Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sleepy Hollow, Season Two, Episode Sixteen: What Lies Beneath

City workers head under the street and find a long hidden staircase that leads them a sealed vault which of course makes them curious enough to open it.  Naturally, the workers are pulled into the hidden vault.

Ichabod and Abby are walking  on a warship museum, with Ichabod wondering if he has totally assimilated to the times.  Abby it seems is worried that they are fighting evil without an end game and Crane reminds her that the bible said there would be seven years of tribulation but did not clarify as to form.  Great, let's get biblical again Sleepy Hollow. The field trip ends, when Abby gets a text from Reyes about a missing persons case. 

At the scene, (cause it makes so much sense that the cops have no problems with Crane randomly showing up) Abby informs Crane about the missing workers. Abby however does pause to boot a journalist who is taking unauthorized pictures. Calvin however tells Abby that from the reaction of the authorities, it's clear that they have no idea where the missing men are.  When Calvin reveals that he is the brother to one of the missing men, Abby promises that they are doing all they can to find the men. Calvin is not convinced and tells Abby she is trying to pull one over because three men just don't go missing, in a town the size of Sleepy Hollow. Calvin adds that he grew up in Sleepy Hollow and is well aware of its history for weird occurrences.  Abby again promises to tell Calvin that she will contact him when they know more.

Abby and Crane are now in the tunnels and Crane finds the trapdoor the men were pulled through.  Abby uses radar mapping to see inside the door and of course, there is a chamber designed two hundred years ago. Everything must have a link with Revolutionary War so that Crane can be relevant.  Crane believes that it was probably designed by Jefferson. Abby finds a cell phone one of the men dropped and when she and Crane view the footage, they manage to see the  monster.

Frank heads into the bar and meets up with Jenny. Frank asks Jenny to help get a few items from the precinct evidence locker.  Frank explains that when he was arrested, they took his personal items, including his wedding ring and now that he is getting his marriage back together, he really wants the ring back.  Jenny points out that Frank should call in some favours, since he knows all the cops there but Frank points out that he was convicted of a double homicide. Frank makes it clear that he needs to hack the evidence room code lock and Jenny agrees to not only get him the hack but act as look out, in payment for all that Frank has done. I don't trust Frank given that we saw him meet with Parish in the last episode; however, it's nice to see someone on the team listen to him and come through for him.

At the archives, Ichabod and Abby wonder what the purpose of the chamber.  In typical name dropping fashion, after doing his typical invective commentary towards Franklin, Crane goes on to say that he had a complicated relationship with Jefferson.  It seems that Jefferson acted like a mentor and then suddenly unfriended Crane, leaving him wondering what happened.  Abby reads through a journal and learns that Jefferson et all conjured something nasty to guard the chamber.  They decide that the best way to find out more is to head back down there.

This time, Crane and Abby are able to get the trapdoor open and they descend down the ladder.  Abby uses the radio to try and contact the missing me and they ask for help. A bunch of creatures jump out of the darkness, so Abby and Crane make a run for it.  When Crane has almost reached the top of the ladder, one of the creatures jumps on his back trying to pull him down, as Abby struggles to pull him up.  Calvin shows up, camera in tow, taking pictures, as Abby yells for him to stay back.  As soon as Abby gets the trapdoor closed, Calvin snarks about Abby's promise to call him.

Abby and Crane make their way out of the tunnels, as Calvin asks them to stop and talk to him.  Calvin is certain that both Crane and Abby know what is going on and are trying to hide it.  Abby tries to tell Calvin that he cannot be down there but Calvin picks up the phone, reminding them that his brother is down there, adding that he is going to call his editor, and contacts in the military.  Ichabod tries to warn that there are consequences to his actions and so Calvin wants to know why it's only Crane and Abby crawling around down here.  Abby tells Calvin that his brother is alive but the last thing they need is a media circus, promising Calvin limited media access.  Crane pulls Abby aside, concerned about whether or not they can trust Calvin but Abby feels that they will be better able to control Calvin, if they give him limited access.  Abby then snarks that it was Crane's people who put freedom of the press into the Constitution and Crane snarks back that they didn't predict the 24 hour news cycle.

Abby takes Calvin's phone away and heads back into the archives with Crane. Crane suggests that the creatures are supernatural guards but worries that since they haven't had any contact with anyone, now that they are awake, they would be starving.  In the tunnel, the creatures are feasting on one of the workmen, as two others watch in fear.  Calvin, Abby and Crane head back into the tunnels and we get a repeat of the can we trust Calvin debate.

Jenny and Frank have broken into the evidence locker and she waits outside to guard the door, as Frank goes through a box.  Frank is going through a box of evidence from the Hellfire Club - a club which tried to raise Moloch, when Jenny puts a gun to his head.  Frank claims that he can explain but pushes Jenny out of his way and takes off running.

Abby and Crane open up the trapdoor and asks Calvin to wait for them there, in case things don't go well. Crane puts a powder on Calvin's flash, saying that it will amplify the light, before dropping the camera down the hole.  The flash going off causing the creatures to scatter, so Crane and Abby make their into the tunnels.  It doesn't buy them much time however and they soon find themselves fighting off the monsters. Abby points to light coming from a doorway and when Crane and Abby make their way inside, who should they meet but Thomas Jefferson. 

Crane bows and then asks what Jefferson is doing here.  Jefferson explains that his spirit endures thanks to science and witchcraft, aided by his allies from the Sacred Heart.  Abby brings up the men who were taken captive and Crane asks for his assistance but Jefferson feels that there is simply too much at stake. Jefferson however tells Crane that his mission is the very reason he is here.

Jenny catches up with Frank and he admits that his soul has been tarnished since the moment he was reborn.  Frank explains that there is another person inside of him and when he takes over, the good Frank has no control.  Frank explains about the temporary salvation ruin he found in a book owned by Parish and so deciding that he needed to buy himself some time, Frank picked up the ruin and burned a marking into the palm of his hand. The unintended side effect is that it made him feel human again.  Frank reveals that he found a ledger containing the  names, and numbers, all relating back to the Hellfire club and proof of wire transfers for over 1.3 million dollars. Frank wants to give this all to Cynthia so that she and Macy can get away from Sleepy Hollow forever. Frank calls it reparations for all that he has lost. Jenny questions why he brought her along and Frank explains that the power of the rune is fading and that the other Frank is about to take over, adding that Jenny is the only one who understands.  Frank says that his family needs protection and reiterates that Jenny is the only one who understands.

Abby and Crane talk about how Jefferson knows about their mission but Abby is far more concerned with saving the missing men.  Crane then approaches Jefferson, saying that if he is indeed Jefferson, then he should assist them with their task.  While Crane and Jefferson talk, Abby heads back out into the tunnels.  Abby walks by a few of the monsters, who are now asleep and sees the remains of the one they ate.  Abby signals using her flashlight to the surviving men.  Jefferson hands over to Ichabod a book which is a study of the end of days, causing Ichabod to realise that Jefferson knows that they are witnesses.  Abby bursts in and explains that the nest is right underneath where they are standing, snarking that politicians cannot be trusted.  Jefferson defends himself, pointing out that he never said that the men weren't alive; however, attacking the nest will destroy his fragile creation.  Jefferson says that the men must die because the information within these walls eclipses the needs of the few, adding that everything he and Washington learned about the witnesses is in this chamber.

Ichabod questions why Jefferson kept all of this information from him if the location indeed holds all of the answers that the witnesses need and Jefferson explains that the prophecy made it clear that Ichabod was not to learn anything until the second witness appeared. Jefferson picks up a box and it contains certain mentors, who will guide them and Ichabod realises that every guide they have ever had is dead.  Jefferson explains that they are both here is the answer to his grandest hopes, adding that choices in war a seldom clear.  Jefferson says that the information in this chamber could help them win a war and asks them to make their choices very carefully. 

Having made their decision, Abby and Crane head back into the tunnels to rescue the remaining men. Abby and Crane manage to kill several monsters and they start running. As they run past Jefferson, Crane stops for one last look back but is hurried along by Abby.  The men make it to the top of the ladder, followed by Abby and Crane, who quickly seal the hatch. Crane and Abby decide that they have to blow up the tunnel because the monsters who guard it are far too dangerous.  Crane is sad for the lost knowledge but snarks that at least they have the internet.  Crane orders Calvin to take the survivors for medical treatment and pulls two flashbombs out, saying that he has this.  Abby reminds Crane to call her for backup if he needs it. 

Crane opens the trapdoor and drops two flashbombs.  Crane makes his way through the tunnel, killing the monsters as they appear but Jefferson drops down an iron gate, blocking his access to the power grid area.  Jefferson again asks Ichabod to rethink his position, adding that this chamber and taverns will contain them.  Ichabod argues that the America Jefferson once knew is gone, adding that now that three people have stumbled across this area, there will be more.   Jefferson talks about the pain he had rebuffing Crane and his determination to deliver all of the contents of the area to him.  Jefferson tells Crane that he is a founder of the country as well, adding that the nation could not be in better hands than that of Ichabod's. Jefferson tells Crane where to place his explosive devices, saying that his time has come and gone.   Crane bows and makes a run for the tunnel entrance.  Abby manages to close it moments before the bomb goes off.

Outside, Calvin says that the official story will be an animal attack and that a gas main rupture took out any and all evidence. Abby then adds that the men probably had hallucinations from exhaustion and extreme dehydration.  Abby says that in time, the public will learn everything and asks if Calvin is on their side.  Calvin says yes and walks away telling Abby to check her email.  When Abby checks, she finds a picture of herself with the words, "I never reveal my sources."

Katrina awakes to find Parish sitting on a chair beside her.  Parish explains that he was away sorting things out because he believed Moloch was his true father and was unsure of his path in the wake of Moloch's death.  Katrina asks if Parish still intends to hurt her and he explains that he now realises that killed Moloch for her - for their kind.  Parish puts a dead rose in her hand and the thorns cause Katrina to bleed. Parish tells Katrina it is time for them to begin their work.  Katrina sits up and realises that she was dreaming.  Much relieved, she puts her hands in a bowl of water only to see the water turn bloody. When Katrina looks over her shoulder, three dead roses are on the stool which Parish was sitting on in her dream. 

Other than learning about the rune Frank used, nothing really happened this episode.  It was largely about Ichabod getting closure with the rapist Jefferson.  Yes, I said rapist Jefferson and it should be said every time his name is mentioned.  I was particularly irked with this episode.  I am well aware that Americans persist with a sort of bizarre founding father worship but this episode just got to me. I am sick to death of seeing these men idolized.  I was particularly disgusted with the scene which included the Declaration of Independence because when Jefferson wrote the words, "All men are created equal," what he meant was rich, White straight men like him.  He further didn't men in the universal way that includes women.  It's why I liked Abby snarking about all politicians being the same but I don't feel they went far enough.

Much of this episode I found myself wondering why it is that they were once again dealing with magical monsters created by witches that neither Abby or Ichabod thought to maybe check in with Katrina.  Could it be that after the last episode they have decided that she is irrelevant? 

Speaking of Katrina, having Parish now claim that he acted for mommy dearest is ridiculous since his big thing has always been his enduring daddy issues.  I suppose that what we are going to get is Katrina flirting with her dark side and being tempted by her freaking horseman of war son.  I see lots of ridiculous angst in the future and am preemptively rolling my eyes.    With only two episodes left to go this scene, it's clear that the finale will be all about Katrina exploring the dark side.  The problem of course is that I don't care and anything which refocuses the story on her simply bores me.