Thursday, October 29, 2015

iZombie, Season 2, Episode 4: Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

Three kids find a gun

This can never ever end well.

And Liv catches up with Peyton with lots of hugging and sentiment and awwwwwww so much awwwww. Lots of awwww. So much awwwww. Immense amounts of awwwww. The best possible awwwwww.

Major wakes up in bed with Gilda. Alas he sleeps in underwear even after having sex. He goes home to greet his dog with “that’s the smell of sex and self-loathing”. Can we spare an “aww” for Major? The dog, btw, is one he took from one of his zombie victims. Ravi has named him, of course. And stuff is still awkward with Liv and Major

Anyway, crime scene – and they notice a lack of piolice at this scene because the rest have been called out to a cashier who was shot in a ritzy area. Liv points out that a lot of cashiers are shot but only those in posh shops get lots of police attention. This victim is a Texan waitress from a country music place called Lacy. She’s also sending a lot of letters to a guy called Matt who is in prison – and Matt sends the letters back unopened

Liv is experimenting with her brainy cooking to the cost of actually making it smell amazing, poor Ravi. They also check out all the unopened letters – turns out Matt was her boyfriend who dumped her after she cheated on him. Mat was also released recently. As a bonus Clive is super awkward and embarrassed reading allowed the sexy letters, much to Ravi and Liv’s amusement. It’s also clear that Matt has violent anger issues.

Liv is now embracing her southern clich├ęs. And the ability to play guitar and singing country music.

They go to see Matt with Liv happily chewing him out for being so judgemental about Lacy.

Also at the police station we’re introduced to FBI Agent Dell who is in the city to investigate a string of rich people going missing (these were people Blaine targeted for brain experiences for his clients) who wants – and gets – Clive’s help since one of his cases may be connected (he thinks not – it’s actually one of Major’s victims).

Dell does a nifty job of breaking the ice by being kind of fun and not all hostile as these shows usually demand federal agents be.

 Next step of the investigation is the bar where Lacy worked where they learn she fought with the manager, Rick and that she was having money trouble.  The manager does a runner – and Liv has a vision of Rick pawing Lacy and trying to make her have sex for him for money – to which he gets an elbow in the gut.

Rick turns up at the police station with his heavily pregnant wife claiming Lacy was in love with him. Liv and Clive are not impressed and Liv calls him on his lies while his pregnant wife smacks him (Liv cheering her on). Rick’s alibi dissolves since his wife won’t lie for him. Less helpfully, she will lie to try and incriminate him.
Under brainy influence, Liv goes to open Mic night at the bar, joined by Ravi the cowboy (of course) and she does extremely well and now decides to address her issues with Major. As she leaves, Matt follows her out for a whole lot of regret about Lacy

Liv then goes to Major to pour her heart out and realise that she has to let Major go. He kind of takes her epic speech and just closes the door. Liv snaps and pushes in, he just dismisses whatever she’s feeling or even who she is based on who her last meal was. Liv reminds him that zombieness was never her choice and her bad decisions stem from doing the very best she could in a terrible situation. He just repeats he needs space.

Later, he has to be dragged out of his apathy by Ravi when his dog escapes. Ravi finds the dog and calls Major out on how much he is failing lately. To further complete his spiral to rock bottom, Major goes to buy drugs from a guy he used to help at the shelter – when he tried to keep him away from drugs.

Peyton is her own investigation trying to take down organised crime, Stacy Boss, and finding absolutely no-one willing to talk. Except Blaine – who is very very willing to spill ALL his secrets in exchange for immunity. His testimony is very useful

Peyton and Liv spend awesome time together discussing how Liv can’t live in the dog house forever, how something is off about Major and how neither of them are that keen with Gilda.

Ravi’s personal life gets awkward with Ravi bringing his new girlfriend Steph home for geeky flirting and a Peyton, his ex-girlfriend, arrives. Because she’s moving in (Major invited her to stay until she gets a new place). Awkward. He is wise enough not to accept Steph’s congratulations that he used to date Peyton who is very attractive (but major points for de-awkwarding).

On to Blaine who is starting to notice his disappearing client base due to Major’s murders. One of his minions have also found the guy who created the zombie-creating utopian, Gabriel. He’s found god and is now preaching. Blaine is not amused:

“Jesus saves”
“Do you know where he shops?”

There follows brutal violence. And Blaine’s minions discussing zombie Jesus and continually tormenting Gabriel until he shares his recipe. Step two is turning him into a zombie – and offering him brains and cure for the cure. Gabriel still refuses, so Blaine kicks him out to fend on his own until he’s willing to ask help.

The case of Lacy is tidied up – by it being the robber from the robbery mentioned at the beginning of the episode, just hiding in her closet. Lacy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liv reflects on the randomness of life – and Major, hitting bottom, goes to Liv and asks for help. They kiss…

iZombie so often baffles me. They will do some really bizarrely offensive things sometimes – and then other times they will insert lines like Clive’s driving Miss Daisy comment, or Liv’s observations over which crimes are taken seriously, or Liv’s excellent take down of Matt’s judging Lacy for cheating after he nearly beat someone to death.

I am glad Liv and Major had it out – yes Liv made some terrible decisions that hurt Major and yes he is going to take a long time recovering from that – but equally he has utterly failed to acknowledge the position Liv was in, her experiences or her general lack of good choices. Yes she has a lot to apologise for, but she also has some major extenuating experiences that need acknowledging

We’re also seeing a pretty well depicted devolution from Major – he does seem to be beginning a slow spiral. It’s utterly terribly sad to watch really – but well done. And him asking for help was ideal

Them kissing not – the whole episode has basically depicted Major collapsing and falling a apart – he is way too vulnerable for any kind of relationship to begin or reignite here.

I actually kind of like the case in this episode. On most crime shows, by necessity, the murder is about the victim or the murderer. Either a long convoluted plan to kill the victim or because the murderer is a serial killer. Clues are put together and answers found – but how often do we see the random murder? The armed robber, the opportunist, the mugging gone wrong, the wrong-place-wrong-time? Crimes which aren’t solved with deduction and subtle clues, but so often look and coincidence?