Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, Season One, Episode Eleven: Blood Calls to Blood

Alec's beard is determined to put Izzy on trial because the law is the law.  Though Alec tries to assure Izzy that somehow Jace and Clary will make it back in time, Izzy wants to deal with the reality of her situation and that means finding an advocate to represent her.  Izzy chooses Magnus Bane and so Alec heads off to see him.  Magnus agrees to represent Izzy but as payment asks Alec to hand over himself and when Alec refuses, Magnus demands his magical weapons.  It's a tough price but Alec agrees to this because of the love he has for his sister.

Jace and Clary are shocked to find that Michael Wayland is still alive.  When Michael recounts a memory that only Michael Wayland can know, Jace becomes convinced of his father's identity. The Ravener venom is actively killing Jace and he is beginning to succumb but thankfully, Valentine has his very own portal, so the three head to see Luke to get Jace medical attention.

At The Jade, they determine that what Jace needs is a blood transfusion.  Who better to get blood from than a vampire?  Paging Raphael. Michael, Jace and Luke stay behind while Clary and Simon head to the hotel to blackmail Raphael into giving them the human blood that Camille had stockpiled. Naturally, Raphael isn't anxious to help the shadowhunters but that's nothing that a little blackmail won't overcome.  Heavily implying that they will tell the Clave about the role Raphael played in Simon's turning is enough to get him to comply.

It's trial time and Magnus brings the panache. Magnus suggests that while Izzy's actions appear to be going against direct instruction, what she did was to stop them from breaking the Accords. Magnus then gets to the heart of the matter.  He believes the issue isn't so much that Izzy stopped Meliorn from being tortured but that Clave will stop at nothing to get the Mortal Cup. Magnus then goes on to say that since the charges are ridiculous that the case should be dropped altogether but the inquisitor is simply not having it.

Jace gets the transfusion that he needs thus saving his life. It's time for Clary to have some one on one time with Michael. Michael reveals that he knew that Jocelyn was preggers and that Valentine has always loved Jocelyn.  I suppose it's comforting on some level to know that Jocelyn's kidnapper has feelings for her but Clary focuses on how it is that Michael would know about Jocelyn's pregnancy. Clary decides to take her suspicions about Michael to Jace.  From the story Jace told her about his father killing his pet falcon, Michael doesn't seem to be the same coldhearted bastard. Jace explains that Michael was just trying to teach him a hard lesson. It's time for some spit swapping cause people coming back from the dead and being on the outs with one's parabati is cause for kissy face time.

Izzy takes the stand at her trial and lies and claims that she acted alone in helping Meliorn escape. The inquisitor goes all side eye at that and it's no wonder because lying is clearly not Izzy's strong suit. It's time to get dirty and it's heavily implied that Izzy's real goal was to help Valentine and why not, considering that her parents were once traitors. Izzy however denies the assertion and responds that the downwolders lives have value.  She stop short of saying Downworlder lives matter. Yes, the appropriation is thick here. Izzy argues that because they are part mundane that their fear and anger often manifests in cruelty. It's this cruelty which Izzy believes will ultimately divide them and turn Shadowhunter against Shadowhunter. Unspoken is the fact that this has already happened because Jace and Alec are at odds.

Michael reveals that Valentine pumped him up with Downworlder blood and as a result, he gained enhanced vision and hearing.  Michael claims that he just happened to overhear Valentine's plans and says that Valentine has decided to move to an abandoned hospital near the institute.Gee, that's nice and convenient isn't it.  Apparently, Valentine also took Jocelyn with him when he left, leaving Michael behind to die.  Clary and Luke head to investigate while Michael and Jace stay behind.

It's time for Lydia the beard to take the stand and it seems that she has changed her mind about her prosecution of Izzy.  Lydia The beard starts off with the expected the law is the law but then quickly changes to add that what they need to focus on is love, loyalty and justice. It seems that she has learned by the fact that Alec was willing to sacrifice for his sister and that Magnus accepted payment of a weapon he didn't want to cover for his desire to help. I guess it would have been too much to ask for Lydia The Beard to figure this out before she decided to call the po po.  Lydia The Beard decides that she is going to drop the charges against Izzy. Unfortunately, the inquisitor is not feeling the love and declares Izzy guilty of all charges which means stripping her of all of her runes and kicking her out of the Shadowhunter club.  Ahhh, don't panic, the inquisitor offers an out: all charges will be dismissed if the Mortal Cup is handed over within 24 hours.

While Clary and Luke are away, Jace takes the opportunity to spar with Michael.  Michael of course notes that Jace is much weaker than he should be. Umm he barely survived the Ravener venom, so how about we give dude 24 hours to get back to himself. Jace explains that Alec weakened the bond between them when he was trying to find him.  Michael surmises that Clary is the real problem and suggests that Jace actually cares more about Clary than he does his parabatai. Michael is adamant that being with Clary is going to make him weak and while he wishes Jace happiness, he should be wary of any connection which weakens him.

On their little jaunt, Clary decides to question Luke about how and when he learned that Michael had died.  Apparently, Michael's death went around on the rumor mill. When they arrive at the hospital, predictably, it's surrounded by demons.  They decide to head back and tell Jace and Michael what they discovered.

They all head back to the hospital after some arguments about whether or not Clary should use The Mortal Cup.  They are confronted by Blackwell and Luke sends everyone ahead while he deals with this threat. Clary finds Jocelyn, who is unconscious.  Luke and Michael barricade the door and suggest just grabbing Jocelyn and running but Clary won't leave without Luke. It's nice to know that Clary can occasionally think about someone other than herself. Clary yanks out the Cup and orders the demons to go and find Valentine but nothing happens.  Michael asks to give it a try and so Clary hands over the cup. Michael promptly drops his disguise and reveals that he is in fact Valentine. Was this supposed to be a big reveal? Valentine goes all evil and commands the demons to attack his enemies but what he doesn't know is that Clary used glamour to give him a fake Mortal Cup. Valentine is holding a world's Best Dad Mug, Oh the irony. Well, Valentine isn't going to take that shit lying down and reveals that he is Jace's father. Valentine says that this explains Clary and Jace's instant attraction to each other. Oh no that means Jace and Clary cannot be together. An angry Jace threatens to kill Valentine; however, Valentine is convinced that Jace will not kill him. Valentine makes his escape through a portal

They get Jocelyn back to the institute and Clary hands over the Mortal Cup to Lydia The Beard. Izzy is now officially free but Alec and Jace have some unfinished business. Jace is pissed with Alec for weakening the bond claiming that it almost got him killed. Alec however counters with the fact that by siding with Clary, Jace risked Izzy's life. I'm still team Alec on this one but it still reads too much like Alec is just jealous of Clary.

Not done with confrontations, Jace wants to know why it is that Clary suspected Valentine.  Clary explains that the dates he gave were off, causing Jace to question why Clary didn't tell him. Clary counters by asking if Jace would have believed her and he simply doesn't answer.

Alec finds Magnus and Izzy together and gives them the good news that Izzy is free.  Magnus asks Alec to walk him out and Alec surmises that it's time to pay the piper.  Alec hands over his weapons. Magnus once again pleads for Alec no to marry Lydia The Beard. Magnus argues that such a marriage will leave them both feeling lonely and that it isn't fair to anyone involved in the situation. Alec however cannot be convinced and so Magnus sadly hands back the weapons and leaves.

Luke fills Simon in on everything that happened. An ecstatic Luke talks about how wonderful it is to be with that special someone.  Simon goes all sad eyes, saying that he thought he had found the one but someone (yeah totally not saying any names now) got in the way. Picking up on the not so obvious hint, Luke reveals that Clary and Jace are brother and sister which means they cannot be together. The two men share a smile as Simon realises that he is back in the running.

Later, Jace is alone all sad in his room.  Clary comes to the door, looks in on him but walks away without saying a word.

Well, the show is back in line with the books now that Clary and Jace have been revealed to be siblings.  I kind of wish they had dropped this plotline because the one thing Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments doesn't need is more angst and drama because it's already overloaded.  We all know that this isn't going to end well for Simon and will lead to a lot more brooding Jace in the meantime.

As for Alec and Magnus, can they just pull the damn trigger already? We all know that these two are going to end up together so I really don't see the point of continuing to drag it out. Just let them kiss, declare couplehood and say goodbye to The Beard.