Sunday, November 22, 2015

Haven, Season 5, Episode 21: Close to Home

This flashback is terrible – it’s a recap of everything and just draws attention to how flimsy things are. Yes I’m grumpy

Audrey and Nathan are all couply and Nathan even tries to be cure about coffee burns and keeps his shirt off to remind us he can at least come almost close to being about half as sexy as Duke. Of course it can’t last and angsty Nathan is soon there telling her he has to go to the Void to get the McGuffin to make the new barn work. Just as soon as Duke gets back with Hayley

Which he does. After taking waaaay too much time to mope and navel gaze the arsehole has finally returned to actually help (it’s a good thing he’s hot. Though more shirtlessness may prompt forgiveness).

Back to Audrey and Nathan being mopey and romantic and experiencing shortages in the cut off Haven. She also suggests that she should go to the void since the void squishes humans and she isn’t – but Nathan says no for reasons. Duke finally arrives and is greeted with a hug rather than being shunned and hit with axes

Audrey, at least, is duly pissed with him. Duke warns Nathan about his super cryptic vision of dystopian awfulness caused by Nathan going into the void. We’re believing in visions now? The fact he mentions “croatoan” which Duke has never heard of tells them it’s true – but Nathan still has to go. Only this time he has to come back

They brief Hayley about what they need and she’s pretty calm about the whole thing – I mean accepting the ability to walk through walls and completely forgetting a town means she’s pretty mellow about any revelations now. Hayley also uses insight from her mother top realise she can actually hold a Thinny open – rather than just briefly open it, so we have a key to getting Nathan back.

So Nathan ends up in the void which looks like a lot of caves and a spooky forest. And it’s all green lit so we know it’s spooky. Nathan falls in a pit and meets… William. Well that’s Nathan thoroughly screwed – especially when William reveals that machines with moving parts – like guns – don’t work.

Nathan quickly lies to convince William to help him find the old barn to save “Mara’s” life (honest). William seems to believe that because Croatoan could destroy the whole world.

Nathan finds the controller – and then someone who looks like Mara/Audrey appears albeit with a whole lot of bleach and a Lord of the Rings dress and an echo-reverb voice

Uh-uh, no good comes from an echo-reverb voice

Ghostly Mara tells them that only the right person can use the controller or it will be destroyed – which means answering her questions on the barn. William gets it wrong while Nathan, of course, gets it right explaining the purpose of the barn in help Mara be redeemed. That makes Nathan the right person.”

But William has twigged that Nathan refers to Mara in the past tense. William isnot impressed and chases Nathan as he runs for the Thinny.

Audrey and Duke have their show down, with Duke pissed that they’re using Hayley because he doesn’t rate her decision making (great – please offer a plan B. Yes? No?) And Audrey much more justifiably pissed because of Duke’s abandonment of the town. Duke objects and whines that people always need him and Audrey snaps back. Duke is horrified at the idea of m using Hayley…. For… reasons? Audrey is officially done with him.

And Lisa with blow-things-up-if-I-touch-things Trouble bursts in, blaming Duke for her newly Troubled status – though Duke is immune to Troubles so she doesn’t get to explode him. Directly – instead she decides to blow stuff around him to kill him with shrapnel

She rants about all the people he Troubled with the explosion as she also tells him about how terrible Haven has become now under the fog. She then decides to tell him about all the bad things he’s done. She recaps all the terrible things Duke missed while Duke tries to justify all his crap.

Luckily for them, Audrey comes in to talk her down and convince her Duke is a good person and show off Hayley and her void opening power. She completely reverses all the bad (and justified stuff) she said about Duke.

Nathan struggles at the portal which Hayley can’t keep open – because she doesn’t want rid of the Troubles. She loves her shiny super power. Audrey has to convince her that Troubles are totally Troubling and not happy and fun. She fails and Hayley drops the ring and runs off, leaving the Thinny closed.

This causes a rock fall and Nathan and William trapped

Dave is restrained in the police station with Vince visiting him and determined to save him from any “justice” against him for the murders of Croatoan. He picks up Charlotte’s research and starts looking for a way to destroy the link between Dave and Croatoan – Dwight helps.

As they read more and more records and Dwight raises the possibility that killing Dave may be the only way. Vince pulls out an epic speech about how both he and Dave have been saving Haven since before Dwight was born so, yes, if Vince thinks killing Dave is the only way then Vince himself will kill him.

I’ve always liked the Teagues

They come up with a plan – a Trouble that will split Dave in two in the same way that Audrey and Mara were split. That was the plan – except Dave goes all Croatoan and kills the guy. Oops. He only stops when he almost turns on Vince.

Dave is tied up – and Vince and Dwight realise that Croatoan can sense what Dave senses. And that while that means they can’t say anything to Dave, it means Dave can take Croatoan on one-on-one in his mind.

Y’know I kind of expected the void to be more… voidy? Not just rocks and forest.

Ok, the whole “I’m on a friend when you need me” trope I annoying and in most shows I’d celebrate Duke calling it out. But it’s not like Audrey is working for the greater glory of Audrey here. Her motivations are nearly always selfless and for the greater good. Him whining about Audrey needing him sounds a lot like “damn you for asking my help to save the whole town!”

Also could someone actually explain to me why using Hayley’ trouble like this is such a terribad thing? Why is Duke so against it?

There really really really needed to be a better word for Thinnies

On the flip side, someone really needs to tell people that Duke didn’t Trouble people – Mara did using Duke as a storage device. All this blaming Duke does is create more boring angst. And with him being angsty and Nathan being boring it just makes me like William more.

Hayley running off... I don't know if it's fatigue or simply knowing this is the last season but this just felt like they're drawing it out to get a few more episodes out of it. I'll lay odds they catch up with Hayley and someone (probably Duke) convinces her to do the right thing and loooo Nathan will be saved

Or maybe she'll just realise that, without Duke, she can't leave Haven anyway