is now the time? Bo’s still not happy with this

The tornado has left a giant Triskele on the road.

Big bad Elizabeth – Zee (apparently Zeus) has 3 chained oracles to chant for her as she dramatically channels the storms. She likes a good setting

Super powerful localised storms are causing chaos through the city and Lauren’s clinic is swamped. Bo & co arrive to fill Lauren in before Dyson convinces Bo to stay in case someone takes advantage of the chaos to steal Lauren’s de-faeing serum. Dyson and Tamsin head out to do hero stuff. Tamsin is still clingy. Also the power goes off – which is a bad thing since Evony decided to give Lauren a monster of supreme scariness in a box that needs plugging in. The box counts down – and demands they evacuate. Bo and Lauren order the clinic cleared while they prepare to face the super-evil fae within.

It opens… and there’s nothing inside. They assume it was a bad joke by Evony (personally I assume the fae is tiny/invisible) and decide to slow dance so Lauren can use the noise of the music to tell Bo how she’s manipulating Evony to get lots of money to live her dream of running the clinic and it has nothing to do with making Evony fae). Lauren and Bo kiss

At the Dal, Trick has to host lots of fae and Vex and pointless-mini-wolf. Poor Trick. He manages to do this while also reciting a story about Zeus flooding the world and expositioning Iris, Hera’s messenger, god of rainbows. This also expositions the whole uber fae thing and Vex generally not appreciating being around.

Also Miniwolf Mark really loves storms and aggressively comes on to Vex – which Vex puts down to the storm messing with his mind – until he gives Vex a blowjob while Vex protests who very pissed off Dyson will be before Mark kisses him. Now there’s a twist.

Except later, Mark doesn’t seem to understand what Vex is talking about. And Evony drops in to flirt with Mark and Vex gets kind of possessive over “Teen Wolf”. Anyway she’s there to recruit Vex to help her recapture the thing in the box (though it’s super menacing, Vex seems more… well… vexed than scared). They do confirm that the fae is evil and invisible so I’m going to help myself to a big glass of “I told you so.” It’s a fine vintage

Over to Dyson and Tamsin who note that for all the big scary storm and blackout, there’s surprisingly few fatalities. But Alesha is still putting up missing person posters for her husband (Horatio, presumably Hera) and Dyson wants Tamsin to remove them and any other evidence of the gods running round. This segues, somewhat clumsily, into Tamsin’s clinging to Bo and her jealousy of Lauren with Dyson reminding Tamsin that Bo cannot possibly be monogamous since she’s a succubus. Tamsin can cope with other people – but not Lauren.

Which is very tragic for her when she returns to the clinic to find Bo and Lauren having sex. She has the saddest of sad faces. Awwww Tamsin.

She doesn’t hang around which means it’s Lauren who notices her assistant Sam has been horribly mangled (ah, a named POC hanging around… for 2 seconds). Bo also catches on to the whole invisible monster thing. Lauren, in her guilt, decides to give us a brief insight into her dark secret past. Hey remember that? Oh don’t lie you totally don’t – it was a one off mention that wasn’t developed several seasons ago! She also refuses to hide

Dyson goes to look up Horatio and finds him posing as Kevin (the man whose body was possessed) with his wife Alesha who is obviously pretty furious since they handed her an urn and told her her husband was dead. Dyson and he play act around Alesha while Dyson tries to warn him off so he starts strangling Alesha. Dyson, who is clearly not following things, orders “Zeus” to let Alesha go and he snaps back that his name is Hera – and covers Dyson in stinging insects. What Hera didn’t expect was for Alesha to stab him. Hera staggers out.

Vex and Evony go to the clinic and Evony also plans to grab the serum since she’s tired of Lauren’s blatant manipulations (Lauren has also hidden the serum behind a bush which is… kind of symbolic given how Evony first caught the serum) while she and Vex snark back and forth. Which is when Bo and Lauren arrive (for more Evony snark. She’s a terrible person and what she says is so often wrong but she’s still pretty awesome). Evony also reveals she used to date an ancient.

Anyway, Evony plays bait (she’s awesome bait) and Lauren throwing an axe at it and pinning it, making it visible in the rain. It’s Eros, Evony’s ex, and clearly there’s lots of emotion still there. She kisses him, declares “she hates to lose” (since she lost Eros to Psyche) and Eros is struck by lightning through the axe. Evony leaves with a whole lot of emotion and Lauren catches on to the whole Greek god thing.

Dyson lets Alesha camp with him and is met by an-obviously-fake-Bo who tells him how much she thinks about him.

Trick is visited by his dead wife and he pushes her away – he knows it’s fake. His wife turns into the three eye-less oracles that Zeus had chained; they continue to chant “only in the darkness can we see the light” before leaving. Dyson and Vex arrive and both confirm they’ve also had sex visions which Trick says are “Oracle visions” so they can basically kiss them and “extract their truth”. He also says the visions reveal truth which Vex seems to be find a little troubling – anyway, it’s all about Bo (and them all sharing blood with her way back in the Garuda days). And that “in darkness to see the light” means they can’t see the “light” of Bo’s blood without the electricity being turned off (candles don’t count because… hell this is shaky, don’t poke it that hard, it’ll fall!)

Trick links the Oracles to Zeus (wasn’t that Apollo? And also really unnecessary exposition?) And Trick also adds that the Oracle visions is supposed to show who your heart most desires which does not make Vex happy.

And Bo? She goes home and the oracles are waiting for her… and she sees Dyson. And then Lauren. And then her dad (what? Ew ew ew ew ew) at which point Trick intervenes. The real Trick. Trick doesn’t understand why the ancients want his granddaughter so Bo, after several episodes of unnecessary secrecy, tells Trick that her dad is Hades – so she’s technically one of them. And she realises doing what Persephone wanted and lighting the candle “for her family” probably woke the Ancients.

To Mark and Vex and Vex explains why he broke up with Evony – she was in love with Eros and rather than help her deal with it, he helped her imprison him instead. Mark keeps pushing Vex to say who he saw in the oracle vision. Vex deflects, “I don’t have a bloody clue what my heart wants any more”.

And tearful Tamsin approaches Bo and begs her to say she loves her – and Tamsin’s face is heartbreaking but Bo tells Tamsin they’re not a couple; Tamsin says she’s in love with Bo. Bo says she loves Tamsin – but isn’t in love with her

Awwww Tamsin. She leaves and tells Bo not to follow her.

Bo blows out Persephone’s candle – and it relights itself.

I kind of want to start The Totally Wrong Evony Fanclub.

Tamsin – oh Tamsin. Normally I’d be talking about time and place and how Bo is focused on other things but dear gods she was pretty damn amazing this episode. That was some solid, A star tragic acting and even with her character yo-yoing all over the place, it really solidified her character’s affections into something more than a childish crush. It’s impossible not to feel for her. Awwww, Tamsin

For a brief second I thought Dyson was going to be shown as Bo’s true love – then Lauren showed up as well, showing her divided heart. Then her dad showed up because….

I kind of love that Hera and Zeus genderswapped during possession. And I love that, confused, horrified and lost, Alesha was still able to do more than cower and be victimised – tough and smart, and I thought she was going to be a rapidly disposed of bit-part (like Sam).

I’m interested to see where Vex and Mark are going – though it’s going to take a major miracle to make me care about Mark. I like the idea of having a bisexual man on the show because of general bisexual erasure universally, but also because often when we do have depiction of bisexuality it’s female bisexuality (usually using memes like “all women are sort of bi” and lots and lots of straight-male-gaze appeal); just as I was glad they made several of the other women bi rather than just Bo (because Bo, as a succubus, has a lot of woo-woo wound into her sexuality which in turn connects to a lot of troublesome bisexuality tropes: predatory, inability to be monogamous, sex obsessed etc). With Bo, Tamsin, Evony, possibly Lauren (there was an almost, possibly could-be thing developing with a male scientist once, though I think they rapidly backed off from it) among main cast, female bisexuality was a rather awesome norm with just few outliers (Kenzi and, again possibly, Lauren) among the main cast and among many many small parts too, while the men were all surprisingly straight.

This episode also proves what I’ve said all season – STICK TO THE META! Meta meta meta makes the world go round!