Friday, February 13, 2015

The 100, Season Two, Episode Twelve: Rubicon

Emerson rushes through the woods, desperate to make his way back to Mt. Weather because Clarke only gave him 6 hours of air to make an 8 hour trip.  Emerson makes it to just outside of perimeter and collapses with his air running out fast. Cage shows up and gives Emerson a new tank of air.  Emerson is shocked to see Cage so far away from the doorway but he is told to just relax.  Clearly, Cage has taken his sample of marrow from one of the 47.

In the bunker, Jasper and Monty discuss the fact that Jasper saw Bellamy.  The conversation is short because Dr. Tsing bursts in surrounded by guards.  The guards originally grab Harper but Tsing orders someone else to be taken instead.  Jasper asks them to stop and reveals that Dante said that they could go.  Tsing then informs the 47 that Dante had to step down for health concerns and adds that they are all special to them, before turning on her heel and leaving.

At Camp Jaha, Clarke goes to questions Raven as to whether or not Bellamy has checked in.  Raven is not pleased to see Ryder standing guard over Clarke but she says that it's Lexa's orders.  Clarke notices that Raven is focusing on the damn and Raven argues that for now, there's only so much they can do.  When Raven reports that she has only built two high frequency tone generators, Clarke again loses her shit, forcing Raven to point out that they are scrounging for parts. Clarke says that she is about to meet with Lexa and the 12 leaders of the clan and is upset because they are not ready to go yet.  Bellamy finally contacts them to report that he has not found the source of the acid fog but that it will have to wait because the 47 are being taken to a classified level every few hours.

Clarke then approaches Cain to say that she is staying at Camp Jaha because their people at Mt. Weather are in trouble, ordering Cain to go to the meeting instead of her.  When Clarke turns on her heel to leave, Cain grabs her arm, causing Ryder to reach for his knife.  The Grounders are not playing around about protecting Clarke.  Clarke has to shoot Ryder a look to get him to back off.  Cain makes it clear that being a leader means choosing which battles to fight.  Clarke again asks Cain to go to the meeting and this time he agrees.  Clarke starts to leave, and when Abby arrives, Clarke tries to blow her off, saying that Cain will explain.    Cain and Abby talk for awhile about the fact that Clarke is in charge and then Abby hands over a note from Jaha, explaining his mission to the city of light.  Neither are impressed that Jaha took 12 people and 12 guns

Jaha makes his way through the desert with his little convoy of people.  It's Murphy who seems to be his cheerleader when people express doubt.  Emori jumps up out of a cart claiming that she and her brother were attacked on the their way to the city of life and her brother was killed.  Jaha orders Emori be given water and Murphy is quick to comply, though one of the group members complains that they barely have enough water for themselves.  Jaha announces that he is on his way to the city of light and Emori replies that everyone is looking for it and almost no one finds it.  Emori agrees to act as a guide for Jaha and crew, if they pull her cart. 

Bellamy is crawling through the air vents and watches as Tsing extracts bone marrow from one of the 47. Tsing gives it to Emerson, saying that this is the last treatment he will ever need. Cage asks about Clarke's secret army.  Emerson apologises for failing, adding that Clarke said that if the 47 are released that she would allow the Mt. Weather people to leave.  Cage is not concerned because he knows about the war council meeting and plans to aim a missile.  Okay, why isn't anyone wondering how the Mt. Weather people know about the meeting?  Obviously, they must have some kind of mole.

Raven says that they have to warn the people and Clarke says that if she leaves now, she can get to the meeting in time.  Clarke adds that when she gets back, she wants the acid fog to be down and their friends safe.  Bellamy then asks about his sister and Clarke lies about Octavia being at the meeting.

The representatives of the 12 clans are arriving and Indra is trying to give Octavia the run down but Octavia is not listening because she has been thinking of Lincoln. Octavia feels that Indra is asking the impossible by suggesting that she should stop thinking about Lincoln.  Indra makes it clear that they are at war and don't have time for her emotional angst, sending Octavia to go and stand guard with the other seconds.

Murphy is walking next to Emori, who reveals that it wasn't her decision to leave her group.  Emori isn't anxious to reveal the reason why.  Murphy is just as evasive about telling his back story.  After a little flirting smile, Murphy tells Emori that he killed two people and tried to kill two more and though he had his reasons, no one cared. Awww poor Murphy life is so damn hard. Emori then takes off her glove and reveals that her hand has been disfigured because of radiation. Murphy tells Emori that she shouldn't cover it up because it's pretty bad ass.

The soldiers walk into the 47 bunker and this time, the kids link arms.  Tsing choose a new kid and though the 47 fight back, they are no challenge for the guards.  Bellamy, who is dressed as a guard grabs Jasper and tells him that the next time the guards come, they have to fight back harder.  Bellamy tells Jasper to get everyone ready and then slips him a gun.  Jasper instructs Bellamy to find Dante.

Bellamy delivers food to Dante informing him that Cage is killing his friends.  Dante claims that he is just as much a prisoner as the 47, when Bellamy asks for help.  Dante however believes the access and entrance codes have been changed and that the 47 won't make it off level five.  Dante adds that while he cannot help them escape, he can buy them some time.

Clarke races through the woods and when she arrives at the meeting, she is greeted by Octavia.  Clarke demands to be taken to Lexa and is evasive on exactly how well Bellamy is doing in Mt.Weather.  What Clarke doesn't realise that she is already being looked at through the scope and that Mt. Weather was only waiting for her to arrive to launch the missile. Clarke asks Lexa for them to meet alone.  Once alone, Clarke tells Lexa about the bomb and Lexa doesn't want to evacuate because it will alert Mt. Weather to their inside man.  When Clarke tries to argue, Lexa says that without Bellamy, they cannot win this war and that though the bomb will be a blow, their army will be safe inside the woods.  Lexa suggests that she and Clarke slip away right now and hands Clarke a robe.  Clarke is upset because she provoked Mt. Weather but Lexa believes that you have to lose a battle to win a war.  Clarke makes some desperate pleas but Lexa is adamant that this is their only choice, pointing out that people die in war. 

The group continues to struggle through the desert when they are set upon.  Emori grabs Murphy and holds a knife to his neck.  Jaha says that if they hand over their supplies, they will die in the desert but Emori makes it clear that if they don't comply, they will die where they stand.  Jaha makes a pretty speech but Emori is not feeling it and orders everyone on their knees.  Emori whispers something Murphy's ear and then hits him over the head.

Bellamy is climbing through the vents and Raven messes up and reveals that Octavia is at the meeting.  Raven tells Bellamy that Octavia is going to be okay because Clarke left quickly.  Raven tells Bellamy to focus and he starts climbing again.

In the woods, Octavia hears a sound and so draws her weapon.  Octavia finds Lincoln over the body of a Grounder, crying that he cannot fight it.  Lincoln reveals that he betrayed Bellamy but Octavia tells him that Bellamy made it and asks Lincoln to come with her.  When Lincoln hesitates, Octavia slaps him across the face, ordering him to either crawl away like a coward, or stand up and fight.

Murphy wakes up and Jaha helps him to stand.  Some of the group wants to return to Camp Jaha, saying that they have no food and no water, with no idea of how to find a better place.  Murphy reveals that Emori whispered due north in his ear.  The group is not convinced but Murphy says that Emori wouldn't be sending them there, if she didn't think they could make it. Murphy suggests that they move forward and Jaha points out the north star, telling the rest of the group to decide for themselves what they want to do.  Half of the group returns to Camp Jaha and the others follow Murphy and Jaha further into the desert.

At Mt. Weather, they prepare to launch the missiles.  In the woods, Lexa encourages Clarke to keep moving because they are not far enough away yet.  Clarke then sees her mother and returns to the meeting area.  Clarke begs Abby to leave with her.  Indra and Cain notice that Lexa and Clarke are gone and decide to search the woods for them.  Cage gives the order for the missile to be fired. When the missile lands, Clarke and Abby are just outside of the blast zone.

Clarke sits up with ringing ears and in the background, people are screaming.  Clarke tells her mother that they have to go and Abby realises that Clarke knew all along that a bomb was going to be dropped. Clarke tries to say that they had to protect Bellamy but Abby is not hearing it.  Abby begs to be told that this was Lexa's doing but Clarke admits the role she played, asking Abby not to tell anyone about this because the alliance would break.  Abby tells Clarke that the blood of the people will be on Clarke's hands and she won't be able to wash it off. Abby promises to keep Clarke's promise and walks off.

In the bunker, the 47 prepare for the guards by grabbing metal poles.  Jasper tells the group to stick to the plan saying no one else is being taken without a fight.  The guards make their way in with Tsing and this time she picks Monty.  Jasper fires his weapon but the guard is wearing a bullet proof vest.  A fight breaks out and the 47 are quickly overpowered.  Tsing gives the order for Jasper to be taken instead adding that the rest are to be searched to confirm that there are no other weapons. 

Tsing leaves the room with the soldiers ordering Japser to prepared as soon as they hit the lab.  Tsing calls for an elevator but the guards start to cough.  Tsing realises that there is a containment breach and she and the guards falls to the ground.  Jasper orders the 47 to get moving as Tsing crawls into the elevator.  Tsing begs Jasper not to and he tells her, "I hope you know that you're incredibly special to us."

Cage goes to see his father and demands that Dante admit to helping the 47.  Cage reveals that level 5 had a containment breach and asks who did it.  Dante takes the blame and so Cage says that 11 of their people died today; however they are going to retake the level soon enough.  Dante tells Cage to leave but Cage sits and tells Dante about the bombing, adding that this will all be over soon.  Cage is adamant that he is protecting the Mt. Weather people and that with Clarke and Lexa dead, the Grounders can go back to killing each other, leaving space for Mt. Weather people to retake the ground.  Dante screams that it cost Cage his soul. Soldiers enter the room and grab Dante.  Though Dante struggles, he is injected with bone marrow and told that he is being freed.  Cage tells Dante that the marrow kicks in, in 48 hours and that someday, his father will thank him, before leaving.

Octavia and Lincoln return to the site of the meeting and see absolute destruction.  There are small fires burning, dead bodies and people crying out in pain. 

So, we continue to move closer towards the big showdown.  I found it interesting that this time, instead of looking for a way to save people, Clarke quickly capitulated to what Lexa wanted.  In some ways, it reminds me of the decision leaders on the Arc made.  She really could have started a fire or something if she didn't want to tell anyone.  I just think that Clarke is at the point where she is stressed out, tired and not thinking logically anymore.  If you think about it, since Clarke landed one earth she has not had a single moment to breathe and is dealing with PTSD from killing Finn.   I am sure of one thing, there is going to be a massive consequence for this.

As for Mt. Weather, is there a person who doesn't love to hate Cage?  He is growing on me.  This week we lost Dr. Tsing.  She of course was disposable and adds to the long list of disposable POC deaths on this show already.  I wish that we had gotten to know some of her backstory a little.  Tsing was a doctor butcher and that is all, with Cage and Dante in a power struggle. 

The worst part about all of this however is that I AM BORED.  I don't really care about the upcoming showdown and I care less about Jaha wandering through the desert. The whole thing at this point just feels stagnate and I want to see some sort of forward movement.