Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Messengers, Season One, Episode One: Awakening

Rose Arvale is walking out of Houston memorial hospital with a friend discussing her recent engagement. Rose is showing off her ring when she suddenly experiences a mild faint.  A man approaches and says, "his name is death and hell followed with him," before shooting Rose. Rose collapses to the ground as her friend calls for a doctor.

7 years later

Vera Buckley pulls up next to a satellite dish and tells her assistant Alan Harris about the details of her meeting with a congressman to secure funding for her work. Vera is enraged that the congressman suggested that her work is pointless given the current economic situation.  For his part, Alan is shocked that Vera spoke so freely to the congressman. Their conversation is interrupted when an alarm goes off a computer. When they check the alert, Alan and Vera notice an object travelling to earth.

Juarez Mexico,

Raul Garcia is on his knees, with his hands tied behind his back.  Raul starts to beg for his life as the assailants make obvious that they intend to kill him. A truck pulls up and the men inside kill Raul's assailants.  Raul explains that his cover has been blown and demands to be taken home.  He is asked if he got the co-ordinates and Raul reports that he did and that the shipment is on the plane.

Tucson Arizona

Erin exits her home to find her daughter Amy using chalk to draw a sunrise on the driveway. Erin comments on the beauty of the sunrise and sends her daughter to get into the car.  Erin gets a call but the person doesn't answer.  Erin tells the caller that if they are Ronnie, Amy will not be going with him.  An upset Erin hangs up the phone and gets in the car.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Charlotte approaches her husband Joshua, with words of encouragement, on his upcoming sermon. Charlotte assures Joshua that he is just as good as his father and points out that Joshua Sr. is getting old.  Joshua invites his wife to join him on stage and sit next to his father, in order to rest her heavily pregnant body but Charlotte is resistant.  In the wings, Charlotte makes eye contact with Joshua Sr. and it's clear that there is something between these two. Joshua makes his way on stage to an excited crowd.  Joshua talks about his belief that God just wants humans to love. 

In space an object flies by the satellite that is transmitting Joshua's sermon.

Little Rock, Arkansas

A school bell rings and students come streaming outside. Peter is approached by his Alice, friend who questions if he is going to attend a party that night.  Peter is resistant to going but they don't get to finish the conversation because Sam bumps into Peter and informs him that hanging out with a girl isn't fooling anyone.  Alice snarks about Sam having a small penis and Sam turns his rage on Peter, threatening that the next time he sees Peter, Peter will be dead.

Vera and Alan are monitoring the incoming object and when they realise how close it is to their location, Vera head wave and when it hits Vera, she collapses to the ground.

Juarez Mexico

Raul is still in conversation with the men who saved him, when the sound wave hits. Raul's pupils dilate and he collapses to the ground.

Tucson Arizona

Amy and Erin are driving in the car and Amy asks if they can go to Texas this summer. Erin points out that at 6, Amy hasn't been to a lot of places but adds that she does have a cousin in Houston.  Amy questions if she is going to see her father and if he has done something wrong. Erin answers no.  The car radio starts to pick up static and all of the indicators go wonky.  The sound wave hits the car and Erin's eyes dilate.  We here a screeching noise.

Little Rock Arkansas

Peter puts on his goggles preparing to dive into the pool.  Peter dives into the water and starts to swim, but he doesn't get to finish a length of the pool before he is hit by the wave and his eyes dilate. 

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Joshua is still on stage giving his sermon when the lights start to flicker. He stops speaking, as his eyes go blurry.  Joshua is hit by the wave and collapses to the stage.  Joshua Sr. calls out for help and asks that 911 be called.

Alan calls out to Vera and when he doesn't get an answer, he heads outside and discovers an unconscious Vera. When Alan cannot find a pulse he rushes out to the van

In the crater where the meteor landed is  a man.  He is naked and surrounded by flames.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Charlotte cries over Joshua's body saying that it looks like he doesn't have a pulse.

Juarez Mexico,

The two men kneel over Juan's body questioning whether Juan had a heart attack.

Alan makes his way over to Vera and she sits up suddenly calling out for Michael.  Vera tries to stand and says that she was just dehydrated and is fine.  Alan questions if Vera is indeed fine because she called out for Michael and his name of course is Alan.

Tuscon Arizona

Emergency personal have pulled Erin out of the wreckage and are transporting her to an ambulance when she sits up suddenly. Erin demands to know where Amy is and even gets off the stretcher.  Erin sees Amy's ambulance drive away and freaks out when she is informed that her daughter is in critical condition. 

Little Rock Arkansas

Peter is pulled out of the pool and the lifeguard is performing CPR.  Peter spits out the water and sits up.

Juarez Mexico

Juan gets to his feet, to find his two saviors packing up their truck.  Juan grabs his head in pain when he hea's a voice in his head saying, "remember the plan, three to the chest." Juan explains that he just has a headache and is informed that he will be okay.  Juan grabs his head again and this time he hears, "Isobel, I'm doing this for you - three to the chest." Juan asks who Isobel is and  one of the men announces that Isobel is his wife and he pulls his gun.  The two men announce that they are going to kill Juan but he manages to get a hold of one of his intendant assailants.  A brief gun battle ensues and the two men end up dead.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Joshua sits up suddenly and informs his wife and father that he needs to make a broadcast. Joshua Sr. is quick to agree saying that they must share their miracle.

Tuscon Arizona

A panicked Erin approaches a nurse to find out how Amy is doing and is informed that Amy is still in surgery.  Erin is then approached by Amy's father, who is a cop, about what happened.  Amy tells him that it was an accident but he blames her and says that the police report will say that Erin had been drinking again.  Erin denies that if this case but is warned by her ex that if Amy dies, there will be big trouble.

Little Rock Arkansas

The school counsellor is talking with Peter about the incident in the pool. The counsellor is concerned because Peter has a previous suicide attempt in his file.  Peter swears that one incident has nothing to do with other.  The counsellor clears Peter to leave on the condition that he notify one of Peter's parents.  Peter then reveals that he lives in a group foster home. 

In the desert

The same man who was in the crater is walking along the side of the road. He approaches a tow truck driver who is working on a truck and demands his clothing.

Vera and Alan are driving and she is on the phone with NASA.  Vera reports to Alan that Houston claims to have the event under control but since Houston is so far away, she doesn't understand their determination.  Vera says that the energy from the impact knocked her out and she is determined to find it.  Along the way, the drive past the man from the crater.

Alan tells Vera that he couldn't find her pulse earlier and that it was scarier. The radio reports that a solar flair disrupted radio transmissions, cellphone and computers.  Vera is shocked because they know that the meteor made impact.  Alan brings up aliens and Vera makes it clear that they are not going down this road again. 

Rio Grande River, U.S. Border

Juan has managed to cross the border.  He pauses long enough to put on his shirt


Alan and Vera make their way to the crater and it is located at the Trinity Site - the location where the first nuclear bomb was tested.  Vera heads to the crater, as Alan follows asking her to slow down.  When they arrive at the crater site, it's massive and smoking hot.  They pick up the scent of sulfur and combined with the melting, Vera determines that it was definitely a meteor. Alan again suggests that the location is just a little too convenient.  Vera questions if it could be a weapon given that they traced the trajectory and it didn't come from earth. Just as Vera is wondering if this is something someone didn't want them to know about, the military arrives in full force.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Joshua Jr. walks to center stage, preparing to give his live sermon.  Joshua begins by talking about his near death experience and yet is standing before them.  He talks about the visions of the future that he has had and the fact that he has seen the terrible face of God. Joshua declares that there will be chaos and war because the day of God's wrath is coming. In the control room, Joshua Sr. demands that the broadcast be stopped.

Tuscon Arizona

Erin enters Amy's room to find the little girl bandaged up and unconscious.  Erin starts to cry when she sees her daughter. One of Erin's tears lands on Amy and Amy is healed. Amy starts to sit up and Erin warns her that she shouldn't get up yet because she is hurt. Amy asks what is going on, adding that she wants to leave.  Erin picks her daughter up and leaves the hospital. Along the way,  Erin passes a mirror and in her reflection, angel wings become visible.

Little Rock Arkansas

Peter makes his way to the party when he is again accosted by Sam.  Peter tries to say that he doesn't want any trouble but the group of boys begin to beat him. Sam beats Peter and demands that admit to being gay. Peter manages to get to his feet and he starts beating Sam. Peter lifts Sam off the ground by this throat and throws him into the windshield of car. Peter checks on Sam and in the car window he sees that he has angel wings.

Crater Site

At the crater site, Vera tells Alan that they have been there almost two hours.  Vera is finally given permission to leave by the military.   Alan and Vera are told that they were held for their own safety, in case they were exposed to environmental toxins.  Vera is adamant that she is not leaving, pointing out that this could be a very important scientific site but is again told that she will be escorted to her car.  Alan jumps in to tell Vera that they should go.

Tuscon Arizona,

Amy's father checks her room and discovers that she is gone.  He makes his way to the nurses station and demands to know where his daughter is.

Little Rock Arkansas

Peter enters the party with his face covered in blood.  He is approached by Alice who takes him outside.  Peter says that he is not hurt as bad as he looks.  Peter reports that Sam did this to him and Sam is now dead.  Peter tells Alice that he has to leave.  Alice suggests that he come to her house for the night but Peter is insistent that he needs to leave.  Peter tells Alice that she cannot save him from this and something is happening to him. Peter kisses Alice while sirens blare in the background.  Peter tells Alice that he is confused about everything but knows how he feels about her.


Alan has driven Vera back to their original work site.  He hands over a piece of the meteor that he swiped from the site.  Alan offer to drive Vera home, saying that he worries about her and asks who Michael is when Vera declines his offer. Vera responds that Michael isn't someone Alan has to worry about. Vera and Alan hug good night.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Joshua Sr. is not impressed with his sons ministry and tells Josh Jr. that they counsel hope, not fire and brimstone.  Josh Jr. is not dissuaded and replies that he has a new message.  This angers Joshua Sr. who threatens that if his son continues on this path, he will not be welcome in the church.  Joshua tells his father that church belongs to God.  Joshua Jr is on camera and we can see that he too has wings.

Vera pulls up to her home and sits down looking at a piece of the meteorite.  When Vera looks up, she notices that her window is open.  Vera makes her way into her bedroom and the man from the crater turns on the light.  Vera grabs a gun and instructs the man not to move, he however tells her that he doesn't need to move because Vera will come to him.

Pointing the gun Vera asks the man what he wants, and he informs Vera that she has been chosen.  The man refuses to give Vera is identity and tells Vera that he is here because of her son.  The man instructs Vera to look at her computer, where she finds a video of Michael.  The man informs Vera that the picture is from last week.  Vera starts to cry in awe that Michael is alive. The man tells Vera that he knows who took Michael and why, causing Vera to grab her gun and flare her wings.  The man agrees to tell Vera where to find her son if she does a job for him.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Joshua enters his office to find his father and a crying Charlotte.  Joshua Sr. makes it clear to his son that they need to talk. Charlotte tells Joshua that he was on retreat and Joshua Sr. was weak and tried to comfort her.  Joshua Sr. steps forward and tells Joshua Jr., that whether the baby is Josh Jr.'s brother or son, the baby is still part of the family.

Juan crawls out of the back of a pick up heads into a bathroom and calls his brother Cesar.  Juan tightens the dressing on his wound and we can see his angel wings in the mirror.

Erin and Amy are at a truck stop and Juan walks in.  Amy watches as Juan steals items.  Finished her purchases, Erin guides Amy out of the story. When Juan looks up at the television, he sees a news alert for his arrest.  Juan drops the items, walks calmly outside and jumps into Erin's car.  Juan pulls out his gun, promising not to hurt either Erin or Amy.

The man tells Vera that what he is asking is easy because the woman he wants dead is already basically dead and has been for seven years.  Vera asks why the man wants this and the man asks Vera if she had the chance to kill the mass murderer would she take it.  Vera doesn't understand what the man is saying, so he claims that the woman is a threat to everything.  Vera tells the man to kill her himself and the man starts to leave, saying that he can find someone else.  Vera grabs her gun and threatens to shoot but the man points out that killing him ends the only possibility Vera has of ever seeing her son again.

Erin, Amy and Juan are on the highway.  Juan tells Amy not to be scared and Erin orders her daughter not to talk to Juan. Juan reveals that they are going to Houston and Amy calls it lucky because they were headed to Houston anyway.  Erin again orders Amy not to talk to Juan and Juan reveals that he is going to Houston to check on his family.

Peter stops a truck and asks for a ride.  It seems that the truck is headed for Houston.

Vera is on the highway headed to Houston. She thinks back to the fact that the man told her she experienced things today that she is trying to deny.  The man tells her that nothing is random and that everything is happening for a reason.  He adds that Vera has an important part to play.

Church of The Eternal Redeemer

Joshua Jr. stands on stage and he gets a vision of the man in the crater, Houston Memorial Hospital and finally Rose Arvale.

Houston Memorial Hospital

Joshua pulls his car up in front of the hospital blocking traffic.  Inside Rose's room, Joshua's sermon is airing on the television.  Rose is still very much unconscious.  Also in in the room, is the man and he stares at Rose.  The man's eyes flash red and Rose moves her fingers.

The pilot had a myriad of characters and locations, making it sometimes hard to follow. I don't know how the four angels are supposedly connected to each but I suspect that is something The Messengers will explain as the series goes on.  Here's another thing, the man from the crater called them angels so does this mean there's going to be a biblical link?  Is this show really about the end of days?

In terms of diversity we have three characters of colour and one is unconscious.  I was no impressed to see the only Black woman nearly killed within the first few minutes. Further, with the man's obsession with her, I worry that it's a sign that she will be turned into a magical negro.  I could really do without that and hope that this is not the case.  We also have Juan and Alan. Alan is clearly going to be a sidekick to Vera while Juan seems to have a more substantial role to play.  It's too early at this point to say how this is going to play out.

So far, it seems that the show is all straight.  This could change but I am not holding out much hope since it airs on the CW.

So far, I am cautiously interested to see what is going to happen.  I guess we will have to watch and see what happens.  As pilots go, The Messengers is off to a reasonable start.