Thursday, May 26, 2016

Containment, Season 1, Episode 6: He Stilled the Rising Tumult


Sorry, was there a point to this episode? Because stuff just seems to happen and I’m rapidly running out of inclination to care about anyone.

Let’s start with my least favourite: Katie learns that the parents of one of the kids she let leave is dead so decides to go with Jake out looking. Because she is the worst guardian of children ever, her insufferable son also goes and he gets lost when they run into random guys on quad bikes who are doing random things for random reasons

Yes, this side plot was so worth my time.

Quentin doesn’t die or get infected. They do find the kid, Thomas, giving drinks to infected with the claim assurance of not being sick. He may actually be immune

And to what I will call the plot. Alex has decided, based on very little, that the big bad powers that be are big and bad so he wants to find the truth. Which means turning to Leo the arsehole blogger because this show is trying to figure out how to annoy me the most. It’s succeeding. So they go to find the truth and… haha, no. We get random squatter interlude. Do you know it’s sad that friends and loved ones are caught in the Cordon? What, you knew that? You mean this being literally every other character’s storyline already told you this? So this whole side plot was about as useful as a UKIP diversity seminar?

Eventually Alex does get a flash drive of revelatory data but it’s all corrupted so he plans to send it to Jana since data recovery is her thing. And his boss continues to be creepy.

Meanwhile for convoluted reasons, Jana and guy-whose-name-I-can’t-remember have to fix the air conditioning in the basement which involves a) dead people and b) nameless guy being really insightful about other people – or has creepy stalker skills and c) nameless guy apparently having a boyfriend. I’d give more points for diversity if I wasn’t referring to this character as “nameless guy” and if, in a show that’s all about worry and stress of loved ones on either side of the cordon, “nameless guy” and his one-mention boyfriend weren’t the LGBTQ inclusion. And if he weren’t then used as a sounding board for Jana’s issues.

At the shop, random rogue cop decides to join the gang for Reasons. And, faced with sickness and guys with guns, Leanne decides to help her pregnant daughter Teresa and Xander escape. Which is nice. But she also gives them the satellite phone said rogue cop has which he used to bribe his way into the gang. Because making your daughter a target is such a good plan

Teresa and Xander make it to Jana’s office building and she insists they be allowed upstairs. Because pregnant. Then follows mother and an angry guy with a gun

Also there’s baseball going on.

Now who do I give a receipt to to claim back that wasted hour?