Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Four: A Walk on the Wild Side

Marcel returns from his morning jog (wait vampires need to exercise now?) to find that his booze is all gone and in its place a pair of cuff links.  A suit and a mask hangs from a shelving unit.  When Marcel's phone rings, a smiling Marcel answers saying, "if you wanted to see me dressed up in a nice suit all you needed to do was ask," thinking that he is addressing Aya. Marcel is not impressed to find that the suit is from Tristan.  Tristan explains that the violence was his idea and that had Marcel gone with Aya peaceably,  it never would have happened.  It seems that Tristan is still very interested in having Marcel join Stryx. Marcel questions why Tristan believes that he is interested and Tristan points out that Marcel hasn't hung up the phone. Tristan again touts the benefits of joining the Tryx and asks Marcel to join them tonight before hanging up.

Elijah is working out in St. Anne's and he destroys the punching bag.   Hayley confronts him about his obvious rage and asks if it is about Stryx, as she holds up an invitation from Tristan.  Hayley asks for details and Elijah is quick to inform her that it is none of her concern before trying to walk away. Hayley pushes Elijah into a chain link fence and orders him to cut the over protective crap because she is a part of the Mikaelson family.  Elijah changes positions with Hayley (yep sexual tension) and asks what she wants to know.

Klaus comes across Freya doing yoga and snarks about her returning from wherever she goes when she disappears.  Klaus naturally takes the time to slut shame Freya about the casual sex she has.  Is there a woman in his life whose sexuality he doesn't want to police? Freya continues to work out and Klaus snarks that he simply wants to know who is in his home at any given moment. Freya is saved from further interrogation by the arrival of Elijah and Hayley. They all discuss the threat facing the family and Hayley makes it clear that if this is about Klaus's doom, they are all okay with that, Klaus however makes it clear that the entire family is under threat. Hayley says that she wants to meet the witch tonight.

Klaus arrives at a packed bar and he sees Lucian snacking on a local women. Klaus is invited to join him.  Lucian sends his snack food away but Gregory, the former navy seal Lucian turned remains behind. Lucian explains that he has spent several lifetimes building a company to shatter the limits of what is possible.  Klaus snarks that Alexis is Lucian's cure for the unknown and suggests that they should pay the seer a visit to see if anything else has snapped into focus regarding the threat against The Originals.  Lucian seems reluctant but does agree.

The pair head back to Lucian's, only to discover that Alexis missing.  Naturally, Klaus snarks about Alexis needing a shorter leash (cause women exist to be controlled) and Lucian explains that because of Alexis's sensitivity, she doesn't go outside unless she has to.  Lucian asserts that if Alexis is gone, then someone took her. Lucian goes into panic mode, so Klaus calmly picks up the phone to call Freya.  Freya snarks about Klaus calling because he needs something.  It's about time that Freya acknowledge that her siblings always seem to need something from her. Lucian gets his flirt on and tries to convince Freya to help and she makes it clear that just because Lucian is good lucking, it doesn't mean she won't turn him inside out. Klaus then finally gets around to saying please and adding that he is asking as her brother for her help.

Elijah comes across Hayley looking through Rebekah's things to find a dress to wear. After flipping through the dresses, Elijah picks out one for her Hayley. Is anyone else getting tired of men picking clothing for women because they are incapable of doing so for themselves? Once in the gown, Elijah questions if Jackson is okay with their planned adventure and Hayley, after a pause, says that Jackson knows she can handle herself.  Elijah clarifies to say that this is not what he meant and Hayley simply says she knows. Yes, we're officially back to the sexual tension and flirting. Hayley questions what she is walking into tonight and Elijah explains that the Stryx are the most dangerous and influential vampires that the world has ever known.

The party is in full swing when Marcel enters and is greeted by Aya. Aya takes Marcel's arm and explains that their group contains artists, musicians and politicians.  Elijah and Hayley are the next to arrive. Hayley notes that everyone is staring at Elijah and he explains that he is a pretty big deal around here. Hayley then realises that the vampires are all a part of Elijah's sire line.  Elijah explains that he wanted to create an elite brotherhood devoted to a better civilization, but had to abandon them once he realised that he created a legion of egomanical sociopaths.

Aya explains to Marcel that they are at the top of the food chain and collect what they want. When Marcel questions if he is the next collection, he is informed that Tristan has been collecting for the better part of a millennium and only chooses the best of the best.  Aya explains that should Marcel join them, he would be the first member sired not from Elijah but from Klaus. Aya suggests that Marcel could bridge the gap between sire lines and put the war to rest if he is everything they hope he is.

Freya arrives at Lucian's and Klaus hands her Alexis's brush.  Lucian is convinced that Elijah must have told Tristan about the prophecy and begins to threaten what will happen if Tristan so much as touches a hair on Alexis's head. Klaus however is concerned with how wanton Alexis is about handing out visions. Yes, this is another form of slut shaming from Klaus.  Lucian is quick to assure Klaus that Alexis wouldn't willingly share with Tristan but that doesn't mean he wouldn't torture it out of her. Freya completes her locator spell and it leads to the location that Tristan lured Elijah to the other night. Lucian points out that despite the fact that they are the most cunning and handsome vampires (thankfully, Freya rolled her eyes at this) they are out numbered when it comes to taking on an entire society of ancient vampires. Klaus smiles because he has a plan.

Aya introduces Marcel to her mentor Mohinder, who taught her everything she knows about combat. Marcel offers his hand but Mohinder refuses to accept it. They step aside and Marcel calls Mohinder intense.  Aya explains that Mohinder only drinks the blood of vampires he has conquered in combat which means he goes weeks without feeding sometimes, yet suffers no effects from hunger because of his extreme control.

Hayley and Elijah take to the dance floor and they notice Marcel standing with Aya.  Marcel says that he should have known that this isn't a party but an initiation.

Tristan makes his appearance and introduces Marcel to the room. Tristan says that before Marcel can share in the groups secrets, they must determine his worth.  Marcel steps forward to point out that Tristan knocked on his door.  Tristan tells Marcel that someone has managed to take his daylight ring and adds that Marcel needs to find the thief then take back what is his.  Tristan explains that if Marcel succeeds, he will become one of them but if he fails, he will be killed. Tristan informs Marcel that he has a few hours until dawn and wishes him good luck.

Hayley tells Elijah that the vampires are ancient and asks how Marcel is supposed to beat one of them. Tristan interjects to say that Marcel is to use guile and trickery, though it is a long shot. Tristan introduces himself to Hayley and she gives him the stone cold look.  Tristan asks what Elijah thinks of their latest candidate and Elijah snarks that with Marcel's arrogance and self aggrandizing nature, he should fit in quite well. Hayley calls Tristan a bully and in response, Tristan asks for a dance to have the time to explain what is going on.  Elijah is the one who gives Tristan permission to dance with Hayley. Really? Now Hayley cannot make the call as to whom she will and will not dance with. On gender, The Originals is really hitting it out of the park today.

On the dance floor, Tristan expresses his happiness that Hayley decided to attend because now when one refers to the Mikaelsons, they are speaking about Hayley as well. Tristan wants Hayley to make up her own mind about the Stryx and Hayley questions what she is to think when they kill her friend. Tristan tells Hayley that she will see the truth and will be unable to call them liars.

Elijah goes to see Marcel and says that he could have warned Marcel.  Marcel explains that he didn't tell Elijah that he was coming tonight but before he can finish his thought, Elijah says that he wouldn't have allowed it.  Marcel is not impressed that he would have needed permission because he thought that he had earned the right to be considered an equal. Umm since when? They have been treating Marcel like an uppity negro since season one.  Marcel points out that he is considering his options and that The Stryx aren't interested in him as a sidekick. Elijah answers that the options Marcel is considering are a death sentence and with a sigh, complains that he will have to ruin his tuxedo when he intervenes. Elijah snarks that he has owned this suit for one hundred years and that it is more reliable than Marcel. Marcel makes eye contact with Aya and tells Elijah to relax because he has this all under control. Marcel then excuses himself.

Marcel and Aya walk hand in hand upstairs and then Marcel places his hand around Aya's throat, asking if the Stryx get their kicks tearing each other apart. Aya threatens to rip Marcel's arm from its socket if he doesn't unhand her.  Marcel says that what he has built may seem small to Aya but at least his guys don't kill each other. Marcel adds that they have a simple loyal code which is something Aya clearly doesn't give a damn about. Aya turns the tables on Marcel and says that death is inevitable even for vampires like them. Marcel starts to kiss Aya but she backs away and tells him that though he has given a fine effort, she does not have his daylight ring.

Still on the dance floor, Tristan talks about the fact that they have very few novelties in the world and Hayley is one of them because being a hybrid, her life does not depend on the life of an Original family member. Tristan calls Hayley a one of a kind true beauty.

Lucian, Klaus and Freya crash the party, with Freya pretending to be one of their human hangers on. Freya slips away and quickly finds Alexis sipping champagne. Freya declares herself Alexis's knight in hot pink armor. Alexis however isn't interested in help because her visions have cleared up a few things now.  It seems that Alexis now believes Lucian and Klaus are doomed and knows exactly how it is accomplished.  Freya however is not at all interested and threatens to use a blinding spell on Alexis. However, Alexis is one step ahead and has already cast a spell making it difficult for Freya to breathe. Alexis explains that she will be one step ahead of whatever spell Freya chooses to use because since the moment Freya walked in, she saw a dozen ends to this confrontation. Alexis then kisses Freya and we get visions of Freya's life. Alexis tells Freya that the same family she sought to find will be her undoing. I refuse to rhyme the way Alexis does. What is this Charmed all of a sudden? Freya gets her breath back and punches Alexis in the face.

Tristan tells Klaus that he should move along because he is not welcome here. Klaus laughs and tells Tristan that he should move before Klaus makes him cry in front of all of his little friends.  Tristan is ballsy threatening not only an Original but Klaus who is a hybrid. Tristan explains that his concern is for Klaus's companions, who seem out of place without a pole to dance upon.  Yep, more wonderful slut shaming and misogyny. Lucian starts to taunt Tristan regarding his inability to respect hard work. The taunting is interrupted by Elijah who complains that Klaus's intoxication is putting a damper on the festivities. Elijah asks Klaus to leave with his playthings. Klaus and Lucian leave, after Klaus snarks that he doesn't belong in the club because he could never get his head so far up his own ass.

Aya finds Marcel standing next to Hayley and asks him to follow her. Aya leads him to Tristan. who announces that Marcel is out of time. Marcel points out that he has another hour but Tristan says that an inability to improvise is another failure. Marcel turns and finds himself surrounded by ancient vampires. Marcel announces that Aya took his ring and we get a flashback to Mohinder refusing to shake Marcel's hand and Aya slipping the ring off Marcel's finger. Aya is quick to say that she doesn't have the ring and Marcel explains that he said Aya took the ring, not that Aya is still in possession of the ring. Marcel announces that Mohinder has the ring now and Tristan points out that this was only half of the challenge, as Mohinder holds the ring in the air.

The vampires move out of the way and Marcel and Mohinder start to fight. The vampires watch as Marcel barely manages to hold is own against the older and more skilled Mohinder. Elijah moves to intervene and Hayley stops him.  Mohinder feeds on Marcel and then moves to stake him. Mohinder speaks to Marcel about embracing his end and Marcel encourages Mohinder to do the same. While Klaus was acting as a distraction, Hayley bit Marcel, filling his blood with wolf venom which Mohinder has now ingested.  Marcel tells Mohinder that he doesn't know why the Stryx want him dead but they clearly do because Aya gave him a taste of Mohinder's fighting style, along with information on his feeding habits. Marcel however refuses to kill Mohinder, saying that the only thing the man has done to deserve it is to pick his friends poorly. Marcel collapses in Hayley's arms and Tristan rips out Mohinders heart.

Tristan says that Mohinder deserved death because he has been plotting unspeakable crimes against this brothers and sisters. Tristan says that defeating such a tough opponent shows Marcel's strength and adds that Marcel's refusal to kill without cause demonstrates a rare integrity.  It seems the test was not getting back his ring but whether Marcel would kill without reason. Tristan hands Marcel his daylight ring back and welcomes him to the Stryx.

Marcel goes to see Klaus to get a cure from Hayley's bite and Klaus is not the least bit impressed that Marcel is pledging himself to the Stryx, calling it quite presumptive. Marcel explains that his interest in the Stryx is because of Klaus because he doesn't get to choose a side. Marcel believes that whoever comes for Klaus may very well come for him. In fact, they don't even need to come for Marcel directly because if Klaus dies, so does Marcel. Freya interrupts to say that Alexis is awake now. Klaus concedes this point and pours his blood into a glass but adds that whoever comes for him, may very well come through Marcel.

Alexis tells Lucian that she is sorry but she saw what she saw. Alexis tells Lucian, Freya, Klaus and Elijah that she saw Klaus die. Lucian asks if Alexis saw the weapon  and she replies that to understand, it must be seen.  Alexis offers her arms and Hayley and Elijah take a bite. They start to get a vision but Alexis begins to bleed from her nose.  Hayley and Elijah release Alexis immediately with Elijah spitting out the blood and Hayley declaring the blood to be poisoned.  Lucian rushes to Alexis's side and she dies in his arms.

Marcel makes his way through the Quarter with Aya and asks when he learns the secret handshake. Aya tells him to have patience. Marcel asks Aya what she would have done if he hadn't figured it out. While stroking Marcel's face, she simply says, "called someone to clean up your burning husk and never thought of you again." Aya gets into a limo and leaves Marcel behind.

Elijah goes to see Tristan about Alexis's death and he blames Lucian, saying that Alexis was the only evidence that a threat against the Mikaelsons exist.  Tristan points out that as time went on, those threats would have had to become more specific and to avoid having to provide details, Lucian had Alexis killed.  Elijah pulls Tristan close and informs him that his words are no more compelling than Lucian's and demands proof.

The next morning, Marcel is out jogging again. Didn't he get enough exercise the night before?

Elijah returns home and through an open window talks to Hayley, who says that she is going to have to explain this family to Hope someday. Hayley says that she will never lie to Hope, but she will start with the words, "always and forever." Clearly this conversation isn't actually about Hope but Hayley's feelings for Elijah.  They just have to be patient because Jackson is a werewolf and not immortal like the two of them.

Downstairs, Klaus finds a note from Freya telling him that she will be home all day. Klaus writes a note in answer that simply says "thank you".  Well, it didn't take him long to get Freya properly trained.

Elijah apologises for not telling Hayley what was going on and she asks if Elijah made Tristan. Elijah responds that it would be more accurate to say they made each other but concedes that yes, he did in fact turn Tristan. Elijah asks for Hayley's impression of Tristan and Hayley says that he is incomplete. Elijah reveals that Tristan has a sister named Aurora, and that he is surprised that Tristan is without Aurora because his devotion to her is pathological. Hayley is quick to say that loyalty doesn't make people dangerous and then turns and enters her apartment.

Aurora has arrived in New Orleans and makes her way through the Quarter in a ball gown.

Well that's it for another week of The Originals.  This week the theme seemed to be how many ways the writers could include some kind of slut shaming or demand that women curtail their behaviour. Klaus moved very quickly from despising Freya to attempting to control not only her movements but her sex life.  There simply isn't a woman in Klaus's life he doesn't try to control. Cami cannot have sex with anyone but him.  He's killed off all of Rebekah's lovers except, Stefan and Marcel and even Marcel wasn't immune from Klaus's control.  Klaus demanded that Rebekah and Marcel not share a romantic relationship.  With Hayley he uses their daughter but tries to belittle what they are to each other now by calling her his one night stand.  Let's not forget that he went on a stream of slut shaming when he learned of Hayley's pregnancy. It's only a matter of time before Hope grows up and he makes her miserable.  I do like that both Hope and Hayley do speak up for themselves but I don't see the purpose of all of this weekly slut shaming, particularly given that it's well established what kind of man that Klaus is, manpain angst not withstanding.

This is the second week that we have seen Aya and the cynical side of me cannot help but wonder how long she is actually going to last.  On one hand, I am happy to see a new Black character but it has not escaped my notice that she is just as much under the control of Tristan as Marcel is of the Originals.  Do the writers no that Black people are no longer slaves?  All these two are servants to the ever so White and powerful immortals and can never hope to be their equals. To add insult to injury, Marcel cannot even kill Klaus because that will lead to his death. At least Aya can kill Tristan because he is not an Original but somehow I don't see that happening.  I will say this, I am tired of seeing Marcel cast as the uppity negro who just doesn't seem to know his place. Yes, he bristles under the control of the Originals but this entire situation was purposefully created by the writers of this show.

Once again this week, much of the plot focused on the threat against the Original family.  Lucian blames Tristan and Tristan blames Lucian.  It certainly feels like they are both trying just a little to hard to cast blame on each other.  Could it be that they are working in cahoots with each other? Anyone have any theories regarding this? What role does Aurora have to play in all of this? I know it's only episode four but it already feels like they have spent too much time building up anticipation for this character.