Monday, March 28, 2016

Bitten, Season 3, Episode 7: On the Brink

Time for another episode of awfulness and bleakness!

Clay and Jorge lead the charge on bleakness – they decide to track down the Red Eyed Wolf – now dubbed “The Albino” (despite not appearing to be Albino)…

Really? The sinister albino trope? Isn’t that done? Didn’t we all stop with that offensive bullshit a decade ago because we realised how utterly awful and wrong it was? We’re resurrecting it for an actor who clearly isn’t Albino and no real attempt has been made to portray him as such (thankfully because that would be even worse).

They don’t seem to have any plan beyond “kill him” without bringing any weapons, while allowing the Assassin (I am NOT calling him “The Albino”, hell no) to pick the land and after they already figured out that 2 of them vs the assassin just doesn’t work.

After a few angsty conversations from The Assassin about how Clay must totally like killing and from Jorge about how everything is falling apart – Jorge is predictably killed. Behold, disposable POC has been disposed of mere seconds after a brief attempt to actually humanise him and make him more than a name (yes, it’s a Marginalised Swan Song!).

So basically that whole chapter was “hey the assassin is totally awful!”. In case we didn’t see it. File it as rather pointless filler

Meanwhile Katja is on the run with baby Rocco who she intends to offer to Roman as the only werewolf/witch in order to get close to him so she can kill him. Unsurprisingly it goes terribly wrong and she nearly gets them both kidnapped – luckily for her Rachel has been using her new found magic to guide Paige and Nick to Katja’s rescue.

Rachel is very Not Amused, takes her baby back and makes it abundantly clear to Nick, again, that she is going to make her own choices for herself and her baby, not anyone else, including Jeremy. She is done. And she’s off training with Paige which I rather think is her re-entering her Plot Box.

Katja continues to rage about her family issues – firmly blaming Sasha for an upbringing that left her so terrified she thought kidnapping a child was a reasonable option. Alexei expresses similar sentiments – being on the run their whole lives has not left either them feeling warm and fuzzy to their dad.

That leaves Elena trying to do something other than reset the episode back to where it was at the beginning. She meets her uncle, Konstantin, Roman’s son to try and broker a deal. He’s not exactly thrilled that his dad’s obsession with Sasha is keeping them away from their pack – including doling out the copious sums of money that is needed to keep their huge pack together. It doesn’t help that Roman pretty much treats him terrible despite his excellent work in holding the Russian pack

He and Elena strike a deal – if she can kill Roman, he won’t hinder her and he will call off the assassin. He won’t help her though. We get more ominous visions in closing – this vision is getting tiresome.

Honestly, I’m getting a little tired of a lot of the plot lines of Bitten pretty much relying on everyone making terrible decisions and then scrambling to fix them