Friday, May 27, 2016

Orphan Black, Season Four, Episode Seven: The Antisocialism of Sex

After last week's explosive episode, there's tons of fallout and emotions to process before the clones can even begin to contemplate a way forward and no one is spared. Cosima and Sarah in particular are riddled with guilt for their decision to partner with Mommy Dearest, which led the death of Kendall. Cosima in particular is also grieving after being told that Delphine is dead. Sarah is not only feeling horribly guilty about the loss of Kendall, she is haunted by the ghost of Beth.

Sarah decides that she needs to numb the pain and heads to a bar where she runs into none other than Dizzy.  After getting incredibly drunk, she decides to go home with Dizzy, and use sex to numb her pain. Dizzy however isn't nearly as into it as Sarah and actually confesses that Ed Capra, the body Beth caught in the season premiere was a friend of his.  This is the reason that Dizzy decided to get involved with the clones.  When Sarah starts to suck on his finger, Dizzy notices that her mouth maggot is gone.  That's enough for Sarah to decide that sex isn't going to happen and she storms out of his apartment calling him a wanker.  I am glad that sex didn't happen because Sarah was in no state of mind to consent and I wish that Dizzy had stopped their interactions for that reason rather than going into confession mode and then trying to ply information out of Sarah.  I think it would have made a great point about consent.

In her moment of distress, Sarah heads to the go train tracks. At this point, I'm a bit confused. When Beth chose to throw herself in front of a train, she did so at a subway station and not the go train tracks.  Is the possibility of suicide by train enough to entail following in Beth's footsteps?  At any rate, it's Felix to the rescue.  Kira, who is sensitive to all of the emotions the clones feel informs Siobhan  that her mother is following Beth's footsteps and that if someone doesn't stop her, they won't see Sarah again.  Even as Felix tries to talk her down, Sarah continues seeing images of Beth, saying that they need to come together as one.  I absolutely felt the pain of both Sarah and Beth but at no time did I ever feel that Sarah was in real danger, particularly after having Felix argue that Beth is the glue which holds them altogether.  I don't know that I have thought about it that way before but it seems that the self aware clones have always had at least one of them guiding the way and it's a hard job to have.  The next day when Sarah returns home, Siobhan puts a plate of food in front of her, signalling that a peace has been made but neither of the two women say a word.

Cosima has reached a point of desperation. Not only is the woman she loves dead, any hope that she had of a cure died with Kendall.  Scott tries to tell Cosima not to give up hope, suggesting that together they will find something but with all of the data gone, Cosima doesn't see a path forward. Cosima does however have an ace in the hole in the form of the Sarah's mouth maggot which she managed to steal from Evie's desk last week. Cosima wonders if the the mouth maggot,whose purpose was to make Sarah sick, could possible change her DNA to make her better.  Cosima believes that though the risk is huge, the reward would be just as big, thus making it a viable option. When Scott heads upstairs for a food break, Cosima seizes her chance and locks him out of the basement. A frantic Scott bangs on the door but Cosima will not be stopped.  As she cuts a whole in her cheek to create a home for the mouth maggot, Scott attempts a new strategy and he calls Felix to intervene.

Wow, Felix is on full service duty today.  While in the cab desperately trying to find Sarah, Felix informs Cosima that Krystal (yes, our not bright clone) did discover something in her investigation. Yes, Krystal saw that Delphine was shot but she also saw someone scoop Delphine up and Delphine was still breathing. This is the first bit of real hope that Cosima has had in quite some time.  A crying Cosima thanks Felix and puts down the mouth maggot. I would really love it if Orphan Black brought back Delphine.

Believe it or not, Cosima actually had the happiest ending of all the clones.  Allison breaks into tears while writing a condolence not for Siobhan. It's clear that her can do attitude is starting to crack.  Donnie tries to encourage her to talk but Allison puts on her super mom hat and decides instead to focus on the sleep over she has planned for her daughter's birthday party.  Allison is in complete super mom mode, making sure everything is perfect when there's a knock on the door.  As soon as Allison opens the door, the cops burst in lead by none other than Duko. with a warrant for Donnie's arrest. It's actually hilarious to watch as the cops stomp on balloons, trying to wrangle up the children and get Donnie into handcuffs.  This is not how a slumber party hosted by none other than Allison should end. Adding final insult to injury. Duko hands Allison his card stating that now that Kendall is dead, that they need to stay in touch. Yes, the same Duko who had a confrontation with Art this week and revealed that Neolution/Evie know that Art and Sarah are a team, that he has helped the Hendrixes, and put a cell phone in Maggie Chen's hand after Beth shot her. Someone needs to take Duko out.

 We move onto Rachel, who as usual, is still looking out for herself. Rachel finally manages to make her way upstairs and is greeted by Mommy Dearest, who welcomes her to the island of Dr. Moreau. Mommy Dearest is also in the dumps about the death of Kendall, thus causing her to finally begin spilling Neolution secrets. Neolution actually began in the Victorian era when a wealthy industrialist decided that he wanted to make a better human.  This actually fits given the ideas about breeding, genealogy etc from that time period. These are after all a people who refused to look at society structurally and instead saw things like poverty as personal failing which could be bred away. These are the same people who saw disability as a defect and went about sterilizing disabled people without their express permission. Just as Mommy Dearest built on the  work of the Industrialist and replaced him, Evie is now doing the same to her and Susan is far from pleased.

Rachel, who has already been through so much, is determined not to give in but she certainly doesn't have the power she once had, as she discovers in video call with Evie.  Evie confirms that all of Neolution has been transferred to her and that not only will Leda be shut down, so will the monitoring program. Because Leda clones are dying, it's not a big deal Evie posits to simply cut them loose; however the self aware clones like Rachel, Cosima and Allison will have a less gentle fate. Rachel tries to make herself an asset claiming that since she was raised self aware by Neolution that she would be an asset; however, Evie isn't having it and makes it clear that no clone will be given any power. Is Rachel ever going to clue into the idea that it would be in her best interests to work with her fellow clones rather than fighting against them every step of the way? Rachel is a classic power hungry sell out trying to prove that she is one of the good ones.

Some time later, after the call from hell, Rachel makes her way upstairs and has a vision of a swan.  I know that this probably means something but I have absolutely no clue at this point. I was kind of hoping the swan would pluck out her other eye because these birds are known to be aggressive despite their great beauty.

Evie however does have a little karma smack down.  It seems that she has shingles and I hope that they hurt like hell. The shingles are a result of the immunosuppressants she took as a child. Unfortunately, Evie is informed by her doctor that when she gets the next implant that the situation should resolve itself.  Damn it, I want to see Evie in some pain.

Finally we come to M.K., who I thought we had seen the last of after she stole Ferdinand's money. Instead of reaching out to her fellow clones, M.K. reaches out to Kira. I'm immediately suspicious and not pleased that she is involving a child given how dangerous Neolution has proven to be.  Kira is absolutely open the contact having been able to sense M.K. for quite some time.

After last week's big episode it's clear that we needed a cooling down moment for the clones to be able to reflect on all that has happened and their particular individual situations. With the exception of Rachel and M.K. all of them broke my heart to some degree.  They are all wracked with guilt and fear. It was particularly nice to move away from Donnie and Allison as comedic relief.

I very much believe that the shit is going to hit the fan in the next few episodes. There's absolutely no way that Evie is going to be allowed to get away with killing Kendal.  Though the first partnership with Mommy Dearest went astray, I think that the clones are going to have no choice but to get into bed with her again because they now have a common enemy.

I know that I have complained a lot this season about Felix dropping into servant mode but I wasn't bothered by it this time.  This wasn't the clones calling on Felix to run some random errand, this was Felix reaching out to the people he cares about because they are hurting.  I only hope that when Felix finds that he is falling apart that Cosima and Sarah can take time out to be there for him.

Back to M.K. briefly.  For the longest time, Orphan Black has made it clear that there's something special about Kiera but really have not made it clear what.  We know that Keira is somehow magically connected to all of the clones.  Seeing M.K. reach out to Keira this week made me wonder if Orphan Black are finally going to deal with all of the hints they've been dropping.