Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Three: I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans

This episode begins with a flashback to the Court of Marseilles 1002 A.D. Klaus narrates, saying that his memory of Lucian goes back to a time when his family was happy.  Wait, there was a time when the Mikaelson's weren't tortured?  Klaus says that the people were enthralled by Tristan and his sister, the Lady Aurora.  Lucian approaches Klaus with a letter he has written for Aurora declaring his love. Klaus calls this a bold move and Lucian explains that as children, he and Aurora were close.  When Lucian suggests that Aurora could leave with him, Klaus is quick to point out how dependent the Mikaelsons have become on him. Lucian counters and points out that the Mikaelsons cannot stay in Marseilles for much longer given the fact that Kol has been on a steady feeding frenzy and that the locals have noticed.  Lucian suggests that he and Aurora can run with the Mikaelsons and help them out.  Klaus takes the letter but then never gives it to Aurora because it seems that he has had a thing going on with her.  Has Klaus ever been able to resist a blonde? I suppose it's all a part of his mommy issues.

Lucian comes across Klaus and Aurora together and is not impressed because he trusted Klaus. Aurora tells the men to be quiet because she is supposed to be at prayer but it's already too late and the guards are on their way.  Klaus promises to handle Tristan when Aurora gets upset, so Lucian questions if Aurora is even aware of who the man she is in love with is. Aurora sends Klaus away in a panic but rather than running, Lucian sits on his haunches.  Lucian is discovered by Tristan.

In the present, Klaus tells Elijah that Lucian could be understood as both friend and foe and suggests eliminating him.  Elijah brings up the fact that the prophesy also warns against family and snarks about which Mikaelson has the biggest predilection for  betrayal. He better include himself in that assessment given his all to recent plan to take Klaus out. There's also the issue that in The Vampire Diaries, Elijah colluded with Elena, Stefan and Damon against Klaus.  Sure he changed his mind later but he did intend to betray Klaus.  Elijah however doesn't want Lucian killed outright and suggests instead that they question him.  Klaus wonders if Elijah has forgiven him because Elijah has agreed to work with him and is basically told that forgiveness will only be considered when hell freezes over, Gia rises from the dead, and Hayley forgives him.  Wait, did Elijah finally acknowledge that Gia was murdered? only took three episodes.

Detective Will Kinney shows up at Lucian's door looking at ask him some questions. Cami better clue this fool in before he becomes the prey of immortals.

Vincent and Cami are going over the victims and note that they are White, successful, playboy types. Vincent gets a call saying that Lucian is at the station and both Cami and Vincent decide to head there in case the cops need help and to find out what Lucian has to say.

An emotional Hayley yells out the window at the street musicians for waking Hope.  Hayley wonders how they are supposed to live with all of this noise, so Jackson points out that they spent six months in the Bayou as wolves and need time to adjust.  Hayley argues that as someone who is half vampire, everything for her is heightened.  Hayley points out that she wanted to be with Hope but now she feels off.  Jackson calls Freya to babysit saying that unpacking can wait. Well, it seems like Freya is officially the servant of the Mikaelson family.  Every time hope needs watching, Freya is the go to person.

Marcel advises his vampires not to feed on tourists and locals because of the serial killer.  Josh (yeah, they remembered that he is alive) snarks about feeding on puppies and bunnies.  Marcel however has made arrangements with blood banks and hospitals adding that Klaus and Elijah will sort things out. Marcel is interrupted when Aya walks in.  Marcel is quick to order Aya removed and she proceeds to kick the ass of a few of Marcel's vampires.  Aya says that she was told not to leave without making him an offer.  Aya pulls a card out of her bosom and Marcel attacks.

Klaus and Elijah have arrived at Lucian's to learn that Lucian is at the police station.  Elijah suggests that they entertain themselves with Lucian's seer.

At the station, Will shows Lucian a file containing photos of all of the victims.  Lucian is quick to note that the victims are all wealthy and suggests that their display of wealth attracted the attention of a criminal element.  Will suggests that Lucian knows a lot about the case and questions if Lucian is into true crime.  Lucian smiles and tells Will that but for a twist of fate, his wealth would have made him a victim. Lucian then brings up his lawyers and then says that since he hates to bored, he would rather talk to Cami alone.  A compelled Will gets to his feet and Lucian waves through the one way mirror at Cami.

Jackson and Hayley arrive at the fight club Marcel has set up in the former St. Annes.  Jackson explains that they are there for Hayley to let off some steam.  When Hayley balks about the strength difference between them, Jackson hands Hayley a staff. Hayley continues to say no, so Jackson knocks the staff out of her hand and challenges her to a fight.  Hayley picks up the staff and the fight is on.

Vincent tries to talk Cami out of going into the room with Lucian and Cami says that Lucian isn't going to kill her in the middle of a police station.  When Cami and Vincent enter the room, Lucian is quick to claim innocence.  Lucian admits to being a ruthless killer but adds that has nothing to do with the murders.  Lucian suggests that all three are the same because they survived being around the Mikaelsons.

Flashback time and this time, Lucian is being beaten by Tristan.  Tristan asks Klaus if he is there to watch, as Lucian receives his punishment.  Klaus and Elijah are there to advocate for Lucian but Tristan is quick to inform him that this is none of his concern.  When Tristan strikes Lucian again, Klaus orders Tristan away from Lucian.  Tristan tells Klaus that he knows exactly what he is because the servants have been gossiping.  Tristan says that Mikaelsons must be in hiding from someone even more savage than they are. When Tristan lifts is arm to strike Lucian, Klaus grabs him and says that this isn't going to pleasant.  Tristan warns that he has instructed his fastest riders to spread rumors about the Mikaelson presence there.  Elijah orders Klaus to release Tristan and Klaus complies. Tristan argues that he is not different from the Mikaelson's because he wishes to protect his family. Tristan grabs Lucian and cuts him across the mouth, akin to the wounds that the bodies have been appearing with.

After Lucian's little confession, Cami suggests that Lucian is continuing to relieve his horror and is choosing victims that are the contemporary equivalent of Tristan.  Lucian is perturbed that he shared his story and that all Cami can see is an admission of guilt.  Vincent argues that a messed up new guy comes to town and therefore messed up new guy is responsible for the killings. Lucian suggests that the murders are a way of making him look bad to Klaus.

Marcel continues to attack Aya and tired of his games, she cuts him on the cheek before dropping him on the ground.  Marcel's vision gets blurry and he passes out.

The seer is no prepared to give Elijah and Klaus a vision of what is to come.  Elijah and Klaus both take a bite of her and see visions of Marcel along with Lucian and Cami.  Elijah fixates on Marcel and wonders where his loyalties lie.  Really? After everything they've been through his first thought is to be suspicious of Marcel.  Clearly Elijah is channeling his younger brother. Klaus decides to head and see Lucian before he can harm Cami.

Jackson and Hayley are still sparing and Jackson is doing all right for himself.  Hayley starts to rant about how when she turned human, all she could think about was Klaus and what he did to them. Hayley is terrified that the candle will blow out while she is holding Hope and then accidentally hurting Hope in her transition back into a wolf.  In anger, Hayley strikes Jackson cutting his face. Hayley advises that Jackson leave because she is worried about hurting him.  Jackson however is adamant that he is not going anywhere.  Yep, cue awkward sex scene. I just want to tell actors, directors and producers that no one fucks like that.  Shit even porn is better acted than that scene because it has no illusions about what it is trying to portray. Anyway, I digress....

Elijah drops his handkerchief on the wounded Josh's chest and asks what happened.  Josh tells Elijah about Aya and Elijah finds the card that Marcel dropped on the floor. When Elijah learns Aya's name, he reveals to Josh that he sired her.  Elijah then dips the bottom of the card in blood and an address is revealed.

Back at the precinct, Cami informs Lucian that nothing he says proves anything and asks why he has asked to see her.  Cami questions if Lucian wants to make Klaus look bad in the eyes of a friend. Lucian grabs Cami's hand and says that he knows that she has Klaus's ear and that time heals all wounds.

Klaus cuts down Lucian and offers him a chalice.  Lucian takes a drink and drops the cup on the ground crying.  Klaus apologises to Lucian and Lucian responds by stabbing Klaus in the stomach. Klaus calls Lucian mad and reminds him of who he is.  Lucian tries to stab Klaus again only to be told that his rage is pointless.  In the process, Klaus's blood gets on Lucian and heals his wounds.. Lucian declares that he is like Klaus and takes off running.  Lucian heads to attack Tristan and for his trouble, is stabbed twice by a palace guard.  In the present, Lucian calls the whole thing traumatic because how he was judged by someone deemed better than him.  Lucian again asserts that unlike his enemies, he has nothing to hide.  Klaus bursts into the room and tells Cami that they are leaving. Cami informs Klaus that Lucian claims to know who the murderer is but Klaus is quick to declare everything coming out of Lucian's mouth to be lies.  Lucian tries to defend himself and Klaus points out that Lucian lied about the werewolf bite.   Lucian informs Klaus that he is giving Tristan the victory he seeks.  Upon hearing Tristan's name, Klaus asks for a moment in private with Lucian.

Marcel awakes on the floor in a mansion after being poisoned.  Aya tosses Marcel a bag of blood and adds that they could help Marcel with his daylight ring situation.  Marcel stands claiming that Aya has his attention.  Aya talks about what Marcel has accomplished in New Orleans and suggests making Marcel the king.  Marcel claps his hands and asks who us is and Aya says that she is with the oldest vampire organisation - the Strix. In the doorway, Elijah calls out that The Strix are responsible for numerous wars, plagues and assassinations.  Aya says that rules have to be broken to build a new world and turns and greets Elijah.  Elijah charges into the room and drives his fist through Aya's chest.  Tristan enters and tells Elijah to let Aya go.

Marcel suggests to Elijah that he go left and Elijah go right but Elijah tells Marcel to stay where he can be seen.  Wow, it took a N.Y. minute for Elijah to distrust Marcel.  Tristan however says that he is not there to fight and hands Elijah a handkerchief.  Tristan instructs everyone to leave and then tells Elijah that his sire line is at stake.  Elijah then asks Marcel to leave and adds that Marcel should be selective of the company he keeps in the future.  Marcel snarks that since it looks like Elijah is going to need friends, he should be careful how he treats people.  Good for Marcel for not taking that shit lying down.

Back to the pissing contest between Klaus and Lucian. Klaus announces that he is going to drain Lucian of vervain, question him and then possibly offer him a painless death. Lucian explains that he didn't tell Klaus about the bite because he was capable of curing it on his own and Klaus has bigger problems.  Lucian questions who else would benefit from the murders but Tristan.  Klaus calls it a theory and again states that he doesn't need Lucian's protection.  It's then that Tristan asks who looks after Klaus's family and friends and adds that this is what makes Klaus vulnerable.  Will enters the room and is shocked to see Klaus.  Klaus compels Will to believe that he is Lucian's legal consult and Will informs him that another body has been found while Lucian has been in custody.  Lucian is free to go but is warned not to leave town.  Lucian walks out of the room and tells Klaus to think about what he said.

Elijah is not impressed to see Tristan and accuses Aya of conspiring with Marcel.  Really?  Really? Tristan snarks about Elijah having a flare for the dramatic. Elijah warns that he is not the patient social butterfly he once knew.  Tristan calls Marcel a recruit and says that the issue is the war between the sire lines. Tristan suggests that Lucian is in town to take out Elijah with the help of Klaus.  Elijah questions how Tristan can be so sure that Klaus would choose Lucian over him and Tristan quickly rattles off a list of Klaus's sins.  Elijah stands and announces that Lucian is being put out of his misery but Tristan warns that Klaus must be stopped because Lucian's seer has an object capable of killing Elijah.  Tristan says that if Lucian dies, they won't find the weapon until some other assassin uses it against Elijah.

Cami exits the cops shop to find Klaus waiting for her.  Cami is quick to tell Klaus the Vincent thinks that Lucian should be killed.

Yes, flashback time and this time, Klaus is preparing Lucian's body for burial.  Elijah questions if Klaus's blood really cured Lucian and Klaus reports that he saw Lucian heal.  It seems that when Klaus found Lucian's body, he tried to feed him more blood but nothing happened.  Elijah surmises that they can only heal the living.  Elijah comforts Klaus and walks away.  Klaus is about to light the funeral pyre when Lucian sits up suddenly gasping for breath.

Cami realises that Lucian is the first of Klaus's sire line and questions if this is the reason it's so hard for Klaus. Lucian leaves the cop shop and Cami grabs Klaus and says that if Lucian isn't lying that he doesn't have to kill him.  Klaus tells Cami that it means a lot to him that she is interested in keeping him from a mistake he would regret before taking off.

Klaus has tracked Lucian but before he can attack, he is stopped by Elijah.  Klaus pushes Elijah aside and continue to stalk Lucian so Elijah calls out to Klaus that if he wants a reconciliation, he has to stop now.

Lucian is feeding and is so excited by his new condition. Klaus bursts in and tells Lucian that his current kill will not go unnoticed.  Lucian says that they are like brothers now and Klaus agrees with that assessment.  Lucian asks Klaus to teach him to be what they are and Klaus complies by biting into a new victim.

In the present, Klaus admits to Elijah that he should have killed Lucian when he found him covered with blood in that chapel.  Elijah agrees and adds that Lucian brought out the worst in Klaus. Honestly, how much could that take?  Klaus says that in fact they brought out the worst in each other. Elijah suggests that when they find the weapon, they can end both Lucian and Tristan. Klaus is pleased to hear Elijah use the word, "we".  Elijah however says that this is not forgiveness. Klaus says that he claimed to be righteous in his actions against Elijah and Hayley and admits that he may have strayed a little too far this time.  Elijah then brings up Freya's prophesy and promises that Elijah will never fall by his hand.  Instead of answering, Elijah simply stands and leaves the room. Cue Klaus manpain moment as he stands there with tears in his eyes.  Awww, isn't he tortured everyone?

Josh struggles to scrub the blood out of the floor and Marcel takes a drink holding the card in his hand.  Marcel answers that he unsure if he is more annoyed by the invasion of The Strix or being dismissed like a child by Elijah. Well honestly, in comparison to The Originals and their first born, Marcel is a child.

Cami and Vincent put their heads together to question what they are really dealing with if Lucian is not the killer.

Tristan decides to check out the latest crime scene.

Aurora is now surrounded by dead monks and she calls her brother to say that she will be in New Orleans shortly.

So I suppose with this episode, we have finally settled into the new season of The Originals.  Cami has gone from setting boundaries with Klaus, to informing him whom he can and cannot kill.  WTH? How did she decide to make this leap?  Cami has also teamed up with Vincent to do the whole Cagney and Lacey thing.  At this point however, I don't see why it is that they are so invested in finding out who this serial killer is.  Yes innocents are being killed but isn't that always the case in New Orleans?

We were introduced to Aya this week and I cannot help but wonder how long she will be allowed to live.  At this point, The Originals has a little habit of killing off Black women. Should we just hold the funeral service for Aya right now?

Then we have Marcel, who was ready to fight side by side with Elijah before being rudely told to stay where he is.  I am sick to death of Marcel's character being treated like the uppity negro and him being expected to obey everything the white people on this show have to say.  He has had the backs of the Mikaelsons for so long and lets not forget that they left him for dead when Michael came to town.  Enough already.  Elijah didn't even consider bringing Marcel closer to assure his loyalty and instead went into instant suspicion mode.  I am not impressed in the least little bit.

This week, Elijah actually remembered Gia.  I have admit, I was pretty certain that she would never be mentioned again.  The problem of course is that Elijah has yet to be seen actually mourning the young vampire.  Instead, it felt like he tossed in Gia's name like she was part of a laundry list of Klaus's mistakes, rather than a person who died too soon.  Yes, Klaus has a habit of killing Elijah's lovers but with Gia's death being so fresh, you would think he would be far more heartbroken than he is.  All Elijah seems to care about is the fact that Hayley was inconvenienced.

Speaking of people who should be mourning, this week brought the reintroduction of Josh.  Josh is the only surviving GLBT cast member of this show.  Once again, we see Josh in servant mode.  He attacked Aya for Marcel and then later he was on his knees scrubbing away at the vampire blood. At this point, it's clear that they have no intention of letting Josh be anything more than a servant and I for one am sick of it.  I don't even want him to have another love interest because they will clearly just kill him off.

So, Klaus got around to apologising.  Great.  Here's the deal, he wasn't wrong about Hayley deciding that it's okay to leave in the middle of the night like a thief with Hope.  Neither Elijah or Hayley seems willing to acknowledge this.  There's also the issue that these two twits decided to put Klaus, their best tactician and fighter out of the game when they needed him the most.  WTH? How did that even begin to make sense.  I can almost guarantee that they are going to make the same stupid mistake again.  Klaus may dagger his family, control them and abuse them, but I don't believe for one moment that he is capable of killing his siblings.

Things are heating up with the sire line war.  They absolutely had to introduce a weapon capable of killing Elijah because the Originals are so very strong that no one actually presents a real challenge to their existence.  That being said, no matter how this potential threat is framed, it's going to take more than a suspension of belief to make it workable.  The writers have their work cut out for them. Thus far, I must say that I like looking back at a time when the original family had no idea of what they were capable of.