Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grimm Season Four, Episode Thirteen: Trial by Fire

"And glory like the phoenix
midst her fires,
Exhales her odours. blazes,
and expires"

Mason and Joan are taking inventory in an outdoors store, when Barstow, who is a Excandesco, woges and sets the store on fire. The store busts into flames which quickly multiply when in an attempt to get out, Mason throws a chair throw a window.

Juliet has a flashback to woging and killing the Wesen who attacked her.  Juliet and Nick talk about what he did with the body and what Adalind might do once she discovers that Nick is a Grimm again. 

The next morning Nick and Hank arrive at the store and the details from Wu.  Nick and Hank go over the scene and shown that the fire inexplicable turned.  They head outside to speak to the owner and his son  John and Andy Harrison briefly.  Back in the car, they question what explains a fire with a mind of its own and wonder if this is an insurance scam.  Back at the station, Hank gets off the phone with the insurance and of course Harrison & Sons had a five million dollar policy on the store and had just filed for bankruptcy. Nick and Hank decide to talk to the lawyer who filed the bankruptcy and ask for a list of the debtors and the company's financial records.

At the station, Sam reports that Kelly sold the truck she left Portland in.  Renard decides to check a listing of all vehicles sold, sure in the knowledge that Kelly is going to need a car.

Now back at the station, Nick asks Wu to run a background check on Charles Laney, the lawyer handling the bankruptcy for  Harrison & Sons.   Wu mentions that an officer in arson says that the fire pattern matches one his former partner was obsessed with.  Hank and Nick want to talk to the cop but find out that Orson may not be receptive because they arrested for murder.

At the prison, Orson who is a Bauerschwein, woges when he hears that Hank and Nick want to see him, saying "hell no."  While waiting for Orson, Nick explains that he didn't really know what was going on back then because he was just coming into his Grimm powers.  Orson makes his way in and they tell him about the fire and he snarks about doing Nick's job.  Nick shows Orson the pictures of the victims, adding that no accelerant was used and that Grady suggested Orson might know who they are looking for. Orson says that he would have caught the arsonists but then Nick arrested him, adding that if he saw him again, he could identify him. 

When next we see Orson, he is in the police station with an ankle monitor on and is escorted into Renard's office.  Renard explains to Orson that he has two days to assist the detectives and if Orson messes up, he will never get parole.  Orson starts to become vague about the arsonist and so Nick asks if the arsonist is a Wesen and Hank reveals that he knows that Orson is a Bauerschwein and that Nick is a Grimm.  Orson is shocked, then reveals that the arsonists likes to light a fire and then stick around and watch. Nick tells Hank and Orson to look through the files while he does some research.

At the Grimm trailer, Wu and Nick find out that the wesen they are looking for is a Excandesco.  The story that Nick reads is the Roman fire which was on blamed on Christians. Yes, more historical appropriation from Grimm but at least because it's ancient history, it's not as horrifying as their recent acts of appropriation.  Unfortunately, the Grimm wiki has no information on how to stop a Excandesco.

Charles Laney meets with Barstow and reveals that there were two kids inside the Harrison building and that two homicide cops came to see him.  Barstow argues that this is not his fault but is told that he has to clean house get rid of everyone who can identify him.  Barstow takes Laney at his word, grabs Laney's throat and sets him on fire.

Orson and Hank are talking, when Nick enters to ask if Orson has ever heard of an Excandesco.  They wonder if the arsonist is the accelerant himself.  Orson explains that the arsonists could essentially be a human match.  Nick and Hank talk about how to arrest the arsonist, if they cannot get close to him. Orson suggests that he can make something to protect the Nick and Hank.  Hank suggests that the spice shop might have the things they need.  Nick decides that he should call first because of the history between Orson and Monroe.  When Nick gets a hold of Rosalie and learns that Monroe is going to be gone for several hours, he decides to head over.

Adalind confronts Viktor about getting to Juliet. They have a brief argument which halts when Sam enters and tells them everything Renard told them.  Sam declares that he will find Kelly and leaves.  Adalind asks to try a little bit of diplomacy on Juliet.

Nick, Hank and Peter arrive at the spice shop.  Orson asks for an ointment good enough to handle intense heat.  Monroe enters the spice shop and both men immediately woge, forcing Hank and Nick to step between them.  Monroe demands to know why Orson is not in jail where belongs and Hank and Nick explain about the fire and the two dead kids.  Monroe points out that Orson killed Hap and Orson hits back saying that Monroe's girlfriend killed his brother.  Orson adds that if he belongs in jail so does Monroe's girlfriend.  When Rosalie calls out that the woman in question is dead, Orson calls it the best news he has had since he went to prison.  Monroe gets enraged and tells Nick that he doesn't care what kind of help he needs, he is not getting it here.  Monroe and Orson yell back and forth and Nick announces that they are leaving. Rosalie stops Nick from leaving and then heads to see Monroe. Rosalie tries to calm down Monroe, saying that she is sick of this hatred amongst Wesen, arguing that Nick is trying to do what's right.  Rosalie suggests that Monroe should leave if he can't handle it and so Monroe storms out of the spice shop. Rosalie heads back to see Nick and he apolgises but Rosalie says that the feud goes too far back for Nick to be responsible.

Rosalie, Nick, Hank and Orson talk about what they can use to stop the arsonists from bursting into fire.  The men start to gather the ingredients as Rosalie calls them up.  Orson starts to suggest a way to make a potion and Monroe shows up and starts to help.  Nick then gets a call about Laney burning up in his car and leaves with Orson and Hank.  Monroe apologizes to Rosalie for his reaction admitting that this is about the two dead kids.

John and Andy talk about rebuilding their company but Andy believes that they are being wiped out by the internet.  John says that he worked hard to have something to leave Andy and that with the insurance money they can start again.  Andy storms out, after telling his father that he was never once asked if wanted this legacy. Is anyone else thinking that Andy is spoiled and entitled?  Once outside, Andy gets a call from Barstow who is not impressed that there were two people inside the store. Andy is told that they need to talk now but Andy says no and hangs up the phone.

Wu, Hank, Nick and Orson are at the scene of Laney's murder. The entire time Andy was on the phone with Barstow, Barstow was still at the scene of his crime.  Wu reveals that one of Laney's former clients was Damien Barstow, who was charged with arson. Barstow was not convicted because they could not prove how the fire started.  Wu shows Orson a picture of Barstow and he identifies Barstow as the man they are looking for.  Nick realises that Laney put the Harrisons in touch with Barstow.  Orson looks up, claiming that he saw Barstow watching them and asks if he is seeing what he wants to see because he has been inside too long.  Nick points out that Barstow is eliminating connections to him and that the Harrisons are next.

Barstow calls John claiming to be a cop who has information on the building fire. Barstow tells John that Andy or Laney was involved and asks to meet him at the shop.  John is quick to agree.

Juliet returns home and Adalind watches her from her car. 

Andy returns home to find his father gone.  John has arrived at the store and he gets a call from Andy admitting to his role in the arson.  John however says that it was Laney and adds that he is meeting with a police investigator at the store.  Andy says that he will be right there.  John enters the store to find Barstow waiting for him.  Barstow ignites his hand and tells John that this is what started the fire.

Andy is leaving his house when the cops show up asking for John.  Andy explains that John is at the store meeting with one of the cops.  Andy says that John didn't hire anyone and that he did.  Rosalie calls Nick and tells him that they have the potion.  Nick asks them to bring the potion to them.

Barstow has tied John to a chair telling him that Andy hired him to burn down the store.  Outside, Monroe and Rosalie show up with four water guns filled with the potion that Nick asked for.  Hank finds the idea ridiculous but Rosalie points out that water guns shoot a long way.  Orson asks Nick to hand over his badge because Barstow will be expecting to see him.  Orson makes his way into the remains of the store and distracts Barstow, while Hank and Nick sneak in the back door. Barstow makes himself visible, so Orson woges and tells him that he knows what Orson is.  Barstow holds out his hands and tells Orson to arrest him.  In the back, Hank is releasing John.  Orson starts to back away slowly and tells Barstow that if he is looking for Andy, he's not coming.

Barstow rushes outside and meets up with Monroe, Rosalie, Hank and Nick.  When Barstow starts to woge, they spray him with the solution.  Because Barstow cannot burst into flames, he burns up from the inside and explodes.  Later, Nick and Hank explain what happened to Wu who suggests writing on the report that the victim had some kind of homemade bomb.

Monroe and Orson talk about how they don't forgive each other. Later Nick and Hank bring Orson back to prison and thank him for his help.  Orson asks them to speak for him at his next parole hearing.

Nick is back at the trailer and he stores the water gun with the rest of the Grimm weapons.

Adalind knocks on Nick and Juliet's door saying that she wants her child back.  Juliet takes a step back saying that she is going to call Nick.  Adalind is not at all concerned and enters the house saying that Juliet should be thanking her for taking away Nick's Grimm powers so that they can have a normal life.  Adalind then asks for her child, adding that she knows the baby is with Kelly. Juliet calls it the best thing for her baby. Adalind snarks about her one night stand with Nick then woges and demands that Juliet come with her.  Juliet woges in return and the fight is on.  Juliet kicks ass and is clearly stronger than Adalind, so Adalind rushes out of the house and screams in her car.

When Nick arrives home, he is shocked to find the house completely wrecked.  Nick pulls his gun but finds Juliet waiting for him on the couch.  Juliet explains that Adalind paid her a visit and tried to hurt her.  In a rage, Nick says that he is going to kill Adalind but Juliet admits that she almost did. Juliet adds that she didn't need her gun and tells Nick that there is something she has to show him.  Juliet tells Nick that she loves him and then woges.

It's about damn time Juliet told Nick about becoming a hexenbiest.  For the last few episodes we have heard all about Juliet's fear of telling Nick with absolutely no justification whatsoever.  Unfortunately, the episode ended before we got to see Nick's reaction to what happened.  For the record, I still think that Adalind was wronged by having her baby stolen from her, even if she is a rapist.  You don't just take someone's child from them and expect them not to go to any lengths to get it back.  This is not to say that her rape of Nick was justified.

Also, yeah for Juliet finally kicking ass.  For so long Grimm she existed to be victim and now she can finally defend herself.  I hope that this leads to a new empowered Juliet.  

One of the things that gets on my nerves about Grimm is that we largely get Wesen of the week episodes with very little meta.  They have been dangling what happened to Juliet, as well as what's going on with Adalind and Viktor for quite sometime.  I want to see the meta move someplace and have some kind of relief from the Wesen of the week.  It's hard to keep invested in the story because it moves forward so slowly.